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They are a vlogging family who's were once riding high and having garden parties with Zoella (Zoe Sugg) until it was alleged that Chris Ingham was having illicit relationships with young fans.
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  1. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #239 Rough as... Avoid

    Congratulations @Impleo Huge thanks to Gazza for your contribution! TLDR - The huge SURPRISE reveal of the holiday to Mexico was ruined. After a tip off from a Tattle post I stumbled upon a photo on TripAdvisor of Sarah and the chuldren in the Bahia Principe Grand Coba hotel pool. It sounds a...
  2. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #238 SuperCallousfragilisticEsmeBragadotious

    Congratulations @bleachedblonde TLDR - Other influencers who went on the PR trip to Dubai have appeared on the Kayak website. The Inghams have been snubbed. Oh the irony after last year's Kayak Paul saga. - The Inghams pissed off parents at Esme and Isla's dance school when they said the...
  3. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #237 Its official! The Inghams talk poop!

    Congratulations @Happyshopper1 Edited for the swear TLDR - Sarah called people weirdo stalkers after she made it easy to find Esme and Isla's dance school. This is the same woman who stalked people to find out their addresses so she could send a lawyer letter to them in order to protect her...
  4. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #236 Shringe cringe, free food binge, tomato tinge and sweaty minge

    Congratulations @mags TLDR - A camera crew has been seen following the Inghams around so they're obviously working with a company to film an ad. - Vlogs are being uploaded out of order to try and confuse everyone. - Sarah is still photoshopping herself to a size 10 when she's clearly size 20+...
  5. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #235 Sarah why dubai those awful clothes?

    Congratulations @michanson TLDR - The Inghams took a few days off as the were on holidays and were scared Tattlers would contact the company that gave it to them and they'd lose the freebie. That company is heavily speculated to be Kayak. Oh and they haven't declared the ad. - Sarah posted a...
  6. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #234 Piido on a Fiido

    Congratulations @Malcolm Conkers TLDR - The Inghams were gifted some electric bikes by Fiido in an attempt to get fit. - Tape was put on top of the straps of Mila's cast after Tattlers pointed out how filthy it is. - Sarah left the camera in a shop. No one stole it though, if it even happened...
  7. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #233 Chris DeLonge: Putting The #### Into Scunthorpe

    Congratulations @Malcolm Conkers TLDR - Isabelle's GCSEs have started. She was nervous to go in on her own on the first day. She accidentally left 20 minutes early today. Sarah the bitch keeps pressuring her by telling her it doesn't matter if she fails as she can resit them in January. -...
  8. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #232 The lying, the wig and the wardrobes (that still need doing)

    Congratulations @Happyshopper1 TLDR - Sarah has worked out who a Tattler is and is going to confront them at playgroup. I hope she gets kicked out for causing a scene. We've got your back @CheeseOnBeansOnToast - Chris thinks Sarah's tits are disgusting. - Isabelle's GCSEs start this week but...
  9. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #231 Massive, huge, big surprise for Sarah!!! Your husband still likes teens..

    Congratulations @ThatMrsB TLDR - Big Frank SURPRISED Sarah by returning to her lip. - Chris and Sarah renovated the balcony (which looks like it's falling apart) by moving the garden sofa that was dumped at the end of the garden up there. - Sarah gave Isabelle a SURPRISE by making her a lunch...
  10. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #230 I've got a brand new combine harvester, do you wanna come skinny dipping with me?

    Congratulations @ThatMrsB TLDR - Esme hurt her ankle in Ireland and could barely walk with Isabelle carrying her around everywhere but neither of her useless so-called parents bothered to take her to hospital to make sure it wasn't broken. - Sarah admitted they did no research before heading...
  11. Kat5998

    The Ingham Family #229 Travelling with the pox, channel on the rocks, where are the baby's socks?

    New thread! title “#229 Travelling with the pox, channel on the rocks, where are the baby's socks?” came from both @Charlotte1993 and @Puppet
  12. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #228 You've been hit by, you've been struck two syllables

    Congratulations @WhoTheFunkIsAlice, shortened to fit TLDR - The Inghams are still in Ireland but seem to be heading back towards Dublin. Mila's cast change is next week. They've been to Kylemore Abbey, Killary Fjord (the only fjord in Ireland according to Sarah🤡), Doolough Valley, Omey...
  13. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #227 Chris said "don't watch the vlogs," the fans said "okay," and now they average 22k

    Congratulations @nowest9 TLDR - The Inghams are still on their Irish Roadtrip. They spent a few days in an Air BnB on Achill Island. Today Sarah posted a photo of them in Doolough Valley. - Isla celebrated her 10th birthday with a ton of cheap clothes, dolls designed for 5 year olds, a...
  14. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #226 Do your views hang low, can you tie them in a bow

    Congratulations @jolou123 TLDR - More time is being spent in hotels than in the van. They stayed in a house in Dooagh, Achill island for a few days for Isla's birthday. They took a day off to hide from the ifam as they were still on the Island. - They've made Ireland look shit. Beach, cliff...
  15. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #225 How Much DeLonger Can They Drag This Out?

