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    ArtWork @Linus

    Welcome to new Tattlers

    Here are some welcomes beautiful written by our own Rory in previous threads, and they say it so well:

    “Welcome all new comers. May I just stress this discussion thread is a critique of La La Lande, with some objectivity. If you are a super fan of all things La La you may not enjoy this thread/discussion. It is respectful of different views, more like a dinner party debate, and very funny. Encourage you to read threads form the beginning.” (thread 9)

    “To the newer posters – welcome, I have read sadness and anger in recent posts. We have all been there! On an earlier thread we discussed our own experiences. I was bidding on an auction for a beautiful set of poetry books, covered in blue fabrics for the peacock room at La La. For Stephanie. Not myself or what was needed in my own home. I wanted to be a part of that community. Many of us on this thread had a moment when it was longer fun – mine was as a Patreon being attacked for what I thought was a harmless, polite, constructive suggestion. How can one align to a community where you are attacked? Is not constructive feedback from people who care a gift?

    So do not feel embarrassed. Do not feel naïve. Do not be angry. Continue to enjoy the CD vlogs with your eyes open, and perhaps, your wallet closed. “ (thread 82)

    In addition:
    We highly recommend reading old threads. We realized there are loads of them, so a good way to get started is to read the "most liked posts" from each thread. The button under the title will lead you to all the Chateau Diary threads. The "most liked posts" button is on the menu on the right side of the top of the thread. Read a few pages of each.

    Also please use the Search button and look for the answer to your questions before posting them, as many of the questions that come up have already been discussed at length, so catch up on that topic before bringing it up again. By all means, if you have something new to add to the topic we want to hear it!

    WikiMedia for The Chateau Diaries / CD Wiki Page #2

    1. The Chateau Diaries Patreon Videos
    2. Magical Modernist Mansion's Patreon
    3. Success Stories - interviews with La Lande Characters
    4. YouTubers Speaking Out about Stephanie Jarvis
    7. Jarvis Family Tree
    8. Photos of Jarvis properties
    9. Stephanie Jarvis' childhood
    10. Mummy (Isabelle Jarvis) enjoys an evening reading Tattle.Life!
    11. Crotchgate - from South Africa GAG #2 - more proof they read Tattle
    13. The Yellow third hand 🤚 dress 👗
    14. Tattler Art
    16. Michael Potts
    17. Photos of Amaury and brother, Jonathan
    18. Tess Hoffman
    19. Gillian. Stephanie's cousin
    20. MojoDublin Specials!
    21. Auctions,Shopping, Traveling/ Vacations, and Grifting, Oh My!
    The Chateau Diaries #2 | Tattle Life

    WIKI MEDIA (Patreon Videos, Floorplans, Pictures, etc.)


    #StephanieJarvis of #TheChateauDiaries YouTube, Chateau de LaLande, and Chateau Unwrapped

    Who was Stephanie Jarvis married to?
    Stephanie Jarivs married some unlucky guy named Gregory Francis Mannion Clark when she was approximately 24 years old. The marriage lasted about 18 months, but they didn't divorce for about 10 years. Stephanie Jarvis has been married to her ego since she was 14.

    How much did Stephanie Jarvis pay for her chateau?
    Stephanie Jarvis didn't have any money to spend on Lalande, a farmhouse in France. But her father, Derek jarvis, and her ex-boyfriend, Nic Larkin, gave her the money to purchase Chateau de LaLande. It was approximately 890,000 Euros (590,000 pounds) In October 2005 (far too much!)

    How old is Stephanie escape to the chateau?
    Stephanie Elise Jarvis (b. 18th Aug. 1975) is 48 human years old. However, according to her gardener, Dan, she's actually 50 years old. Her maturity level, on the other hand, is somewhere between an advanced toddler to a hormonal teenager.

    What is the age difference between Stephanie Jarvis and Phillip?
    21 years
    Philip Janssen was born in September 1996, Stephanie Jarvis in August 1975.

    Who is Stephanie Jarvis mother?
    Stephanie Jarvis mother is Isabelle (Biggio) Jarvis aka Mummykins aka mini apron aka witchlet. After Derek Jarvis died, mummy married Percy Attfield, a rich old ex-tech entrepreneur from South Africa.

    What did Stephanie Jarvis do for a living?
    In most respects, Stephanie Jarvis, is a professional boondoggler. Other than that she is a successful globe-trotting, jet-setting YouTuber that funds her lavish lifestyle and renovations of her chateau by grifting donations from pensioners, shut-ins, and assorted sad-sacks.

    Who is the Scottish man in escape to the chateau?
    Gerry Grady aka Scottman, Stephanie Jarvis' "brother". He owns a taxi business in Framlingham, UK when he isn't visiting his darling baby sister at Chateau de la Lande in France.

    Who is the lady in the chateau diaries?
    Stephanie Jarvis

    Who is Stephanie Jarvis?
    Stephanie Jarvis has appeared on Escape to the Chateau's DIY TV show & YouTube, The Chateau Diaries. Using Patreon, she has raised over $500,000 dollars to renovate Chateau LaLande, her 16-century Chateau in France yet has not completed any significant work with the enormous sum of money. She can currently be found traveling to Venice's Carnival, Florence, Barbados, New York, London, & Safari in South Africa with her young boyfriend.

    Is Philip Janssen married?
    Phillip Janssen is not married. The 27 year-old Philip (nicknamed Snorts) is currently dating 48 year-old Chatelaine Stephanie Jarvis of The Chateau Diaries YouTube Channel since Fall 2020. They reside in France at Chateau de LaLande and used to host a now ended gift opening Youtube channel, Chateau Unwrapped, featuring over 2,000 gifts per year.

    Does Stephanie Jarvis have a partner?
    Stephanie Jarvis' current boyfriend is Philip Janssen.

    Where is Selmar?
    Selmar Duin first appeared as a volunteer handyman during the 2020 vlogs and his charismatic personality made Selmar a fan favorite. Selmar lived in his campervan, parked in the grounds of LaLande, and later would be employed by the Chateau and worked on many projects for Stephanie. He is currently working at Chateau Les Villettes, but it seems that he still drives around while working for other chateaux all over in France.

    Who is Tatiana on Chateau?
    Tatyanna is Selmar's ex-girlfriend. They met online in 2021 and their break up was revealed sometime in 2023.

    Who is David on chateau diaries?
    Currently there is a David that is an employee at Chateau de LaLande, who help Mary Popin with cleaning. Earlier in Stephanie Jarvis' The Chateau Diaries channel on YouTube there was another David that came several times as a volunteer and wore biking shorts.

    Traits of a Narcissist

    Traits of someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD):
    • Inflated sense of importance.
    • The deep need for excessive attention and admiration.
    • Perpetually troubled relationships.
    • Grandiose sense of self-importance.
    • Preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love.
    • The belief they are special and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people or institutions.
    • Sense of entitlement.
    • Interpersonally exploitative behavior.
    • Lack of empathy.
    • Gaslighting.
    • Projection.
    • Envy of others or a belief that others are envious of them.
    • Demonstration of arrogant and haughty behaviors or attitudes.
    • Future faking: promising a future that the manipulator has no intention of acting towards, making promises that they wont keep. Instead, they distort reality to get what they want from you now. In the hands of a skilled manipulator, future faking preys on your dreams and goals in order to fabulate a possible future so that they can string you along in the now. These promises are destined to be broken, and can be seen as a form of overpromising and underdelivering.

