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    Title is a marriage of suggestions from @EnterNameHerePls and @treatyo'self 🌟 The kits have 'sold out', Caroline doesn't want people to buy skincare on credit or Klarna but Clearpay is okay, and she continues to know everyone and everything more than anyone else in the UK Beauty world. Carry...
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    Continue here everyone 😊 A summary of the previous thread would be that in general, we were all questioning the type of merch she is selling - IE tacky mugs and bookmarks. Also it was pointed out that most of the influencers that have the book are borderline sycophantic or mentioned in there...
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    (Couldn’t see an existing thread for her) This post about the climate change protesters is kinda up there with Emma Thompson jetting in from LA to whine about it. Caroline frequently goes on trips to the US for brand promotion and vacations. Hypocritical much? Mod edit intro: Caroline...
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