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  1. Loppylou89

    ChelseaLeeArt #31 Chelsea Lee Art one boring old fart

    Congrats to @Boobiloobs for the very fitting thread title! You win one of CLA's outfits. Take your pick! Recap: So little mo has disappeared into thin air. She is still insisting he is in his container somewhere but we all know he was gone within 2-4 hours of receiving him. RIP little guy...
  2. Loppylou89

    ChelseaLeeArt #30 Cla the racist has a pet spider called little mo, how long until it gets the heave ho

    So we had a very quiet start to the year but that soon changed. In answer to the previous thread title.. no she didn’t make it to the USA. She was disqualified as she was gifting herself! We’ve had several temper tantrums and outbursts. Crying over her sons and her past. Whilst it’s sad that...
  3. Loppylou89

    ChelseaLeeArt #29 Will CLA go to the USA?!

    CLA has been waffle crazy lately as a way to bring gifts in seeing as she is falling off the leaderboard quicker than the pounds she is losing on her exercises. She was so dedicated to her waffles that she even wore the entries around her head in a Tiktok bag! It is thought that she has been...
  4. Loppylou89

    ChelseaLeeArt #28 Bedbugs, scabies and nits, get this an Apple Spritz

    Well done @Windermere for a cracking thread title! So CLA is back from her rather long holiday. Not much has happened except for the great fall out of her Elphaba and Maria. Elpha and her mum visited CLA, got drunk and whatever else. Of course this resulted in a big fall out on live. CLA...
  5. Loppylou89

    ChelseaLeeArt #27 CLA is in the Canaries, avoiding the tax man she’s away with the fairies

    Well done to our @DellaC on the winning thread title. You win one of CLA’s scarfs! Quick recap: Chelsea is still in the canaries although she is meant to be going home Tuesday. Or Monday? Who knows. She certainly doesn’t. Or does she 🤔 She got Booyakered in the bedsheets then accused the guy...
  6. Boobiloobs

    ChelseaLeeArt #26 Back on the leaderboard for this week, despite her extensions not being on fleek.

    New thread for the one, the only CLA --- Thread title with most likes courtesy of @DeeDeeMcFarlaneXXX Hope this is correct!
  7. lestarkettlex

    ChelseaLeeArt #25 Chelsea’s in the Cornish press, she’s famous darling haven’t you guessed?

    Merry morning, new thread ✨ thank you @jazzy22 Chelsea has since been on her jollies to somewhere on a plane darling! Booyaka. Cornwall part 2 wasn’t as delicious as part 1 but she’s still making headlines
  8. Deeznutslol

    ChelseaLeeArt #24 The Famous One. The Famous English Girl. Roots.

    ROOTS! Recap: CLA survived her brief stint as an inpatient on a mental health ward and we’re all very happy she’s on the mend. Unfortunately, she’s up to her old tricks again, drinking, doing drugs, begging and has been booting off at EQ and Fraudia. She’s currently hanging out with ‘Elpha’...
  9. Mrskane29

    ChelseaLeeArt #23 CLA is on the ward! Get well soon Roots, we miss you, we're bored!

    Congrats @DellaC on the winning title! Lets behave ourselves this time please, no talking of reporting etc! As you were x
  10. elvanse70

    ChelseaLeeArt #22 CLA is a Tik Toker who is known for being severely hateful & attacking people in public

    congrats @jazzy22 for getting the most likes for the new thread title! had to slightly shorten it because of the length rules new thread as old one was full, hopefully i did this right!
  11. Mrskane29

    ChelseaLeeArt #21 Chelsea’s got a spot on James Gordans late night show, she’s famous darling didn’t you know?

    Congrats @jazzy22 On the title! If anyone would like to recap?
  12. Mrskane29

    Chelsealeeart #18 Chelsealeeart in da place! No amount of cucumbers will fix that face!

    Took ages to find the most liked so just went with the top one! Well done @AlwayswatchingAlways
  13. Deeznutslol

    Chelsealeeart #17 Number 1 despite the rants, she celebrated by pissing her pants.

    New thread name by @Cilla Slack (no other suggestions that I could see so I’m just going with this as it’s funny af and we’re on page 52😭) Carry on
  14. Mrskane29

    Chelsealeeart #16 Nuisance in the streets, looking for a booyaka in the sheets!

    And we have a winner!!
  15. Ginge89

    ChelseaLeeArt #14 in and out of more hotels and bars at least no household items have been stuck up her arse.

    New thread - This is the only title I could find. who wants to do a recap??? as you were NOSTRILS
  16. Squashedbanana

    Chelsealeeart #13 Poor unsuspecting new hairbrush

    Welcome to the new thread, not many title suggestions but this was the most liked so thank you @MsFatBooty and @pitstop112000
  17. N

    Chelsealeeart art #12 Flashing her bits, still not washed her pits, banned from the Ritz

    Thanks to @Windermere for the new thread name this had the most you were 😂👍
  18. Musketeer

    Chelsealeeart #10 15 inch roots, evil queen giving her the boot, no gifts because her mods have been pressing mute

    New thread 😁 Thank u Windermere for the new thread suggestion 😍
  19. Starrysky

    Chelsealeeart #8 She says that she only tried crack, be careful if you’re English as she’ll give you a smack

    New thread for CLA. Can someone that’s been here longer than me give a quick run down pleeeease xx
  20. Ginge89

    Chelsealeeart #7 I’m actually an artist I’m just not a real one

    Thread 7 about this menance! Let’s see what Monday madness brings! anyone want to do a recap?