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  1. Stripper Vicar

    Marcus Mitchell #76 One hallucination a day keeps the job centre at bay. πŸ₯³ 🍻

    New thread title from our funny fucker @Lucyxxxx Quick recap: Marcus is an alcoholic again 🍷 We’ve been treated to some great perfomances from the Camborne creep and apparently he now has hallucinations and psychosis. He has been drunk on lives and posting shit. He was going to run away...
  2. pommynoir

    Marcus Mitchell #75 Ozemprick Marcus needs an intervention so he is drinking now to get attention

    Well done to @chickenswallocks for the banger of a thread suggestion! 🚨 marcus is back on the beer 🚨 this is not a drill. He is also hallucinating, thinks he can communicate with the dead and has forgotten he has an ED. congrats to all the beauts who have held out and not abandoned ship. We...
  3. Stripper Vicar

    Marcus Mitchell #74 I find it utterly bizarre and creepy AF that he pounds the streets at 4 am

    Cracking title had to be shortened a little @ladymanc221 you get a free costa if you use MMs referral code I find it utterly bizarre and creepy AF that he pounds the streets at 4 am whilst everyone is asleep (the only thing getting pounded) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Not much to say about this saggy little bitch that...
  4. Stripper Vicar

    Marcus Mitchell #73 He looks like he’s been in a concentration camp

    Thread title courtesy of @Miss Chin-Chin Some cracking contenders from our beauts @AngelBabes and @Lucyxxxx Marcus is currently wasting away on an all inclusive holiday in Lanzarote with his old man although he is such a saggy little bitch he looks more like Rich Mitch’s older brother. Still...
  5. AngelBabes

    Marcus Mitchell #72 Teeth as crooked as his benefit claim! 🫠

    Well done @Lucyxxxx our Queen of winning thread titles! πŸ‘ΈπŸΌ A VIP pass for unlimited sun bed sessions at Consol and a Christmas card from the famous ginger rug are en-route to you. βœ‰πŸ’ Would a beaut please do the honors of a recap? πŸ™πŸΌ Link to the previous thread beauts! 😘...
  6. Rach88

    Marcus Mitchell #71 Went to Greece looking to get Randy On the anniversary of when he killed Andy

    New thread title by @Lucyxxxx the qween returns! If anyone wants to do a recap feel freee Link to previous thread here
  7. Stripper Vicar

    Marcus Mitchell #70 Asleep in the streets, inexperienced between the sheets

    Welcome beauts to another thread about our favourite prick of a bastard. Well done to @spaceraider69 for the title, you get custody of the communal until Marcus gets home. It been a wild few weeks with the return of ⭐️ Marcus the alcoholic ⭐️ Marcus binge eating ⭐️ Marcus the grief thief...
  8. Rach88

    Marcus Mitchell #69 smells like Andy's spirit

    Thread title by @Venom If he's losing it now wait till he sees the thread title πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ He's royally kicking off beauts we love to see it
  9. Rach88

    Marcus Mitchell #68 Lost pounds became a massive bore, we ain't forgot what happened outside Sids front door

    Thread title by @Lucyxxxx this thread is seeming to get back to its usual service something is brewing πŸ‘€ I've had to shorten the thread title a bit to fit originally it was #68 Lost weight and became a massive bore But we ain't forgot what happened outside Sids front door. πŸ₯€πŸ₯€
  10. Stripper Vicar

    Marcus Mitchell #67 If he had long blond hair, he'd look like Jimmy Saville

    Well done @Venom for the winning title πŸ‘‘ old thread here Recap: Marcus has lost weight but is still a prick of a bastard
  11. Rach88

    Marcus Mitchell #66 Underground, overground, wombling free, Marcus of Camborne scamming the DWP 🎡

    Thread title by @spaceraider69 sorry it just felt relatable 😭 I'm sure I'll be forgiven by the next 4/20 anniversary Link to previous thread here
  12. Rach88

    Marcus Mitchell #65 Postman Fat, Postman Fat, Postman Fat Strapped the fitbit to the cat 🎡

