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  1. Blair-Waldorf

    Scousebird blogs #13 90s hair, shops a disgrace, gets her kid to smash herself in the face

    Well done to our girl Shirl for the title @TheGhostofShirleyBallas with 26 likes *chefs kiss* 🤣🤣🤣 as you were darling DABs Can someone do a TLDR please cackle cackle hard swallow cackle
  2. Blair-Waldorf

    Scousebird Blogs #12 The shop is an offy but no one even buys her coffee

    all hail queen DAB @Sosig for this thread suggestion! And a cracking one at that 🤣 the stage is yours for the TLDR ❤ a fuckin essential offy though. The AUDACITY!
  3. Blair-Waldorf

    Scousebird blogs #11 Rent a daughter, rent a mate, Jeff has every narcissistic trait!

    I was late catching up today sorry DABs! Just filtered by most liked posts... Congratulations @Trollinell on what I think is your first title? With 25 likes... Late Christmas present and a *chefs kiss* from your fellow DABs, pour yourself a scouse turd tips or maybe a pink REAL hot choc to...
  4. Blair-Waldorf

    Scousebird blogs #10 Covid rule breaker, copy cat candle maker

    New thread time my darling dabs thanks to @Hh1789 for the title!! @Sosig be a doll and do the TLDR please 😘 also apologies this one did get more likes but a while ago I read somewhere that thread title suggestions only count from page 48 onwards so that it’s a recent theme if that makes sense xxx
  5. Blair-Waldorf

    Scousebird Blogs #9 On the 7th day of the xmas, Tories gave to me, a grant from HMRC

    Well well well @MrsSavage cracking thread suggestion with 43 votes 🤣👏🏻👏🏻 Can I also mention whoever wrote ‘sausages roasting on a yankee candle’ because that has had me in bulk for days🤣🤣 I can’t remember who it was sorry Also I don’t want to do the recap because I think someone else said they...
  6. Blair-Waldorf

    Scousebird blogs #8 Desperate posts and crimes against roasts.

    New thread DABs!!! Thanks to our @SpiceWeasel for this smashing suggestion. Had to shorten it a bit. Go and pour yourself a nice glass of turps gin and tonic and get yourself cosy and warm in a nice bon marche number can someone do the TLDR please I’m off to cook me sausages in the dishwasher...
  7. O

    Scousebird Blogs #7 Rimming Rowe and Tory behaviour, has Bonmarchè as her new neighbour

    ‘Ta very much to our very own @Jimmy Corkhill ’ welcome to the DABs hun 😘
  8. Sosig

    Scousebird Blogs #6 Been had off by Badman Ting so it’s back to scramming ring.

    (Think I’ve done this right 😂) New thread title! Well done to @Belladonnababy who got 36 votes 💕 ETA - I did put scranning initially but I don’t know if I’ve been had off by auto correct or what 😂
  9. TheFox286

    Scousebird Blogs #5 suggestion. Part time mum & scranning bum - we are not the same hun

    New thread title thanks to @NorthernBelle
  10. MrsPurchase

    Scousebird blogs #4 Even Spanish cleaning products can't clean up your filthy grid.

    full thread title: Even Spanish cleaning products can't clean up your filthy grid. Ere Steph, where's your kid? Thank you to @Yerma for the excellent thread title! The vote was tied with the equally brilliant suggestion by @Belladonnababy : On Onlyfans flashing her gash, start behaving like a...
  11. O

    Scousebird #3 hates the Tories but will take their cash

    Thread Suggestion by @Prinfluencer 💗💗 Had to slightly change it to fit, but I think admin has removed the start ‘selling her gash for Spanish flash’ because they don’t allow swearing on threads.
  12. bellinibobble

    Scouse Bird Blogs #2 Sally says she's full of overpriced tat and Tattle agrees

    Thread No. 2 for ScouseBirdBlogs! Couldn't see a thread title suggested so I've gone with this for now.. @admin I meant to write Sally in the title, can you amend? Sorry 🤦‍♀️ Has anyone noticed she's changed the shop Twitter bio .. 😂 #triggered
  13. D


    Are we all just glossing over the fact that she’s blatantly binned her husband for this fella she’s doing the podcasts with 🤔
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