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  1. Chita

    Harry & Meghan #444 Prince Harry and the case of the missing cheque

    winning title by @cjguk who is skiving off in the USA. Hope you bring us back some nice prezzies. Old thread here - https://tattle.life/threads/harry-meghan-443-arche-not-very-well-at-all.45245/ in which we discussed the Nigeria trip etc
  2. Chita

    Harry & Meghan #443 Arche not very well at all.

    Title by me! Old thread here - https://tattle.life/threads/harry-and-meghan-442-youre-so-vein-i-bet-you-think-this-trip-is-about-you.45217/ Where we discussed Harkles in Nigeria playing at being King and Queen.
  3. Chita

    Harry and Meghan #442 You’re so vein, I bet you think this trip is about you

    Title by @Mollywobbles In the old thread we discussed their trip to Nigeria. Old thread here https://tattle.life/threads/harry-meghan-441-access-no-areas.45190/liked
  4. DanDanTheIceCreamMan

    Harry & Meghan #441 Access no areas.

    Many thanks to @Chita for the lovely thread title :) Recap: The Markles have landed
  5. DanDanTheIceCreamMan

    Harry & Meghan #440 Wham bam, call me Ma'am

    Cracking thread title by @Happy Lady , well done and thank you :) Recap: We await with baited breath the grand arrival of Harry at the Invictus event this week, may his trip be fleeting ;) But don't worry about Meghan, she will be at home doing yoga with the ghost of Diana. Archie has turned...
  6. Chita

    Harry & Meghan #439 Captain Wales promoted to Major Embarrassment

    Title by @Thalia with a whopping 87 votes! old thread here - https://tattle.life/threads/harry-meghan-438-its-life-jam-but-not-as-we-know-it.45019/ in which we mainly discussed JAM. Yes, dear readers........ Strawberry fecking JAM. Oh and, wilted lemons. We discussed them and laughed at many...
  7. DanDanTheIceCreamMan

    Harry & Meghan #438 it's life, Jam, but not as we know it.

    Many thanks to @Chita for the wonderful new thread title, second only in popularity to her own Jam cartoon :) well done! Recap: We're still discussing Jam. William, Catherine and Camilla got new titles: Prince William has become Great Master of the Order of the Bath, Princess of Wales will...
  8. DanDanTheIceCreamMan

    Harry & Meghan #437 When life gives you lemons, make overpriced strawberry jam

    Congrats to @Cacacoisfarraige for the wonderful thread title and many thanks to @Hannahebee for nominating it ❤ Recap: We're still talking about jam
  9. DanDanTheIceCreamMan

    Harry & Meghan #436 We're jammin, we're jammin...

    Many thanks to @Wackie Jeaver for the glorious thread title! Recap: Also, Harry got a reduction on his costs bill but had to apologise for leaking confidential information to Johnny Mercer. But it's mainly all about the jam.
  10. JAR21

    Harry & Meghan #435 Dark side of the moonbump

    Old thread here: https://tattle.life/threads/harry-meghan-434-titled-and-entitled.44788/ With thanks to @Baobunbonanza for the thread title. Please post thread suggestions in bold like this, as it makes them easier to spot: Harry & Meghan #436 Thread title. The Wiki has loads of info, and...
  11. Sukysue

    Harry & Meghan #434 Titled and ENtitled

    New thread can't believe we are on #434 😱 Congratulations to @Shade. And you? 😊👏 and a special mention to @OiOiNoseyParker 😊👏 Please could someone kindly do a recap as l have not been on the last thread very much . Thank you so much 😊
  12. DanDanTheIceCreamMan

    Harry & Meghan #433 Meghan Serves Other People's Children Up On A Silver Platter

    Thanks to @Thalia for the glorious thread title :) Recap: The Sainted Meghan has bestowed her presence upon some sickly urchins in hospital, where she took time out of her busy schedule to read books, sign autographs and hug children who most certainly did not look like they were there under...
  13. DanDanTheIceCreamMan

