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Cassandra Stanwell O'Connor (born 1 April 1967) is an Australian politician, who has been a Tasmanian Greens member of the Tasmanian House of Assembly since 2008, representing the electorate of Division of Denison which was renamed to Clark in September 2018.
One of two Greens in the eight member cabinet, O'Connor was Minister for Human Services, Community Development, Climate Change and Aboriginal Affairs in the Bartlett and Giddings cabinets from 2011 until 2014.On 12 June 2015, O'Connor was confirmed as the new Greens leader in Tasmania, after the resignation of Kim Booth.

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  1. Cassy Clark #13 Saggy Anne can’t keep a man, even faked a baby but he still ran

    New thread for juice plus pusher and all round general bullshitter and home wrecker cassy Anne Clarke aka Cassandra Zimmerman Mod edit: added title, number and right tag. Please report the last thread as soon as a new one is created to that the mods can close it!
  2. Cassy Clark #12 Cassandra the middle aged (looking) mutant covic turtle

    Cassy Clarke new thread
  3. Cassy Clark #11 ‘Him’ must have super sperm impregnating different girls at every turn!

    New thread... hope I don't get a ban for this! Thanks @KateToTheParty for the thread title
  4. Cassy Clark #10

    [email protected] Tandem for the new thread title
  5. Cassy Clark #9

    Had to shorten the thread title original title is #9 her house is vile,got the police on speed dial,Where’s the mates it’s been a while? Thankyou to @keytotruth with most like lolo setting the Trent wearing mask in this covic lolo
  6. Cassy Clark #8

    Thanks to #justanothermanicmumday for the new thread suggestion. Had to edit a bit to make it fit.
  7. Cassy Clark #7

    cassyanne Clark continued ..... take it away 🤣😂
  8. Cassy Clark #4 Bags on the wall, she really is a tool, get up and take your kids to school

    Thank you to @Truthhurts_x for the title suggestion, I had to edit it slightly to fit so hope that’s ok. Also hope I’ve created this correctly, I know we were all a bit clueless on the last thread 🤣
  9. Cassy Clark #3 fake abbs full of crabs never looking after her little babs

    New thread Thanks for the suggestion @Jh492 with the most votes 🙌
  10. Cassy Smith #2 Classy Cassy, The Juice Plus Fraudster

    New thread 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️
  11. Cassy Smith - juice plus

    Surprisingly i couldn't find a thread on her. I don't know what it is about her but her whole personality doesn't sit right with me. Any gossip?
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