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    Nicola Ryan AKA Nikki Ryan AKA Fopperholic, aged 40, 'lost 3 stone in 3 months' over 20 years ago with Slimming World and has built her career and social media on this ever since. Though figures in magazine articles suggest it was more like 2.5 stone and she's been losing and regaining the same half a stone ever since. She was a consultant and team leader/area team manager? (the job title changes a lot) for Slimming World for about 15 years before leaving in 2019 to be a stay at home mum with her two boys. She had IVF 3 times and on the last go got pregnant with the twin boys, Grayson and Lawson born September 2018. She is married to golf coach Chris Ryan, they got married in 2015 in Hogarth.

    Her threads on Tattle started in December 2018 not long after having the boys. A lot of the comments on the threads come from people who were once fans of Nikki but feel she changed considerably following their birth, and who were sometimes blocked from following her after posting ‘negative’ comments or offering their opinions on things she did.

    Brand Work/Ads/Gifted items

    • Ella’s kitchen- she posted a screenshot of an upcoming collab with Ella’s Kitchen- people commented on their social media to warn Ella’s Kitchen that Fopperholic was not the person to collab with for children’s eating as she had plainly had her children following a SW diet
    • The Lilash debacle- did a collab with Lilash for their eyelash serum- it was pointed out to them that she had told people several times to put the brow serum on their eyelashes and she also regularly mentioned she uses spit on her eyelashes. They quickly dropped the collab
    • Not following brands she receives gifts from
    • Not declaring brand work properly- 16th November 2021 she was added to the ASA’s list of non compliant influencers. This is seriously bad considering how many influencers exist and that the list is so small. It means they have tried to address her not declaring work properly and she’s ignored it just carried on. Complete disregard for the rules of her job and for her followers. See this post for the screenshots of the ASA website
    • Selling gifted items for her own gain- for example she was gifted two moses baskets then was caught selling them online and posted prams for sale for around £800 altogether when some were gifted to her and
    • Posting swipe ups for anything she possibly can
    • She went to a Fitbit event to promote their new watch and particularly the sleep benefits. It was an event based around good sleep- she posted the next day saying she'd slept terribly.

    Cosmetic Work/Filtering of Photos

    Slimming World/Calorie Counting/’Disordered Eating’

    • 12 Week Starvation plan- she paid £600 to a 'fitness coach' i.e. not a qualified dietciain, nutritionist or PT, to do a 12 week plan leading up to her 40th birthday, this was a seriously restrictive plan (around 1200 cals per day plus daily workouts and 10k steps her day), not surprisingly the results didn't last. she is constantly 'drawing the line' and starting some form of dieting again to lose the same 10 or so pounds.
    • Her disordered eating- taking a boiled egg to a hen party for example, sniffing desserts instead of just having one.
    • Obsession with “protein hit” like grenade bars- claims to aim for 100g of protein a day
      Thinking she’s an expert on everything- currently calls herself a ‘weight loss expert’ on her Instagram despite having no formal qualifications
    • She was restricting her calories long before officially moving away from SW- would always weigh pasta etc
    • Mentions things like using 'cleaning spray' on the boys leftovers- classic sign of disordered eating; see this post for proof;
    • Was advised during her two week wait for ivf to try McDonald’s chips as some women found it increased chance of success- she made SW chips instead
    • Posted an ‘on plan’ meal within a day she got home with the boys. She also in the past congratulated a member in her group for losing weight a week after giving birth.

