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  1. Michy02

    Australian Influencers #32

    Carry on!!
  2. Michy02

    Australian Influencers #31

    Carry on!
  3. #botsforlife

    Ashy Bines #18 Don’t ditch my journal to my face, didn’t copy Kmart I copied Steph Pase

    Thanks to @activatedthighgap for the new thread title! When they do a restock of the journals, you can have 100 of them! 🥳
  4. Michy02

    Australian Influencers #30

    Carry on….
  5. Michy02

    Australian Influencers #29

    Carry on….
  6. HelloFreshDiscountCode

    Ashy Bines #17 Dying dog reels a new content low, milking it all for an Adelaide no show

    The winning thread title is credited to @team dudmum who wins free tickets to the Adelaide tour for her and 499 of her closest friends. Congratulations!
  7. V

    QLD Influencers #4 Conagh Kathleen, Sophie Jayne Miller, Rachel Catherine, Georgia Richards

    New thread! I did away with the catchy title and include their full names instead, might be easier for new members to find.
  8. lifeispeachy

    Australian Influencers #28

    So much drama, let’s get on with the show….
  9. Michy02

    Australian Influencers #27

    Australian Influencers #27 We left off on Charli Kate marriage woes, Brittany Moaning preggers yet again (pass the bucket) i think Tammi TMB must have her own thread?
  10. screenfreelookatme

    Australian Influencers #26

    Carry on!
  11. #botsforlife

    Ashy Bines #15 Kids raised by the nanny, Baseline tights eat your fanny, so much filler she looks uncanny

    Thanks for the new thread title @HelloFreshDiscountCode You win all the baseline stock that no one else wants and also some prodene water! Let’s see if she goes to Sydney next!
  12. usemycode

    Kristina Wild used to be Childs

    Thread 1 for Brisbane influencer/photographer/OF creator Kristina who used to be married to a guy who wrote a blog. Following some posts in the Australian Influencers thread Kristina shared on her Instagram stories about how her ex husband’s current wife had been vilifying her for years and...
  13. HelloFreshDiscountCode

    Ashy Bines #14 Yet another buisness down the drain, smiles like she’s in pain, still no booty gains

    Thread title award goes to me 🥰 My prize is some heavily discounted Baseline with complimentary dirty feet and patchy tan, however I don’t live on the Gold Coast and I’m not her PA so I probably won’t ever receive my prize. I’m gutted about that. I was looking forward to receiving and wearing...
  14. screenfreelookatme

    Australian Influencers #25

    New thread. Carry on!
  15. #botsforlife

    Ashy Bines #13

    You know you’re problematic when you’ve got 13 threads about yourself...
  16. shaaanxosucks

    Christine Philippa

    Christine Philippa. I’ve put her under ~iNfLuEnCeRs~ But she’s more like a self proclaimed influencer let’s be real. So sick of her always complaining about being poor and having no money yet she spends all of her (Nazs) money on ✨aesthetic✨ crap. Her entire house is beige to fit the influencer...
  17. screenfreelookatme

    Australian Influencers #24

    New thread. Carry on!
  18. usemycode

    Australian MLM “biz babe” coaches #1 shadow work, alignment, soft core promo shoots

    thread for the grifters and scammers like iamfelicitymorgan, jessiewilliams (sister of troy candy williams), rileymaycoaching, chloebromage, dijanadjukicc,, christinaharveyy etc. thanks to @itsgivingmlm for the accounts and information, here’s a great post on it...
  19. #botsforlife

    Ashy Bines #12

    Another new thread for the scammer Ashy Just posting some words below so the thread gets seen in google, if you can think of any other words, post them in your comments 😊 ashybines Ashy bines Ashy evans Ultimategirlsdayout Ugdo ashy Grow and glow podcast
  20. Michy02

    Australian Influencers #23

    New thread! I’m happy to say that I reported Elyse Knowles post of her child nude/ish yesterday and it’s been removed. Finally IG doing something right.
  21. #botsforlife

    Ashy Bines #11

    New thread for the scammer Ashy bines
  22. A

    Kayla & Leah Itsines #10 Welcome Baby Teef, just in time for the first ep of flipping houses with the Bee

    Thread credit to @snarky mcsnark face 👏🏼, had to reduce it a little due to word limits. Leah and Mitch are pretending they don't have beige house on the market and are still flogging their overpriced maltodextrin hot chocolate power, while Kayla is back to old habits with filters and Bo Bo...
  23. Michy02

    Australian Influencers #22

    New thread - carry on
  24. lifeispeachy

    Australian Influencers #21

  25. berry


    Who else has been caught on aussie lawyer Fidan tok?!?! I like her and looove her little twins, they are very sweet but I think people will start finding faults in her very quickly and she'll shut up shop. The comments are already starting. She reminds me of a friend of mine so I find the...