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Katrina Amy Alexandra Alexis Infield (born 22 May 1978), known professionally as Katie Price and previously by the pseudonym Jordan, is an English media personality, model, businesswoman, author, and singer.
Price rose to prominence in 1996 for her glamour modeling work with appearances on Page 3 in British tabloids The Sun and The Daily Star.
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  1. emmaw28

    Katie Price #222 Cole makes us heave, Pete’s got a weave, is noo egg sniffin at Skank wizard’s sleeve?

    Well done to @karma4klattie with a whopping 61 likes for your thread title! link to previous thread https://tattle.life/threads/katie-price-221-another-bloke-pokes-his-sausage-into-her-goal-is-this-the-end-for-cole.35442/ This is actually a difficult recap for me to type as I’m a huge animal...
  2. geordiegirl

    Katie Price #221 Another bloke pokes his sausage into her goal, Is this the end for Cole?

    Thanks to @Cakeyface for the new thread! Prev thread here: https://tattle.life/threads/katie-price-220-katie-cheated-carl-bleated-methinks-things-are-about-to-get-heated.35373/ Anyone care for a round up?
  3. emmaw28

    Katie Price #220 Katie cheated, Carl bleated - Methinks things are about to get heated

    Well done to @Winepig as always for a great thread title! Link to last thread https://tattle.life/threads/katie-price-219-kfp-trapped-the-fam-in-her-snare-she-dont-care-shes-getting-new-hair.35278/page-50#post-12763857 Arrghhh…. Who in their right mind volunteers to do a new thread in the...
  4. emmaw28

    Katie Price #219 KFP trapped the Fam in her snare, she don't care, she's getting new hair!

    Well done @Cat Eyez with 22 likes!!! The gruesome twosome continue to live their pitiful lives. I’ll let someone else do a TLDR today 😂 Link to last thread https://tattle.life/threads/katie-price-218-just-a-thick-repugnant-runter-or-is-it-dog-the-bounty-hunter.35180/page-51#post-12707578...
  5. emmaw28

    Katie Price #218 Just a thick repugnant runter or is it Dog The Bounty Hunter ?

    Well done @Winepig on another fab title… with 54 likes! Well… what can we say… another thread, another week, another few days in the lives of the gruesome twosome. There was talk of them having to rush back incognito from their break to keep up appearances as allegedly AFP had a lung...
  6. emmaw28

    Katie Price #217 Too Bootiful for a face-lift, haha you wish!

    Well done to @Stapleyourtongue for the thread title… Previous thread here… https://tattle.life/threads/katie-price-216-adhd-to-go-with-ptsd-faking-mental-health-conditions-its-all-about-meeeeeeee.34990/ If anyone fancies doing a TLDR… please go ahead 😂 Whew that was a heart in mouth moment...
  7. Pink Squirrel

    Katie Price #216 ADHD to go with PTSD, faking mental health conditions, it’s all about meeeeeeee!

    Well done @Winepig 🏆💪 They're still cunts. They're currently cunts in Thailand. Skanky is filming a new show.....well, she's recording shite on her phone to stick on OF 😂🤣
  8. Stapleyourtongue

    Katie Price #215 Got me some shoes from that Chanel. My fwends all said hell

    Thanks @Foxtotty2 for the winning thread title 🏆 Carry on folks!
  9. 265

    Katie Price #214 SB, SB, wherefore art my post bock? Same place as your sunblock

    Welcome to #214 and thanks to Supercatmummy for the title. Previous Thread - https://tattle.life/threads/katie-price-213-sinky-skanky-still-not-wed-on-the-beg-afp-on-her-last-leg.34530/page-52 Carry on. :eek::eek::eek:
  10. geordiegirl

    Katie Price #213 Sinky & Skanky still not wed, on the beg, AFP on her last leg

    Thanks to @Whl1994 for the new thread although I had to shorten it to make it fit! Prev thread here: https://tattle.life/threads/katie-price-212-attention-seeking-pig-wore-a-wig-to-a-gig-and-absolutely-nobody-gave-a-fig.34361/ As you were Krusties!!
  11. geordiegirl

    Katie Price #212 Attention seeking pig, wore a wig to a gig and absolutely nobody gave a fig

    Thanks to @Winepig for the new thread! Prev thread here: https://tattle.life/threads/katie-price-211-has-another-stalker-but-who-believes-this-joker.34259/ Anyone care to do a roundup (they are still weapons grade cunts!) As you were Krusties!
  12. Stapleyourtongue

    Katie Price #211 has another stalker, but who believes this joker?