    Questionable parenting/Exploitation of her boys

    • She was blatantly disappointed she was having twin boys. She says in several videos during her pregnancy she would have loved a girl and always pictured herself having one daughter, not two boys. Her own mother shouts 'you've got another egg' several times during her gender reveal video once its revealed its two boys (see about 8.57 into the video)
    • She blatantly favoured Grayson to begin with, Lawson was always sidelined. Then once Lawson started being the more advanced one in terms of speech and so on, he has become the favourite child. It's only really from viewing stories over time you would notice this
    • Giving off a dangerous view on life with babies/ toddlers which is unrealistic- she is very strict with their routines, they were sleep trained at only a couple of months old and into their own rooms. Her mother had to replicate the nursery in her house so the boys wouldn't get out of routine.
    • C Section advice just a few weeks after hers
    • Shady about how much time they were spending in nursery and with her parents and how much help she always had (only recently admitted they're in nursery two days and not one because someone saw her on a Friday dropping them off and only admitted her mum had them every week when again someone said they saw her parents with the boys)
    • She has never been capable of minding the boys on her own- she used to get her mum or sister round for bath time when Chris would work late one night a week
    • She was always obsessed with following their routine (would go to bed early on holiday and they would sit in the dark so the boys could still go to bed at a normal time)
    • She used her new born miracle twins for a Cashback ad when they had barely been born
    • She claimed their lack of development was due to their “prematurity” even though they were born healthy weights (35 weeks for twins is excellent as 37 weeks is full term) they had no NICU stay and were home the next day. She did an advert for Pampers showing a premature baby nappy, which the boys would never even have used- see this post for proof
    • She either changed the boys names or got their names mixed up on the first photo she shared of them as the names are clearly above the wrong twin;
    • After much commenting on tattle about the boys still lying on their backs at 10 months, Nikki did a sob story on YouTube saying she ‘never knew’ she had to help them sit up, despite apparently wanting children for years and spending so much time online she never did any research (about 15mins in to this video)
    • Similarly she gave up on breastfeeding as she ‘didn’t know’ how much she would need to pump for twins
    • Claimed the boys were walking months before they did (apparently to avoid the same criticism over the sitting up) and is now doing the same thing with potty training
    • Always portrays herself as being so bubbly and LOVES being a mum- yet looked like a stroppy teenager in some footage captured by a baby group they went to (her mum is with her and trying to get her involved and clearly she’s having none of it, in another she causes Lawson to trip then just walks off) and
    • She was gifted very expensive rear facing car seats for the boys and said she was very passionate about extended rear facing, yet turned them forward facing not longer after. The headrests are also never properly adjusted with the top of the boys heads often higher than the back of the seats (she also sold previously gifted car seats for £135 each then only spent £32 each on car seats for her parents car)
    • She uses the boys for content all the time even when they clearly don’t want to. She has posed them numerous times (put Lawson on top of a coffee table once then claimed he climbed up-they weren’t even crawling at this stage, always shows them with food smeared round their mouths even at 2 1/2 but it’s obvious she’s told them to do it or done it herself as she never actually films them doing it) she posted a reel of her throwing their clothes at them and Lawson was visibly upset by the end but she carried on
    • Filters every picture of her children. Here’s a recent example, her fence should be grey but is blue in this picture.
    • Since about July 2020 people started noticing what appeared to be a squint in Grayson’s eye. People had asked Nikki about this on her Instagram but she had denied it, deleted and blocked the users. There are some pictures here to show why people were concerned;
      If you search the site, no one ever said anything bad about Grayson’s appearance or that the squint was negative in any way. It was only ever mentioned as a concern as Nikki had never addressed it and seemed reluctant to address it. Many users mentioned their own experiences and how delaying treatment would only be a hindrance to the child. On 23rd March 2021 Nikki posted on her Instagram saying the boys were both going for routine eye tests. Several people pointed out eye tests were not routine at their age unless there was a concern, and definitely not during a pandemic. Nikki posted a reel of the boys talking about seeing Dr’s and ambulances etc, clearly going to a hospital and not for a routine test. The next day she changed her story on a rant on her stories, saying she told the HV people had made ‘unkind’ comments about a squint, so they were offered a test. (again, she is implying its an unkind thing i.e. a negative thing to have a squint- no one on tattle ever said it was a bad thing). She also showed a letter from the hospital saying it was an appointment for both, not just Grayson (yet the handwriting is different for both names- Lawsons name potentially added?- it doesn't really matter if it was just Grayson so why lie????)


