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  1. Mrs Meldrum #87 Cares more about MLM and her own dewy skin, let shiteshow 87 now begin!

    Top voted title 35 votes @ZC772
  2. Mrs Meldrum #86 Cycling around with our chummies, flaunting lockdown like Dominic Cummings

    @Fathead you have out done yourself 👏👏 Continue here ya bunch of bastards..... *hope everyone and their families are safe and well 😘
  3. Mrs Meldrum #85 taking a natural journey to obscurity

    Title suggested by @Tigercat55 continue here!
  4. Mrs Meldrum #83 her hair is as dead and dry as Lee’s front lawn

    Courtesy of @Pushyplumb
  5. Mrs Meldrum #82 Beggys troppics are so dreamy they made splat on the ceiling

    New thread. Couldn't find any thread post suggestions, feel free to change. Admib please change to: Mud, ticks and dog hair. Career as messy as her bed sheets. Is that dog supposed to be so big!?? He's huge
  6. Mrs Meldrum #81 Multiple businesses, multiple lies, Mrs M, Superwoman in disguise!

    A hybrid/joint effort title from @bobs and @Lars Guinard genuinely can’t believe Pat is home already, I swear I was gone from my home longer than he was off shore on my last Tesco trip. continue here!
  7. Mrs Meldrum #80 tiktok what an Ayers Rock

    Continue here. I agree with Rebecca I am in fact “bored in da house” Not desperate enough to embarrass my self or my family online though, so there’s that 🙂 title suggested by @Ohflogoff continue here
  8. Mrs Meldrum #79 Let's have a re-cap, use a black pen for an instant thigh gap.

    New title by @Alightened
  9. Mrs Meldrum #78 Body.Mind.Arsehole

    Thread title by @Alightened 😁
  10. Mrs Meldrum #77 Becky Threatened to quit, but nobody actually gave a tommy tit!

    Thanks to @MrBull for the thread title.... 👍 As you were....
  11. Mrs Meldrum #76 Be kind says Reb, be Kinder says Lee!

    New thread, just in time for Rebecca poor me post #202 It’s so unfair that Caroline Flack, a TV presenter and well known celebrity who sadly took her own life is getting so much attention and sympathy..... what’s a girl to do to get some of that attention here 🙄 TROLL POST!! Continue here...
  12. Mrs Meldrum #75 Mrs Meldrum Lady of Murder Mansion and Monarch of the Hounds!

    New thread, I think this had some of the highest likes @Blockedbyadmin so I hope it’s ok to go with it. Trigger warning, those easily offended look away now..... **Whispers** It’s not a cute dog 🤭🤭🤫🤫 I said it cuz I said it 😐 but I’m still shocked pat has more followers... maybe it’s the off...
  13. Mrs Meldrum #74 The undeclared kindly gifted Elemis in the wardrobe.

    New thread title goes to @Ohflogoff Mrs meldrum - the lion, witch and The undeclared kindly gifted Elemis in the wardrobe. (Had to adjust to fit)
  14. Mrs Meldrum #73 Scraping the (biscuit) barrel

    Thanks to @Clare for the title. I've not started a thread before so I hope I've done it correctly. Links to older threads here
  15. Mrs Meldrum #72 Pretending to be Betty Crocker, they really are off their #kindlygifted rocker

    Title suggested by @MrsDimSum Hey guyyyzzzz, Rest your gym toned bum here and continue! But don’t over exert yourself when posting a comment! remember to take it slow guys, or you might just pass out with exhaustion 🙂 (and I don’t think we’re covered by insurance to get that CT scan and...
  16. Mrs Meldrum #71 Asda, Amazon, children, dog: smashed it...

    DLP, food bank, lift gate: hashed it. I think this was one of the highest voted suggestions from @Foolmeonce and we were way over so I went ahead! She’s so so fucking happy and content she knocked herself out then. 🤦‍♀️ Always 👏 drama 👏 with 👏 Rebecca continue here!
  17. Mrs Meldrum #70 The Selldrums new cash cow is Bertie the F1 cockapoo.

    Stand by for tantrums, tears and pet-hating dejavu!! new thread suggested by @Pandafeet continue here! (but remember we might change the title in an hour or two like Rebecca does 😂🤣) @doodle.bertie got as much love as a Meldrum guinea pig.
  18. Mrs Meldrum #69 Tattle & me 2020 ed. Manifesting together, spouting bull forever!

    I attempted to make this google friendly!! thanks to @MrBull for the new title!! Please add an intro for us bull 😂😂 new yur, same shit. Continue here!!
  19. Mrs Meldrum #68 Beggy’s on the self help books; New year, new me. Will she still be a massive..

    C*nt? We’ll have to wait and see. Thanks you to @MrBull for the new title 😂 and a special shout out to panda feet for this one WELCOME BACK TATTLERS! and Rebecca and Lee, and Matthew from bunker box Rebecca must have been gutted she couldn't spend Christmas Day with her favourite bastards...

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