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  1. 50sGirl

    Caroline Hirons #24 Reti-nope

    Congratulations to @TriviaNewtonJohn for the title. Old thread here: Nellie has launched her skincare, well 2 items anyway. Nellie is not named after the elephant but after the character Nellie Boswell from the sitcom...
  2. TriviaNewtonJohn

    Caroline Hirons #23 Scamaline Hirons

    New thread for everyone's favourite kit bag salesperson. Thread title from @Bertha The freaks are up to their usual attention seeking ways and also profusely thanking Scamaline for selling them stuff. Recap anyone? Last thread is here...
  3. SqualorVictoria

    Caroline Hirons #22 Shiller Kween - the Del Boy of Skincare. No money back, no guarantee

    Thanks to @50sGirl for the brilliant thread title! Continuing on from this thread:
  4. M

    Caroline Hirons #21 Karenline Hirons

    Title thanks to @Bertha and nominated by @w8g We start this thread with not so breaking news - a new kit is coming in July! As @50sGirl put it "walk, don’t run, in fact walk like a sloth..." Guesses on theming and products for this one have begun. Will Zelens again be included? Odds on yes...
  5. 50sGirl

    Caroline Hirons #20 Maybe Creighton’s can give her some tips to shift some kits!

    I hope I’ve not missed any thread title suggestions but I only found one put forward. Thanks to @TriviaNewtonJohn for the suggestion. Previous thread here: Quick recap… Gangsta and Mel Smith and Daniel...
  6. SqualorVictoria

    Caroline Hirons #19 It's literally a load of old flannel

    Thanks to @jeezlouise and @Expelliarmus for the thread title Gangsta Gran/ Ali G/ L Ron Hirons is being her unusual nasty and unpleasant self Continuing on from here...
  7. M

    Caroline Hirons #18 Hirons with her hamster cheeks, hides the fact she hates The Freaks!

    A new thread as we start the weekend! Title thanks to @50sGirl A breakouts box from Skin Rocks is on the horizon We've discovered the alibaba supplier for her bags (which she's currently charging 30 pounds for) Her skincare line is still in the works and we have a feeling she's irritated by...
  8. Jelly Bean

    Caroline Hirons #17 High on the smell of her farts, jealous of Trinny's stuff in our carts.

    Thanks to @Duee for the thread title! If anyone wants to do any overview of previous thread that would be great 😊 (Caroline was rude and silly about Trinny's new cleansers range. Showing off. The Freaks are still the oddest bunch of people gathered together in one place. Enabled by Caroline.).
  9. M

    Caroline Hirons #16 Gangster Gran’s wallet expansion, laughing in her £2 mil mansion

    Title a collaborative effort, started by @SqualorVictoria, nominated by @Filouette, and finished off by @50sGirl I don't feel like much has happened? Just more of the same from the Freaks on FB and Caroline in her country pile. The kits are on heavy discount, Caroline's sneaking undeclared ads...
  10. SqualorVictoria

    Caroline Hirons #15 L Ron Hirons A Cult of Kits

    Continuing on from the last thread! Thanks to @Hogarthian for the genius name of L Ron Hirons and to @nolite for the thread title
  11. SqualorVictoria

    Caroline Hirons #14 Hall of Mediocre but buy it anyway?

    Thanks to @purplesandwich and @Filouette for the thread title! The freaks are outdoing themselves with the begging posts lately. Not to mention being so emotional after the hell of Hirons weekend with some declaring it 'the best weekend of my life' Caroline is re-releasing the book with edits...
  12. Traazers

    Caroline Hirons #13 Tell us the truth, you live in the house that belonged to Ruth

    Title by @50sGirl Roundup, anyone?
  13. TriviaNewtonJohn

    Caroline Hirons #12 the lousiest QVC I've ever seen

    Thread title by @Platformcrocs based on a Twitter reaction to her This Morning performance. Previous threads have included multiple examples of Freaks being grabby freaks. Also Caroline posting a lot about her family but nobody else is allowed to mention them. Recap anyone? Last thread...
  14. Platformcrocs

    Caroline Hirons #11 Is it the X Factor circa 2005 or a skincare group?

    Thread 11 for Queen Caroline, commonly known as Lady Hirons, and desperately angling for a CBE for her tireless service to the beauty industry. Shout out to @BigMavis and @WadieHaddadsChocolates for the thread title. Will the Freaks ever learn? How many more begging posts will we endure until...
  15. M

    Caroline Hirons #10 Hyram for Boomers, shilling products to rabid consumers

    Name c/o @Calabria (who had the most likes in her name suggestion). It's inspired by a youtube comment I shared a screenshot of, that @barmj immediately said should be in our next title! No offense meant to boomers, obviously. Most recently thread discussion has been around the weird vibe in...
  16. Traazers

    Caroline Hirons #9 No. I did like her in the past, now I think she's an oaf

    New thread! Title by @BigMavis and @LyraBalaqua Recap: The Freaks are still mental Caroline recommended a ridiculously expensive body wash Numerous examples of Queen Caz slagging off younger women (how dare they have tits!) The Oskia cleanser from the kit was faulty (or was it? did we ever...
  17. TriviaNewtonJohn

    Caroline Hirons #8 Despite what the T&Cs say, the kits have ended up on eBay

    New thread title from @Platformcrocs So why is Caroline and family seemingly at Ruth Crilly's country house which she has just moved out of? Why does Caroline keep asking people to stop asking about her family yet is constantly posting about them herself? Has everyone received their kits...
  18. TriviaNewtonJohn

    Caroline Hirons #7 complete kitshow

    The recent activity due to the kit fiasco has meant we've needed a new thread. Caroline's 'freaks' still believe she can do no wrong but some people were charged multiple times for the kits and nobody seems completely sure who will be receiving them. Blog link explaining the debacle from her...
  19. TriviaNewtonJohn

    Caroline Hirons #6 It must be wonderful to know everything

    I got to page 6 of most liked and this looked the most thread title-like. Congrats @Shineyshine! Last thread Caroline was all-knowing and being the saviour of everything and her freaks were being worrying. Please recap somebody if you can!
  20. S

    Caroline Hirons #5 Conspiracy? No hun have a bookmark

    New thread here Its the launch of the Autumn kit, which have been planned months in advance with the brands but couldn't be revealed as the contents were only confirmed the night before. If you think the contents don't add up to the RRP, throw in an overpriced bag and bookmarks, the freaks will...
  21. M

    Caroline Hirons #4

    Title is a marriage of suggestions from @EnterNameHerePls and @treatyo'self 🌟 The kits have 'sold out', Caroline doesn't want people to buy skincare on credit or Klarna but Clearpay is okay, and she continues to know everyone and everything more than anyone else in the UK Beauty world. Carry...
  22. leoladyxo

    Caroline Hirons #3

    Continue here everyone 😊 A summary of the previous thread would be that in general, we were all questioning the type of merch she is selling - IE tacky mugs and bookmarks. Also it was pointed out that most of the influencers that have the book are borderline sycophantic or mentioned in there...
  23. Yel

    Caroline Hirons #2

    Starting a New thread View last thread
  24. J

    Caroline Hirons

    (Couldn’t see an existing thread for her) This post about the climate change protesters is kinda up there with Emma Thompson jetting in from LA to whine about it. Caroline frequently goes on trips to the US for brand promotion and vacations. Hypocritical much? Mod edit intro: Caroline...
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