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  1. br0wser

    Sophia & Cinzia #38 Blank street, blank stares, they’re boring their audience and they don’t care 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Thank you @briannaroseee for the great thread title. The girls have been called out in one of their recent videos for basically creating shite content. They took this onboard and had a slightly varied vlog but we’ll see how long this lasts.. Cinzia is in a new relationship with football player...
  2. br0wser

    Sophia & Cinzia #37 I can't believe they’re referring to them as 'Brian'. It's actually pathetic.

    New thread. There weren’t many suggestions and this was the most liked post, thank you @cba_2020 I altered it slightly so it suits them both as Cinzia referred to Aaron as Brian previously and I’m sure going forward it’ll be the same for Jamie. The last thread moved really slowly in comparison...
  3. br0wser

    Sophia and Cinzia #36 Genuinely no originality, not a single unique thought. They are compulsive, Trend leeching, Money hungry people.

    Title kind of says it all … Mod edit, "no title they're boring" has been done to death over the years. It always gets a lot of votes, but if there's no title better to leave it blank and not suggest it in future
  4. br0wser

    Sophia & Cinzia #35 Half-assed content = paying for Coachella. Sophia still thinks we dont know her fella

    Title thanks to @colinthecaterpillar 🤍🤍 Had to be shortened due to the character limit. Coachella has been and gone, the girls put in maximum effort and money with their outfits (6k+ altogether). More effort than they’ve ever put into their videos and podcasts! They’re still in LA taking photos...
  5. br0wser

    Sophia and Cinzia #34 Sophia keeps role playing as a Tory, is it time for Cinzia’s solo story?

    New thread, title courtesy of @colinthecaterpillar 👑 Anyone care to recap?
  6. C

    Sophia and Cinzia #33 Sophia wifed off with mr Tory, is this the end of S&C’s story?

    Thanks @Caty996 for the title suggestion. Anyone want to recap? We’ve seen some questionable outfits, Sophia is moving in with Brian and Cinzia has her bob back.
  7. br0ws3r

    Sophia & Cinzia #32 Hiding bf’s like alister levels of fame, only Style in their vlogs is Harry’s surname

    Thank you @colinthecaterpillar for the winning thread title 🥺🤍 Had to shorten it down but think it still reads very similar! Please can someone do a recap if there’s anything worthy of recapping xxxxx
  8. br0ws3r

    Sophia and Cinzia #31 Messy girls in a stress-free world, let’s give children’s book writing a whirl

    new thread 💋🥺💄🥤👄 credit to @wateryocean for the title! please may someone do a recap xxxx
  9. br0ws3r

    Sophia & Cinzia #30 Making decent content is an uphill battle & so bloody boring they’ve dried up tattle

    Thank you @hellokitty78 for the title suggestion! Somehow we have made it to another thread despite the girls doing sweet FA. We thought they did the bare minimum before but have now reached new levels. I’m not sure there’s anything of note to recap but let’s give it a go…. *tumbleweed*
  10. br0ws3r

    Sophia and Cinzia #29 On the slopes w Slaz and Chanel, everyday pasta and not leaving the hotel

    Thank you @saweetie for the title suggestion, most liked with 43 likes 🤍 Hey guys welcome back to the thread. January has been SUCH a busy month doing the ✨bare minimum✨. We went to f45 twice, worked with wagamamas for 3 hours one day AND went on a ski trip but didn’t ski 🤪 That’s why there’s...
  11. br0ws3r

    Sophia & Cinzia #28 The Slazenger sisters take NYC, giving financial advice like they’re HSBC

    Thank you @hellokitty78 for the unbelievable thread title, and credit where credits due to @aaliyahplz for suggesting Slazenger sisters 🤪 Happy Christmas Eve to you all, and happy weekend to those not celebrating. I hope you all make the most of the time we have off despite the shite we have...
  12. br0ws3r

    Sophia & Cinzia #27 Girls on tour, vlogging’s a chore, 2 empty apartments and they’ll still rent more

    Thank you @briannajaynehawkes for the suggestion, you won with 70 votes 🥰 The girls are on tour - London, Birmingham, and Manchester complete. Glasgow x2 and Nottingham to come. It seems their main focus is buying expensive dresses and taking photos as opposed to making the show anything...
  13. br0ws3r

    Sophia and Cinzia #26 Book is yet another scam, whose face is that on the gram?

