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  1. Chita

    Harry and Meghan #308 Her concern is very gentle because the husband might be mental

    Thread title by @4FoxAche old thread...... Harry and Meghan #308: Her concern is very gentle because the husband might be mental --- Recap we had lots of conversations about how suspicious Meghan's silence is. We are glad they are quiet but we hate it at the same time. Loads of hilarious...
  2. peradetlic

    Harry & Meghan #307 mirror mirror on the wall, they're the most delusional of them all

    New fred thanks to @Chita In previous one we were wondering where 43% disappeared and how Elizabeth Arden will survive frosting... Of course, pretty please to give more eloquent summary
  3. Cassandra333

    Harry and Meghan #306 Ashley Cole you dodged the Ho. How we blame and hate you so!

    Title by @wibble with alteration by @Mock Turtle Recap Yawn, sigh, yawn. Smeg is SUSPICIOUSLY quiet. There's something going on. Harry is an idiot and can't seem to shut up. We had a great discussion on lettuce. I'm now braindead and can't think of anything else. Please add more. Last...
  4. Cassandra333

    Harry and Meghan #305 Harry is now a laughing stock, only known for his frozen cock

    Title by @Cáca_Milis Recap We don't like Harry and Meghan Now the rest of the world is realising that we've been right all along. Well done us. Lots of cartoons and memes, thanks especially to @Chita Exceptional writing by @wibble Lots of new (to our thread) members. Welcome! We look forward...
  5. F

    Harry and Meghan #304 Harry is one sausage short of a breakfast.

    Thanks to @265 for the thread title. Old thread here https://tattle.life/threads/harry-and-meghan-303-kiss-megs-shoes-or-ill-release-book-two.36682/page-51#post-13567772 We don't know or care where TW is. We've heard enough about a strangers frozen dick. Jezza apologised in private but it...
  6. L

    Harry and Meghan #303 Kiss Meg's shoes or I'll release book two!

    Thanks to @spangly for the title! well as always I don’t know where to start. We work on three shifts on this thread - Europe, americas, Asia pacific. We’re as broad as the commonwealth and we can’t stand the whinging ginger and his missus no matter the Timezone! Others feel free to add, I’m...
  7. F

    Harry and Meghan #302 Hallucinations may vary…

    Thanks to LadyBee_Aus for the thread title. Old thread here: https://tattle.life/threads/harry-and-meghan-301-who-cares-about-the-spare-when-big-willy-is-the-heir.36625/ Still discussing the book - blah blah sniff blah blah sniff sniff pout
  8. Cassandra333

    Harry and Meghan #301 Who cares about the spare when Big Willy is the heir?

    Title by @sevenyearbiatch Recap: We don't like Harry and Meghan. Harry is a paranoid fantasist and lying piece of shit. Meghan is suspiciously quiet. Harry is back peddling furiously. He never said the word 'racist' and neither did his wife. Everything is the fault of the British Press. His...
  9. Mrsoh

    Harry and Meghan #300 She's always crying, he's always high, if only the Palace had a right to reply

    New thread and thank you to @D. A. for the winning title If someone could do a recap that would be great. (6) Harry and Meghan #299 Spare The book that makes Twilight look like Tolstoy | Page 51 | Tattle Life Previous thread here. We are at number 300 too!! 🍸 🍸 🍸 🍸 🍸 🍸 🍸 🍸 🍸 🍸 🍸...
  10. L

    Harry and Meghan #299 Spare The book that makes Twilight look like Tolstoy

    Thanks to @Churchill's Ghost for the new thread title. Im posting new thread then will edit later with recap! old thread here https://tattle.life/threads/harry-and-meghan-298-the-half-price-prince.36566/page-52 The fallout continues from the book. @JAR21has been religiously recording all the...
  11. cosmo girl

    Harry and Meghan #298 The half price Prince

    Thank you @thenorthremembers for a brilliant thread title
  12. Libbie

    Harry and Meghan #297 Insurectile Dysfunction

    Thank you to @Kezzle1 for the new title! Old thread here: https://tattle.life/threads/harry-meghan-296-when-youve-overmegged-the-pudding.36535/page-52#post-13460176 Carry on Tattling!
  13. Shushex

    Harry & Meghan #296 When you've overmegged the pudding 🙄

    Thanks to @MoodyBlue for the title What can i say? i closed my eyes for 6 hours and 2 threads went by. Interviews happened, and depending on whom you ask, they were either shit or a cowpie. Dumbo Nr. 5 is still a bellend. wait, he's not, he's got his bellend frostbit. Lies lies lies, etc...
  14. peradetlic

    Harry & Meghan #295 So now we've read his book of bile, Harold wants to reconcile?

