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  1. ChampagneBox

    Demi Donnelly #47 nature is the worlds natural gift to us, backside the size of a bus

    Welcooooome hunnybuns back to another thread, we’re getting through more threads than Demis had mini breaks this year. well done to @BaileyMC end of the last thread saw wor Dems finally get her big break on TV…on a programme about Poundland on channel 5 no less! her and Sean may or may not...
  2. ChampagneBox

    Demi Donnelly #46 Stood up for a while, now needs a rest, physical activity gets her stressed

    Welcooooome hunnybuns! I’ve been AWOL but I’m back 🥰 so I’m not up to date with what demis been up to, can anyone recap? what I do know is our Dems had her acting debut in a local production, first stop Newcastle, next stop Hollywood 🤩
  3. MostPalone

    Demi Donnelly #45 Aye thinks she's cringe, love love loves a binge, Dettol bath for her stinky...

    Thought I would take one for the team and create a new thread.... It's my first time so be gentle. @Greenlentils thread suggestion 🏆 Recaps welcooooome.
  4. ChampagneBox

    Demi Donnelly #44 get off my screen you munta

    Welcoooooome hunnybuns! well done to @LJMxox demi has gone international…well when I say international I mean all the way across the sea to Ayeland to see the fam. anyone want to recap?
  5. ChampagneBox

    Demi Donnelly #43 Food, flaps and shaking her baps

    Welcooooooooooome! well done to @greatfrog anyone want to recap?
  6. ChampagneBox

    Demi Donnelly #42're a bore

    Welcooooome to another thread. Well done to @Mrswillow ! anyone want to recap? I’m in a food coma can barely remember my own name let alone what Big Ds been up to..
  7. ChampagneBox

    Demi Donnelly #41 Daphne's demise, Sean's wandering 'Aye's, loses keys in field, rings Mam and cries

    Welcoooome to thread 41 hunnybuns! Well done to @Greenlentils what’s been happening in demis world? went to her friend Ashleigh’s wedding (yeah, THAT ashleigh 👀) with Sean and it almost ended up with Sean and Ashleigh running away together leaving Demi in the accidentally vegan dust. We all...
  8. ChampagneBox

    Demi Donnelly #40 Notorious P.I.G.

    Welcoooome! guys..i couldn’t put the thread title with the most votes as it was ‘a dildo being advertised by a cunt’ and I don’t think the mods will let us how that one ☹ I went back like 5 pages and couldn’t find any other suggestions, so we haven’t got one this time! anyone want to recap...
  9. ChampagneBox

    Demi Donnelly #39 Lodge of butter,relationship in the gutter.Eating for 4, Sean’s on his way out the door

    Welcooome hunnybuns! well done to @TeaAndBiscuitsMate anyone want to recap?
  10. ChampagneBox

    Demi Donnelly #38 chews her words but not her peaches

    Welcoooome! well done to @kbjhguih anyone want to recap?
  11. ChampagneBox

    Demi Donnelly #37 More flakes than Kelloggs

    Welcooooome back to another new thread! Congrats to @TeaAndBiscuitsMate and her boyfriend for the thread title. Hopefully you like eachother more than Sean and Demi like eachother. what’s been happening in Demis world? still passive agressive to all and sundry still buying shitty cheap...
  12. ChampagneBox

    Demi Donnelly #36 Abusing aye for banter, let's hope he puts her in the bin before she grows a third chin

    welcooome! well done to @AgatheC on the thread title! im sorry hunnybuns I’ve not been on the ball with our demz, mentally really not doing well so I haven’t got the energy to recap something funny 😔
  13. ChampagneBox

    Demi Donnelly #35 More chins than mates.

