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  1. Mrs Meldrum #59 Meld, Meld, Meld...can you link those leggings hun’

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  2. Mrs Meldrum #58 Feral pops is on the weed, i’m so so tired...aren’t I Lee?

    Title curtsey of this wee bastard 🙂 @MrBull Thread #58 !!!! So we’re already missing Lee and poppy is on the CBD 🤦‍♀️ well with a mother like YouTube super star Mrs Meldrum 😬 do we blame her 😆 Continue here 🙂
  3. Mrs Meldrum #57 Librarian said no, doctors are too slow, when will sheep realise, the "trolled" is really the troll?

    New thread... Title curtesy of @Foolmeonce 🙂 Meldrum’s previous FIFTY SIX threads 🤣🤣 Damn, she’s successful on tattle even if she’s not successful anywhere else 😬 Linked here ⬇️
  4. Mrs Meldrum #56 mortgage is big, Lee’s on the rig, the house is so creepy, Rebecca’s so sleepy!

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  5. Mrs Meldrum #55 Stop trying to make Flossie happen.

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  6. Mrs Meldrum #54 the manic moonface, turtlehead, the twatty hand and the teapot.

    The many insta poses of Rebecca Meldrum.... Thanks to @MrsJT for the title with 32 likes! Previous threads. Shout out to @Popper with “The favourite is at school and Edgy’s in a fluster. It’s not filler by the way, it’s just a mouth ulcer” but it wouldn’t...
  7. Mrs Meldrum #53 Scooting Lee, woe is me, I miss the time when all my stuff was free!

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  8. Mrs Meldrum #52 Muddy naps, nappy sacks, come back Lee before she cracks

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  9. Mrs Meldrum #51 We're itching to know about the kitchen, she's lied so her arse is twitching.

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  10. Mrs Meldrum #50 Rock bottom but she’s no quitter, solo parenting but here’s the sitter!

    Congratulations :m With Rebecca and Lee’s help you’ve reached Thread 50!!!! And here’s to many more. 🤨 If things continue as they are...... 😉😉😉 Meldrum is off to work and Rebecca has reached the big 50! What a time to be alive!! (Sorry Casper 👻) It’s a pity we don’t have wine to celebrate to...
  11. Mrs Meldrum #49 Pat’s back to work, she’s so tired, how long before a nanny is hired?

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  12. Mrs Meldrum #48 Rehashing the same old 💩, on a different day!

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  13. Mrs Meldrum #47 She’s in, out, in, out, shake it all about

    We'd gone way over the limit on the old thread guys, continue here 😘 Thanks to @ChilliDog for the title!
  14. Mrs Meldrum #46 It’s my pity party and I’ll cry (and call you bullies) if I want to!

    We’ve gone well over 1000. Continue here. (Title to be adjusted later) Mrs Meldrum #46. Mrs Meldrum wants to have a battle. Seems she should have looked in the mirror rather than at tattle. Shout out to @Yorkshiregirl2019 for this after today’s upload. 😐
  15. Mrs Meldrum #45 Begging 9 to 5, what a way to make a living.

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  16. Mrs Meldrum #44 So so tiny, still whiny, advertisers departed, still poses like she’s farted!

    Top suggested thread title at 62 [email protected] Mrs Meldrum #44 She’s so so tiny, but still just as whiny, the advertisers have departed, and she still poses like she’s farted! Sorry needed to cut it down a bit to fit.
  17. Mrs Meldrum #43 I'm not like Trump am I Lee...? Tangoed and racist...

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  18. Mrs Meldrum #42 Still mooching, hauling and holidaying...but absolutely not apologising

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  19. Mrs Meldrum #41 Guess who's back, back again, edgys back tell Boden.

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  20. Mrs Meldrum #40 TITLE TEXT HERE

    Welcome to thread #40 !