    Congratulations @Malcolm Conkers TLDR - The Inghams continue their tour of the Wild Atlantic Way, wild camping (aka staying in hotels) along the way. No footage of van-lifeing has actually been seen - They have visited a few places including Fanad Lighthouse and Malin Head. They drove 2 hours...
  16. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #224 Chris Ingham Officially Least Popular Fiddler in Ireland.

    Congratulations @Malcolm Conkers TLDR - The Inghams have left for their Wild West (Atlantic Way) Adventure. They set off a day late after claiming Jace vomited twice due to a sickness bug or travel sickness. - Once they arrived in Ireland they left double-in (Dublin) and set off for the west...
  17. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #223 Sponsoring the Ingham family is axkid for trouble

    Congratulations @Malcolm Conkers TLDR - According to a new Tattler, who allegedly attends the same playgroup Sarah goes to, the Ingham are heading off to Ireland in the DPD van for a fortnight this week. The police are allegedly investigating a Welsh fan who drove to the house; it was...
  18. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #222 Dick head Van Dyke in crappy crappy Van Van

    Congratulations @YoYo Edited the title to remove the swears. TLDR - Mila had her spica cast changed without any difficulty, to her parents' devastation. Chris and Sarah wanted to keep the cast but the surgeon said no. The anaesthetist *allegedly* wiped Chris's creepy eyes when he started...
  19. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #221 Dyeing hair on a dying channel

    Congratulations @Gilded Turkey TLDR - The Inghams' next door neighbour has submitted an objection to the staircase leading to the secret rooms above the garage. They have complained about seeing the feral Ingham children using the stairs as a climbing frame and creepy Chris filming other...
  20. Saddlesoap

    The Ingham Family #220 finding content is becoming a slog, they’ve exploited the kids so now it the dog

    Congratulations @Meisify2 Recap - Drove an hour to a cabin for a holiday. They were excited about the hot tub. Did they forget they have one? - We witnessed more culinary delights from Sarah. Our cholesterol went up from just watching the vlogs - Sarah blamed Isla for forgetting her swimsuit...
  21. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #219 Who is most likely to object to the Inghams? Beltoft Parish Council.

    Congratulations @sunniva TLDR - Sarah removed an LOL ad off her Instagram feed after Tattlers informed the company about the Inghams' history. - Chris spent most of the 'Who is most likely to' vlog eye fucking himself or staring at Isabelle. We found out that Chris pisses in the hot tub, they...
  22. OliviaPope

    The Ingham Family #218 Roseabelle Manor, Lazy of the house speaking.

    Top voted title @Dragon100 suggestion put forward by @Pastel. Honourable mentions of thread title suggestions• •Transforming our house into the Vagina Manor @AutumnGhost •The Vagina Manor-logs @Lady Mary @Sally1993 for their brilliant summary of Home Educashion - Ingham style @Ruby2233 for...
  23. M

    The Ingham Family #217 Taxi for Mr. DeLonge

    Congratulations @Malcolm Conkers for the winning thread name - an excellent suggestion with a massive 133 votes (at the time of writing this) and also the most liked post of the whole last thread. Woop woop! 🥳 If anyone would like to post a recap of the last thread please, that would be great.
  24. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #216 Grow up you prat, you are almost middle aged, have some dignity.

    Congratulations @Kikini Bamalam and thank you to @Neck lace for nominating it as a title. TLDR - Mila (aka the tiniest baby Sheffield Chuldrens Hospital ever did see) had surgery on her hip and it went well. Chris tried and failed to squeeze out a few tears out whilst Sarah tried and failed...
  25. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #215 Selling our children's medical privacy, to fund our vagina table shopping spree.

    Congratulations @nowest9 TLDR - Jace came home from hospital and was required to perform on camera within minutes. - Mila had her surgery on Monday. Sarah posted a photo of Chris holding her and Tattle pointed out how feminine he looks. Sarah posted a photo of herself in a pose worthy of...
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