    Jarvis Family Tree

    Remember Her Name: Mmakhotso Moloi 🖤

    Mmakhotso Moloi's original BackABuddy
    Accommodation and school equipment fund :: Champion Page | BackaBuddy

    Stephanie Jarvis Narcissist Pattern of Treating People

    Thread 119 Page 21

    New member

    Today at 9:57 AM
    Fanny treated Selmar in the same ways that she is currently treating Phillip. Narcs are transactional, e.g., what can I get out of you... what can you do for me? When Selmar arrived at the time of lock down, Isabelle and Fanny needed someone to exploit to help them during lockdown since they couldn't get any more volunteers. So they love bombed Selman, gushing over his work, pretending he was part of the family. Fanny either was sleeping with him or leading him on with her torso grinding dances.

    She did what is called "future faking" when she called a shed on the property "Selmar's workshop" and didn't correct him when he stated that he still saw himself at La Lande in 10 years. Selmar physically over exerted himself cutting and transporting the stone tiles in the downstairs loo in an effort to please Fanny but she didn't care. He took Ruby to the vet when he was injured and took care of the animals since Fanny didn't give a crap about them. Fanny didn't give a shit.

    Then, as others arrived at the Shitto, and Phillip and Anne Marie came, the takedown of Selmar started in earnest. Delays in the downstairs loo were blamed on him, Fanny started complaining about where he was parking his van (remember when Selmar was parked in the wooded area and Fanny refused to either cut down trees for him or did something to make him move his van next to the shitoo.)

    Selmar started to slow down the work he was doing and Fanny used that to make him look bad. Anne Marie got a large room in which to create his workshop, and Selmar's workshop went back to being called the woodshed. Selmar celebrated his birthday alone in the kitchen. When Selmar made contact with Tatyiana (sp? (unfortunately another narc), Fanny pretended to be concerned that Selmar was being catfishes but then acted happy and facilitated the video leaving the shitoo with no way of returning. She avidly encouraged the crazy idea about the fundraising. Also, Fanny evidently agreed to have Tatyiana at the Shitoo and then Nutty wouldn't allow Tatiana to stay for one week until Fanny got back from a vacation.

    Everything Fanny was doing was to make Selmar uncomfortable enough to leave and end the relationship without having to be directly accountable for her actions. That way, she doesn't have to be the "bad guy" and tell him to leave. It is a very covert and passive aggressive way she uses to get rid of people when they are no longer useful to her and have become a burden.

    Then she will have her current crew of "flying monkey", e.g., Anne Marie, Nutty, Phillp, etc. to come and protect her and back her up in her actions.

    There are no truly good times at the shitoo for anyone except Fanny. Everyone else is on borrowed time until their usefulness is us, and Fanny sends you on your way.

    She did the same to Marie. Marie was her "best friend" until after the lockdown and Fanny's you tube channel took off. They would eat dinner together in bed, watch movies, etc. Then Phillip arrived, Marie was replaced, Marie was charged rent for her flower killer workshop area and rent. Fanny made Marie do all the cooking non stop. Marie was pushed out when she go tired of cooking and cleaning nonstop and Phillip replaced her.

    Watch for this pattern of behavior by Fanny over and over again. She is currently doing it to Ian. Anne Marie will be her flying monkey to put down Ian's work and make sure he will not return to the shitoo. Ian went out of his way to help Fanny, gave her low rates, found the pews for the chapel, allowed her to film him nonstop, etc.

    Fanny has also used Gerald for years as her flying monkey to get her out of situations, etc.

    Dan needs to watch his back for he could easily come under the line of fire. Fanny screwed him by showing the pantry renovations on her channel without Dan being there. She is increasing her dismissive comments towards him. He thinks he is indispensable, as all of her previous victims did, but everyone is replaceable to a narc like Fanny.
    Be careful Dan.

    Stephanie Jarvis has received $116,854.00 minimum on Chateau Unwrapped

    Princess and the Pea
    VIP Member

    Today at 5:18 PM
    I've just done an analysis of 26 July 2021 gift grab. Number of gifts, list of items & approximate value. I can't believe my eyes the amount of stuff & the value. I haven't had time to multiply it by the number of grabs, but all I can say it is, as we know, pretty sick. 40 gifts of definable value 4 handmade things plus 2 for Marie (foodstuffs taken out) so 46 gifts in a hour. Not bad rate of pay when you gain around £900/approx $1180 US value of items. It requires minimal production. So their benevolence in 'giving up their time' is handsomely rewarded. I'm sickened. If anyone wants the shopping list of items for YouTube I'll post them. I'm still reeling to be honest. :sick::mad:

    Itemized list found here:
    (1) The Chateau Diaries #128 PART OF HER HOME FELL IN AND SHE JUST WENT TO SLEEP | Page 2 | Tattle Life

    Active member

    42 minutes ago
    She had 83 videos on chateau unwrapped alone. Not counting the videos on chateau diaries before she started the unwrapped channel. Even given the low estimate of $1180 for the partial accounting of the goods received during the July, 2021 gift grab, she could have received at a minimum, with only a partial estimate of gift value, $97, 940 worth of grifts alone. It is most likely a sum much, much larger than that. Plus all she doesn’t show on camera.

    Given an 8 month backlog of gifts and 2 filmed gift grabs monthly, she had 16 grab sessions to be filmed, with an average minimum value of $1180 would equal an additional $18, 880 in gifts waiting to be opened.

    This brings the bare minimun of gifts just opened and waiting to be opened on camera to $116,854.00. This amount doesn’t include foods, handcrafted items, expensive antiques, etc or the value of gifts never accounted for and shown onscreen or received by Patreon guests at the B and B. IThe Amount is probably much, much greater than this.

    They pay nothing for this, deduct taxes from the proceeds, and then gift to charities where Fanny receives thousands of dollars in free clothing and thousands of dollars in tax breaks. She is making a killing on the gift grab! ”Something for nothing Stephanfraudie” and her greedy cohorts are making out like bandits. Grifters going to grift. She receives many times ( 4 times at a minimum) of the amount of proceeds donated to charity for herself. She is the biggest charity benefiting from the gift grab. Fanny does NOTHING for free.
    Lady Avonlea
    VIP Member

    7 minutes ago
    Here are the extrapolated figures for the total number of gifts, based on the past 16 weeks of Cadeaux vlogs.


    *Note: This doesn't account for the thousands of dollars spent on shipping the items.


