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  1. Harry and Meghan #29 Could this year finally be karmageddon

    thanks to @TC14 for the new thread title.
  2. Harry and Meghan #28 A pair of what Freda says

    Greetings one and all. Welcome to another edition of smeggie and no balls cunt the world Many thanks to @Melodybear for the glorious new title ❤ Apologies to those who wanted a dancing mushroom in the title. Computer said no! :m:m:m:m:m:m:m:m:m:m:m:m:m:m:m:m:m:m:m:m:m:m Public Service...
  3. Harry and Meghan #27 Mrs Common and Mr Wealth

    Thank you to @Norbs for the most liked thread title :love:
  4. Harry and Meghan #26 Still sniping at Kate and full of hate

    Thanks to @freda19 for the new thread title. This was the most like :love:
  5. Harry and Meghan #25 Hairy, Scary and her magic Mary!

    Thanks to @Melodybear for thinking up the line and to @shirleymaclaine1 for suggesting it as a thread title
  6. Harry and Meghan #24 The Beverly Hillbillies, still squatting and twatting.

    Thank you freda ❤️ I was panicking. I though we were going to run out of thread. It stresses me out. 🤪
  7. Harry & Meghan #23 Twatwoman and the prisoner of Beverly Ridge.

    Thanks @Freda ❤️ Apologies Thank you @Oatcake for the thread title.
  8. Harry & Meghan #22 A woke, broke joke.

    Hope I’ve done this right. Thanks to @Campagne for the title.
  9. Harry & Meghan #21 ”Finding Freedom” what a joke, such hypocrisy from two so “woke”

    Thanks @50sGirl for thread title.
  10. Harry and Meghan #20 Meghan has lost and it's going to cost

    Thank you to @ I have no idea but think it was the lovely freda ❤
  11. Harry and Meghan #19 Harry don’t be a muppet, you’re just Meg’s stupid puppet

    Thanks to @50sGirl Jeez I hope I’ve done this right 😱
  12. Harry and Meghan #18 We're really kind, please hire us, as Harry said there is no virus.

    Thread title curtesy of @Carmen 6 ! continue here.
  13. Harry and Meghan #17 Not Thriving but Skiving.

    Thread title suggested by @Carmen 6 ! continue here.
  14. Harry and Meghan #16 Forget the world's corona hell, please donate to Archewell

    NEW THREAD: Thanks to @50sGirl for the title suggestion
  15. Harry and Meghan #15 Sweet dreams my LA suss Ex

    Harry and Meghan #15 Sweet Dreams my L.A. suss EX
  16. Harry and Meghan #14 Meghan Markle & her half-wit prince

    Thanks to @50sGirl with 30 votes mod edit. Quick reminder that these threads are tagged, this is to allow all users to access all threads easily 🙂 the thread must begin with “Harry and Meghan #” thank you.
  17. Harry and Meghan #13 Graduated from yacht girl to airline stewardess

    This tweet had the most likes and there seemed to be no suggestion with many votes :)
  18. Harry and Meghan #12 Goodbye Cricklewood and hello Hollywood

    New thread! Thanks to @freda19 for the title. Previous threads: https://tattle.life/tags/harry-and-meghan/
  19. Harry & Meghan #11 You’re Muggles Now Harry!

    NEW THREAD: Thanks to @Homesweethomesweethome for the title suggestion.
  20. Harry & Meghan #10 Liz lays down the law, Sussex Royal is no more

    NEW THREAD: thanks to @Falkor for the title suggestion.
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