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  1. Prefrontalmedialcortex

    Imogenation #49 Imo is a calculated prick, profits from grief which makes us sick!

    Thanks @roryangel for the thread title suggestion! Recap of previous thread: - Renaelia is still not loving Miss Immy and her facial expressions say it all. 😒 - Spenny looks haggered as ever and only seems to be active on Instagram or TikTok when Imo is. 📹 - Imo went silent 🎥❌ on social...
  2. Prefrontalmedialcortex

    Imogenation #47 p-p-p pathological liar! Can you say it? Clevahhh!

    Couldn’t find a thread title but this one was the closest to it and had the most votes. Thanks @Gusber for this! Recap of previous thread: - Hugo🐝 got his wings. Imo cried. The whole of Brighton cried. 😭 - Imo is obsessed with who Renaelia looks like. 👶🏻 - Bensalad and Spenny flew to Dublin...
  3. Prefrontalmedialcortex

    Imogenation #46 Everyone’s a bully, her audition memories are woolly, Imo’s lost the plot fully!

    Thanks @AmandaGarceeeah for the thread title suggestion! Recap of previous thread: - Imo and Spenny went on their 3rd holiday with Renaelia. ✈ It was a GIFTED 7 day holiday to Girona, Spain at a 4* resort. 🇪🇸 - There was a DANGEROUS MAN on their holiday. Another very elaborate story from Imo...
  4. Prefrontalmedialcortex

    Imogenation #45 Hickory Dickory Dock, Miss Immy is a CoOoCk!

    Thanks @MrsWolf for the thread title suggestion! Recap of previous thread: Imo is a… She’s still copying Miss Rachel with poundland version Miss Immy…
  5. Prefrontalmedialcortex

    Imogenation #44 Old Miss Immy had a nerve, claiming she could teach.

    Thanks @Disneydisney for the thread title suggestion! Recap of previous thread: - Imo and Spenny took Hugo🐝 on holiday for his 18th. Hugo🐝 thinks he is a rudeboi sporting fake GUCCI attire and forgetting to wear suncream. - Renaelia was ill…again. Imo cried 😭 her fake swimming pool of tears...
  6. Prefrontalmedialcortex

    Imogenation #43 Watch out Miss Imi’s about, she’ll scare your kid with her fish like pout!

    Thanks @roryangel for the thread title suggestion. Recap of previous thread: - On their first ever family 👨‍👩‍👧 holiday, Spenny got suspected food poisoning and Renaelia as per usual had something wrong with her. 😷 When Spenny is ill Imo refers to him as ‘my poorly sweetness.’ 🫥 - If Renaelia...
  7. Prefrontalmedialcortex

    Imogenation #42 Mini Phil Mitchell strikes again, Imo nappys aren't for you, they're for Ren

    Thanks @chichi100 for the thread title suggestion. Recap of previous thread: - Spenny has to get permission from Imo to go to the gym. 💪🏻 - Imo has been acting like a twat in the Sainsburys in West Hove. 🗣 - Her dire Youtube content now consists of hauls and stupid eating challenges. 🥱 -...
  8. D_Wills

    Imogenation #41 Hugo's got bare p's, Imo's career is on its knees, Spencer where's all these trees?

    We go again! Thread title made by @ShrimpCocktail389 and a bloody brilliant one too 👏🏼 I had to shorten it slightly. Is our @Prefrontalmedialcortex about to give one of her recaps? 😘
  9. Prefrontalmedialcortex

    Imogenation #40 Dad’s an ick, mum’s a stick, already ruined my reputation, the daughter of Imogenation.