    Chateau de Lalande
    Tarts boudoir
    HMN - heap in the middle of nowhere
    Le Dump Chateau
    Shitoo de Lie Land

    SJ's London Flat
    Flat 34B - bolt hole 🕳 SJ 🇬🇧

    Stephanie Elisa Jarvis (b. 18th Aug. 1975)
    LOTL/LOTLL - Lady of the (Lost) Lake
    SSB- She Who Shouts from the balcony
    QBC- Queen of bed chambers
    MB - Madame Boneyparts
    SJ - Stephanie Jarvis
    Despicable Fanny
    F4F - “Fanny Four Flues”
    F4,5F - “Fanny Four and a Half Flues”
    PSDFHB - princess 👸 shouting down from her balcony
    PRSDBP - princess 👸 in her robe shouting down from her balcony at the peasants

    Isabelle Jarvis (nee Biggio, b. 17th July 1941)
    MMAF - Mad Man's Arse Face
    Mini Apron
    Izzy Wizzy
    Evil Izzy

    married 1962/3 to Derek Jarvis, widowed 2009
    married to Percy William Andrew Attfield *4.5. 1942

    Nicholas Larkin (b. Unknown) Stephanie’s friend, ex-boyfriend? and co-owner of LaLande
    Elusive Nick

    Michael Potts (b. 27th July 1977). Stephanie's ex boyfriend of 10 years, a co-owner of LaLande.
    Hugh Grunt
    Huge Grunt

    Ruth Kelly (b. 1981) writer. Used to be Pottie‘s girlfriend, but it’s been a long time since they were last seen together.

    Natalia Oliveto (b.1981)
    Herr Nutti

    Amaury Alastair Richmond (b. Jun 1987)(SJs cousin)
    Ann Marie

    Daniel Preston (SJ's former gardener, handyman, and sometimes cook)
    DTM - Dan The Man
    Dan the gardener
    Dangerous Dan
    Dan the Idiot
    Vanless Dan

    Marie Wiik (b.1991)
    FRK (Floral Roadkill)
    Cave - FRK workshop in UK 🇬🇧

    Philip Janssen (b. 1996) SJ's current “boyfriend”

    Snorty McShitty
    Bitchy McBitchy
    Lazy Susan
    Trixie, the alopecian poodle 🐩
    Lord Le Douche
    Count Effboy of Maastricht
    BJJ - Baby Jesus Jeans
    PP (Nostril of Lalande)
    The Ward
    Squirrel Nutkins
    Dutch Boyfriend (DB)
    Gay Twank
    Gay Twat
    Twat Face
    Baby bee gee
    Miss Chatelaine
    Miss Shitelaine
    Femme de Chambre
    Living Concubine
    Prancing Twerp
    Balding Twit (in tight pants)
    Support Squirrel
    Prince of Pubes
    Keeper of Keys
    Love butler
    Gay lodger
    Phillis Le Pew
    Stank Face
    Uriah heep
    Comb-over Kid
    Master of Tassels
    Page of the Back Passage
    Wonder Weave
    Sex Pest
    Brillo Pad
    Ball Less Lad
    Weedy Wanker
    Porcelain Fondler
    Little Lord Fondletoy
    Romancer of the Elderly
    Sir Shits a Lot
    Sir Poops a Lot
    Douche Lord
    Dump Sex Pest
    Prance A Lot
    Felt Up
    Tuck A Lot
    Despicable Thrush
    Brocante Beanie Baby
    Balding Beanie Boy
    Porcelain Queen
    Gruesome Twosome Half
    Smelly Dutch Boy
    Stinky Dutch Boy
    Bro Cunt
    Dutch Scrubber
    The Pony

    @Marquis de Potpourri
    @Jikki2 is the coiner of the verb “philippicate”,

    I hereby proclaim that the noun for philipicate is philipicunt,
    you know like officiate/officiant.

    Lancelot (b. Unknown) Philip’s dog, a gift from Fanny on their third anniversary

    Chantal Richmond (b. Dec 1954) SJ's aunt, IJ's sister
    Tante Tantal
    Tante Two Tonnes
    Tintin Tan

    Stephen Richmond (b. Mar 1957) Chantal's husband, SJ's uncle
    Ton Ton
    Tintin Ton

    Chateau de Chaumont aka Chateau de CharredMont aka The Crispy Chateau
    Ruins of a burned down chateau not very far from Lie Land. Dangerous Dan apparently bought the ruins and owns it now. He is trying to restore the place.

    Chateau de La Basmaignée aka Begmania
    Home of the Petherick clan

    Michael Petherick (b.1986)
    MOLD: Man Of Lost Design (“Angel Strawbridge stole my wallpaper design”)
    Crybaby (for example, “I’m broke…send me money!” or “Angel stole my design”)
    Sir Trotter BDSM
    Teabag Trotter
    Metherick (Methy)
    Picasso Potter (@bubbleworld)

    Billy Petherick (b.1988) partner Gwendoline Mouchel
    BIlly Spielberg
    Billy the Deserter

    According to a Dec 17, 2021 article in the UK Daily Mail, Billy Petherick was AWOL from military from
    July 2009 - Sept 2021. Billy was caught, returned to UK, and was charged with AWOL. He managed to dodge any jail time.
    Link to article:

    Trotter, Petherdick - any Petherick family reference

    Sherrie Petherick (b. 1962)
    Ma Trotter

    Mick Pethrick (b. 1944)
    Pa Trotter - Mr Petherick Esq
    PILF: The only Petherick I'd like to be filmed with - Pa 'Mick' Trotter

    🎥 Elias Truedsson - one of MPethrick's cameramen
    Master - Swedish director of

    “Cult de LaLande” famous members

    Brenda Gibbons - (superfan/Facebook admin) from Donegal Ireland
    Dear Brenda/BG

    Karen Cbomb - other superfan/admin, Canada

    Jill Scott, New Zealand - - rabid serial deletor of unfan comments on premier 💴 chat
    Jumpsuit Jill

    Caroline Gooder - Apparently someone from the Dump crew pretending to be an American fan leaving comments at every video with updated inside information about everything.

    Donegals - Limericks (renamed in honour of Dear Brenda)

    Agents - Tattlers who find out juicy background info

    Chat O (or variations) - Chateau (how Brenda says it)

    “BuyMeACoffee” - give me money (no, really, give me money, I really need it)

    MBNS;GF - more boring narc stuff; gimme facts

    Wet Blanket - Fun hoover

    Mickey Dodger - Woman who avoids sexual encounters

    Château Dictionary

    Château de Basmaignée/aka Trotter Towers,🏰 the spin off Vlogs of the Trotters. @Jeeves

    Begmania: château de Basmaignée @Le Comte de Monte Cristo

    Cadge: Cadeaux at the Châteaux' channel @Definitely Maybe

    Dadification: The attribution of Derek's nature or characteristics at each and every opportunity. 👀 @Jeeves

    (a) Derek, to be a Derek: someone who is obsessed with boobs @Gibson

    (a) Fouquet: as in to pull a Fouquet. The act of using public funds to finance once lavish lifestyle, in honour of the Great Nicolas Fouquet, Louis the XIV’s finance minister and builder of celebrated Château of Vaux-le-Vicomte (the most ostentatious Château of its time, pre-dating the Versailles renovations) who finished his life in jail being accused by the King of mismanagement of funds. 💰@justcommonsense

    GAG: Grab a Gift @Mrs O 🎁

    Gustavo: male prostitute with expensive tastes 🕺🍾🎁💎 @Hercule P

    High Priestess Skankadankadingdong: SJ's name @lalablahblah

    Madrid syndrome: Named for Michael Petherick; stricto sensu, long journey to have some bedroom activities in a very expensive hotel in the middle of a pandemy ✈🧢👬🍸 🕶🍾
    Flexible version, long journey to have some bedroom activities in a very expensive place 😏🍹@Hercule P

    Petherfending: defending Petherick @Joy no toile

    Philipicate (verb)
    @Marquis de Potpourri when BJJ...
    a) ...annoying shares an opinion behind the camera,
    b) ...makes things and ideas more confusing;
    c) ...pretends to be an expert on something.
    noun philipicunt

    Pontipathilce : @Jeeves

    parwhobble' (19th-century English dialect): to dominate a conversation by talking continuously, without listening to a word from anyone else.

