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  1. Musketeer

    Chelsealeeart #10 15 inch roots, evil queen giving her the boot, no gifts because her mods have been pressing mute

    New thread 😁 Thank u Windermere for the new thread suggestion 😍
  2. Starrysky

    Chelsealeeart #8 She says that she only tried crack, be careful if you’re English as she’ll give you a smack

    New thread for CLA. Can someone that’s been here longer than me give a quick run down pleeeease xx
  3. Ginge89

    Chelsealeeart #7 I’m actually an artist I’m just not a real one

    Thread 7 about this menance! Let’s see what Monday madness brings! anyone want to do a recap?
  4. Only here for one person

    Chelsealeeart #6 She thinks she's TikTok famous but really she's just outrageous

    Thought id be the one to make a new thread guys, i feel like after tonight it's gonna be needed.
  5. H

    Chelsealeeart #5 BOOYAKA in the Tattle thread!

    Thought I’d start a new thread using @Sunshineandflowers suggestion.
  6. Notsotypical

    ChelseaLeeArt #4 Has a black card, dresses in pink, nicks toilet gems, then in the sink” Boyaka!

    Thanks to @Sunshine and flowers for the thread title...#4 already 👁️👄👁️🤣 you were
  7. Notsotypical

    Chelsealeeart #3 Is on live every single day, she's not an alcoholic she drinks IPA

    Wow what a night, here's thread no.3 it had the most votes 😃 thanks to @MyTwoPennies for the name
  8. Notsotypical


    Has anyone else seen her on tiktok? She's a total mess drinks brewdog all the time and goes out in the chelsea area (of london) and starts shouting to herself its actually quite sad as she obviously had some deep rooted issues. The people that follow her just encourage it though and tell anyone...
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