    Thanks @chloesl for the thread suggestion! 74 likes on this in the last 2 days 👏🏽👏🏽 Cinzia’s editing is getting out of hand, each photo is progressively more edited and less like her. The chiselled jawline has appeared out of nowhere and she looks less like herself than ever. The girls are...
  14. br0ws3r

    Sophia & Cinzia #25 Single no more, Nikki Studios = a bore, making content’s still a chore

    @Dojacat101 won the title this time round 😅Maybe we can sneak berries and cream into the next one! THE BOB IS BACK but is giving lord farquard / berries and cream vibes. Not the Cinz we used to know and love 🥺 The girls have finally confessed they both have boyfriends meaning the single files...
  15. br0ws3r

    Sophia & Cinzia #24 Living in LDN in Cinz’ grot while their Notts houses are left to rot

    Congrats on the title @briannajaynehawkes with 58 likes ✨ Sophia went on a secret holiday to Mallorca - we toyed with the idea she had gone with Fiona or even Christian, she then revealed on the single files that she had gone with someone’s she’s been seeing. Some sneaky tattlers caught glimpse...
  16. br0ws3r

    Sophia and Cinzia #23 one hour workday, mysterious vacay, just influencers but move like CIA

    Credit to @saweetie for the new title with 49 likes 👏🏽👏🏽 Please can someone do a recap of the previous thread, not sure I can bring myself to read through it again 🤣 Welcome to thread 23 girls and boys, be prepared for more trips to London, cryptic couple pics and endless designer purchases 🥺...
  17. br0ws3r

    Sophia and Cinzia #22 Sold their souls for Prada. Original content? Nada

    Well done to @shuluver99 for the title 👏 It took me a while scrolling through the most liked posts, but this one from today got quite a few likes and is relevant! Recap: - They brought out their card drinking game for £25. Lots of backlash as they appear to have copied this from other...
  18. H

    Sophia & Cinzia #21 Copied a card game to sell, we cant wear “Slaz” outside Channel

    Well done to @freaknasty for the thread title (had to shorten it, sorry) the original read “Sophia & Cinzia #21: Copied a card game and trying to sell, we can’t wear Slazenger outside Chanel” with a massive 89 likes! quick recap from the last thread - the girls are basically living in London...
  19. br0ws3r

    Sophia and Cinzia #20 Cinzia's ex is still an ogre, and as for the content? Below mediocre.

    New thread ladies and gents. Well done to @teastains24 for claiming the title 👏 Brief rundown of what our favourite shopaholics have been up to. - Back and forth from London to visit Cinzia's new bae - @Flooo1998 revealed Christian may have a new girlfriend, yet to be confirmed but was...
  20. R

    Sophia & Cinzia #19 Sent home from London in disgrace, RIP Cinzia's old face

    Thanks to @cihcihcih for the jokes thread title! Wow we're really flying through these threads girlies If someone else would like to do a proper run down of the previous thread, please go ahead! But in short, they've been dicking about in London in ridiculous outfits, spending a fortune...
  21. elliepassion

    Sophia and Cinzia #18 work shy, depop guy, personalities bone dry

    new thread - thank you @saweetie for the thread title :D RECAP: not a lot to report as they are turning duller by the day, yawn * cinzia has a secret boyf, suspected to have been with him since October/November * sophia has been on a couple of dates and now wants to try a new type of man (aka...
  22. br0ws3r

    Sophia and Cinzia #17 New faces, same places, changing races, new trainers on a daily basis

    Well done to @testycall for claiming the title 👏🏽 I had to edit slightly so it would fit! Onto thread #17 now, good effort ladies 💅🏽 here’s a rundown of what’s been going on ... Cinzia returned to Nottingham for either a few hours or an evening, she then returned to London to debut her NEW...
  23. teastains24

    Sophia & Cinzia #16 In Selfridges trying to get a pull; just wait, here comes Sarah Bull

    Thanks to... myself 🤣🤣🤣 had to cut it SLIGHTLY but could not leave out the INFAMOUS SB! A new thread in only 8 days!! Here’s what’s been going on in the world of Sophia and new bestie, Sarah Bull. • It’s been April 12th week! It started off with hair getting done and some questionable nail...
  24. R

    Sophia & Cinzia #15 hot girl bummer, dumb and dumber, trend latecomers

    New thread in time for April 12th ladiezzzz 🥺🤍 Thread title courtesy of @saweetie ! Brief summary: - They’re “moving” to London for a month of hot girl summer antics 🤪 - They’re acting as if lockdown/coronavirus is over (not that they’ve been following the rules anyway) - Sophia’s had a nose...
  25. elliepassion

    Sophia and Cinzia #14 New nose, cinzia not doing one bit!

    Thanks to @Dojacat101 for the thread title!! recap: * sophia got a nose job!!!! * cinzia's blackfishing is getting out of control * they didn't post for two weeks and it was the same old type of video (sat in the kitchen talking crap) * they are full on repping a hot girl summer which we know...