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  1. skylark13

    Charlotte Louise Taylor #40 I'm a gym girlie now. That’s ok! Only take my kids out if I don’t pay.

    New thread. Title credit @LadyGrinningSoul. Shortened it slightly to fit but hopefully still captures its comedy gold essence. Can someone else do a recap? I’m still wretching from the photo of boozed up Midsize hoiking up her milkmaid dress while lying back eye fucking the cat/instagram 🤢
  2. skylark13

    Charlotte Louise Taylor #39 I feel pretty, oh so pretty. It's a pity my content is shiiiite.

    Thread title credit @LadyGrinningSoul. Can someone else do a recap? I would but I’m so so busy and I need to go roll my Easter eggs, and then after all that exertion go settle down on my green velvet sofa of dreams, with its Midsize-shaped arse patch ready waiting for me, and relax with a brew...
  3. black ripped skinnies

    Charlotte Louise Taylor #38 Gurning in the loft, selfies in the bog, she really needs to get a job!

    New thread, as we were overdue. Title was the one with most votes, edited out a swear word due to thread rules. I've forgotten who came up with the title (sorry!) So I'll be along in a minute to update and give appropriate credit ❤ Recap: - Charlotte is still a "mid-size gal" - Sadly her...
  4. Celeste

    Charlotte Louise Taylor #37 Tragedy! When your floor’s all gone & you’ve got no tree it’s tragedy!

    Thread title thanks to @snickerdoodle with this masterpiece.👏 Previous thread here: Recap: we discussed our favourite Charls (personal highlights included...
  5. skylark13

    Charlotte Louise Taylor #36 Still midsize, still proud of herself (she really is), still a lazy twonk.

    I freestyled on the thread title as (1) last thread was on p65 and I couldn’t cope so had to sort a new thread and (2) most liked posts on the last thread didn’t lend themselves to a thread title (shoe size related - nothing to do with our Midsize Charl). Can someone else do a recap?
  6. skylark13

    Charlotte Louise Taylor #35 Charlotte Taylor, size 23. Only takes the kids out if it’s free.

    Most liked post on #34 and new thread title courtesy of @PatTheTat. Can someone else do a recap? Other than ‘Charl is is still not midsize, still sells her kids’ privacy instead of getting a proper job, still feeds them processed crap whilst she and Frank eat steak dinners and slurp on...
  7. skylark13

    Charlotte Louise Taylor #34 Milkshake brings my boy to the yard. But he’s like, you’re turning to lard.

    Thread title with the most likes - credit @Mrsnoodles. Can someone do a recap?
  8. Celeste

    Charlotte Louise Taylor #33 Flood in the kitchen, she deserves it, she really does..

    New thread, title courtesy of @gee13 Recap to follow! Previous thread here:
  9. Celeste

    Charlotte Louise Taylor #31 Salty eyes, massive thighs, she's poorly again, no surprise!

    We were well-overdue a new thread! Thanks to @pickaname for the most-liked suggestion. Someone fancy doing a recap? 🐀 Previous thead here:
  10. pickaname

    Charlotte Louise Taylor #30 Get a bloody grip, you utter massive drip

    Title courtesy of @snickerdoodle Recap: Charlotte is now obsessed with the gym. Absolute hero, getting up before everyone else and burning off 300 calories which she then consumes immediately when she gets her Costa coffee or drinks half a can of evaporated milk, but she deserves it, she really...
  11. Celeste

    Charlotte Louise Taylor #29 Lazy shark doo-doo doo-doo

    Time for a new thread! Title courtesy of @snickerdoodle Our Charl turned 35 and was suspiciously quiet all day despite being insufferable in the lead up, leading to speculation that Mark didn't pull out the necessary stops and the kids didn't make cards saying how proud of her they are. The...
  12. And_that's_okay!

