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  1. NomDePlume

    Fashion Mumblr #32 Labia pits, begging trips; Pufferfish lips and the Mansplainer twit

    Welcome to the new thread. Congrats and many thanks to @Shmoogles for our thread title.
  2. NomDePlume

    Fashion Mumblr #31 Not Very Bright while Gardening in White, it's not right #PerennialMillennial Fright

    Welcome to a new thread. Thank you and congrats to @Ja'mieKing for the title. 🌹 (TL not tagging the name, disappears as soon as I type the apostrophe) Had to adjust/shorten the title, too many letters to fit, cuts off in the middle of the word "#Perennial". Below is the original suggestion...
  3. PettyBettyBoop

    Fashion Mumblr #29 Puffing up egos and lips in Charleston, but when will she get her sodding teeth done

    Welcome to the new thread! thanks to @WatchReelCopyReel suggestion!
  4. AmaliaLana

    Fashion Mumblr #28 So spoiled makes us recoil, minced pies, fake lives, but still no oil

    Most voted title by @Shmoogles, congratulations! An honorary mention: - the Rectum shines in Christmas extravaganza 🏰 🕯🕯🕯🕯 🎄 - Mylady may have Covid, but who cares, certainly not her, X-mas bash full going 🦠 ☠ - do they now have finally ordered oil? :unsure: - morphing into Dame...
  5. NomDePlume

    Fashion Mumblr #27 An unfortunate shot in the face, Milady lost her grace, but won the Defender race

    Thanks to @AmaliaLana for the thread title.
  6. NomDePlume

    Fashion Mumblr #26 Teefers takes Tefal, eats pasta and cries in her Mazda

    Title by @NomDePlume
  7. PettyBettyBoop

    Fashion Mumblr #25 Disappearing chin in clouds of endless white with infected crazy eyebrows

    Welcome to thread #25. Title credit to @juniper54ny I wasn’t able to fit everything. TL/DR Recap: More Teeth, less chin, Ibeetha vacay, more affiliate links, dressing in the dark and on the hunt for a free Chanel!
  8. klady

    Fashion Mumblr #24 Racist Josie in an ugly floral dress, mansplaining Charlie what a mess

    Welcome to Thread #24 Josie wears ugly floral dresses. She’s a fashion influencer, but her style says otherwise🤷‍♀️ Her channel is like watching unwanted items on QVC. She’ll flog anything for money. Then, she sells the gifted items on eBay. Her fiancé, Charlie, doesn’t know how to stop...
  9. PettyBettyBoop

    Fashion Mumblr #23 Josie hits a sour note, as she dashes about London in a giant Dior coat

    Welcome to thread #23!! Thanks to @SunAndMoon for the title suggestion.
  10. H

    Fashion Mumblr #22 The Beggar Wears Prada

    New thread provided by Dream Dolly
  11. H

    Fashion Mumblr #21 Buying faux titles for money, you'll never be royal honey!

    New thread thank you to everyone:)
  12. H

    Fashion Mumblr #20 I gave you PR and you sold it the next day on ebay

    sorry forgot to add number 20
  13. H

    Fashion Mumblr #19 pelton along the way

    first time trying to do a new thread - so I just randomly created a title.
  14. josieisaho

    Fashion Mumblr #18 Oh X-Mas tree, Oh X-Mas tree, 12ft seems too big to me

    Title Credit: @Nellie Pledge Context: Her Majesty, Dirty Feet Josie, ordered a 12 foot Christmas tree that is likely too tall for her ceilings. That's okay, she will put it in her roundabout so all the local peasants can carol to her. This hoarder has gone from shtting pumpkins to listing all...
  15. AmaliaLana

    Fashion Mumblr #17 Comments on autodelete, manic hoarders with dirty feet

    Thread title by @Nellie Pledge (sorry, had to make it a bit shorter, otherwise it wouldn't post; original title "Negative comments on auto delete, manic hoarders with dirty feet") Lovely collage about Zimmermann Gate by @PettyBettyBoop Current state of the manor, documented by @Nellie Pledge
  16. StockPhotoScientist

    Fashion Mumblr #16 Kefalonia to Cotswolds, shore to shore, beige coats galore

    Apologies that I seem unable to edit the thread title. Perhaps we can gather the suggestions and ask an Admin to do it? Using the "sort by most votes" instructons: Top votes in the last thread went to: " I would change the "exceptional fashion blogger with an eye for detail " to exceptional...
  17. PettyBettyBoop

    Fashion Mumblr #15 Cabbage Patch Kids in an Area of Outstanding Number of Fields.

    "My dahhhlllinngs, welcome to a new thread. Lidl (my new fake bestie) and I are just enjoying our hike/picnic/walk/drinking- rosè in a cabbage field in the middle of nowhere in the Cotswolds because where else in the world is there an area of outstanding number of fields?."...
  18. PettyBettyBoop

    Fashion Mumblr #14 Mumblings from the Farmhouse and a close shave in the cornfield

    🌽🌽 Daahhhhhhhllllllinnnnggggssss, Welcome! 👩‍🌾👨‍🌾 TL/DR by @Woo_63 "Josie and Charlie seem to be from well off families (but not old money). They moved to the Cotswolds during lockdown, broke lockdown rules having family round etc. but deny this. They lived in Clapham in a house bought by...
  19. PettyBettyBoop

    Fashion Mumblr #13 Little Bo Peep and her YouTube sheep

    "My Dahhhhhllinngsss, welcome 🐑" Thread suggestion by: @Indiepop Picture suggestions by: @irish1969 and @Starrylove Thank you all!!! For past TL;DR/scandals please see attached pictures (Thanks @Vanessajenkins). View all threads -🐑
  20. PettyBettyBoop

    Fashion Mumblr #12 the tale of 50 straw bags & lies.

    "Darlings, welcome to a new thread. Always remember: one can not simply just own 1 basket bag. You must OWN 50+ to fit in the Cotswolds." For past TL;DR/scandals please see attached pictures (Thanks @Vanessajenkins). View all threads -
  21. PettyBettyBoop

    Fashion Mumblr #11 Lord and Lady Midas at the (G)old Rectory

    "Hello my Darlings and welcome to a new thread. It's going to be 'EPIC'!" Thread suggestion by: @Pippa M Pictures- Crest/Website/Prices credit to: @EmmaLinaJJ Thank you all ^ 💕 For past TL;DR/scandals please see attached pictures (Thanks @Vanessajenkins). View all threads -...
  22. PettyBettyBoop

    Fashion Mumblr #10 Mirror Mirror on the wall, who's most EPIC of them all?

    "Hello my Darlings and welcome to a new thread. It’s thread #10!" Thread suggestion by: @Dollydimples Pictures: @overthinkingit (Crest & Poem) @Plonker (Intro) Thank you all ^ 💕 For past TL;DR/scandals please see attached pictures (Thanks @Vanessajenkins). View all threads -...
  23. PettyBettyBoop

    Fashion Mumblr #9 The Iron, the witch and the wardrobe.

    "Hello my Darlings and welcome to a new thread. It’s thread #9!" Thread title suggested by @Plonker Photo credit @Iris1969 If you are new (WELCOME my Darlings) and want to catchup with the latest and greatest scandals, please see the pictures attached. Thanks to @Vanessajenkins for...
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