    Helloooo hunnybuns! Welcome back to Demi’s tattle thread, or if you’re just joining us now like @Beancasserolelover WELCOOOOOOOOME! well done to @TeaAndBiscuitsMate on the thread title and also congrats on your baby news!! 👶🏻💙💖 We’re still taking baby name suggestions ✌🏻😙 So what’s been...
  14. ChampagneBox

    Demi Donnelly #34 BLT after BLT, why did Sean get down on one knee? 🧐

    Hellooooo hunnybuns! welcome to a new thread 😄 well done to @Crazylife13 ! A new member and a thread title already! so things peaked at the run in with the man with the axe, and have steadily calmed down (got boring) since. The north’s equivalent of Wayne and Waynetta Slob went on an overnight...
  15. ChampagneBox

    Demi Donnelly #33 no-one's surprised that she's anti-vax, now she's got beef with a man with an axe

    Hellooooo hunnybuns! what a treat, a new thread for a new year! Well done to @Hannybun01 Speaking of New Year, Demi will be leaving 2021 as bitter as she walked into it, perhaps even more so. This year saw Demi pile on the weight on her accidentally vegan diet, the dogs Henry and Luna role...
  16. ChampagneBox

    Demi Donnelly #32 Rat-a-tat tat shes now 50%

    Hey hunnybuns! Jesus we’re getting through threads faster than Demi passive aggressively replies to YouTube comments! Well done to @jj_finally for a cracking thread title! and I just have to share this from @Annabel89 , too funny not to 😂 Personally I think she has a stunnin' voice. So...
  17. ChampagneBox

    Demi Donnelly #31 Ran away from her job, has an upside gob, it's pure and simple she's an absolute knob

    WELCOOOME! Mods I’m not sure the k word is allowed on thread titles so feel free to amend but please keep the rest 😂 well done to @BarryHeavens The thread started off as quiet as our dems, who took time off from her ‘job’ with a sinus infection. Soon picked back up again with shite vidyos...
  18. ChampagneBox

    Demi Donnelly #30 No friends, no Benz, no editor for our Demz

    New thread time! well done to @wait_what anyone want to recap? the end of the last thread saw Big D with yet another sinus infection, and it’s affected her ability to film content (if you can call it that). Tattlers suspect it’s more that she’s fallen out with Harry, who was editing her vids...
  19. ChampagneBox

    Demi Donnelly #29 all ayes on me in the centre of the rug just like a circus

    WELCOOOOME! it’s that time again! I think I did it right, I’m technically at work (a proper job, Demz) but I needed to give the people what they wanted so work can do one Well done @anything at all the last thread was a RIOT as tattlers took over the Jodel app, pissing off genuine users (aka...
  20. ChampagneBox

    Demi Donnelly #28 Demi Jayann is the size of a van, her fiance looks like somebodies nan

    Wow wow wow that must be a record for fastest thread! Up there with most weight gained over a year, which goes to our fave hunnybun, Demi D. anyone care to recap?
  21. ChampagneBox

    Demi Donnelly #27 Big D and Nana don't see aye to aye, hop in the van and wave her career

    Another new thread! Thanks to @Greenlentils Wow the last one went faster than Demi down to an accidentally vegan fast food place. Anyone want to recap?
  22. ChampagneBox

    Demi Donnelly #26 stone

    WELCOOOOOOOME to another thread! (Mods I can only go by what the people have chosen, if not acceptable please change) well done to @Sh12345 anyone want to recap?? Demi’s flaps are still pissy She’s still fake vegan The dogs are still surrogate children There was talk on thread 25 of Demi and...
  23. ChampagneBox

    Demi Donnelly #25 Kickers are crusty and the content is dusty

    Time for another new thread! Another new member @wait_what with a banger of a title! Anyone want to recap? The thread took a musty turn towards the end with Big D posting a pic of her underwear with a wet patch 🤢 that is how low we’ve sunk people
  24. ChampagneBox

    Demi Donnelly #24 London Aye

    Wow thread 23 went fast! WELCOOOOOME to thread 24 hunnybuns. Well done @Ginny for the thread title! anyone want to do a recap? Demi went to London to see her friend Katie, and the passive aggressiveness from both of them was off the scale 🙃 bezzie mates they are most definitely not Still...
  25. ChampagneBox

    Demi Donnelly #23 Amber Wright more like Amber Wrong, plz stop showing us your thong

    New thread! Thanks to @greatfrog, a new member and a thread title already!! 😱👏🏻 anyone want to do a recap? still in her underwear, still shaking her rolls till the cows come home, Sean’s still never said anything other than ‘aye’. Continue
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