    Charlotte Louise Taylor #28 Bum cheeks roasting on a roaring plant stand

    Someone had to do it but it feels so wrong doing my own. Anyway, here's to me @And_that's_okay! 👏 Charlotte ripped our her old fireplace and replaced it with a plant stand with a shelf and mirror on the top - it looks shite. Old thread...
  13. Celeste

    Charlotte Louise Taylor #27 Stop with the lies we know you ate all the pies

    New thread! Title by @MardieT Today is the day - we're eagerly awaiting photos of the new carpet and Charlotte's beautiful toes stomping around on it to a background track of heavy breathing. Bonus points for Mark lurking furtively in the background looking as happy as ever. I'm so pleased...
  14. Celeste

    Charlotte Louise Taylor #26 Children are for life, not just for content

    New thread time. We deserve it, we really do. Thread title from @InstaMadeMeJoin, nominated by moi. I'm so proud of us both. 💪 Our reward is a picky platter featuring half a dried out hot dog and some Pringles. Anyone fancy doing a recap?
  15. skylark13

    Charlotte Louise Taylor #25 Rickets for Bill, no glasses for Daisy, beige buffet for tea bc Mama is lazy

    Most liked thread title suggestion was from @WinnieSanderson1. Shortened slightly to fit. Previous thread here: Please could someone else do the recap? Ta.
  16. S

    Charlotte Louise Taylor #24

    She’s taken the kids on a luxurious holiday to Alcudia (bog standard family resort for one week) with all the money she makes from them, and they all appear to have rickets. Great job, Charl. Mod edit is there a title to use, just a load of insults goes too far
  17. And_that's_okay!

    Charlotte Louise Taylor #23 Thinks she's sent from the heavens but looks like a wig-wearing Barry Evans

    Thanks to @And_that's_okay! and @Eskimogem as this feels like a joint effort my lovely Recap to follow - it's gonna be a howler! Charlotte got the traumatic, distressing news today that the hot pink, milkmaid dress in a size 13 at TU has now sold out. She managed it like a trooper (as...
  18. S

    Charlotte Louise Taylor #22 My boobies don’t jiggle jiggle, they fold

    Thanks to @realistic_real_life for the thread title. Charlotte seems to spend all her time lately with her tits out, bare foot in the garden. Yet another new hobby she’s “converted” to (remember the gym? And running?) She still hasn’t address Stan’s wrists. I don’t know what else to say...
  19. skylark13

    Charlotte Louise Taylor #21 Shut your gob and get a real job!

    New thread. Only the second time I’ve tried to do this so hope I’ve followed the rules correctly! Thanks to @snickerdoodle for the thread title - had the most likes. Please can someone do a recap?
  20. DownBelow21

    Charlotte Louise Taylor #20 There’s only one weirdo in the house and it’s not the dog

    Thanks for the title bobs Please can someone do a recap?
  21. skylark13

    Charlotte Louise Taylor #19 Poor Charpaldi, keep her in your prayers. Only one pair of 90s school flares

    Thanks @MyRightTit for the thread title. Shortened slightly to fit. (Charl is poor *hardworking* Charpaldi - those ads are clicking up!) I’ve never started a new thread before so hope I’ve followed the instructions correctly. Sorry for any niggles! Fab if someone else can do a recap? After the...
  22. L

    Charlotte Louise Taylor #18 Who cares about kids privacy? As long as people are kind to ME.

    Thanks for the tread title @snickerdoodle
  23. GhostHoward

    Charlotte Louise Taylor #17 It’s unkind to exploit your children for monetary gain

    Our Charl is so, so sad that Covid might stop her going to every shop and licking every item as she puts it back on the shelf, because it’s what they do in Preston, don’t you know. Her size 12 arse is sad it couldn’t fit into a size 12 thong. Frank is closer to murder (couldn’t fit “behind...
  24. M

    Charlotte Louise Taylor #16 Wedding photos look tit. Still trying to convince us that Frank is fit.

    I hope everyone’s okay with me making a new thread, I saw the last one was quite a few pages over 50 now! @MardieT title suggestion had the most likes ☺️