    Harry and Meghan #432 Do Waagh Diddy Diddy Dumb Diddy Do

    Very nice thread title from @Thalia, top comment in the last thread and greatly deserved.... Recap: Honestly not a clue... KCIII has made an appearance at the Easter service and looks pretty damn good all things considered. Feel free to tell me what else has happened ;)
  14. Doodlebug005

    Harry and Meghan #431 Unsussexful

    New thread- title by @InkHeart can anyone recap. Old thread here https://tattle.life/threads/harry-meghan-430-stfu-henry-rachel.44590/unread
  15. SlavaUkraini

    Harry & Meghan #430 STFU Henry & Rachel

    Super winningest title by @SkiesOfBlue with 69 votes 🗳 Just had my first cuppa, we're all still processing the horrible news. Please add your summaries here🙏 The bin is overflowing with #ToxicUSMedia and all the other clucking funts.
  16. TheCutiePatootie

    Harry and Meghan #429 Get Well Soon Catherine We Love You ♥

    Nothing else matters ♥ Previous Thread: https://tattle.life/threads/harry-meghan-428-aro-another-rip-off.44527/
  17. SlavaUkraini

    Harry & Meghan #428 ARO Another Rip Off

    The thread sped by because the world (spurned on by the Greedia - greedy media) hounded the Princess of Wales. We're sick of it!! Every cloud has it's silver lining. Word on the street is the unstoppable Catherine is up for TIME person of the year! Smeg will have a warehouse of tat to break...
  18. DanDanTheIceCreamMan

    Harry & Meghan #427 Poundland Paltrow

    Lovely thread title by the wonderful @jonathanlynch Brief recap: It's only been a couple of days since the last fred... T'internet is still banging on about the photo Meghan is trying to sell tote bags for silly money when you can get them for free with pet food ;) Not so much Duchy...
  19. Chita

    Harry & Meghan #426 This thread has been digitally enhanced by source

    Winning title by @Shushex Old thread here - https://tattle.life/threads/harry-meghan-425-fright-in-white-satin.44448/ In which we mainly discussed photoshopped pictures and how the Princess of Wales is being bullied and attacked for minor tweaking of a pic and how the Harkles get away with...
  20. Chita

    Harry & Meghan #425 Fright in white satin

    Winning title by @Who’sYerDaddy Old thread here - https://tattle.life/threads/harry-meghan-424-anus-whoreibilis.44400/ In which we discussed photoshopped pictures and Samantha Markle's court case being dismissed and same old, same old. Tattle on Tattlers.....
  21. DanDanTheIceCreamMan

    Harry & Meghan #424 Anus Whoreibilis

    Lovely thread title by @YeltsinsTank, thankyou very much x Please feel free to recap :)
  22. Chita

    Harry & Meghan #423 Fairytale of New York

    Winning title with 88 likes by @AmIbeingTreasonable Close contest this time. A worthy runner up was "Hail To Our Ruler, Anus Haroldus, Emperor of Moan" by @ChipDex with 86 likes!!!! Old thread https://tattle.life/threads/harry-meghan-422-i-fought-the-law-the-law-won-again.44293/ where we...
  23. SlavaUkraini

    Harry & Meghan #422 I fought the law & the law won Again!

    CONGRATULATIONS to @AnnabelLee for the winning title with a total of 88 votes! ❤ 😆 👍 We love our new Fred members 🙌 ❤ So many lawsuits, so little time. PR machines at WME & People, etc full of puff pieces about Madame Dubious. We were worried about HMTK and played our share of Where's Willy...
  24. Chita

    Harry & Meghan #421 You're so Unfair! I lied in Spare!

    By @SkiesOfBlue Old thread - https://tattle.life/threads/harry-meghan-420-long-arm-of-the-claw.44205/ In which we discussed the Heritage Foundation case about Harry’s visa application and the subject of his drug taking. We are still angry about her mock curtsey. We are still laughing at...
  25. YeltsinsTank

    Harry & Meghan #420 Long arm of the claw

    Congratulations to @mardymare for the winning title! Heritage Foundation court case discussion incoming, so I'll leave the summary to my fellow Megxiteers!