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  1. Demi Donnelly #7 Amber twerks whilst poor Sean works

    title by @TeaAndBiscuitsMate 🌞 A sum up of the previous thread(s) Demi Donnelly came onto Tattle under the name Amber Wright, slagging off several other youtubers and bigging up herself including calling herself "stunning" and saying she has great tits...she was caught out and she came on...
  2. Demi Donnelly #6 Controversy for clicks, hey Amber does your brother still like your tits?

    Fabulous title from @josefinaosterlund
  3. Demi Donelly #5 dirty room, compulsive liar, hairs been washed in a deep fat fryer

    Keep the tea spilling dahhhlings
  4. Demi Donnelly #4 with a weird upside down smile,Sean looking like he wants to run a mile

    New thread. Thanks to @dramallama123 for the thread suggestion. I had to shorten the original to fit in the title. original -Demi Donnelly #4 - Pretends to be vegan, with a weird upside down smile, Sean constantly looking like he wants to run a mile. previous threads -...
  5. Demi Donnelly #3 Amber Wright still making up lies, got caught out eating McDonald’s fries

    Thanks to @theteaishot for the thread suggestion!!! We need to remind everyone about the cringey, awkward, Amber Wright situation 😂 view old threads here -
  6. Demi Donnelly #2

    Continue here View last thread :
  7. M

    Demi Donnelly

    Christ on a bike she is (I think) 23 but she looks to have had some work done on her face
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