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They are a vlogging family who's were once riding high and having garden parties with Zoella (Zoe Sugg) until it was alleged that Chris Ingham was having illicit relationships with young fans.
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  1. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #212 The Ingham's stupidity can’t be mended, their reckless actions can’t be defended

    Congratulations @michanson TLDR - Chris and Sarah had an appointment with Mila's consultant on Wednesday (yesterday) at 8am before she has her surgery at the end of the month. We should find out more about what was said tomorrow as they're 2 days behind and taking Wednesday off filming. - The...
  2. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #211 Mingham mentality - Trips before Hips

    Congratulations @SooooAnyway TLDR - Mila is having her surgery..... but only after the Inghams drag her off for another 'holiday'. It looked like they left today. - Chris paid a visit to A&E for belly ache. He'll probably have more than belly ache to worry about if any of his victims parents...
  3. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #210 B&M glamour at Rosabelle Manor

    Congratulations @sunniva TLDR - The Inghams have named their house Rosabelle Manor. Manor! MANOR! Bit ironic considering almost (not Mila... yet) everyone who lives there is feral and has no manners. - Sarah is seeking a second opinion on Mila's hip because she doesn't understand the...
  4. thegreencow

    Ingham Family #209 Obese, grease and carpet crease. The Minghams are shameless and continue to fleece

    Congratulations @SooooAnyway TLDR - The Mila doll was unveiled (£434 at full price). She is a downgrade from the Jace doll with painted on hair and looking identical to a doll called Rose that Mary Shortle sells. Her clothes are Portuguese as a homage to being conceived on the island. OK...
  5. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #208 Who are these kids even going to text? Childline?

    Congratulations @PeachyJam @ruserious and @WhatwouldPrinnyDo TLDR - Another day, another Ingham (Reborn) baby on the way. Sarah confirmed that the new Mila doll will be announced on 1st January. - Sarah has finally realised she got Isabelle two of the same pictures for Christmas. - Chris...
  6. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #207 ITS A DOUBLE VLOG I SAID!

    Congratulations @sunniva TLDR - 12 year old Esme still believes in Santa thanks to her useless parents, who have sheltered her and her siblings from the outside world. Esme believes she filmed 'Santa' on her iPad (it was actually Chris sticking his arm through the door). - Christmas Day...
  7. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #206 Sarah Ingham is a runt with a massive gunt

    Congratulations @Joris Bobson edited for the swear word TLDR - The Inghams are still decorating the house for Christmas. Estimated completion date is Boxing Day 2053. - Isla seems to be regressing even more. This week she was filmed getting excited about toys for 5 year olds, climbing into...
  8. Saddlesoap

    The Ingham Family #205 Forget about your actifry chips and concentrate on your poor child's hips

    Congratulations @SooooAnyway on the new title. Brief recap. Mila's hip is worse. Most likely because they left her in a car seat for three months while they travelled drove around Europe, but of course that's not their fault.
  9. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #204 Vlogmas is going down the Bogmas

    Congratulations @Fisherwomen and thank you to @PamSlams for suggesting it as the title TLDR - The Vlogmas intro arrived and Sarah has lost about 10 stone in it. - Sarah continues to put Christmas trees up in ever available space in Motorway Mansion. It'll be Boxing Day before he's finished at...
  10. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #203 Got more work than you can handle? Go and light that Poundland candle.

    Congratulations @SooooAnyway TLDR - The road trip ended well for Sarah when poor Esme cut her finger and had to go to hospital for stitches. There's nothing like a good old fashioned bit of clickbait. The nurse had to hold Esme's hand whilst Mother of the Year filmed her. - The Inghams are...
  11. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #202 I've got my tree up Sarah

    Congratulations @WhittlingIhopMonkey and @Kitty2020 for the title TLDR - Christmas will be spent at home this year, instead of going to Forest Holidays. - Chris and Sarah took their 4 month old baby to the top of a 10,000ft mountain. Sarah could taste blood and felt unwell at the top but she...
  12. snapdrag0n

    The Ingham Family #201 When are you coming home? When they want to!

    Well done to @RealWelshWitch for winning the thread title! And absolute classic for sure! Old thread if you need to catch up Short TLDR (someone please...
  13. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #200 I would drive 200 miles, and drive 200 more, just to visit a Flying Tiger store.

