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  1. skylark13

    Charlotte Louise Taylor #21 Shut your gob and get a real job!

    New thread. Only the second time I’ve tried to do this so hope I’ve followed the rules correctly! Thanks to @snickerdoodle for the thread title - had the most likes. Please can someone do a recap?
  2. DownBelow21

    Charlotte Louise Taylor #20 There’s only one weirdo in the house and it’s not the dog

    Thanks for the title bobs Please can someone do a recap?
  3. skylark13

    Charlotte Louise Taylor #19 Poor Charpaldi, keep her in your prayers. Only one pair of 90s school flares

    Thanks @MyRightTit for the thread title. Shortened slightly to fit. (Charl is poor *hardworking* Charpaldi - those ads are clicking up!) I’ve never started a new thread before so hope I’ve followed the instructions correctly. Sorry for any niggles! Fab if someone else can do a recap? After the...
  4. L

    Charlotte Louise Taylor #18 Who cares about kids privacy? As long as people are kind to ME.

    Thanks for the tread title @snickerdoodle
  5. GhostHoward

    Charlotte Louise Taylor #17 It’s unkind to exploit your children for monetary gain

    Our Charl is so, so sad that Covid might stop her going to every shop and licking every item as she puts it back on the shelf, because it’s what they do in Preston, don’t you know. Her size 12 arse is sad it couldn’t fit into a size 12 thong. Frank is closer to murder (couldn’t fit “behind...
  6. M

    Charlotte Louise Taylor #16 Wedding photos look tit. Still trying to convince us that Frank is fit.

    I hope everyone’s okay with me making a new thread, I saw the last one was quite a few pages over 50 now! @MardieT title suggestion had the most likes ☺️
  7. S

    Charlotte Louise Taylor #15 Congratulations to Charlotte and Frank Taylor!

    tl;dr the long-anticipated wedding of Charlotte Louise Taylor nee Taylor has finally happened. As annoying as she is, the day looked lovely and all us cold-hearted Tattlers are pleased that Mark managed to squeeze out a smile for her. (I didn't wait around for the votes, just picked the...
  8. snickerdoodle

    Charlotte Louise Taylor #14 sex pond sex pond, #gifted sex pond

    New thread title thanks to @99lemons 😆 Update: Charl’s been gifted a hot tub which we have affectionately nicknamed the Sex Pond. - She’s still shitting ads like last night’s vindaloo. - Still banging on about Couch to 5k and being “strong and healthy” yet necking wine every night and...
  9. T

    Charlotte Louise Taylor #13

    Charlotte Louise Taylor Sharky, Day, Wanny and Merl. I’m due on this week, for an update on my fanny!
  10. BettyCrockerr

    Charlotte Louise Taylor #12 Flowers on hob, wine in gob, sells the kids privacy, she’s a nob

    Thanks to @MardieT for the thread to tile, I had to tweak it to make it fit but this was the original: Charlotte Louise Taylor #12 - Flowers on the hob, wine in her gob, sells her kids privacy because she is a nob. 👍👍👍😁😁😁
  11. BettyCrocker

    Charlotte Louise Taylor #11 COVID rules?she blew it, had to go out for a packet of Chewits

    Thanks to @MardieT for the title suggestion....Thread Suggestion Charlotte Taylor #11 - COVID Rules? Charl really blew it - had to go out for a pack of Chewits.
  12. Yel

    Charlotte Louise Taylor #10 really misses her family but bumps into them all the time!

    Full title by @Booklover #10 The one where Charl really misses her family, she really does, but 'bumps' into them all the time, if that makes sense! If you want to talk about covid there's threads here:
  13. snickerdoodle

    Charlotte Louise Taylor #9 Food bills Costa lotta dosh, sells her kids to buy mama’s nosh

    New thread title by @Heather 🤗 We’re still all baffled by her interior choices and use of space in her half-arsed extension. She’s gained an extra bedroom with en-suite but has no room to swing a cat in there, let alone have Mark swinging from the (absolutely hideous) rattan lampshade. Still...
  14. black ripped skinnies

    Charlotte Louise Taylor #8 AD

    New thread, we were waaaay over due 🤣🎉 Thanks to @Pinkbutton85 for the new title with 33 likes 💞 Short and to the point... Unlike our Char who uses 1000 words when 5 will do! Recap from last thread- -the extension of dreams is finished, but needs certain areas "titivating" - planning on...
  15. snickerdoodle

    Charlotte Louise Taylor #7 Cheater, Bleater, Compulsive Eater

    New thread title courtesy of @Mrsnoodles TL;DR: Charlotte’s home extension is boring the pants off everyone.
  16. snickerdoodle

    Charlotte Louise Taylor #6 Here’s an ad, there’s an ad, everywhere an ad ad

    New thread title courtesy of @Pinkbutton85 😁
  17. Milehammer

    Charlotte Louise Taylor #5 as greedy as she is needy, SO lovely, yes indeedy

    New thread! @Mrsnoodles name suggestion seemed to have the most votes!
  18. snickerdoodle

    Charlotte Louise Taylor #4 Marriage is a yes! But where to find a size 13 dress?

    New Thread! Definitelyme won this one with 28 votes.
  19. I

    Charlotte Louise Taylor #2 Bursts into song, flirting in her thong

    New thread - it’s just really, really lovely!
  20. L

    Charlotte Louise Taylor

    Check out her cankles in her latest Instagram pic! Poor love
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