    'snollygoster' (19th century): an individual guided by personal gain rather than by principles.

    ‘ingordigiousness’: extreme greed; an insatiable desire for wealth at any cost.

    - to devalue and degrade someone who’s outlived their usefulness to the narcissist (Stephanie Jarvis) in preparation for tossing them aside.

    Selmobile: Selmar’s camper-van vehicle of love and adventure🚐 @Princess and the Pea or @Gibson ?????

    Spored: bored with Spode, I am so spored right now, or Diesel is spored; he wants his old dog dish back. @ProfessorPlum

    Stephanese: What would be your definition? :) @mummydearest

    Stephfending: when I actually do feel the need to defend SJ. @Milre

    Stephiphany: a sudden awareness of the chance to swindle @ProfessorPlum

    Trolliosis: a debilitating condition caused by Tattlers asking questions or making observations relating to grifting @lalablahblah

    To Versailles: to behave like Marie-Antoinette (Sofia Coppola’s dancing, dressing-up, gambling, romanticising nature version of Marie-Antoinette) As in They Versailled again all night yesterday! 💅💃👠👑💎@justcommonsense

    To Versailles up: to make Versailles-inspired design choices that, depending on taste and budget, may result in a nouveau-riche or tat-like look. As in They Versailled up the entrance, it looks [insert preferred adjective]! 💍🛎🎇👑@justcommonsense

    Companies & Charity Associations Owned by Stephanie Jarvis

    VIP Member

    Sep 30, 2021
    Re. the directors in their 3 differentes companies :

    Films and audio production company : only 1 director (Steph).

    CHATEAU DE LALANDE à CROZON-SUR-VAUVRE (36140) dirigeants, mandataires sociaux, commissairess aux comptes

    BnB company : 1 name (Steph)

    MADAME STEPHANIE JARVIS (CROZON-SUR-VAUVRE) Chiffre d'affaires, résultat, bilans sur SOCIETE.COM - 801982604
    MADAME STEPHANIE JARVIS à CROZON-SUR-VAUVRE (36140) RCS, SIREN, SIRET, bilans, statuts, chiffre d'affaires, dirigeants, cartographie, alertes, annonces légales, enquêtes, APE, NAF, TVA intracommunautaire

    Charity Association (Association 1901) : No name

    Résultats de recherche | Associations |
    Exemple de page : Asso - résultat de recherche

    How much does Stephanie Jarvis make on YouTube?

    Jan 6, 2022
    #838 Thread 103
    "GAG channel made €23K with about 3.8M views. Extrapolating those numbers, Stefanny's personal YouTube income from 2021 was €167K.
    Eat dust, peasants."

    How Stephanie Jarvis pays her employees in her own words

    Thanks to KikiGee for the find!

    From comments on "Clearing the Chateau Attic" January 20, 2022


    Stephanie Jarvis - The million pound heiress

    how much did La Lande cost

    2005 October - bought la Lande for 890,000 Euros (590,000 pounds) with Nick Larkin. They each sold a 2 bedroom London flat, and together had 590,000 pounds to spend). It should be noted that the only way a 29 year old would have a 245,000 London flat to sell was because her parents bought it for her.

    At the same time she & Nick bought la Lande her parents sold a 7 bedroom house in England & they bought a 1 bedroom house They decided to give her her inheritance while they were still alive. She used this money in 2 ways 1) to get a new flat in London (her BnB in Angel, Islington) (??Price maybe another 300,000))) 2) the rest on renovations at the Chateau. She tells us the renos cost over 300,000 pounds,

    2006 started renos after living in la Lande for a year

    2009 Daddy passes away (more inheritance? Or did it all go to Mummy for now?)

    2019 they had the chateau revalued when Michael Potts wanted to buy in. It was valued at 890,000 Euros, exactly what they paid for it in 2005

    Her 2 bed flat in Cloudesly Place, Islington is probably worth approximately 700,000 pounds today.

    Still to inherit from Mummy, house in Framlingham, apartment in southern France, Beach house in Southbroom, South Africa.


    1st London flat 245,000 pounds

    2nd London flat 300,000 pounds (guess, now valued about 700,000)

    money for reno 300,000 pounds - initial renovations from 2006-2009, all decor work happened after this, but she doesn't say where she got the money from for this.

    that’s 845,000 pounds in just real-estate and renos

    This doesn’t count any money they have given her just for living expenses in life, trips places, inheritance after daddy passed.

    So she’s easily already inherited over a million pounds and still has mummy’s properties and cash etc to inherit.

    Information found in this vlog, as told by Stephanie herself.


    Also to be noted, Stephanie, of her own admission, says she had no career and lived a laid back life for over 40 years, one the complete opposite of her parents who had a hard work ethic. She describes her self as being so laid back it was to the point of inactivity, and that she had a rest for 40 years. This can be found in her interview with Marie on Success Stories.
    Becoming A Full Time Youtuber & Finding Your Motivation With Stephanie Jarvis - YouTube

    It's NOT a lake, it's a POND, Stephanie Jarvis!!

    Active member

    Mar 8, 2022
    I found something very funny on the website of the village where de farmhouse is located. The locals call her lake a pond 😂

    Château de La Lande - Site officiel de Crozon sur Vauvre
    Château de La Lande

    Properties own by Isabelle Jarvis & Stephanie Jarvis

    1) Isabelle's house in Suffolk (photos The Chateau Diaries #2 | Tattle Life)

    2) Stephanie's flat in London (Flat 34B) Beautiful Apartment for 5 in Angel, Islington - Flats for Rent in Greater London, England, United Kingdom (

    3) Stephanie's 50% ownership of Chateau de la Lande

    4) Isabelle's flat in the south of France in Agde, close to Bézier

    "The house of her grandmother is in Bézier and since her passing probably now shared with the rest of Isabel's siblings, but that's my guess, no real knowledge. Isabel however also owns an apartment in Agde, close to Bézier, that they usually rent out through an agent. She and Percy would go there when her mother was still alive to spend some private days. No clue if they still hang onto it. SJ would pretend to have 'forgotten' all about this property, find keys in her desk and then make a casual remark about 'her apartment at the Mediterranean'." per Clara on thread 12
    The Chateau Diaries #12 Carry on grifting | Page 2 | Tattle Life

