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    Krusties #23 Now We all Like a Tom Tit but you know us Krusties we do have Wit.

    Welcome to #23, nice suggestion from @Dollylovesshoes :LOL: Okay the new fred is starting a little early this time, but it's quiet and it's nice to start the week with a new fred. Previous fred -...
  2. 265

    Krusties #22 creepy and kooky, mysteriously spooky, altogether ooky, the krustie family🎃

    Welcome to #22 and I'm just passing through, well done @MrsEms for the winning title, best of all IT FITS with no edits. Previous thread - Carry on Krusties.
  3. Stapleyourtongue

    krusties #21 feeling down or really happy? just come here and we'll be chatty

    Congratulations @MrsEms on the winning thread title 🥳🥳🥳❤ Carry on Krusties ❤ @265 Hope you are okay Captain ❤
  4. Pocahontas

    Krusties #20 The nights are drawing in, time to swap the Pimms for the Gin

    New thread. Please report this post and let us know what it should be titled. Thanks
  5. Webster1357

    Krusties #19 Newbies pull up a chair, grab your drinks and be grateful there are no sinks

    Okay, this is brand new to me, and I'm scared, but we can't sit around all day waiting for a man to save us! 🤣 Welcome to #19, thanks @Dollylovesshoes for the winning title Previous thread -...
  6. 265

    Krusties #18 Stick your tassels on your baps and keep the Mozzies out your gaps

    Welcome to #18, @Facehugger wins again 🤭 🤭 Previous fred - Break out the fans people, hotter weather expected. Carry on.
  7. 265

    Krusties #17 Come on Krustieharri Give us Krustie Aubergine Parmigiana For Ems.

    Welcome to #17 and well done @Dollylovesshoes for the title. Previous Thread - Carry on people
  8. 265

    Krusties #16 Dark chocolate willies and buxom braless fillies.

    Welcome to #16 with @Facehugger giving us a sweet title. Previous fred - Carry on people
  9. 265

    Krusties #15 Krustycrumpets are the tops we don’t tolerate any Bots.

    welcome to #15 and you bastards made it hard for me this time, I had two suggestions with the same amount of votes and emotions. So I allowed @Dollylovesshoes to win this time around. 🤭 Previous thread -...
  10. 265

    Krusties #14 Gardening bits, feathered tits & germ warfare kits

    Welcome to #14, great title from @Facehugger Previous thread - Carry on people. Oh and get well soon @MrsEms. ;)
  11. 265

    Krusties #13 You'll look sweet, upon a seat of a motorbike made for two

    Welcome to #13 and thank you @didn't want to join for the title. Previous Thread - Carry on people.
  12. 265

    Krusties #12 Playing some tunes on a dangly organ, united we stand against Skanky the Gorgon.

    Welcome to #12 and well done @Facehugger for the winning title, it was neck and neck but facefugger won down to one "Heart" vote. Previous thread - Carry...
  13. 265

    Krusties #11 Tights, ice cream & nips in the air, throw your cossie over there like you just don't care.

    Welcome to #11, thank you @Facehugger for the winning title... or should I say one of the FEW suggestions. Previous Thread - Carry on People. Talk about Random posts.....
  14. 265

    krusties #10 come join us for fun, pull up a chair, park up your bum!

    Welcome to #10 and a very nice title from @MrsEms, well done. Previous thread - Carry on people.
  15. 265

    Krusties #9 Tits and Tatts, Ladybirds and Cats.

    Welcome to #9 and thank you @Facehugger for the winning title, not that we have that many this time. Previous thread - Carry on.
  16. 265

    Krusties #8 Pull up a beanbag, enjoy with mates, thread of fun, defo no hates

    Welcome to #8 and well done to @MANDATORY for the winning title, very close call, @Facehugger and myself were beaten by one vote, we was fooking robbed! Previous Thread -
  17. Stapleyourtongue

    Krusties #7 Roasted ferret and a glass of wine, pull up a chair it'll taste divine.

    Congratulations @Facehugger on the winning thread title 🥳🥳👽🤗😘❤ Over here guys! Well done Hugger ❤
  18. Stapleyourtongue

    Krusties #6 pull up a seat and join in for a natter or just read through whilst you're sat on the crapper.

    Congratulations @MrsEms for the new thread title 🥳🎉🎉💕 Carry on Krusties 💕💕
  19. 265

    Krusties #5 Neil Diamond is singing…fly high Sweet Caroline xx

    Welcome to #5. Thread title suggested by @Constantlychargingipadnow out of respect. Previous thread - Carry on people.
  20. 265

    Krusties #4 Invasion of the killer Scrunchies

    Welcome to #4 -I came up with the title this time around because we have a few Scrunchies now and more might follow. Previous Thread - Carry on people.
  21. JakeM

    Krusties #3 The Star Paws trilogy

    Congratulations @Facehugger your thread title had the most votes! Previous thread: Carry on Krusties!
  22. 265

    Krusties #2 the sequel

    Welcome to #2. Carry on chatting people! Previous thread - I do hope people will post their Sunday Lunch.
  23. Stapleyourtongue


    This thread is in memory of our dearly departed Monsieur Crumble. All Krusties welcome ❤ @Kensfrillyend this is a thread in memory of Monsieur Crumble ❤ You can talk as much as you like about your lovely Mum on here as well as everyday life or whatever you want without being reminded we are...
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