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  1. I_Like_Tractors

    Mrs Meldrum #126 Does it resemble anything?

    New thread title courtesy of @LennyBriscoe regarding Lady Begs Of Banchory's totally shite tattoo. As you were tattlers 🤗
  2. Z

    Mrs Meldrum #125 Selling her knackered old drawers on Vinted.. thought she was su su minted?!

    Thanks for the thread title @Hereforthehottea with 53 votes! Moaned about the massive estate being built next to her house .. but she’s FINE Lee got hurt Beggy doesn’t give a shit He stayed around for the whole Easter hols so beggy had her maid and was happy Beggy still hates her kids Claimed...
  3. H

    Mrs Meldrum #124 Beggy fancies Rami, so does little Lee, but they pretend to be couple goals at Aldi

    Thread title credit @Foolmeonce , had to shorten it slightly to fit! New thread to discuss the racist, beggy snooze fest that is Rebecca Madam Meldrum
  4. OliviaPope

    Mrs Meldrum #123 Working 9 to 5, what a way to make a living!

    New thread title @Foolmeonce
  5. A

    Mrs Meldrum #122 The working world is not for me, that's why I married pathetic Lee.

    Title with the most votes from @Foolmeonce Rebegga is on her usual Bull. If anyone wants to recap the Groundhog Day that is her content - go for it!
  6. Z

    Mrs Meldrum #121 Tested positive for being a runt

    It’s been a while since I made a thread Thanks @Abongo 53 votes!! So a little recap not that any of us need it … Reb still hates her kids, all she wants to do is walk (wank) the dog She’s been flouting covid rules like she’s in the Houses of Parliament, did you know she’s had covid for 100...
  7. H

    Mrs Meldrum #120 Operation get Lee ho-ho-home for Christmas

    New thread just in time for Rebecca's Christmas fuck ups! Credit to @LennyBriscoe for the thread title. Now, shall we take bets on when Lee will come home for Christmas?
  8. H

    Mrs Meldrum #119 The thread that’s as dead as her “career”

    New thread, title credits to @Ohflogoff
  9. H

    Mrs Meldrum #117 Choppers Eve wifie, needs to get a lifie

    New thread, hope this has worked. Thanks to Avabelle for the thread title with the most likes. Let's continue talking about Reb's disasteous life here. Sorry Avabella, phone won't let me edit the post
  10. ohyes

    Mrs Meldrum #116 A fun sponge in buttery soft leggings

    Thanks to @Weenosey for the thread title! Recap: she’s still a boring twat.
  11. Alansbigplate

    Mrs Meldrum #115 The pink pencil cannae wait to get in the prawn purse

    She’s still a bellend getting ads cancelled for being a racist still least the paint is a dreamy colour Fab and very individual 😉 title by @Ohflogoff nominated by @Starry_eyed_pie
  12. Dontcareenough

    Mrs Meldrum #114

    Thanks to @Alansbigplate for the title suggestion 😂 Can someone do a recap please?
  13. C7645

    Mrs Meldrum #113 Lee slogs guts out at sea to fund work shy Rebecca’s life of me me me

    Thought a new thread was needed! Congrats to @Hereforthehottea on the thread suggestion - had to edit slightly to fit Anyone want to do a recap?? Must have been reading the comments from the last thread about that awful filter 😂😂😂
  14. ohyes

    Mrs Meldrum #111 Pele-Tony’s had 6 more rides than Pat this year

    Amazing new thread title, excellent work @Clare 👏🏼😂 Carry on, you bunch of bastards 🤪
  15. Z

    Mrs Meldrum #110 On yer bike, Beggy

    @Clare cracking title love 👍 is there really much of a catch up needed? she’s still sanding her face and calling it a side hussle to her main non existent hustle They went on a mini break to the capital but did absolutely fuck all but mooch and drink expensive OJ Lee as always looks done in...
  16. Hereforthehottea

    Mrs Meldrum #109 MLM? Better call Becky with the (bad) hair.

    Tattle on bastards...
  17. BettyCrockerr

    Mrs Meldrum #108 She’s too lazy for a job, letters to the council prove she’s a snob!

    Thanks to @Loopylips for the most popular thread title suggestion, had to shorten slightly to fit!! ( Rebecca Meldrum: she's confirmed it she's too lazy for a job and the letters to the council show she's a downright snob)
  18. Pocahontas

    Mrs Meldrum #107 100 days of happiness, 1,000 press ups a day, 1,000,000 steps a day. No one cares

    Winning thread title by @Loopylips, nominating @Ohflogoff ’s words. 🎉 Have at it with the recap.
  19. BettyCrocker

    Mrs Meldrum #106 Peachy, Cheeky, who the F is Fifi?!!

    Thanks to @Ballstowall for the most liked thread title suggestion
  20. Z

    Mrs Meldrum #105 choccy migraine, girls are a pain, chins up you’re back in the Ad game

    Had to shorten it to fit .... Mrs Meldrum #105 chocolate migraine, girls are a pain, chins up Beggy you’re back in the Ad game. Congrats @MrsDimSum 66 likes 👍 As your were bastards... @BettyCrocker could you give us a cracking Lee inspired recap?? I’m sure we all need a damn good laugh...
  21. BettyCrocker

    Mrs Meldrum #104 I’m surprised someone with a vestibule has peas on their roast dinner

    Thanks to @Peachbomb for the thread title - although not an official entry, it was the most liked post that many said would make a good title so here it is!!!! As you were.....
  22. O

    Mrs Meldrum #103 Mrs Meldrum is a (fill in blank)

    Thanks to @BettyCrocker As you were tattle bastards Previous thread here
  23. OliviaPope

    Mrs Meldrum #102 Claims to be pretty hot on the academic, won’t homeschool during pandemic

    Top voted title @InstaFamous - claims to be “pretty hot on the academic”, won’t homeschool during a pandemic.
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