    In hurry, new fread, carry the hell on @DanDanTheIceCreamMan is lucky winner
  15. F

    Harry & Meghan #294 Harold AKA a few beads short of a necklace

    Thanks to @Happy Lady for the title Old thread is here https://tattle.life/threads/harry-meghan-293-the-dog-bowl-crackd-from-side-to-side.36482/ We're sick to death of book leaks, we are astounded at how they see everything as an aggressive attack. We're glad that HMQ EII and PP are no longer...
  16. Shushex

    Harry & Meghan #293 The dog bowl crack'd from side to side

    Thanks to our talented @Chita for the title. Well, a TL;DR of last thread, as Greta (HOW DARE YOU!) recently tweeted "[email protected]" The more leeks, erm, leaks we get from the meeeeemoir, the more deranged ginger tits looks. The Taliban called him out as a coward and liar. He...
  17. Cassandra333

    Harry and Meghan #292 If the Taliban thinks you're morally corrupt, it's probably time to shut up!

    Title by @Hula flight Recap. We laughed and laughed and so did the rest of the country. We were disgusted by his admission of 'kills' whilst in the military. This is not done and has placed everyone in the UK especially the RF under threat from terrorism. We were shocked to agree with the...
  18. peradetlic

    Harry & Meghan #291 He’s a laughing stock with a tender cock, says war’s like chess, he’s a deplorable mess

    New fred, congrats @Bloody orange Hell for great title, but it was too long, hence little edit. Ok, I will ask some good soul to recap previous thread in detail. I'm too angry to do it justice, I can just say that Cunt is revealed in his all evil cuntiness.
  19. Cassandra333

    Harry & Meghan #290 Float like Butterfly, Sting like bee, H’s necklace broken. And the dog can’t eat his tea

    Fantastic title by @planetmirth Had to mess about with it to get it to fit. Sorry. Harry's book has been leaked - Oh how we laughed :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: It's generally recognised that he is now completely insane or drugged up to the eyeballs. Make your own decision on that one. Please add...
  20. Chita

    Harry & Meghan #289 If you wanna reconcile, stop being so blimmin' vile

    old thread here - https://tattle.life/threads/harry-meghan-288-i-want-my-family-not-the-institution-ditch-your-titles-then-theres-the-solution.36336/page-52 Thanks for locking old thread so quick Mods. The Tattle Mods are excellent. New thread title was mine. Thanks for all the votes folks...
  21. Shushex

    Harry & Meghan #288 "I want my family not the institution". Ditch your titles then, there's the solution!

    Happy New Year to all! Thanks to @MoodyBlue for the title! And may 2023 be free of the Overseas. I don't know what to recap except that same old same old. Sparry's book is coming in 8 days and he's meeting up with Anderson Cooper for some cheesy whine. If anyone can fill in the recap...
  22. L

    Harry and Meghan #287 Meet the Haznos. Papa Haznobrains, Mama Haznoclass, Bro Haznomates and Sis Haznolegs

    Congrats to @Happy Lady - two in a row! The harkles continue to be all quiet. Didn’t stop us tattlers from discussing lots of bits and pieces… I can’t remember the minutiae suffice to say the fallout from the reality show keeps coming to the surface as more inconsistencies are brought to light...
  23. L

    Harry and Meghan #286 Haznohope and Sparrowlegs - that's all

    Thanks to @Happy Lady for the new thread title. There was a lot going on in the last thread. We live watched the lovely HRH POW carols service, spread a lot of Christmas cheer, and there was reason to douse the thread with some ice water after talk of one equerry. The return of the Sandringham...
  24. Cassandra333

    Harry and meghan #285 Hark the Harry Markles Sing.Glory to the Netflux Ching

    Fantastic title from @Pippa M Last thread was full of @Chita's cartoons and @Ndrangheta provided the 12 days of Xmas memes. Excellent jobs both of you. We all appreciate your talent. Usual moaning that we don't like the harkles but now they're committing the unforgivable sin of being boring...
  25. Shushex

    Harry and Meghan #284 Reekollections may vary

    Thanks to @AmIbeingTreasonable for the title The thread started on whether calling JH "Reek" is a call to violence since it's a reference to a GoT fictional character that only exists in fiction. I didn't even know that, i thought he's called Reek because, to put it bluntly, i feel every image...
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