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  1. Harry and Meghan #42 Hazza and his honey doing anything for money!

    New thread, title by the infamous @freda19 with 29 likes! Summary of last thread: 1000 posts mostly agreeing that they are a pair of What Freda Says! And there’s still been no sign of poor Merchiedoll. Dorito has been quiet lately, in fact all the Markle clan has, except for Smegs herself!
  2. Harry and Meghan #41 turning tricks, see it all on Netflix.

    Oh look it’s that time again. It’s only a new fucking thread! Many thanks to @Scotch Mist for the fantastic new thread title ❤ Where to begin? Smoke has been seen in the air over Montecito. It’s not a forest burning though it’s just a dumpster fire at chaz Harkle......again! Despite claiming...
  3. Harry and Meghan #40 It's never our fault, our self awareness is locked in the vault!

    Thanks @Loftcat for the title. Recap: 1. Chatting with Gloria in the backyard of Santa Barbara stable (not Smeg's new mansion). tattle rumor has it, that's the origin of Meg's "long flowly" hair. 2. haz's new gig on Netflix--released on the same day as chatting with gloria 3. Doria's new role...
  4. Harry & Meghan #39 Practically perfect in every way, don’t do as we do, do as we say

    Thanks to @50sGirl for the title. Recap 1. scooby doo still their mouthpiece 2. Megs dabbling into politics while still trying to be a saint at QCT 3. more grainy videos word salad nonsense 4. more job search in Hollywood 5. jetset life to a photo-op at baby2baby Praying for...
  5. Harry and Meghan #38 Mired in debt - playing Russian Roulette?

    Thanks to @soll for the new thread title Harry and Meghan are still you know whats ...... and Meghan is now Mrs. POTATOE head The resemblance is uncanny
  6. Harry and Meghan #37 Do actresses **** in the woods?

    Harry and Meghan #37 Do actresses piss in the woods? Like this was ever gonna lose! Yes, yes I know. I chickened out of getting a stern telling off from the mods. I stand before you in shame and plead forgiveness. Not really, sue me bitches 🤪 Thanks go to @PennyCrayon for thinking up the...
  7. Harry and Meghan #36 Wanna stop media hate; hey no problem when the target’s Kate

    Thanks to @50sGirl and @Campagne for the new title which I seem to have buggered up. @admin Can the random 0 at the end of the title be edited out please? Recap Meghan and Harry are still ungracious, malicious, duplicitous, hypocritical snivelling little shits 😡 And some people made rude...
  8. Harry and Meghan #35 Tantrums and Tiaras meets the Travelyst Twit

    Thank you to our very own Aunty Legal @antinoos for the title. previous thread https://tattle.life/threads/harry-and-meghan-34-maleficent-meghan-and-her-petulant-prince.7898/ Summary: Well Harry and Meghan managed to dominate the headlines for all the wrong reasons. The extracts of their...
  9. Harry and Meghan #34 Maleficent Meghan and her Petulant Prince'

    After flipping a coin exhaustive research this lovely new title was deemed the winner. There is no manager here so suck it up Karen! Many thanks to @Scotch Mist who provided it. So what happened in the last thread I hear you ask. Well, if you really want to know then you should read it...
  10. Harry and Meghan #33 When Needy met Greedy

    Thanks to @Norbs for the title with most Likes! The Harkle Debacle rumbles on with the publication in The Times of advance excerpts from Scobie & Durand's 'Finding Freebies Freedom' eagerly republished and picked apart by other newspapers. Harry seems to be firmly under the bus driven by MM's...
  11. Harry and Meghan #32 Enough of your woke! By the end of the year you'll be broke!

    New thread. Thanks @TC14 for the title. TLDR - Harry and Meghan were increasingly obnoxious. Meghan spouted more waffle over Zoom to the Girl Up conference and is slowly morphing into a cross between Cher and a Kardashian. Bea and Edo got married. The Queen knighted Captain Sir Tom...
  12. Harry and Meghan #31 Preach and Screech continue to leech

    Welcome to instalment number 31 Thanks to @Scotch Mist for the thread title ❤ A quick recap of the last thread: Aunty graced us with his presence and educated us on the legal shenanigans of Cringe the rotten minge. @Yorkiejules claimed to have been abducted by aliens but they booted her as...
  13. Harry and Meghan #30 Full of spite, come on Royal Family put and end to their..

    Continue here everyone ☺ I am loving the new thread title, thanks to @Doodlebug005! A brief summary of the last thread is that we all think they are thoroughly ridiculous, but that is nothing new. 😂😂 Admin, please correct my typo because I’m an idiot! ☺️💜
  14. Harry and Meghan #29 Could this year finally be karmageddon

    thanks to @TC14 for the new thread title.
  15. Harry and Meghan #28 A pair of what Freda says

    Greetings one and all. Welcome to another edition of smeggie and no balls cunt the world Many thanks to @Melodybear for the glorious new title ❤ Apologies to those who wanted a dancing mushroom in the title. Computer said no! :m:m:m:m:m:m:m:m:m:m:m:m:m:m:m:m:m:m:m:m:m:m Public Service...
  16. Harry and Meghan #27 Mrs Common and Mr Wealth

    Thank you to @Norbs for the most liked thread title :love:
  17. Harry and Meghan #26 Still sniping at Kate and full of hate

    Thanks to @freda19 for the new thread title. This was the most like :love:
  18. Harry and Meghan #25 Hairy, Scary and her magic Mary!

    Thanks to @Melodybear for thinking up the line and to @shirleymaclaine1 for suggesting it as a thread title
  19. Harry and Meghan #24 The Beverly Hillbillies, still squatting and twatting.

    Thank you freda ❤️ I was panicking. I though we were going to run out of thread. It stresses me out. 🤪
  20. Harry & Meghan #23 Twatwoman and the prisoner of Beverly Ridge.

    Thanks @Freda ❤️ Apologies Thank you @Oatcake for the thread title.
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