    Congratulations 🥳🥳 🏆
  13. Stapleyourtongue

    Katie Price #210 disgusting hair and a warty face. Skanky you're a complete disgrace!

    Congratulations again @Rosiecosy on the winning title 🏆🥳🥳💖 Carry on Krusties ❤ Over here Krusties 👋
  14. Stapleyourtongue

    Katie Price #209 Those poor animals are all in danger. And the kids must think Skank is a stranger.

    Congratulations @Rosiecosy on the winning thread title 🥳🥳❤ Carry on Krusties ❤
  15. Stapleyourtongue

    Katie Price #208 Katie shoots OF in moon boots, Cole's wearing shite suits, the gravy train is in cahoots

    Congratulations @Cat Eyez on the winning thread title 🥳🥳🥳 Carry on Krusties ❤ @DC16 Over here now
  16. Pink Squirrel

    Katie Price #207 Lies after lies, she thinks we're mugs. Meanwhile her eyebrows look like slugs

    Well done @Poppy123! On the winning title! Carry on lovely Krusties 👍 Oops....I thanked the wrong person.....sorry 🙈 Congratulations @Rosiecosy on the winning title 👍💐 Aaaaaaand I forgot the add the link again 🙈 Christie Brinkley 68, Katie Price 44. Not much to say really is there? Recap...
  17. Pink Squirrel

    Katie Price #206 Upstaged by the death of beloved Queen, face it KP is a despised hasbeen.

    Thanks @Mikesqueen & carry on Krusties 👍
  18. kourtneykool

    Katie Price #205 Tattlers are fuming, well what a surprise, as all of the Media still peddle her lies

    Congrats to @lozenger for the winning thread title! A couple of pics to try and lighten the mood. Previous thread https://tattle.life/threads/katie-price-204-klatty-thinks-shes-cool-but-shes-as-popular-as-a-turd-in-a-swimming-pool.33259/page-53 Not sure I have it in me for a recap...
  19. kourtneykool

    Katie Price #204 Klatty thinks she's cool, but she's as popular as a turd in a swimming pool

    Massive congrats to @Stan Butler for the winning thread title!! 🎉👏🏻🎊🙌🏻💩 A few most liked pics from previous… As you were Krusties… Previous thread...
  20. Gem74

    Katie Price #203 channel 4 should be ashamed of themselves, giving her a platform to lie about her menta 'elf

    Carry on… Mod edit, if you need to talk to us just hit report. No need to chat on the thread as we won't see it until someone reports it and it goes offtopic. Thanks!
  21. life’s a car crash

    Katie Price #202 Vile, bad ‘mother’ on holiday again. No class, no care and definitely no shame!

    Congratulations @Rosiecosy another fine thread title previous thread Katie Price #201 Och Aye Rasputin, lover of the Chavvy Queen ( I don’t know how to link it 😱) Recap. Not clear on if there is a new egg or who he is …yet, but it’s looking like the 2 year itch. It was Wednesday we heard she...
  22. kourtneykool

    Katie Price #201 Och Aye Rasputin, lover of the Chavvy Queen…

    Congratulations @Winepig for yet another stonking thread title!! Some of the most liked pics from previous thread! Recap: It appears Kipper has taken H on hols to Alicante minus SB. Does she have a new egg? Are they playing games? Who knows, who really cares, but please let SB have an...
  23. geordiegirl

    Katie Price #200 200 threads and she’s still not done, same old same old since thread number #1 woohoo!

    Thanks to @tomkat1 for the shiny new thread! We've made it to 200!!!! Prev thread here: https://tattle.life/threads/katie-price-199-kp-quiet-slowed-down-our-tattling-cole-quits-of-deck-fapping.32693/ Roundup: Still weapons grade c***s and they're playing the 'are they on/off again' as she...
  24. kourtneykool

    Katie Price #199 KP quiet, slowed down our tattling, Cole quits OF & deck fapping

    Huge congrats to @BiffasBeemer for the epic thread title!! Last one before the 200 milestone!! A few from the @Pom Bear gallery:- As you were Krusties... Feel free to add a TLDR Previous thread...
  25. geordiegirl

    Katie Price #198 All quiet on the western front, she’ll always remain the worlds biggest c u next Tuesday

    Thanks to @Gem74 for the shiny new thread title!! We lasted a whole week with one thread as he’s been giving us nowt. Prev thread here: https://tattle.life/threads/katie-price-197-my-50p-ring-you-aint-getting-back-unless-you-supply-me-with-a-years-worth-of-cr.32391/ Onwards Krusties!!
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