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Why is it always overweight girls that have an issue with this as well? You never see a size 6 reformed anorexic having issues with educating other people on healthy food habits. It's also so narcissistic. 16 million obese people in the UK but god help us if Jemlamble gets triggered back to her teenage years when she went sugarfree and had an 'ED' like every other bloody teenage girl.
I’m not quite sure how to start unpicking all of the damaging, toxic, bullshit in this post.


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Ok sorry, I know much of this has been said but I just need to get this off my chest... GABBY YOU HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON WITH MONICA!

Monica was super clean and organised, and YOU ARE VERY DIRTY AND NOT AT ALL ORGANISED JUST WEIRD

Monica lost a load of weight and kept it all off

Monica actually had friends and maintained her friendships for a very long time

Monica actually had an active love life

Monica was very energetic and always trying to be her best

Monica had a respectable career and worked hard at something she was passionate about

Gabby, you are Mr Heckles:
- never goes out
- grumpy and rude
- moans about noise neighbours make
- messy and a hoarder
- weird about cats
- wears a dressing gown a lot
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