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  1. ChampagneBox

    Demi Donnelly #62 s herself to death in Dubai after 6 days of travelling with Aye

    Congrats @heidix! Someone want to recap?
  2. Anyauldnamewilldo

    Demi Donnelly #61 old money pep & co, romantic holidays with my bro

    Full title wouldn't fit but to give it credit to @heidix here it is "old money pep & co, romantic holidays with my bro, and in anyways corporate detailing and a toddlers bow" You gave us the recap with this thread title!
  3. Anyauldnamewilldo

    Demi Donnelly #60 AYE want to ride my bicycle, AYE want to ride my bike

    Well done to @Cabbage_2021 you had the most likes for this title and what a belter it is! If anyone wants to do a recap feel free i cba :ROFLMAO: (sorry)
  4. Anyauldnamewilldo

    Demi Donnelly #59 Braggin about wealth claiming shes minted, floggin her scruffy items on depop & vinted

    Congrats to @lillyladybug on winning the title, you've summed wor demz up pretty well!
  5. Anyauldnamewilldo

    Demi Donnelly#58 Craptures a scam gifted shoe boxes to her fam flashin her minge like a pack of vegan ham

    @TeaAndBiscuitsMate out here doing the recap for us! 👏 Sorry I had to take a letter off here and there, i wanted it to all fit 😬
  6. ChampagneBox

    Demi Donnelly #56 Isn't it ayeronic, dont you think?

    Can someone recap please?
  7. ChampagneBox

    Demi Donnelly #55 Ayes, Lies and Scrapture Supplies

  8. jl1994

    Demi Donnelly #54 flogging second hand stickaaazz and piss stained knicazzzz

    New thread title thanks to @veganfortheanimals !! If anyone wants to summarise the absolute sh*t show that is amber’s life… plz do 😂💖
  9. ChampagneBox

    Demi Donnelly #53 Trained all month for one night on her feet, navel shap is nice and deep

    It’s time for a new thread hunnybuns! demis been on her gifted holidayssss with a virgin cruise that I’m sure someone actually deserving would appreciate. Nevertheless, demi went and succeeded in eating her way around the med, doing Sean dirty and embarrassing him publicly, concluding with a...
  10. ChampagneBox

    Demi Donnelly #52 Her love for London beyond compare, with flaming locks of “orrborrn” hair 🎶

    Welcooooome hunnybuns! well done to @lillyladybug for thread title!!! london. I think that is all.
  11. ChampagneBox

    Demi Donnelly #51

    Couldn’t see a thread title so continue!
  12. _Laura

    Demi Donnelly #50 That ducking belt

    It was time for a new threads hun buns! Congrats to @BaileyMC for the new thread title with 57 votes!! As you were! Some special mentions! Thank you @Teawithnosugar for this wonderful gif 😂 Thank you @lastpass for these pictures and the legendary comment "giving special person on a day out...
  13. ChampagneBox

    Demi Donnelly #48 Kate's friend

    Merry Christmas hunnybuns!! well done to @jj_finally new thread just in time for the big day! Christmas that is, not their wedding…she’s engaged but doesn’t want to get married guys. anyone want to recap? can’t wait to see what Demi and Sean get eachother for Christmas.
  14. ChampagneBox

    Demi Donnelly #47 nature is the worlds natural gift to us, backside the size of a bus

    Welcooooome hunnybuns back to another thread, we’re getting through more threads than Demis had mini breaks this year. well done to @BaileyMC end of the last thread saw wor Dems finally get her big break on TV…on a programme about Poundland on channel 5 no less! her and Sean may or may not...
  15. ChampagneBox

    Demi Donnelly #46 Stood up for a while, now needs a rest, physical activity gets her stressed

    Welcooooome hunnybuns! I’ve been AWOL but I’m back 🥰 so I’m not up to date with what demis been up to, can anyone recap? what I do know is our Dems had her acting debut in a local production, first stop Newcastle, next stop Hollywood 🤩
  16. M

    Demi Donnelly #45 Aye thinks she's cringe, love love loves a binge, Dettol bath for her stinky...

    Thought I would take one for the team and create a new thread.... It's my first time so be gentle. @Greenlentils thread suggestion 🏆 Recaps welcooooome.
  17. ChampagneBox

    Demi Donnelly #44 get off my screen you munta

    Welcoooooome hunnybuns! well done to @LJMxox demi has gone international…well when I say international I mean all the way across the sea to Ayeland to see the fam. anyone want to recap?
  18. ChampagneBox

    Demi Donnelly #43 Food, flaps and shaking her baps

    Welcooooooooooome! well done to @greatfrog anyone want to recap?
  19. ChampagneBox

    Demi Donnelly #42're a bore

    Welcooooome to another thread. Well done to @Mrswillow ! anyone want to recap? I’m in a food coma can barely remember my own name let alone what Big Ds been up to..
  20. ChampagneBox

    Demi Donnelly #41 Daphne's demise, Sean's wandering 'Aye's, loses keys in field, rings Mam and cries

    Welcoooome to thread 41 hunnybuns! Well done to @Greenlentils what’s been happening in demis world? went to her friend Ashleigh’s wedding (yeah, THAT ashleigh 👀) with Sean and it almost ended up with Sean and Ashleigh running away together leaving Demi in the accidentally vegan dust. We all...
  21. ChampagneBox

    Demi Donnelly #40 Notorious P.I.G.

    Welcoooome! guys..i couldn’t put the thread title with the most votes as it was ‘a dildo being advertised by a cunt’ and I don’t think the mods will let us how that one ☹ I went back like 5 pages and couldn’t find any other suggestions, so we haven’t got one this time! anyone want to recap...
  22. ChampagneBox

    Demi Donnelly #39 Lodge of butter,relationship in the gutter.Eating for 4, Sean’s on his way out the door

    Welcooome hunnybuns! well done to @TeaAndBiscuitsMate anyone want to recap?
  23. ChampagneBox

    Demi Donnelly #38 chews her words but not her peaches

    Welcoooome! well done to @kbjhguih anyone want to recap?