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  1. Yel

    Mrs Meldrum #41 guess who's back, back again, edgys back tell Boden.

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  2. G

    Mrs Meldrum #40 TITLE TEXT HERE

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  3. K

    Mrs Meldrum #39 Lee. Before you go on the dole tell us what's in your hole.

    New thread 🙂 hope I've done it right Title credit to @Frodo
  4. O

    Mrs Meldrum #38 Liar, Liar, Gym Pants on Fire 🔥

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  5. Yel

    Mrs Meldrum #37 Pat and Edgy visit the job centre

    Sorry for the interruption, continue as you were. Thread title by @Goflorrie Overview of the current Mrs meldrum KKK joke situation by @Tanne1999 • Racist joke in vlog • No public apology, just blocked people who dared mention it • Edgy tried acting like she’s not racist by giving Candice (a...
  6. M

    Mrs Meldrum #36 We ducked this one up, didn't we Lee? Didn't We Lee?

    And so the shit show continues...! Thanks to @tinkertailorsoldierspy for the thread name! Hope I’ve done this right... 🙏🏼 Admin edit: Overview of the current Mrs meldrum KKK joke situation by @Tanne1999 • Racist joke in vlog • No public apology, just blocked people who dared mention it •...
  7. Oohthedrama

    Mrs Meldrum #35 You'd be better taking the stairs - nae joking!

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  8. Yel

    Mrs Meldrum #34 Jump up darling, you're not in your salopettes!

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  9. Scarface1

    Mrs Meldrum #33 Basic but clean, they're not selling this. If I were Neilson, I'd be pretty piste.

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  10. K

    Mrs Meldrum #32 We Love The Alps Don't We LEE. Love Boden, Joules & Ski As Its Free For Me

    Welcome golden oldies Fallen sheep Come join us for discussion 32. Sit by the fire with a cheeky hot chocolate Watch the Meldrums ski and blag anything else that's free.
  11. Yel

    Mrs Meldrum #31 Cocky Reb and hairbands galore, any affiliate left that she won’t forty four?

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  12. Oohthedrama

    Mrs Meldrum #30 Almost ski time, still lots of me time, life’s carefree for the insta wannabe

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  13. K

    Mrs Meldrum #29 Primark knickers on the gram, Rebs fave hobby is to scam!

    Welcome Thanks Amy amy for new thread title Please bathe in nice orange glow Take a seat and watch the show Newbies and golden oldies welcome Escaped sheep from the pen.
  14. Anita

    Mrs Meldrum #27 A drawing book that seems to suck, but piggies are here so lets all cheer!

    Thread tittle thanks to @Stabby the unicorn ?! Made changes so it would fit! Hope it’s ok?
  15. Anita

    Mrs Meldrum #26 Del Boy & Rodney got nothing on Reb, cashmere kitchen roll she’s always on the beg

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  16. M

    Mrs Meldrum #24 Gym, Hide Ad, Sleep. And Repeat. Too Busy To Do A Video, Sorry About That Sheep

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  17. Scarface1

    Mrs Meldrum #23 Another AD, What A Bore.. This Time It’s A Creepy Lodge In Aviemore

    Thread title by @Foxy Hope I have done this right! Can't believe it's thread 23 already ?
  18. Yel

    Mrs Meldrum #22 Desperately Seeking New Content To Vlog, Princess Reb Demands She MUST Have A Dog!

    New thread, so I can close the last one and go to bed :D Thread title by @GoneWithTheWind Hope that's all ok