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Cassandra Stanwell O'Connor (born 1 April 1967) is an Australian politician, who has been a Tasmanian Greens member of the Tasmanian House of Assembly since 2008, representing the electorate of Division of Denison which was renamed to Clark in September 2018.
One of two Greens in the eight member cabinet, O'Connor was Minister for Human Services, Community Development, Climate Change and Aboriginal Affairs in the Bartlett and Giddings cabinets from 2011 until 2014.On 12 June 2015, O'Connor was confirmed as the new Greens leader in Tasmania, after the resignation of Kim Booth.

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  1. Loppylou89

    Cassy Clark #38 No school for bug n bun, let’s hope Johnny blue has brains cos the mother has none

    So she has taken the girls out of school. Finally admitted she got rid of Rocco after wanting him PTS. She's pregnant with Tommy Lee's baby and it is currently all kicking off with Jess' family after Cass has decided to name the baby Johnny Blue after Jess' son! Previous thread...
  2. _basic_

    Cassy Clark #37 Pretend millionaire traveller w/more miles on her minge than a RyanAir ✈️ & a wank bank 👶 in her undercarriage

    Thanks to @AngelBabes and @BackForTheTea for thread title, welcome in advance to any newcomers from Rich holiday Poor holiday and happy tattling Link to old thread: --- Quick update: Been on rich...
  3. AngelBabes

    Cassy Clark #36 If Pocahontas was a crackhead prozzie!

    @laylapink66 what an absolute corker of a comment from you. 👏🏼 Although it wasn’t a thread title suggestion, your comment was in the top ‘most liked’ posts and you definitely deserve to be the winner of the new thread title! 🏆 Link to the previous thread beauts! 😘...
  4. Loppylou89

    Cassy Clark #35 Cassy ain’t classy, she thinks she’s a hottie but we know she’s a porta potty!

    Well done to @AngelBabes for the thread title! You win a treatment of your choice with our cass! What’s next in store for cassy the porta potty?! Let’s find out…
  5. Kmux

    Cassy Clark #34

    New thread, wasn’t sure if we are allowed thread titles yet for her so didn’t chance it --- Previous thread
  6. _basic_

    Cassy Clark #33

    Sorry couldn’t find the last title suggestion and wasn’t sure if we were allowed one. Last thread:
  7. T

    Cassy Clark #32

    Thanks to @Noseypillowtalk20 for thread title. @Kayaking12 title suggestion of ‘Bug n bun n a proper sh*t mum’ also got same amount of likes. Selected noseypillows one simply because it was 1st suggested out the two. Previous thread...
  8. T

    Cassy Clark #31 Still a Medway bodger. Going back to G so she can get more todger!

    Previous thread As you were people 😊 Thanks to @NoseyMooMoo for thread title
  9. T

    Cassy Clark #30 Filling the house with sprout farts whilst G is living it up in Dubai with LC

    Previous thread As you were people, anyone care to do a recap?
  10. Brian Butterfield

    Cassy Clark #29

    New thread. It didn't feel right to give it a name in respect of her girls. I'm so worried for them. The damage she's doing to them is irreparable. I hope to God they are with their father this weekend. Cassy needs to be kept far, far away from them.
  11. D

    Cassy Clarke #28 Another man down still begging for cheap promos and acting like a clown

    Thank you to Omglol for thread title Last thread here: Can someone do a recap please.
  12. T

    Cassy Clark #27 Dogs galore, still a bore, making out she's rich when we know she's poor

    Winning thread title goes to @ChattyKathy80 with the most likes. Dogs galore, she's still a whore, making out she's rich when we know shes poor. Edited slightly to fit. Anyone care to do a recap?
  13. Mrsemo

    Cassy Clark #26 Tiles for floor & dogs galore, cant hide the fact that shes still a bore

    New thread. Thanks to @chubbychaser17 for the thread title.
  14. Mrsemo

    Cassy Clark #25 still shouting G’s her man! But too embarrassed to follow her on Instagram

    New thread..... Pull up a chair Mod edit - Jesus no! Please stop posting one or two words to watch a thread hit the watch button. It's just adding unnecessary scrolling!
  15. Mrsemo

    Cassy Clark #24 All femfreshed up and nowhere to go, the entire south east has had a go!

    Thanks to @Caz676 for the thread title suggestion with the most likes.
  16. Mrsemo

    Cassyanne Clark #21 The dog is not dead it was sold for bread.

    New Thread....
  17. Mrsemo

    Cassy Clark #20 Cassy and Zee, both banging G and sharing some D.

    New thread............
  18. Mrsemo

    Cassy Clark #19 has no fans, self harms when binned by lcs man has no1 left but I-lash shan

    New thread...... Had to slightly change and shorten title as only allowed a certain amount of words. Just reserving my seat...
  19. T

    Cassy Clark #18 Bug&bun a German mum. She craves G’s baby in her tum

    Bug and Bun and a German mum. All she craves is G’s baby in her tum. LV for LC but u got none Previous thread
  20. Mrsemo

    Cassy Clark #17 Fake lip kits, stinking pits.

    New thread. Thanks to @omiglol for the suggestion, had to tweak a bit for it to fit.
  21. Mrsemo

    Cassy Clark #16 Out again with her mate, total state, ditched by him, almost due date.

    Thanks to @Caralou for thread suggestion. Had to be shortened to fit. Wonder when Amy will pipe up on the new thread.
  22. Kmux

    Cassy Clark #15 CassyAnne you've been on the packet, give G back his ugly jacket

    Thought I would start the new one. This was the most liked thread suggestion by @Lgrace90 , edited slightly as I think admin would shut it down if it had a swear word in it. Last thread-...
  23. Mrsemo

    Cassy Clark #14 Cassyanne with her dodgy tan, deleting her lives before George Boy can!

    New thread. Thanks for the title suggestion @nddyrojjy