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Katrina Amy Alexandra Alexis Infield (born 22 May 1978), known professionally as Katie Price and previously by the pseudonym Jordan, is an English media personality, model, businesswoman, author, and singer.
Price rose to prominence in 1996 for her glamour modeling work with appearances on Page 3 in British tabloids The Sun and The Daily Star.
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  1. Flowerpotgirl

    Katie Price #361 skank calls it fate, but grifting, poncing and noncing seems to be a family trait

    @Stan Butler you win the thread title!! Let’s hope this thread sees some good news for the kids!!
  2. BiffasBeemer

    Katie Price #360 The Bailiffs came hip hip hooray! Now finish the job and take her away!

    Hi all sorry - no recap as I still haven't caught up on #359 - which you can find here https://tattle.life/threads/katie-price-359-his-knobll-go-slack-when-she-lays-on-her-back-puckers-those-lips-he-sees-shes-no-nips.44154/ Thank you to @Rockin' Robin for the thread title! I think I need...
  3. Parry1988

    Katie Price #359 His knob'll go slack,when she lays on her back,puckers those lips&he see's she’s no nips

    New thread guys by @WillowTree21 sorry had to edit it a bit a fit x
  4. Parry1988

    Katie Price #358 It’s hot and pink. Carls caused a stink. f the Range Rover, Kate...it’s game over

    2 in a row for @shizzler 👌 Had to slightly adjust for the swears and the size 😁 Well as carl would say...the shit hit the fan yesterday for KP!! We started the day pissed off that the now double bankruptee was skiing with JJ and some cling ons during half term while the kids are left at home...
  5. Parry1988

    Katie Price #357 Go and pay your creditor you dirty little predator!

    Absolute better of a thread title from @shizzler 👏👏👏👏 Carry on krusties and just remember we are all here for the same reason, to watch the down fall of that vile woman 🫶
  6. BiffasBeemer

    Katie Price #356 Out with his bag, we call it a hag. Will he shag. No, probably gag

    Welcome to #356! Here is the link to #355 https://tattle.life/threads/katie-price-355-excited-for-alex-reids-tell-all-were-all-ready-for-skankys-downfall.43994/ Thank you to @WillowTree21 for the thread title. So Skank and Legoman are now official. (Credit to @SmillieKylie ) Quite a...
  7. BiffasBeemer

    Katie Price #355 Excited for Alex Reid's tell all. We're all ready for Skanky's downfall

    Helloo all and welcome to #355! Here is the link to #354 https://tattle.life/threads/katie-price-354-while-skankys-world-is-falling-to-bits-sinky-gets-his-paws-on-a-new-pair-of-tits.43953/ Thank you to @bargainhunt99 for the thread title! BTW is this guy anything to do with you Bargain...
  8. Parry1988

    Katie Price #354 while Skanky’s world is falling to bits Sinky gets his paws on a new pair of tits

    Well didn't have to look long for the new thread title as @Sunday Girl had the highest liked comment of the whole last thread 🤣🤣 thanks Carl for giving us a laugh 🤣 hopefully @SmillieKylie can recap the last thread 😁
  9. geordiegirl

    Katie Price #353 Manky Skanky sat on a wall Manky Skanky is due a big fall!

    Thanks to @MelodyMaker for the shiny new thread. Prev thread here: https://tattle.life/threads/katie-price-352-after-9-is-tattle-time-skanks-out-dressed-in-black-a-safety-pin-hold-phil-grant-back.43865/ Recap @SmillieKylie or anyone else who would like to take it on? As you were Krusties!!
  10. JaynieDay

    Katie Price #352 After 9 is tattle time skanks Out Dressed in Black, a Safety Pin Hold Phil & Grant Back

    We are racing through threads right now. @Stan Butler won the title, I had to make a couple of changes as it was a little too long, sorry Stan x https://tattle.life/threads/katie-price-351-dirty-old-has-been-smells-like-a-sardine-dresses-like-its-18-and-looks-like-a-drag-queen.43839/page-50...
  11. BiffasBeemer

    Katie Price #351 Dirty old has been, smells like a sardine, dresses like it's 18 and looks like a drag queen

    Welcome all to #351 Thank you to @WillowTree21 for the thread title - had to amend slightly to fit Here is the link to #350 https://tattle.life/threads/katie-price-350-katie-price-extremely-wicked-shockingly-evil-and-vile.43789/ Well she is in a manky panto up north, being vile and rude...
  12. Parry1988

