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  1. Mrs Meldrum #71 Asda, Amazon, children, dog: smashed it...

    DLP, food bank, lift gate: hashed it. I think this was one of the highest voted suggestions from @Foolmeonce and we were way over so I went ahead! She’s so so fucking happy and content she knocked herself out then. 🤦‍♀️ Always 👏 drama 👏 with 👏 Rebecca continue here!
  2. Mrs Meldrum #70 The Selldrums new cash cow is Bertie the F1 cockapoo.

    Stand by for tantrums, tears and pet-hating dejavu!! new thread suggested by @Pandafeet continue here! (but remember we might change the title in an hour or two like Rebecca does 😂🤣) @doodle.bertie got as much love as a Meldrum guinea pig.
  3. Mrs Meldrum #69 Tattle & me 2020 ed. Manifesting together, spouting bull forever!

    I attempted to make this google friendly!! thanks to @MrBull for the new title!! Please add an intro for us bull 😂😂 new yur, same shit. Continue here!!
  4. Mrs Meldrum #68 Beggy’s on the self help books; New year, new me. Will she still be a massive..

    C*nt? We’ll have to wait and see. Thanks you to @MrBull for the new title 😂 and a special shout out to panda feet for this one WELCOME BACK TATTLERS! and Rebecca and Lee, and Matthew from bunker box Rebecca must have been gutted she couldn't spend Christmas Day with her favourite bastards...
  5. Mrs Meldrum #67 On the first day of Christmas Mr Meldrum sent to me, a creepy direct message

    whilst his wife breached data securrrrrrrity!!!! 🎄💻⌨📇🎄 You did it @MrBull 🤪 thank you for the wonderful title!!!! Merry Christmas to the trolls, the penis’, the cocunts, the hobbits... Rebecca, Lee, Matthew from bunker box 😉 And all who read here!!! (I’m sure we’ll have a new thread by the...
  6. Mrs Meldrum #66 Lee's hairline is receeding faster than Edgy's influencer career!

    New thread title suggested by @Ginfluenced ! Hey guyzzz! welcome to a new thread!! apparently mrs meldrum has been on a go slow this week. So if you haven’t received one of those coveted messages in your inbox, don’t you worry! She’s desperate to contact everyone, possibly because she has no...
  7. Mrs Meldrum #65 Rebecca did not write that message, she was in Pizza Express in Woking that day

    Thanks to @Lars Guinard for the brilliant title 😂 I’m not even giving this an intro It doesn’t need one!!! grab a hot cup of tea and continue! (That includes yourself, Lee and Matty Rebecca!) (it’s almost time for vlogmas!! 🎄 curtesy of @MrBull sing together you bastards!! On the first day of...
  8. Mrs Meldrum #64 Don’t be be fooled by this app that we got, I’m still Beggy from the ‘Loch

    Hey guys!!! Grab a hot cup of tea, put the feral kids down for the night (or their 5th nap of the day) And if you're not feeling ruddy exhausted join our new thread team! Thanks to @Clare for the title! Link to my leggings Previous threads :
  9. Mrs Meldrum #63 She's ruled by the moon and is begging a kitchen to come to her soon!

    Title suggested by @Alightened !!! continue here. And please donate to Rebecca’s kitchen begging bowl if you have a few thousand to spare!! #AD #twat #begger #rebegger #grabbymcgrabberson #kitchen #iwantiwant #bastards #bastardrenovations #newthread #oldthreadwasntgoodenough
  10. Mrs Meldrum #62 *Consuming Meldrum content may increase faecal bulk

    Right bastards, this is my first go at posting a new thread so hope this has worked. (Edit to add, it has worked, I have totally smashed my first ever new thread, I’m so so proud of myself, I have found my bastard groove. OBSESSED). Have a good weekend tattlers. I’m just off for some self-care...
  11. Mrs Meldrum #61 back from a boozy trip in the sun, any chance you can link those leggings hun?

    New thread already! well that was a successful trip to ibiza! for tattle, and for poppy!!!! Lets just hope granny Meldrum has “fixed” the feral one, or poor wee Rebecca will be ruddy exhausted by Wednesday 🤦‍♀️ continue here ya lil bastards.
  12. Mrs Meldrum #60 Edgy and Pat off to the sun, hurry up nana and take the feral one!

    I hope this was the right one to go with. @MrBull you little girl bastard you gave us 3!! 🤣🤣 all equally good 😂 I hope everyone is looking forward to our mini trip to Ibiza after SMASHING a busy thread! #59 you were exhausting, so so tired but I’m proud of all you bastards for getting on with...
  13. Mrs Meldrum #59 Meld, Meld, Meld...can you link those leggings hun’

    Many thanks to tattle bastard @Mabelrose for reposting the title from OG bastard @MrBull honourable mention even though it wasn’t a thread suggestion 😬 😆😆 Thread Thumbnail attachment
  14. Mrs Meldrum #58 Feral pops is on the weed, i’m so so tired...aren’t I Lee?

    Title curtsey of this wee bastard 🙂 @MrBull Thread #58 !!!! So we’re already missing Lee and poppy is on the CBD 🤦‍♀️ well with a mother like YouTube super star Mrs Meldrum 😬 do we blame her 😆 Continue here 🙂
  15. Mrs Meldrum #57 Librarian said no, doctors are too slow, when will sheep realise, the "trolled" is really the troll?

    New thread... Title curtesy of @Foolmeonce 🙂 Meldrum’s previous FIFTY SIX threads 🤣🤣 Damn, she’s successful on tattle even if she’s not successful anywhere else 😬 Linked here ⬇️
  16. Mrs Meldrum #56 mortgage is big, Lee’s on the rig, the house is so creepy, Rebecca’s so sleepy!

    New thread thanks to @Elsass!!! 🙂 Slightly adjusted to fit.
  17. Mrs Meldrum #55 Stop trying to make Flossie happen.

    New thread. Thanks to @Saz2408 !! Previous threads
  18. Mrs Meldrum #54 the manic moonface, turtlehead, the twatty hand and the teapot.

    The many insta poses of Rebecca Meldrum.... Thanks to @MrsJT for the title with 32 likes! Previous threads. Shout out to @Popper with “The favourite is at school and Edgy’s in a fluster. It’s not filler by the way, it’s just a mouth ulcer” but it wouldn’t...
  19. Mrs Meldrum #53 Scooting Lee, woe is me, I miss the time when all my stuff was free!

    new thread. I think @HowardMoon got the most votes from the last few pages. Previous threads
  20. Mrs Meldrum #52 Muddy naps, nappy sacks, come back Lee before she cracks

    New thread! Thanks to @SaturdayNightIsWineNight Previous threads