    Thanks @hamstersandcats for the thread title suggestion. Recap of previous thread: - Imo is the most ✨ honest, grateful and loving twat. ✨ - Spenny is a big dick. 🫣 - Renealia (or Renealio) continues to look miffed 😒 in every video with Imo. 👶🏻 - She apparently looks like Emilia Clarke...
  10. D_Wills

    Imogenation #39 Pingu lips, no fat on hips, put the tofu away and give her some chips

    I feel like we whizzed through that last thread! Our baby gal is giving us lots of content now she's trying to be a tiktoker. Excellent title by @hadtosaythis 🙌🏼 @Prefrontalmedialcortex take it away with your excellent recaps hunbun.
  11. Prefrontalmedialcortex

    Imogenation #38 Back by unpopular demand

    Thread title suggestion by me had the most votes huns! 🤗 - Imo is ✨ not complaining, just explaining ✨ on a daily basis. - She now identifies as a Youtuber trying to be a TikToker and is on TikTok live every day. 📹 - Spenny is also trying to add TikToker to his long list of skills of ex...
  12. Prefrontalmedialcortex

    Imogenation #37 #savespenny

    Thanks to myself for the thread title. 🤣 - Imo is still ✨ Not complaining, just explaining! ✨ - She takes every opportunity to try and sell her hunnystore shitkits 💋💄 because no one wants to buy them. - Spenny is looking haggered - hence the #SAVESPENNY in the thread title. 🆘 - She’s...
  13. Prefrontalmedialcortex

    Imogenation #36 ‘AD’s’ are misleading, shut up about breastfeeding, Spenny’s personality’s retreating!

    Thanks @AmandaGarceeeah for the thread title, I had to edit it slightly in order to fit. - Baby Renaelia has a thousand and one conditions. 👶🏻 - Munchy moo moos is short for Munchausen’s. 🥴 - Imo likes to remind us that she gave birth to Spenny’s twin. 🤰🏻 - No one knows this yet but Imo is...
  14. Discolights

    Imogenation #35 Imogens pallet is wack, spennys face resembles a wrinkley ballsack!

    Thanks to @Sosigfingers for the new title. - Immy has bought out new overpriced make up that looks like it’s been bulk bought off wish. - The reason Spenny looks so knackered is vitiligo and absolutely nothing to do with having to put up with Imogen for the past few years. - Poor Angelica is...
  15. Discolights

    Imogenation #34 Cheesy tits, Fanny’s in bits, But still it’s oh so magical

    Thanks to @Tellingthetruth123 for the title! Can you believe we are on thread 34. The best group of huns on the internet ❤️
  16. Discolights

    Imogenation #33 It’s pure and utter magic, shame your content’s so tragic.

    New thread! Thanks to @Prefrontalmedialcortex for the title
  17. Discolights

    Imogenation #32 imos showing her crack, spennys on crack, say crack again (crack)

    Thank you to @Cabbage_2021 for the title! Let’s crack on!
  18. D_Wills

    Imogenation #31 not complaining just explaining *while pregnant

    Will this be the thread where our Sweet Girl will be born!? Thread title by @If you say so... sadly I couldn't fit in *whilst pregnant* or #saveahmed. Forever in our thoughts though 💕 @Prefrontalmedialcortex over to you for your epic thread recaps angel. Mod edit title is too much and swear...
  19. Discolights

    Imogenation #30 The Husband, The Faker, and the creepy Candlestick Maker. *While Pregnant*

    Thanks to @Calabria for the thread title!
  20. timmy_1190

    Imogenation #29 spennys a state,salads irate and we mustn't talk about grimos weight

    New thread! Thanks to @boredinlockdown for the most liked title Edit- I did the last one wrong so corrected it
  21. calmyourritas

    Imogenation #28 passive aggressive, rather obsessive, foundation on face is excessive

    Phew finished work just in time to make the new thread! Thread title by @BaileyMC Do your thang @Prefrontalmedialcortex
  22. D_Wills

    Imogenation #27 refuses to leave capt Spennys side, even when hes on his daily bike ride

    Title creds to @Swish98 👏🏼👏🏼 *I added in the "capt'" couldn't fit captain haha 😂 @Prefrontalmedialcortex over to you angel!
  23. calmyourritas

    Imogenation #26 Up the duff with Spenny washing her muff

    Another new thread! Thread title by our girl @MrsWolf 💖 @Prefrontalmedialcortex please do the honours! 🥳
  24. calmyourritas

    Imogenation #25 Imo is preg and on the beg

    Welcome to thread 25 hunnies!!! Thread title by @If you say so... (I think it was most liked!) I’m sure some angel will do a previous thread recap for me but basically Imo is pregnant and it’s going to be the hardest pregnancy known to man. So many new members have joined us over the past few...
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