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  1. Nadia Sawalha #9 Nit nad wacky bac give the mank A comb

    Thanks to @Quiltygirl for the title
  2. Nadia Sawalha #8 They spend too much time Skinning up rather than Soaping up

    Thanks to @notSUBmissive for the title
  3. Nadia Sawalha #7 A liar's worst enemy is someone with a good memory

    Thanks to notSUBmissive for the title. Hope NArdia likes this one. ;) If you are new, here are the previous threads: #6 #5...
  4. Nadia Sawalha #6 Mark and Nadia: Do as we say, not as we do!

    Here we go subs. What do think think subs? Comment down below subs. :LOL: Thanks to whatamess123 for the title. If you are new, here are the previous threads: #5 #4...
  5. Nadia Sawalha #4 Nadia & Marky upload tons of videos a day, with no real content but vulnerable subs still PAY!

    New thread created staff member. edited slightly as it didn’t make sense, and so many all caps words looked odd. Hope that’s ok.
  6. Nadia Sawalha #3 Mental Marky Mark and the Scuzzy Bunch

    Here we go folks. ;)
  7. Nadia Sawalha #2

    New thread for Nadia, Mark and their disgusting house. Previous thread Mod edit - the thread has started off on the wrong foot, all arguments, derailing and off topic posts have been removed. continue without...
  8. Nadia Sawalha - Four different dinners and MARK

    There are a lot of things I like about Nadia, and I especially enjoyed her walks to work with Kaye probably out of misty-eyed nostalgia because I used to have a similar walk, but it seems Mark wanted in on this action and they have now dumped Kaye and taken over as a family channel. Their subs...
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