    5) Isabelle's beach house in Southbroom, South Africa (photos The Chateau Diaries #2 | Tattle Life)

    Airbnb site:
    The Beach House - Houses for Rent in Southbroom, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa (


    Stephanie Jarvis' Main Squeeze Glossary

    Thanks to @Rory

    1. Gregory Francis Mannion Clark - Husband and boyfriend, on and off at uni. SJ approx 18
    2. Nic Larkin - apparently just friends at uni (but also dated according to CB?)
    3. Married Husband 23-24 (wedding registered in July 1999, she was 23 at the time) marriage lasted for 18 months.
    4. Michael Potts met through Oliver Strong on and off 10 years. Open relationship in the end. Buys Chateau 2005 during relationship age 29.
    5. Edmond Fokker van Craayenstein (player in tight trousers who pretends to be an aristocrat-BF with guy who said "let the 80 years-olds die off")
    6. Mason Dwinell on and off (last we heard he is still staring at the sun?)
    7. Ludwig Norweigner (otherwise known as Nordic Weirdo, alcoholic friend unceremoniously dumped at the train station without a ticket)
    8. James Jardine (turned out to be "too much" for the girl who never has enough)
    9. Daniel Hengeveld (nicknamed Druggy Daniel, because of his not so secret habits. IJ was furious about that romance and the fact that he introduced narcotics into the shat-o. Christmas 2016)
    10. Various volunteers ad nauseum (bread oven guy Walton, Christian We etc.)
    11. BJJ (any port in a storm, eh Stephanie?)

    Jarvis Dates and Timeline

    * Isabelle Jarvis (nee Biggio) b. 17th July 1941)
    * Derek Charles Jarvis b. 23rd February 1940 d. 2009
    **Isabelle & Derek married 1962/3

    * Gerry Grady b. March 1960

    * Stephanie b. 18th Aug. 1975

    * Percy Attfield b. May 4, 1942, Percy's wife, Rina, passed away Sept 10, 2013 in her sleep, she had not been ill, it was very unexpected.

    ***Isabelle married Percy Attfield July 2019, they met approx 2014

    Isabelle & Percy's meeting and wedding

    Mummy explained how she and Percy met, wedding plans, and pictures.

    The Chateau Diaries 076: The Springtime of Love - YouTube

    Derek Charles Jarvis Obituary

    DEREK CHARLES JARVIS - Death Notice | Family Notices (
    Derek Charles Jarvis Obituary.png

    How Gerry Grady joined the Jarvis Family

    Percy Attfield

    First wife was Rina. She passed away in her sleep September 10, 2013
    Percy and Rina Attfield (


    Derrick Attfield (partner Phillipa Minnar, they have 3 children, 2 sons and daughter, their eldest son is old enough to be married, daughter is a teen, and youngest son is about 11) Derrick lives in South Africa and he is a doctor.

    Andre Attfield (married to Claudia Attfieldl - Fuchs, they have 2 teenage daughters). Andre is a doctor (general surgeon) in South Africa

    Richard Attfield (married to Bev Attfield). Richard is an engineer in Vancouver, BC

    Percy wanted to be a pilot but was too short. He became and accounting clerk in a government department. It was just the beginning of computers and when the department got their first computers they asked if anyone was interested in learning about them and working on them and Percy said he was interested. Percy spent 72 years working in computers. In 1979 he and 3 friends started a company in the computer field. 10 years later the company had grown to 400 people. The company worked all over the world. Percy also spent time in Australia, England, Netherlands and to America for 7 years.

    PATREON Interview with Percy!!! - YouTube

    Projects List

    Renovations ::: restoration
    Dated : 1-8-2023

    Incomplete at this date
    Author ✍ @Rory - updated @mousepanda8 and tattle team summer 2023

    VIP Member
    Today at 4:34 AM
    Add bookmark
    Just doing a La La stocktake, stimulated by some fans' comments and also comments on the zero gain in property value. Also hope some of the frenzied fans read this as a courtesy reminder of the current inhabitable status of the farmhouse.

    Current projects:
    1. THE BASICS - infrastructure to be habitable
    1.1 Working heating - replacement units - (new boilers installed and 3 new fire places added - Maquis room, Stephanies bedroom/office and downstairs dining room)

    1.2 Water pressure? (toilet not flushing) No recent update - No works done
    1.3 Hot water? - new boilers installed spring 2023
    1.4 Windows - rotted, repainting throughout - - Re painted some windows with shutters in maquis room - not started in main part of chateau and bedrooms
    1.5 Damp/mould problems especially back corridor - No recent update - no antifungals/ anti mold treatment done
    1.6 Ceiling fix for recent leaks back corridor and kitchen - new ceiling in place - unsure if fixed original leak
    1.7 Facade falling down - Claims to have sent planning permission to council to move some windows to match the old pre fire façade - allegedly sent in in late spring - waiting updates summer 2023
    1.8 Shutters at risk of falling down, some need replacement - currently have old shutters in attic of doom- Some shutters replaced in marquis room - not started maintenance on main chateau shutters and windows

    1.9 No roof contingency savings plan

    1.10 Mouse infestation in kitchen. Bats and
    Owls have to be tolerated due to
    protected status.
    1.11 External stairs to gites, fire stairs

    2. WORKING AREAS (ie contribute to earning money) - practicalities for community living & BnB, Gites
    2.1 Kitchen - working stove, suitable bench
    tops for food prep and storage (height and
    surface). SJ desired a new fridge and
    2.2 Downstairs Loo ( completed)
    2.3 Gites -
    a) Natti's needs completion ( waiting on the return of Ian- who seems to have run away), - currently storage for the GAG gift pile
    upgrade Nic's & Marquis apartment
    b) Gerry's to be built/completed - began on channel 4 - unsure on current status
    2.4 Peacock bedroom & wallpaper -
    currently half a wall of paper missing
    2.5 Locks on all bedroom and gite doors.
    NOTE: The pantry/wine cellar has one.

    3.1 Grand Salon - panelling ( currently waiting on anne marie)
    3.2 Winter salon - library shelves
    3.3 Petite salon - functioning- however desire
    to paint it purple
    3.4 Dining Room - still waiting for final
    curtain (16 years) and the tutorial (2 years)
    3.5 Patio area - stairs, wall, flooring/base - Currently crumbling and unstable
    3.6 The Chapel - roof done, windows almost
    complete, the restoration internally waiting on missing chapel restorer ( last seen months ago)
    3.7 Leisure area - the pool, swimming pond,
    3.8 Marquee salon - current under construction by Anne Marie with panelling - will be shown on channel 4 ( potentially autumn 2022)
    3.9 - The LAKE - claims to have 1000 of £ in funds away for this -said has done survey 2/3.

