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  1. LornaLuxe #6 Luxeless and Gormless. Glob Glob Glob. Lip balm all around her gob.

    Thanks @Its_Me for the thread title!
  2. LornaLuxe #5 liar, liar acrylic pants on fire

    Thanks to @Rogue1 for the new thread title. Sticking with the acrylic theme!
  3. LornaLuxe #4 Acrylic nappy sales gone through the roof, thanks to LL’s colossal camel hoof

    New thread peeps! thread title courtesy of @AllAboutTheMayhem 👏🏼 thanks! Also had to cut the title down a little to fit 😁
  4. LornaLuxe #3 Lady of the manor in a two bed flat

    New LL thread
  5. Lorna Luxe #2 Shallow, grubby with an OAP hubby

    New thread for us to continue the discussion. Instagram.com/LornaLuxe
  6. Lorna Luxe

    Ok so who follows Lorna Luxe? She has a successful career as an influencer I don’t see it myself, same poses, looking away, skinny, filler/botox etc ..boring no? So I thought who is actually really “liking” this?? I clicked on her photo from two days ago and scrolled through the likes and she...
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