    Thread title win by @Lucyxxxx I'd do a recap but there's not much just hope something is bubbling and he fucks it up royally for himself in some shape or form as he usually does in the end πŸ’€ I miss his gormless foodie lives can't believe I ever complained Let's see how long it takes us to get...
  13. pommynoir

    Marcus Mitchell #64 Marcus finally had a toe job, but he's never had a bl*w job

    Congrats to @boojange for thread title! Left off the last bit as thought may get us in trouble. nothing really for a recap. - still that fat lad - still boring - still losing weight (but actually gaining) - still eating a balanced diet in the pub each night - still going live daily and...
  14. Rach88

    Marcus Mitchell #63 That Fat Lad, Content’s Bad, Got a Black eye after Strangling his Dad

    Thread title win by @Venom sorry @Lucyxxxx New thread beauts Link to previous thread here Anyone care for a recap Newbies as always refer to wiki Bear with me i have a new phone πŸ˜‚
  15. Rach88

    Marcus Mitchell #62 It's the final meltdown 🎡

    Well finally a thread that we got through quite quickly on and just in time hes having a much needed MMMMM MONDAY MARCUS MITCHELL MELTDOWN Title seemed appropriate and couldn't find many others well done to @Lucyxxxx back on throne again Link to previous thread here...
  16. Rach88

    Marcus Mitchell #61 Marcus, Marcus, what the heck? 19 stone and you’ve lost your neck!

    New thread almost in time for new year Thread title by @JulesC Link to previous thread here Short recap ill let @Lucyxxxx do the honours since her thread...
  17. Rach88

    Marcus Mitchell #60 You better duck, you better run for cover Marcus is on the sesh and so is his mother.

    Sorry @LostScot82 had to keep the qween @Lucyxxxx happy πŸ’€ New thread got my early Christmas wish to get to thread 60 Link to previous thread
  18. Rach88

    Marcus Mitchell #59 Got vouchers from Tyacks to save a few quid. Is he homeless? No, he’s six dinners Sid.

    Title win by @euphoria99 soz @Lucyxxxx Link to previous thread here Continue
  19. Rach88

    Marcus Mitchell #58 Big heart, big gob Tiny hands, tiny n...ever mind

    Thread title again by @Lucyxxxx well done beaut πŸ‘€ your unstoppable we continue πŸ˜‚ Recap still a greedy boring smug benefit cheat still going between his homeless property and his mums the very family that was so concerned about his drinking eariler in the year now all get drunk together like its...
  20. Rach88

    Marcus Mitchell #57 Living in Cornwall so sunny free sandyBut everydays a rainy day since Marcus kill Andy. βœ‰πŸ₯€

    Thread title by @Lucyxxxx well done beaut Had to shorten it a little and put a shorter word in to make it fit πŸ˜‚ hope this is ok link to previous thread here Recap still boring and hes not really...
  21. Rach88

    Marcus Mitchell #56 Simply the chest Going into cardiac arrest🎡

    Another winning title by @Lucyxxxx Will we get to thread 60 by xmas?! Link to previous thread here and newbies if you have any questions pls refer to wiki
  22. Rach88

    Marcus Mitchell #55 Making up rap names because we're boredWhere is the king of benefit fraud? πŸ’”

    Another winning thread title with not one but two by @Lucyxxxx Link to previous thread here Recap hes still being dull that we resorted to giving out rap names than be...
  23. Rach88

    Marcus Mitchell #54 Girls night out didn't go to plan That's what you get for killing Sids man

    Another excellent thread title by @Lucyxxxx Link to previous thread here πŸ€ͺ Newbies if any questions refer to the wiki Carry on
  24. Rach88

    Marcus Mitchell #53 Marcus is a murderer say it aint so Murdered Andy on his doorstep 15 yrs ago. πŸ₯€

    Well done to @Lucyxxxx back on top with this Link to previous thread here We flew through that last one so quickly like the good old days Newbies refer to wiki if you have any questions πŸ˜‚
  25. Rach88

    Marcus Mitchell #52 Marcus Mitchell- The T in the Hat

    Quite appropriate title from @HeyBabes Link to previous thread