    4.1 SJ bedroom/office/dressing
    room/bathroom - walls, floor, decor
    4.2 China Pantry completion, at moment
    just concrete floor, incomplete walls ( Waiting on return of Ian)
    4.3 Attic completion - one half strewn with
    junk - talk of turning it into a Billard room

    5 - Outdoor space

    5.1 Chapel garden completed summer 2022
    5.2 - plans for amphitheatre and other gardens on patron video - no defined start date

    List of Charities that received money from Chateau Unwrapped

    Thanks to OG GCHQ My G

    July 2020: British Heart Foundation UK (in memory of my father) €634

    August 2020: Alzheimer's Research UK (in memory of all of the residents of my parents' nursing homes) €350

    September 2020: Prostate Cancer Foundation (in memory of Selmar's father) €1255

    October 2020: Medecins sans Frontieres (chosen by my mother to support vaccinations in Africa) €942 (equivalent to 426 cholera vaccinations)

    November & December 2020 & Jan & Feb 2021: A Lalande Fashion Scholarship for a student at the Villioti Fashion Institute in South Africa €5500

    March 2021: Suffolk Artlink £1505

    April 2021: Association Petit Prince €1.689

    May 2021: Melanoma Focus €1.204

    June 2021: Aide aux JeunesDiabétiques €1.735

    Time lines, Arrivals, Departures

    March 15, 2020 vlog is on the river in Vietnam

    March 17, 2020 is when lockdown started in France, Stephanie returns to LaLande

    March 17, 2020 - June, 2020
    present during lock down: Stephanie, Isabelle, Nick, Marie, Antoine, Selmar

    May 17, 2020 CD How our vlog has changed Chateau Life. Mentioned that the gardener (Dan) started yesterday

    May 28, 2020 CD A Chateau in Full Bloom 18:40 we see Dan for the first time, on his 2nd visit to Lalande

    May 29, 2020 she goes to Basmaignee and does a live chat with Michael, he returns to laLande with her and stays until June 23, 2022. First time she goes away since lock down started, and Michael is her first guest.

    June 16, 2020 CD A Spot of Rain Can't Stop Us. Nick, Marie, and Antoine leave at the end of lock down.

    June 24, 2020 First full cadeaux (present: Mummy, Selmar, Nati)

    June 25, 2020 CD True Chateau Life Tomaz arrives

    July 2, 2020 Gerry arrives first time after lock down, Ian the electrician, is at the dinner table

    July 16, 2020 CD Bastille Day and the Return of Marie Marie from Norway returns , Gerry leaves

    August 4, 2020 CD Mummy & Percy's Lockdown Wedding Anniversary. Kim Raad is introduced as a friend that was with Michael Pott's at university in South Africa.

    * August 23, 2020 CD Sunday's at the Chateau: Treasures from the Brocante. We see Hanni and Hash for the first time.

    August 25, 2020 CD Running for Water. Hash is introduced (14:27) as a guest that is chateau shopping in the local area, he's introduced as a designer that has done work around the world. Cat arrives (19:46).

    August 27, 2020 CD Goodbyes from LaLande - Tomaz leaves.

    September 1, 2020 CD Music and Gardens - Nicky is introduced (3:30) she's there for 8 days.

    September 3, 2020 - CD Chainsaw and Porcelain - Hanni is introduced (2:11).

    September 10, 2020 CD Micheal Petherick at Lalande Michael returns with Ryan in tow. Davy is first introduced at 14:33 Davy intro, arrives as a volunteer 23:39

    September 21, 2020 CD - Cadeaux at the Chateau with Dan the Gardener 52:59 - Philip arrives at laLande

    March 4, 2021 CD - Spring is in the air! - 2:33 first time Nick the tree surgeon is there.

    August 24, 2021 CD My Cousin's Moved In!!! Amaury arrives at laLande.

    Who IS Clara Burnett?

    Wouldn't you like to know!! But alas, you will not find out here!

    Clara first shows up in thread 8 here on Tattle, bringing a lot of great information. She has been to la Lande and was friends with the former guardians (2014-2017), a young Dutch gay couple. She has multiple connections and "eyes & ears" on the ground, though the Dutch couple are not among them.

    Many attempts to guess who Clara is have happened, anyone from Nati, Mary Poppin, Dana, and on and on, but no, we don't know who she is, and we want to keep it that way!

    All you need to know is she has proven multiple times she has legit eyes and ears on la Lande and Stephanie as she's told us things were going down long before we saw them in a vlog. There is no need to question her. She's quite clear when she knows something or when she's just hearing rumors or rumblings. Just sit back and enjoy her content!

    Who is CNN's Martha Shade?
    Stephanie Jarvis gets featured on CNN's Travel with an article by journalist Martha Shade.
    Martha Shade is CNN Producer for Special Projects who also happens to be a patron of Chateau Diaries.


    Why Stephanie Jarvis falls out with former guardians explained by Clara in Thread #8
    "The short version: my friends came to 'babysit' her chateau for three months while mylady would be laying her behind on a poolbed in Southafrica, but ended up staying three years, helped her set up the B&B business that she was too lazy and inexperienced to tend to herself and in the end were pushed out after being threatened by homophobic volunteers, who Isabelle valued higher because of the free work they were supplying. It was all very hush hush and my friends were shocked by the disloyalty of what they thought to be their closest allies. They tried to talk to SJ about their grievances but were send off with the chateau's motto of 'being tolerant to intolerant people'. If you start asking questions or think your loyalty would account for something after such a long time of service to their whims, they lose interest. They want to be adored, not questioned, especially not on their lack of morality. If you're no longer of actual use to them, no matter the time and effort you've put in, they drop you like trash and look the other way, litteraly."

    The former guardians' webpage
    My old pain - Les Pierres | p'tit domaine berrichon (

    More of the first information Clara Burnett reveals at Tattle

    (1) The Chateau Diaries #9 Venetian crown while the chateau burns down | Tattle Life

    Why Nic Larkin wears a bag on his head - with Clara Barnett

    Clara Burnett explains:
    "he was the only one who confronted SJ with the begging for gifts she says she isn't begging for, but people just like to surprise her and give her stuff. He told her it was wrong morally and ethically and there would be a lot of people offended and disgusted by it were she to continue. This is when she made the whole thing into a separate channel which made it even worse because she now linked her greed to charity. As usual when Larkin protest against something SJ does or doesn't do, his objections were cast aside. The "success" of the channel was then used to further humiliate Larkin, as she thinks the constant stream of gifts is proving him wrong. Also as usual, for Larkin there was no other way than to head for the hills and choose the hares. To avoid complete moral sell-out, he only agreed to appear in her vlogs unrecognizable. Over time it has lost it's original statement of moral disgust as she turned it into a gimmick. She is ever so skillful in using the standing of Larkin's background and education in her favor without submitting to the burden of its appurtenant ethicality."
    (37) The Chateau Diaries #103 Keep your dreams, SJ. Give everyone else their money back | Page 34 | Tattle Life

    Isabelle's mother's obituary

    IJ's mom's obit.png

    Thread Summaries, Links to summaries

    Thread #1 Summary
    (4) The Chateau Diaries #2 Double bubble toile and trouble | Tattle Life
    (1) The Chateau Diaries #100 That's how I found Tattle! I googled "Chateau Diaries" and "scam” | Page 34 | Tattle Life

    Thread #2 Summary
    (2) The Chateau Diaries #3 Escape to La La Land | Tattle Life

    Thread #3 Summary
    (2) The Chateau Diaries #4 Jarvis in Jeopardy | Tattle Life

    Thread #4 Summary
    (3) The Chateau Diaries #5 Gin, sin & presents in the bin | Tattle Life

    ****Thread #7 Highly Recommended
    Highly recommended for a complete read. Full of hilarious paragraphs that you will enjoy!

