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  1. Sophia & Cinzia #7 sophias attitude is not a vibe, let’s unsubscribe xox

    New thread! Name thanks to @Wanting2seetheattachments (couldn’t fit the whole name in :( I hope this is still okay!) & Anyone wanna do the TLDR? ❤️
  2. Sophia & Cinzia #6 Single and no time to heal, but Lidia is the third wheel

    Thanks to @freaknasty for the thread suggestion with 34 likes! So how long do with think it’ll be before s&c hop on a train to Manchester to visit Lidia?
  3. Sophia & Cinzia #5 life is a dream, avoiding quarantine, how do you work a washing machine?

    New title by @rainonme 👏🏿 Summary of the last thread: 1) Sophia and Christian broke up. Cinzia and Lewis seem to be on some type of break however they still follow each other on Instagram. 2) Sophia brought a new house (with suspected help from the bank of mum and dad) 3) Girls + Lidia...
  4. Sophia & Cinzia #4 Secret house shopping, phone cases flopping, frolicking ain’t stopping

    New thread! Title courtesy of @bg1234 👏 Just in time for the moving vlog! and Sophia's split :(
  5. Sophia & Cinzia #3 Don’t write comments or you get blocked

    ok here’s the new one!!!! the other title was too long so i had to cut it
  6. sophia and cinzia lets use our white privilege to ignore the racist comments we made

    idk tell me to change the title if you want
  7. Sophia and Cinzia #2 Big mirrors, we cover with foam. Frolicking in fields, we love to roam

    Thanks to @Beano93 for the thread suggestion. Big mirrors, we cover with foam. Frolicking in fields, we love to roam!
  8. Sophia and Cinzia

    Ok, I’ve heard a lot about these two being fake. What’s your thoughts? I don’t get s genuine vibe when I watch there videos
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