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  1. B

    Nadia Sawalha #64 Mark Adderley living off his wife for life.

    Thank you @Telly Fanatic for our new title. To Recap: The last thread was slow going what with it being the same old, same old. We had Nadia go both barrels, pointy fingers a-go-go at Laurence Fox, calling him a misogynist and a threat to society basically. Mark is allegedly busy doing his...
  2. missmickey

    Nadia Sawalha #63 Tax fraudsters preaching Online, while their dogs are treated cruelly and kept Offline.

    BIG Thanks to Telly Fanatic for the most excellent new title. Mark Adderley and Nadia Sawalha’s ‘content’ is currently so poor that even this tattle thread has slowed to a snail’s pace, so you should be able to enjoy this for a good while. :love: Recap: Nadia Sawalha continues to insist she...
  3. B

    Nadia Sawalha #62 Slagging off people they don't know, sat in their kitchen on a pretend TV Show

    Thanks to @Telly Fanatic for our new title. Sorry it took me so long to get this up and running. 😕 Recap: They have made the shift to make the channel look like they are doing something productive. A little song and dance for the Taxman no doubt. The Crusty Cooks and a Festering Sore still...
  4. B

    Nadia Sawalha #61 Shody shows, boring woes, pouty pose. Must be the ADHD.

    Congratulations to @Poddular who supplied two titles, but I chose the second one because it fit the title block. To sum up: We have had much chat about being ADHD, Mark's bipolar. Mark is convinced that all of this kids have some bipolar traits, even though unlikely with a 10% chance of it...
  5. Gloria Rostron

    Nadia Sawalha #60 Agony Aunt? More like just plain agony!

    Nadia Sawalha & The Smelly Sadderleys Thanks to everyone for some great title suggestions, including @Hopscotch and @notSUBmissive . This title had the most likes, congratulations @diamondtext. RECAP: Following a Loose Women tax scandal, Nitty is currently on a hiatus from the show. She has...
  6. notSUBmissive

    Nadia Sawalha #59 Vlogmas 22: Hardly cinematic & v melodramatic; mostly 24 days lugging crap to the attic

    Well done @Hopscotch, I had to edit the title to make it fit. Vlogmas is finally over. Another minimal effort waste of time for all concerned. All Vlogmas does is allow Mark to justify leaving the house with a camera permanently attached to his hand so he can hide his antisocial bonce behind...
  7. B

    Nadia Sawalha #58 Parents Did A Bunk To Get Away From Their Daughter's Next Door Dump.

    Thanks to @Telly Fanatic for the winning title. Three great title suggestions, but this one came on top. To recap: We had their yoga retreat vlogs 6 months late and their misadventures to see the Queen's procession 2 months late. Maddie is doing her own version of Coppafeel for the...
  8. B

    Nadia Sawalha #57 Losing Subs Day By Day, Buying Their Membership Is The Only Way.

    After trudging through the thread and too many pics of Manky, thank you @Gloria Rostron for our new title. What has happened other than the usual Hometimes that are 4 months behind? Her Majesty 👑 passes, but Mark uses that opportunity to upload his little hobby of film reviews and trailers...
  9. B

    Nadia Sawalha #56 Sponging from the Paying Sheep, Married to an Unemployed Lazy Creep!

    Thanks to @Telly Fanatic for our new title. What has been going on with our soap dodging duo? A yoga retreat in Spain, a trip to Margate, a trip to Greece and this past week a trip to St. Ives. Come on now, as the loyal sheep say, they deserve it for all their hard work. Yeah, it's hard...
  10. B

    Nadia Sawalha #55 Marital hatred, childhood pain, the Adderliar's podcasts are all the blinking same.

    Thanks to @Bumfluff80 for our new thread title! More of the same really. Mark can't be arsed to ferry Kiki to school during a transport strike. Maddie strikes a skanky pose on the bog. More embarassing posts by Nads in various states of undress. Big revelation: They admit to living in...
  11. B

    Nadia Sawalha #54 Mank likes to Tommy tank, Nits is rank. Di's got mice, Moodie loves vice.

    Thanks to @Bulls**t detector for the title of our new thread. What to say? Subs don't get their money's worth as per. Nads continues her lame send ups of Kim K and discovers the concept of working out via sponsorship, of course. Still cooks everything in a toastie. Nanny Di commits crimes...
  12. B

    Nadia Sawalha #53 Spreads Rats, Mange & Nits cos she's a FILTHY Witch!