    Katie Price #350 Katie price extremely wicked, shockingly evil and vile

    New title from @lifes a car crash just about sums up KP The last thread flew by with the shocking allegations made against her, not so shocking for us on this thread unfortunately as we are well used to the sordid details of KPs life If someone wants to recap feel free x
  13. Parry1988

    Katie Price #349 As Kipper continues to circle the drain, the best thread on Tattle has gone dark again

    Thanks @Winepig for our latest Kp thread title, had to cut it ever so slightly to fit If someone can recap that'd be great 😁
  14. JaynieDay

    Katie Price #348 hairy back and sweaty arse crack now bailiffs entering her shitty shack

    https://tattle.life/threads/katie-price-347-sweaty-back-tatt-kippers-a-hummin-fear-not-krusties-the-bailiffs-are-coming.43660/page-50 Skanky is still a weapons grade cunt, Sink Boy is missing has he gone into a witness protection program? Krusties keep on tattling!
  15. BiffasBeemer

    Katie Price #346 Geordie Shore and the Horsham wh..

    Wow the last thread whizzed by! Here is the link to #345 https://tattle.life/threads/katie-price-345-dressed-in-purple-lace-off-her-face-shes-a-sad-disgrace-losing-custody-case.43566/ Thank you to @shizzler for the new thread title... Well the last thread can be summed up in pictorial...
  16. Parry1988

    Katie price #345 Dressed in purple lace, off her face, she's a sad disgrace, losing custody case🤞

    We had a job finding a thread suggestion so this was a late entry by @BadJanet 👌 She's 'single' He's out abroad Let's see what the morning brings (Hopefully a brill recap by our tattle recap queeeenn @SmillieKylie !)
  17. BiffasBeemer

    Katie Price #344 Katie Price Newbies please read the Wiki, they’ll be back together soon for a quickie

    Wow these Freds are zooming by! Here is the link to #343 https://tattle.life/threads/katie-price-343-has-servile-carl-really-found-his-balls-or-will-he-come-running-when-skanky-calls.43445/ Credit for the thread title goes to @DC16 sorry had to amend as it was a bit too long! Well the...
  18. BiffasBeemer

    Katie Price #343 Has servile Carl really found his balls or will he come running when Skanky calls.

    Here we go thread #343 - here is a link to #342 https://tattle.life/threads/katie-price-342-and-so-this-is-christmas-and-what-has-skank-done-her-children-neglected-she-should-be-in-prison.43398/ Thank you to @karma4klattie for the thread title. One of my favourite posts on the previous...
  19. caroleffinbaskin

    Katie Price #342 And so this is Christmas and what has Skank done? Her children neglected, she should be in prison

    Thanks to Bad Janet for the Fred title. Over to you, Kylie 😘
  20. BiffasBeemer

    Katie Price #341 Christmas is coming, The Witch is getting fat, Eating McDonald's with her on/off doormat

    Thank you to @WillowTree21 for the thread title... huge majority Here is the link to #340 https://tattle.life/threads/katie-price-340-her-beauty-isnt-sleeping-its-comatose.43283/ Just saw this which made me chuckle...
  21. caroleffinbaskin

    Katie Price #340 Her Beauty isn’t Sleeping, it’s comatose!

    Here you are @Dollylovesshoes - New Fred with temporary title as I couldn’t find any suggestions, sorry!
  22. BiffasBeemer

    Katie Price #339 We know when you've been snorting & when you're off your face - you're a disgrace!

    Time for #339 - thank you to @WillowTree21 for the thread title - sorry it didn't fit so had to amend.... Here is the link to the previous thread https://tattle.life/threads/katie-price-338-blocked-chimley-shes-on-the-beg-give-j-b-back-to-their-dad-instead.43160/ Well a lot has been...
  23. JaynieDay

    Katie Price #338 blocked chimley she's on the beg, give J&B back to their dad instead!

    Well Krusties were on Thread 338!! Well done to @PTMe on the winning thread title I’ll let the awesome and witty @SmillieKylie take care of the recap. Krusties carry on Tattling things are about to get even more interesting. old thread...
  24. Flowerpotgirl

    Katie Price #337 ye reap what you sow, you dirty old hoe

    Thanks to @Supercatmummy for the title