QLD Influencers #4 Conagh Kathleen, Sophie Jayne Miller, Rachel Catherine, Georgia Richards

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I did away with the catchy title and include their full names instead, might be easier for new members to find.
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I wonder if Rachel ever feels jealous when Georgia and Sophie both get the same cool brand opportunities and she misses out! It has happened a few times now
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Sophie’s baggy clothes fashion really grinds my gears.
I just know she was sweating wearing that outfit in Sydney’s heat today too (I know it’s not as hot as QLD) but jeans and a jumper would have still been cooked
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I know it’s mentioned a lot here but I am SO sad that Sophie, Georgia and Rachel are sooooooooooo boring now.

Each vlog they film the exact same content
They all film 20 minutes of boring book babbling
They all talk the same

I am so sad because these girls really helped me find my own journey with health and fitness.

i felt like they were genuine and now I find them so insufferable and out of touch. The things they find hard in their day is just a normal day responsibility or task for the normal person.

anyway! Rant over.
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I know I shouldn't give them the views, but honestly the book vlogs help me fall asleep 😂
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Georgia and Sophie off to South Korea for all expenses paid trip. Wtf???????? Couldn’t think of a less deserving influencer x 2 if I tried
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I don’t see Rachel as a traveller..
I get the feeling she probably doesn’t want to explore too much of the world without sharing that with Liam too, which is fair enough. But it seems like she’s held back a bit.
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Everytime I see an influencer work with Jetstar (Aka shitstar), it confirms to me how fake they are and will promote anything for $$$. Chances are their flight was delayed and fucked around- Jetstar are horrible to travel with- but watch them spin a story about how amazing it was, and deceive their followers so they can get that cheque
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