    Thank you @notSUBmissive for our new title. I had to wade through a bunch a nasty pics of feckless duo to get to this one. To summarize: Another battle royale kicked off when Julia makes a post about protecting one's youth. Flying monkeys from all corners went on attack. Nadia boasting...
  13. H

    Nadia Sawalha #52 A word from Saffy drives the Swadderleys daffy

    My title suggestion got the most likes and so I have created the new thread. I welcome someone to summarize the last one! Lots going on this past week for the Swadderleys!
  14. B

    Nadia Sawalha #51 Manky is unhinged & Nitty has an unwashed minge

    Many thanks to @Bash a Troll for our wonderfully succinct, new thread title. To sum up: Same crap, different day. Someone put a can of paint on the deck. Someone opened it, didn't close it, Mark spills paint all over the deck. Cue the hilarity of watching a grown man not knowing what to...
  15. B

    Nadia Sawalha #50 She's once, twice, 3 times a wifey. Mark deals with the pounds, slyly.

    Thanks to @missmickey for our delightful new title. Sorry my Canadian keyboard can't do the pounds sign. :rolleyes: Not much happening at the Sadderleys. Same old same old until COVID hits the household, first Kiki, then Mark which leads to a lack of content. :ROFLMAO: :mad: Miraculously...
  16. Gloria Rostron

    Nadia Sawalha #49 Poor me, pour me, I spend my wife's money as she gets drunk out of her tree.

    Thanks to @Jax04 for "poor me, pour me". Recap: ANOTHER freebie Ninja appliance arrived. Members' live was moved to Saturday, apparently at the request of 'the girls'. Nadz's 16:8 is failing as suspected, stuffing her face with Big Macs in bed and on Loose Women. Speaking of LW, Nadia hasn't...
  17. B

    Nadia Sawalha #48 Vlogmas was a Farce, Mark's an arse.

    Thanks to @Sweetness&Light for the winning thread title. To recap: Vlogmas is running concurrently with a backlog of Hometimes. Still doing the 16/8, "Oh Mark you look so slim!" :rolleyes: P.O. box being closed to parcels because the subs are sending tat being...
  18. notSUBmissive

    Nadia Sawalha #47 Coming Soon: The manky & scratchy reality vlogmas lampoon

    Congratulations to @Chemicals kill who came up with the new thread title... The Sawalha-Adderleys have continued to over promise and under deliver with their vlogs & chats... Mark is obsessed with the past, past holidays, past memories, past pictures... It's boring but it's where Mark lives so...
  19. B

    Nadia Sawalha #46 Several teaspoons of Gin, desperate to be thin, the whole house is a bin.

    Thanks to @Gloria Rostron for our new title. To Recap: They are on the 18/6 diet programme, weekly updates from Nadia. In case you forgot, men are potential rapists again. Thanks to the psychos with the needles, Nadia has a new hobbyhorse to ride. Shilling for Pantene for thinning...
  20. B

    Nadia Sawalha #45 Kerrrccchhhinnngg. A pound for you and a pound for me.

    This one is a group effort. Thanks to @diamondtext for creating the title, to @Chemicals kill for suggesting it and @chipmunk for doing the heavy work of sorting out the above. Nadia and Mark are doing their 16/8 diet, fasting whatever you want to call it. Nadia is making weekly updates and...
  21. B

    Nadia Sawalha #44 Youngest back to school, Nads the fool, M talks rimmin, content dimming!

    Thanks to @GloriaRonston for the title. I had to trim it to fit, but I think everyone gets the gist. To recap: Doing the school run allegedly. Went on vacation a digital detox. Mark is becoming a psychotherapist an addictions counsellor. Nadia shows her arse on TV literally, with bonus HRT...
  22. B

    Nadia Sawalha #43 The dog poop diaries: crap from start to finish.

    Thanks to @Bumfluff80 for the stellar title suggestion and @afrozenpea for giving the title a PG classification. To sum up: Inconsistent live broadcasts and half-arsed vlogs. Bitching about needing holidays whilst serruptitiously going on city jaunts and so-called staycations, only to...
  23. Bash a Troll

    Nadia Sawalha #42 A gallon of olive oil with a dash of E.Coli

    Thank you @bitterntwisted for the bloody brilliant title Could someone kindly do a re cap😘
  24. notSUBmissive

    Nadia Sawalha #41 Mark and Nadia, if this is your best please give it a rest.

    Congratulations to Podular with the winning title... Recap Chi chi came home from the vets... After creating such worry for their subs about her she's barely been mentioned since... Mark continues to waste his energy on pointless film reviews... NoGa remains as intermittent as the...
  25. notSUBmissive

    Nadia Sawalha #40 Said she burnt her neck with hot honey. Sells soul daily for the money

    Recap... Another week, another load of lies and pathetic excuses from the Sawalha-Adderleys verses lots of insightful and honest posts from very astute and brilliant tattlers... They keep making excuses for not delivering their paid members shows... This past weeks excuses were the dog is ill...