    * was the first thread with the start of the CD glossary, which eventually became the beginning of our CD wiki.
    * Dan had his GoFund me up for purchasing the chateau (by Dec 29 it was over and it had sold to someone else)
    *Brenda running a "Who is your La La Land (spelling deliberate) soul mate" quiz.
    *Selmar does Yoga in the chapel.
    *Concern for virtual assistant Yvonne.
    *Sadie’s racist remarks are exposed.
    *SJ & PJ are spotted wearing similar rings!
    *Attempts to count how many guests were at the chateau at Christmas, breaking the restrictions
    *And Prince and the Pea blows her Tattler cover on FB and she then no longer uses the name here. Thus the name suggestions for the next thread were in her honor.

    ***Thread #8 - Highly Recommended
    Clara Burnett arrives in the CD threads on Tattle. Life and begins to share in person impressions she's had of SJ and others at Lalande and has sources in the region of la Lande that she gleans info from to share with us.
    There is a lot of chatter about Brenda Gibbons pulling away from Lalande and about superfan Jill Scott aka Jumpsuit Jill and her crimes.
    Clara found Tattle.Life courtesy of Brenda Gibbons mentioning it on her FB page!

    This is a very detailed post on the first information Clara Burnett reveals:
    (1) The Chateau Diaries #9 Venetian crown while the chateau burns down | Tattle Life

    Thread #11 Summary
    (7) The Chateau Diaries #12 Carry on grifting | Page 2 | Tattle Life

    Thread #14 Summary
    (8) The Chateau Diaries #15 Grifters of a feather flock together | Page 15 | Tattle Life
    (8) The Chateau Diaries #15 Grifters of a feather flock together | Page 5 | Tattle Life

    Thread #15 Summary
    (9) The Chateau Diaries #16 Mirror mirror on the wall, let Tattlers gather and watch me fall! | Page 20 | Tattle Life

    Thread #19 - a humorous recap from Tattler Mummy Dearest
    (4) The Chateau Diaries #20 That's how I found Tattle! I googled ‘Chateau Diaries’ and ‘Scam’ | Page 24 | Tattle Life

    Thread #20 - a humorous recap from Tattler Mummy Dearest
    (5) The Chateau Diaries #21 Peep shows, Creep shows, Tour drama overflows | Page 16 | Tattle Life

    Thread #21- a humorous recap from Tattler Mummy Dearest
    (7) The Chateau Diaries #22 The Church of Stephinology | Page 27 | Tattle Life

    Thread # 54
    In which Stephanie’s Birthday is celebrated, discussions regarding the McQueen dress and the infamous pic in Tuscany are occurring, and the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT is revealed: STEFFY IS GOING TO BE A CHRISTIE’S TASTEMAKER! ….along with a holiday for two weeks prior so Sir Snorts and his Chatelaine can enter the US for the Christie’s gig. (And do things none of us want to consider imagining....) - Summary by MagpieSassyPants in thread 95

    2021 Travels by #StephanieJarvis - in spite of the COVID pandemic

    1. January 26 – visited Le Fleur, Normandy
    2. March 14 – visited Marc & Amy and toured Marc’s family’s chateau (not Rosieres)
    2a. She stayed at the B&B Domaine de Chalaniat with Philip on her way to (or from) Amy & Marc
    3. March 25 – went to Dordogne
    4. May 23 - visited Edd & Anna @ Chateau Lagorce, Bordeaux
    5. June 6 – Visited Sarah & George @ Chateau de Brives
    6. July 18 – wine tasting with Edd & Anna in St. Emilion, Bordeaux
    7. June 20 – visited Amaury @ Castle Ten Berghe,
    8. July 4 – Visited Tim & Rebecca @ Chateau de la Ruche
    9. August 1 – Antiques fair in Le Mans (with George & Sarah)
    10. August - Tuscany, Italy
    11. August/September – Barbados/ NYC/Versailles/Paris
    12. October 25 - London, gift opening with Cat on her birthday
    13. November – Belgium (to see Nick & Marie right before Dutch Boyfriend Reveal on Nov 10)
    14. November 11 – Paris with MPethrick
    15. November 13-20 - London with Dan

    Stephanie Jarvis' Flying Monkeys

    SJ’s superfans and supporters (or her “minions”) will attempt to derail Chateau Diaries Tattle threads, or try to create “drama” within the Tattle thread. These persons are known as Stephanie’s “flying monkeys.”

    “The term ‘flying monkeys’ is another way of saying ‘abuse by proxy’ or having someone else do the bidding of…a narcissist. The term flying monkey was coined after the flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz that were under the spell of the Wicked Witch of the West, to do her bidding against Dorothy and her friends.

    This common narcissistic tactic uses friends and family of the victim to spy on them, spread gossip while painting the narcissist as the victim and their target as the perpetrator. …To maintain the illusion of the power they have over you, the narcissist will employ the use of third parties, through which they will attempt to continue control and manipulate you.”

    Article reference:

    Support mammal (Philip Janssen) first year -
    in hiding 🙈 in plain sight



    This is a title that’d really annoy her as it’s true.

    She started off with a camera in vertical mode and just chatted away informatively, she then took advice, upped the ante and started to gain followers. A huge number of these were prepared to become patrons to help her with the Chateau. Now, in her drive to create more content she’s blogging for clicks and it shows. Adding insult to injury she’s nepotistically promoting an obsequious, snorting man child well beyond his worth and capabilities. People are going to resent their patronage or their YouTube views paying a cent for his upkeep.

    He cannot:

    Film without inserting himself
    Use a drone
    Do anything remotely handy
    Lay a table
    Has no tertiary qualifications
    Has bizarre amount of allergies
    Has no technical skills

    and he annoys the bejeezus out of most viewers.

    Is Derek Jarvis Gerry's biological father?

    Check out photos here:

    Companies office - Amaury Richmond

    - @KiKiGee
    Oak trees barns LtD

    Dan's Business Advert

    Dan's business advert.png

    The Chateau Dan tried to fund raise to buy

    (see Thread #7)
    A castle that took in Jewish children in Creuse for sale on Le Bon coin - Mainsat (23700) (

    15:00 of
    Escape to Rural France- kitchens and abandoned chateau- EP018 - YouTube

    Who is Tess Hoffman?

    Clara Burnett
    VIP Member

    Today at 1:19 AM
    UvulaDonor said:
    Can someone point me in the right spot in Wiki for info on who and what part Tess Hoffman plays in this soap?
    Tess Hoffman is an American "friend" of SJ who has lived in the neighborhood of the HMN and became part of SJ's entourage, but with dreams to create one of her own. She dated Potty for the longest time but was annoyed he spend more time at the HMN than in her house, the Chateau de Fougerolles. When she dumped Potty she started dating a very young garbage collector because he was available, but it was clear that was not going to last and was just for her entertainment, pretty much what Stephanie Jarvis is having Cameltoe around for. She then landed the American multimillionaire broadway composer Adam Guettel, who bought a mansion in the area to impress her and they spend a few years on his money "playing in the world" (her words, not mine) but since she was only able to give him a plastic baby, that fairytale did not end happy either. She's out on the hunt again, or more likely has already found a new boy to toy with. Bet she's bringing him to France soon too.

