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  1. theoneandonlylife02155

    James and Carys #36 Amber’s gone and Carys is manic, 60£ mum jeans soothes the panic.

    Well done @NorthernLight2022 thought this thread title was the best related to our crazy jeans woman atm. anyone wanna recap
  2. evoway13

    James & Carys #35 ..designer extraordinaire for In The Stlye .. someone sack her, its all just vile

    Thank you @Nnew for the brilliant thread name with most votes 😍
  3. evoway13

    James & Carys #34 A planner for three months, to remind Carys to eat her lunch

    I double checked the thread name suggestions and mine was the only one James and Carys are only uploading sporadically to Youtube - well, until it's time for her planner to be released They are toilet training Amber They've been on holiday AGAIN with one set of parents - as they still need...
  4. evoway13

    James & Carys #33 Buy your planners from a couple of spanners, it’s life changing, we aren’t scammers

    Thank you to @Nnew for the thread name with most votes (I had to edit it to fit)
  5. evoway13

    James & Carys #32 Cary's gunt is still out, project number one is no longer about

    Thank you to @prancingpony25 for the brilliant thread name --- James & Carys have revealed their secret project #35 (just being sarcastic). They have their fingers in so many pies instead of concentrating on one project. They've bought a house they can 'flip' for £228k but, to make a profit...
  6. evoway13

    James and Carys #31 Cashing in revealing baby Mabel whilst Amber is abandoned wrecking the table

    Thank you to @Wophie for the hilarious thread name :love: --- A quick catch up ........ 1. Carys had the baby (looking forward to midwife James explaining the entire birthing process) 2. Everything is still in neutral tones 3. Baby Mabel's nursery was 'transformed' 4. Still using their...
  7. Wophie

    James and Carys #30 Relaxing out project 2 underway, we're nearly at the big payday!

    Title with most votes by @littlepup (I had to shorten it, sorry boo!) My short recap, but feel free to add more - 💞 Carys is days away from giving birth and has not had chance to order a Wagmamas 💞She's not so subtly finding every excuse to push productivity and journalling for the release...
  8. evoway13

    James and Carys #29 Doctor James with his PHD, put Carys on bedrest with SPD,Amber shouting remember me

    Brilliant thread name with a huge amount of votes goes to @Cabbage_2021
  9. evoway13

    James and Carys #28 Popping out babies just for the clout. Project number 2 and Amber's forgotten about

    Thank you to @plwcm for the thread name with most votes :love:
  10. evoway13

    James and Carys #27 Carys, buy a bra that fits for duck's sake; Gender reveal excitement is so fake

    In the last thread we learned that Carys can't do anything without James Whittaker House opened its doors - and it appears there were a few breakages when items were delivered They tried to feign excitement when their gender reveal showed they were having a girl......which we all knew , thanks...
  11. evoway13

    James and Carys #26 Baby #2 and still no ducking clue

    Thanks to Flyonthewallxo for the thread name with most votes !
  12. evoway13

    James and Carys #25 My sucked in belly is perfection, now please buy my new autumn klekshun

    WilliamW came up with the brilliant thread name with most votes :love:
  13. evoway13

    James and Carys #24 Chopping board obessed, big chest, underdressed wedding guest

    New thread...thankyou to RobotLady for the excellent thread name! So, Carys and James are on a Youtube break until September. Reading between the lines, they are fed up of themselves being repetitive and boring and they've noticed a huge decline in views. However, taking a long break gives...
  14. Wophie

    James and Carys #23 Sick of seeing her arse and thighs... size 12-14? We know it’s all lies

    New thread title courtesy of @justlooking1010 To summarise - - Carys has returned from MOVING to France for a month - She has let us know she is on her period so still trying for a baby - Amber is walking - Carys is still defying physics and fitting in a size 12 pair of jeans - She has been...
  15. Wophie

    James and Carys #22 Put on some weight and struggling to shed it but nevertheless it's good for my Reddit

    New thread time everyone! New title courtesy of @Bobby Orange If anyone would like to recap, be my guest boo. And of course we have a rolling list of things Carys is currently obsessed with thanks to @Nanabananaramagirl Things Carys is 🥲✨🥺OBSESSED🥺✨🥲 with: - White nails - Hoops earrings -...
  16. Wophie

    James and Carys #21 Calm arts & crafts is no more, I just love to leave my child on the floor

    Thanks to @nosygall for the thread title suggestion with 39 likes! Would anyone who hasn't slipped into a paint sample induced coma like to do a recap?
  17. L

    James and Carys #20 Everyday I'm shufflin'

    Title: @Cabbage_2021 baby amber is still bum shuffling despite Carys insisting she crawls on carpet (yet to be shown of course). Carys is still pretending to love her fuller figure. And spending all day transforming their house aka painting a new shade of beige and rearranging the furniture...
  18. L

    James and Carys #19 You do you poo

    (Not sure if shit and tits are allowed in thread title so may have to change?) but Thread title by @plwcm Mod edit, swears can't be in titles.
  19. Oohthedrama

    James and Carys #18 Unfollow Elle as soon as you can, guess that friendship was all for the ‘gram!

    ELLO EVERYONE! ELLO @Dutchie123 thank you for the thread title gurrrrrl….. time for a new thread for the best mamma in the world!!! You guessed it, Mr Tumble! 😐 Oh and his sister Carys and baby amberlette. ELLO AMBER!!!!! ELLO AMBER BABY GURRRRRRL!! So unbox yourself and settle in, we’re...
  20. L

    James and Carys #17 Paying for things is such a farce, leggings pulled right up her arse

    Title thanks to @Wophie Anyone care to recap
  21. Oohthedrama

    James and Carys #16 covid multiplied by three, all worried about amber, you should feel sorry for me!

    I can’t see any title suggestions so I picked a few comments from the last while and blended them into one, Happy to edit if preferred! continue here!
  22. M

    James and Carys #15 Amber still swaddled like it's the norm...

    Title with the most votes thanks to @Pippin with 62 votes! The full title is "Amber still swaddled like it's the norm. Carys still producing Reddit porn." But it was too long (I am also not sure if including porn in the title would be allowed :LOL:) I'm not great at recaps but in short since...
  23. klady

    James and Carys #14 Carys has three tits always on show, the third is called James

    Welcome to the new thread everyone! The title says all we need to know😂 Unless, someone wants to give a recap of the train wreck that is Carys and James Whittaker. Thanks to @ChubClubThug for the WONDERFUL thread title with the MOST VOTES🌼
  24. klady

    James and Carys #13 Interaction, Amber & Mummy. Put clothes on Carys, bored of tummy

    Had to shorten title to make it fit. Here’s the full thread title: Forced interaction between Amber and Mummy. Put some clothes on Carys, we’re bored of that tummy. Everything with Carys is #mumlife Carys finally admitted to being a size 14 even though she should get a 16 or 18🤷🏼‍♀️ Her...
  25. klady

    James and Carys #12 if she didn’t have boobs, she’d be a 12 right? If my gran had wheels she’d be a bike

    Carys is on some serious post partum body and body positivity bullshit. On her IG stories, she makes the weirdest faces. She thinks she’s being hilarious. But it’s kooky! Not cute, at all🙈 She continues to be lazy while James cleans, cooks, walks the dog, and takes Amber out for walks...