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  1. Rach88

    Marcus Mitchell #40 The Calm Before The Storm living like a king in his homeless dorm

    Well done to @Lucyxxxx for the winning thread title back on her perch where she belongs Link to previous thread here Quick recap it's birthday eve been quiet till...
  2. Rach88

    Marcus Mitchell #39 His face is growing, so is his gunt, he’s been kicked out by Rich, the sucking..

    New thread beauts winning title by @hesgotnocans had to amend it slightly Link to previous thread here Any newbies if you have any questions relate to the wiki Anyone care for a recap?
  3. Moon Tribe Sister

    Marcus Mitchell #38 £8.34, he’s going to be sleeping on the floor

    Winning thread title; @instatwit Well done beaut ✉ 💐 In the last thread we sadly saw the end of the travelodge days due to Marcus getting himself kicked out. After this, he lasted 24 hours at Sid's gaff. Sid appears to of washed her hands completely of Marcus now (That's his mum). Rich Mitch...
  4. Ethel's little Willy

    Marcus Mitchell #37 TL days over will he land on his feet Wherer he ends up lets hope he don’t in the street

    New thread beauts! Congratulations to @Miss Chin-Chin for the fabulous title. It was a close race between the top 2 with @FindingAlaska (Had to edit to fit, was a nightmare 😰) Previous thread
  5. sassyflamingo

    Marcus Mitchell #36 Not just any alcoholic, he’s a M&S MMMM alcoholic

    New thread! I amended the title slightly to fit, my first time doing a thread so sorry if I’ve messed it up. Congrats @Caw1982 for the title! Link to the old thread...
  6. JellyDonut

    Marcus Mitchell #35 His viewers have tripled, so have his chins, please send pennies for dark fruit tins

    Well done @Yesweknowyouhavekids for the winning thread title beaut! Had to amend it slightly so it would fit. Original suggestion was: Marcus Mitchell #35: his viewers have tripled, so have his chins, please send some pennies for his dark fruit tins Have a celebratory sniff of Marcus’ gammy...
  7. Rach88

    Marcus Mitchell #34 Someone's knocking at the door, someone's been ringing Adelle.

    New thread beautssss @Lucyxxxx is back on top where she belongss @Lucyxxxx care for a recap beaut
  8. pommynoir

    Marcus Mitchell #33 Someone knocking at the door, Marcus is ringing Will's bell.

    Apologies to @ManlyFarmhand who did have the top suggestion, but don’t think the reference would have been allowed and strike outs are not possible in the thread title. second highest suggestion was from @instatwit! Well done beaut ♥ queen @Lucyxxxx, care for a recap?
  9. Rach88

    Marcus Mitchell #32 Thatchers by the case, you big disgrace, no wonder Sid kicked you outta her place

    Well well well @Lucyxxxx is back on top with her thread title being the winning one Will the qweeeeen pls do a recap for us As you were beauts
  10. JellyDonut

    Marcus Mitchell #31 Marcus Thatcher

    Winning thread title by @Tellingtales - well done beaut! Treat yourself to a celebratory bash on the communal followed by a lukewarm can of Thatchers 🥳 @Lucyxxxx fancy treating us to a recap beaut?
  11. Rach88

    Marcus Mitchell #30 A30th head banging thread Insta, Ive just killed a man. I’ve thrown an iPad off my bed

    Incorporated thread title by @wishlistofcrapreturns and @Venom to celebrate Marcus's 30th thread Recap the last thread went by like a gust of wind I don't know where to begin 😭😭😭
  12. Rach88

    Marcus Mitchell #29 Marcus, fart if you need help

    Well done to @JellyDonut for the thread title New thread in the middle of a mmmm 🤣 As we were I'll do recap later
  13. pommynoir

    Marcus Mitchell #28 Naught he won’t do for a fiver, He’ll even suck your dad off for a cider.

    Well done to @Miss Chin-Chin for the brilliant thread title! There were some absolute crackers! as you were beauts. @Lucyxxxx would you give us one of your amazing recaps (there’s a lot to unpack from the last thread.)
  14. Rach88

    Marcus Mitchell #27 Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s Marcus Mitchell threatening Hari Kari again?

    To your relief new thread guyssss Well done to @spaceraider69 xx
  15. Rach88

    Marcus Mitchell #26 got a free hotel tho I lied kick me out

    Congratulations @Lucyxxxx again for the winning thread title again reigning qweeeeen ❤️
  16. Rach88

    Marcus Mitchell #25 Hanging round with Dodgy men thought you couldn't lose yourself again

    Well @Lucyxxxx your back where you belong! As. You were beauts
  17. Rach88

    Marcus Mitchell #24 Sat in Sids garden protesting as a garden gnome Diets gone tits up aint goin 2 rome

    New thread beauts had to shorten the last bit to make it fit as you were guys @Lucyxxxx darling would you care to recap for us xo
  18. Apple In My Pie

    Marcus Mitchell #23 Dirty delete & tiktoking on a bridge, will his jeans stand the trips to the fridge?

    Thread title by @Custardslice24 edited to fit a bit soz carry on beauts as we enter a MMMM!
  19. spagooter

    Marcus Mitchell #22 Marcus and Sid sitting in a tree De-frauding the D.W.P.

    hope i did it right ! our @Lucyxxxx reigns supreme with the thread titles, congrats beaut x anyone care to recap?
  20. QueenVamp88

    Marcus Mitchell #21 Can't cry on live cause he's got a ban. Who's Sid? That's his OnlyFan.

    Well done to our queen of titles miss @Lucyxxxx Congrats beaut 🥰 Recap anyone 💜
  21. QueenVamp88

    Marcus Mitchell #20 Marcus loses weight in his pungent PJ’s So he can start Only Fans and dish out BJ’s

    Thanks to @spaceraider69 for the new thread title Anyone for the recap 😀 (First time doing this hope it's right 🤣) As you were beauts
  22. Rach88

    Marcus Mitchell #19 airfrying and lying, making bets with sid, he'll drop a few stone for 200 quid

    Thanks to @spagooter for the brilliant thread title 😭 you guys just kill me thread through through thread As we were beauts if someone wants to do a fabulous recap they're welcome too xo
  23. Rach88

    Marcus Mitchell #18 Beggy Mitchell loves to dirty delete but oh dear Marcus we've got the receipts!

    Well done to @elliebellieboo for the thread title waaaay We carry on beauts someone gives us their fab recaps pls I won't do it justice xoxox
  24. Sominxo

    Marcus Mitchell #17 Sid loves a good railing, her son loves A30 abseiling!

    New thread as this one is getting juicer than a chicken burger in a groupon spa deal… Well done to @Apple In My Pie for the thread suggestion. As you were beauts @Lucyxxxx care to recap?!
  25. JellyDonut

    Marcus Mitchell #16 Trainers are designer, coats a bin liner

    Congratulations to @Lucyxxxx for the winning thread title beaut 😘
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