    • Sending someone an aggressive voice note- (you will need to download this to listen to it)
    • Cease and Desist that she sent to another Instagram user who called her out for something
    • Has made several remarks about mental health and how she is above it- she was ‘too grateful’ to get PND and too positive to get depression because she’s read ‘The Secret’
    • She’s regularly quite short and rude to questions her followers ask. Yet she replies gushingly to celebs she doesn’t even know.
    • In March 2022 Luisa Zissman made a post lambasting those who had asked her whether she would be making any posts about other war zones or was it just white Europeans she cared about. She told her followers to fuck off and our Nic was right in the thick of it cheering her on

    Fast fashion/Obsession with buying clothes and ‘sizing down’

    • Does huge hauls of new clothes claiming she needs them as she’s ‘smaller’ than ever, but her weight fluctuates constantly depending on what level of starvation she’s at
    • Did a massive haul on youtube during secondhandseptember in 2019, claimed she couldn't fit a double buggy in charity shops
    • Example of excessive spending- She's been spotted in no less than nine different coats since October 2020 and posted about another new one in March 2021
    • She regularly flaunts ‘designer’ items such as belts, bags and trainers. Yet we never see any boxes or dust bags and she doesn’t appear to take very good care of them. Questions have been asked whether they are in fact genuine or fakes. Especially as they don’t have money to spend doing a decent job on their house. Latest ‘designer’ item are a £650 pair of Balenciaga trainers though they seem different to the genuine ones


    • Claims to have a business degree but we’ve never seen ANY evidence of it- she says she slimmed down originally for her graduation photo but then has never shown it in ANY of her magazine interviews or on social media. There’s no sign of a degree certificate anywhere in the house even though she has slimming world awards on show
    • She has shockingly poor grammar and spelling for someone apparently educated to degree level
    • Sw- what actually happened- she claims to have quit to spend more time at home, but other consultants have come on tattle saying she was fired/told to quit because she wouldn’t stop doing ads/collabs with brands which goes against SW rules
    • She started off saying social media was a hobby. Now claims she ‘works part time’ as a ‘content creator’ but has done very little brand work this year at all
    • Her social media income changes from being a job, to being savings for the boys, to being donated to charity, to only ‘being pennies’
    • She said she wanted to spend more time with the boys so gave up a 1 day a week job at SW, but they’re now in nursery two days a week and with her mum at least one day


    • Says she can’t drink caffeine but also admits to drinking Pepsi Max everyday
    • Her and Chris regularly buy themselves designer clothes, but they couldn’t afford to properly rearrange or update their kitchen during their extension, so the oven and fridge are now in the dining area of the extension rather than the kitchen
    • Again they have all these designer items, but she buys the boys second hand wellies and had to give up her PT- then spent £600 on a 12 week starvation course with a ‘friend’ (we suspect there was a discount of some sort for her promoting it constantly though this has never been declared)
    • Reuses pictures- chicken or salmon?
    • Takes pictures outside The Ivy, even though she didn’t actually eat there, all about giving the impression they’re well off
    • Appeared in a newspaper as a ‘mum on a budget’ saying she batch cooks (there had never been any evidence of this) and she appears to spend hundreds every month
    • Actually asked people if she should call Tesco ahead of doing her shopping to reserve a double trolley
    • A tattler said they heard her saying in the GPs that she was exempt from paying for prescriptions due to maternity (boys were 2 at this stage)


    • Continued to go shopping as a family of four despite being in a pandemic
    • Flew to Florida on the 11th March 2020 as she was determined to get her insta Disneyland pictures. She insisted to people who commented concern about her dad going (in his 70s and had recently had stent surgery) that he was fit and healthy, but used his condition when complaining to virgin that they were stuck and couldn't get home
    • Went to every single soft play and baby group she could when everything reopened, back to the gym, weekends away, out shopping etc. Goes shopping 3-4 times a week during lockdown. Films hauls whilst in supermarkets. Travels miles and miles to different parks during lockdown despite having parks near her home.
    • Had more holidays and weekend aways with Chris during the last year than most people would have in a normal year
    • Goes round touching things in supermarkets she’s not even buying, just to take pictures for ‘content’ (see here her blatantly rearranging ice creams for a picture and doesn’t appear to have actually purchased any)