    Wooooohoooohooooo!!!! First of all I'd like to congratulate Chris and Sarah for doing something few others have achieved. There have been maggots eaten, two babies born out of desperation for money, a baby abandoned on a beach, many child illness/ injury clickbaits, numerous appearances in...
  14. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #199 The Vlogs are so boring, even big Frank stayed at home!

    Congratulations to @Ghost82 TLDR - Went to Rome but couldn't do anything because they're unvaccinated they were unable to find a parking spot. Moan, moan, moan and another moan. - Chris hates people who pretend to know about history but don't. Pot, kettle... - We seem to be getting more...
  15. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #198 Vlogs are a Pisa crap.

    Congratulations to @Saddlesoap TLDR - The Inghams are now in Italy. Pisa to be precise. Hopefully Sarah doesn't lean against the tower and make it lean ever further, or knock it over completely. - They faked being stopped by the police to try and convince everyone the seats and seatbelts are...
  16. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #197 Anyway, Guys

    Congratulations @WhittlingIhopMonkey TLDR - The long awaited van tour was finally uploaded. It was filmed over 2 weeks and 45 minutes long but a 5 year old could've done a better job. The video told us the feral Inghams shower outdoors, wash Jace in the sink, don't install the car seats...
  17. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #196 Creepy gives Jace a smack, Lazy pulls knickers out of her crack

    Congratulations @xxme2uxx TLDR - Chris uploaded a vlog containing a clip of him hitting Jace on the foot. Tattlers are divided over whether it was a tap or smack. Either way the vlog was taken down, the clip deleted and the vlog reuploaded with comments turned off. the clip is available to...
  18. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #195 He promised me the world.. we keep going to Benidorm instead

    Congratulations to @Gotmepopcorn for originally posting this comment and @poultonlefylde for suggesting it as the title. TLDR - Another Sunday upload was missed. This time the excuse was that Chis forgot to charge his MacBook. - Sarah was filmed pulling a wedging out of her minge. - The Ifam...
  19. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #194 Sarah can swim 100 lengths, but having a bath isn't one of her strengths

    Congratulations @Zade TLDR - This week the Inghams returned to the campsite where they abandoned Jace on the beach two years ago. - Two big boxes of chocolate and biscuits have made an appearance. It looks like they raided the confectionary aisle of every single petrol station in the county of...
  20. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #193 Winch Me Up Before You Go-Go.

    Congratulations @Malcolm Conkers TLDR - Sarah bragged about all the fan mail they were sent. It was all tat and nothing compared to what they used to receive. - The annual European roadtrip kicked off a couple of days ago as the Inghams threw everything into the back of the incomplete DPD...
  21. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #192 there, their, they're

    Congratulations to @Big frank TLDR - Sarah has finally admitted they're no longer vegetarian. Long story short is they couldn't be bothered. Esme confirmed Sarah's lie about them not eating fish when she said they can cook tuna pasta in the DPD van. - Chris's 'mate' triple checked the...
  22. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #191 Kids watch out overhead, your mum's on the winched up plywood bed

    Congratulations @Hatshepsut TLDR - The Inghams went to Alton Towers, where Isabelle and Esme were barely allowed out of Lazy's sight. Creepy made a big song and dance about changing a flat tyre and drove around on the spare one for several days. - Creepy panicked when he had to do five...
  23. Saddlesoap

    The Ingham Family #190 Sleeping in a dodgy little van, won't save your channel from going down the pan

    #190 Forcing your kids to sleep in a dodgy little van, won't save your channel from going down the pan. Had to edit to fit, sorry @Itsokshweetaaat Recap, from what I can remember - Isabelle had a crap 16th birthday celebrations, poor girl. No cake, balloons, banners. - Isabelle dragged to...
  24. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #189 Haterz are just too mean, "Pipe down!" warns Sarah38teen

    Congratulations @poultonlefylde TLDR - Lazy told people to pipe down when they were concerned about Jace's eye. - Someone at Gulliver's Valley told Lazy that she looks under 18. - Jace will probably need to have surgery for his squint as it hasn't improved. - Isabelle was given stationary...
  25. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #188 Your channel is sinking. You should have put buoyancy aids on!

    Congratulations @Fisherwomen TLDR - Isla continues to be neglected and ignored - The great campervan renovation continues - Isabelle and Esme continue to be scared of everything - The next Ingham Q&A is due to be uploaded this week prepare for lots of damage control. - Isabelle begged the...
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