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  1. Imogenation #16 Anxiety who? How grimmos “panic attacks” funded a haul or two

    Thanks to @Xbkcvkoufcv for the new thread suggestion! Happy gossiping ;)
  2. Imogenation #15 Hugo & Spenny in the tub, whilst Imo gives her lips a scrub.

    Thank you @righthererightnow for the thread suggestion! I haven't been this active in a while but ya girls coming back so let the gossip commence!
  3. Imogenation #14 Hi Huns, plz listen. I need to tell u about my stomach condition

    Thank you @Elle for the thread suggestion with 37 likes! Had to be shortened as it wouldn’t fit. Original: imogenation #14 hello everybody, please listen. I need to tell you about my stomach condition (PART 139)
  4. Imogenation #13 Munching on oatabix, cake mix and a twix, while Hugo give his hand lick

    Thread number 13 bitches, to all the new huns welcome to the most loving family on the internet the title wouldn’t fit again😭 but congrats to @squarebutton with this absolute corker ‘Imogenation #13 Munching on oatabix, cake mix and a twix, while Hugo give his hand another lick’. What will be...
  5. Imogenation #12 This is the remix to ignition, we’re in bensalads kitchen

    Thread number 12! Can’t wait for more twixes, tribulations and drooling over baby prince spenny with you all! Thread name thanks to @Justhereforthegossip1 (finally😂)
  6. Imogenation #11 Grimo, if you can't take the heat, GET OUT OF YOUR DAD'S KITCHEN!

    Thank you all for the suggestions! but @prinny won! Let the commenting commence!
  7. Imogenation #8 Colon is throbbing, tea is piping, have a panic attack to keep them subscribing

    Thanks to @lilkawaii for the title (Had to be slightly changed as it was a bit too long :))
  8. Imogenation #7 Hello Hunniez it's me, Mills. I've got to keep lying to pay my bills

    Well done @Elle ! Our girls got herself a 7th thread. As you were....
  9. Imogenation #6 contradictions & story times full of fiction. husband spenny lacks the diction!

    @Immoslips thanks for the suggestion! Wanted to add Grimogen so badly but not enough space! Wanted it to be Imogenation #6- Grimogen, contraditcions and storytimes full of fiction. Husband sideshow spenny lacks the dict
  10. Imogenation #5 Never admits she's had her lips done, naughty Spencer likes 'em young?

    Thank you @D_Wills for the suggestion! There were so many close ones too!
  11. Imogenation #4 Lip filler lies, fake red eyes, playing victim again - what a surprise!

    Thank you @Iddiebiddie for the title suggestion! I personally haven't been keeping up with Imo lately due to work and the fact I'm still blocked on her socials :rolleyes: and quite frankly I don't wanna give her any money from watching her videos. Any gossip?
  12. Imogenation #3 Wont stop lying, can't stop crying

    @D_Wills you're a star.
  13. Imogenation #2 Hygiene? She sold hers on depop

    Hun bun princess pie has got a second thread! Great title from Serp 👏🏼👏🏼 Could have also been "Imogen and sideshow Spenny, watching porn is cheating, she doesn't do much eating" from Immoslips but I wasnt sure if they'd allow porn in the title or the eating reference 🙊
  14. Imogenation

    "AnGeLs" "HuNs" "BaByGiRl" She's actually so annoying and try- hard. I can kinda understand why she was hated at school. And she has merch. Lawd have mercy. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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