    Clara Burnett
    VIP Member

    Today at 12:46 AM
    CountessPompidoo said:
    How old is she? Anyone know? Only a teenager (possiby) should use the term 'cummin man' surely? Or a wannabe rapper. Or am I a tadge naive ??
    She's turning 40 this year. Perhaps Stephanie Jarvis can take her to Venice to celebrate...

    Clara Burnett
    VIP Member

    Today at 1:50 PM
    Lady Rosalie said:
    Did Stephanie meet Tess in France, in the neighborhood, or was there some other connection?
    They met through Tess' mother, who was (or is) a friend of Cyril Huve, a rather well known pianist in the area that has been on Stephanie Jarvis' flog too. I'm not sure what the occasion was, but probably some concert in the area. For a while they were pretty close, even pretending to be sisters. But as usual, nobody really stays friends with Stephanie Jarvis that long, unless there is an urgent need for it. It is my honest opinion that Tess' main intent is to find new people at the shittoo, as she is bored most of the time.

    Who is Kim Raad?

    Stephanie introduces Kim

    Clara Burnett
    VIP Member

    Today at 6:46 AM
    Princess and the Pea said:
    Now forgive me because I should know this..& I have looked in Wiki (promise) - but despite racking my brains I cannot think if it has been established how Fanny is 'friends' with Kim. I've looked in Fanny's vlogs where she says '
    The biggest Easter controversy here is – to Onesie or not to Onesie? There are two rival camps. The Onesie Camp is led by Michael Potts (one of my two co-chatelains), whilst the Anti-Onesies are led by Kim (an old friend of mine and one of the ‘original Easter’ members).' But who is she? Sorrrrreeeee 🤣 In my defence M'Lud I did have a Chateau/Tattle break for a year to save my sanity...🤣
    As far as I know they are friends through Potty, who years and years ago was helping to manage a youth hostel in Grahamstown, South Africa. Kim did an exchange program at the university there for about six months, in which she stayed in this hostel where they became friends. He then later introduced her to Stephanie Jarvis.

    Kirsty Interview

    New Lives in France - Episode 5 - Kirsty, gardener at Château de Lalande (featured in Chateau DIY) - YouTube

    CV of Anne Stuart Folkes

    Lady Avonlea
    VIP Member

    Today at 8:52 AM
    Stuart Folkes has recently completed a 1 month Cordon Bleu cooking school course, so B&B guests are in good hands this summer. 🥂 Being from Texas I imagine Stuart's a meat 🍗🥩 and potato 🍟 kinda gir who enjoys grillin', so it will be interesting to see how she handles Snorty's delicate palette.

    13 years on the corporate ladder and Stuart has chucked it all in to spend her summer with Fanny & Co cooking for B&B guests at a remote farmhouse in France. What brings this girl from San Antonio all the way to the shiteau??? 🤔

    Stuart apparently has audit experience so perhaps she can help Fanny find the missing accounts. Stuart also has external communications experience so that should be handy for pithy comebacks and deleting comments on various social media accounts. I wonder what Stuart's online alias will be? 🤔

    Good luck to Stuart and lets hope she doesn't start grifting, doesn't launch her own vlog and that she and her pussy-cat both escape the shiteau unscathed, emotionally and physically, by year end.


    Teabag's (Michael Pethrick) boys for the last year

    Thanks to @kikiGee
    I have been trying to put together a list of Teabag's boys for the last year. It's no easy task.

    Danny, pink haired boy
    Benjamin, camera boy
    Elias, camera boy, editor
    Gustavo, ginger boy model/escort
    Florian, French trainer boy
    Andres (Andrew), lover boy/rent boy escort
    Alexander, chateau help
    Chris, beardy chateau help (appeared briefly in 3 of Michael’s videos; disappeared and never mentioned again)
    Thanks to @Marquis de Potpourri, for reminding me of El Gabacho, sweatshirt/hoodie boy

    Michael Pethrick's Cry Me A River Videos

    Video from January 2021

    Stephanie's comment under Michael's crying video

    Frances Nicole

    Jan 22, 2021
    From Michael’s comment section. What she mentions is some of what I was referencing previously where some people are obsessed with taking them down.

    2nd Video from 2021 - coming out

    Pethrick Bits

    Michael mentions his brother Justin who is disabled at 2:48
    THE CHATEAU DIARIES: Two Chateaux and a Crash! - YouTube

    Billy Petherick - The Army Deserter Who Escaped to the Chateau

    According to a Dec 17, 2021 article in the UK Daily Mail, Billy Petherick was AWOL from military from July 2009 - Sept 2021. Billy was caught, returned to UK, and was charged with AWOL. He managed to dodge any jail time. Per the article:
    “After finally establishing his whereabouts in 2018, a British Army official approached Petherick and persuaded him to return to Britain, the court heard.

    In August this year Petherick returned to the UK and was arrested. The reason for the delay in his return is unclear. He appeared at Portsmouth Magistrates Court the following month charged with going AWOL.

    ‘After his absence of 12 years, his unit has no intention for him to return,’ Captain Lawlor said. Petherick pleaded guilty to one charge of desertion and was dismissed from the military, but avoided a jail sentence.

    Sentencing the former soldier, Judge Advocate Robert Hill said: ‘You have no interest in the Army and the Army has no interest in having you back.’ “

    Link to article:

    Tattle Membership Levels

    New Members 1-19 posts
    Members 20-99 posts
    Active Members 100-249 posts ("report" button becomes available)
    Well-Known Members 250-499
    Chatty Members 500-1000 posts
    VIP 1001 plus posts

    How to watch YouTube and not have ads or give the vlog a view

    A helpful tip from our @Linus

    copy the url from YouTube, and put it in box at this handy site and hit purify.

    Another way:
    "Life hack: if you find your video and then click in the url and add a hyphen between the t and the u (yout-ube), if will play full screen without ads."

    Chateau Diaries LieLande Edition: Auctions,Shopping, Grifting, Travel/Vacations, and Lies, Oh My!

    December 11, 2023 cd video purchases/ grifts, episode by cd title, number of video, and date released.
    ,December 11, 2023 cd video
    October 4, 2023 Bonhams auction furniture arrived

    Here are the Jacques Garcia chairs that Stephanie purchased at Bonhams in October for her hallway dining room. They only cost €2,304, which includes the premium. Lord knows what the shipping charges were.


    October 4, 2023

    And here are Phyllis' four chairs for his "study," for a whopping €1,088 (including the premium).

    October 4, 2023
    They also purchased 2 footstools for 320 euros ( not including shipping.)

    Purchased 2 white truffles and ate $50 grifted chocolate liquors and made a lemon meringue pie with $1500 Thermomix purchased by Fanny.


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