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They are a vlogging family who's were once riding high and having garden parties with Zoella (Zoe Sugg) until it was alleged that Chris Ingham was having illicit relationships with young fans.
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  1. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #261 Big Saz says she’s a fat cow, couldn’t agree with her more.

    Congratulations @Ruby2233. Edited for the swear. TLDR - The Inghams were spotted by @HowdyHo in Gainsborough on Friday. - Mila is covered in bruises thanks to Jace the brat. Her neck was filthy in the Gainsborough vlog. She was also allowed to run around the kitchen with a lollypop, even...
  2. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #260 Sarah Louise Ingham - Cut that out.

    Congratulations @Kitty2020 TLDR - Christmas has almost arrived so the annual transformation of Rosabelle Manor has begun. - Jace's cot has finally been converted to a toddler bed. - Shopaholic Sarah didn't know how the Tesco Clubcard worked so had to ask Duchess of Seacroft Katrina about it...
  3. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #259 No one cares what Sarah says

    Congratulations @babybelle TLDR - Jace has to wear an eye patch for at least 2 hours a day for 6 weeks as his squint has turned into a lazy eye. He will need surgery between the ages of 7 and 9 years old but Sarah wants to bring it forward because she knows the channel won't last until Jace...
  4. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #258 Sarah and Chri-eepy Ingham, YouTube's biggest scroungers

    Congratulations @Gotmepopcorn TLDR - The Inghams dressed up for Halloween but ended up just looking their usual grubby selves. They hyped it up but it was a huge disappointment like everything they do. Chris decided it was a great idea to put a bin bag on his head to complete his American...
  5. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #257 It’s probably breast not to listen to what Sarah says.

    Congratulations @Malcolm Conkers TLDR - Tattler @HeebyGeeby spotted Chris, Jace and Isla at Ikea yesterday (Wednesday). That clip was in today's vlog so they're back to being one day behind. Chris is building a media wall in the kitchen. - The Inghams let a mouse slowly die in distress...
  6. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #256 Pimping your daughter to pay the bills, giving perverts 20 quid thrills

    Congratulations @curious cookie jar TLDR - Chris said he got Sarah a phone as a present but it was probably just part of the phone contract.. Sarah straightened his hair and tried to make him look presentable for Hi Steve's birthday party. - Chris admitted a 17 year old is not an adult. - The...
  7. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #255 Chris Ingham Cheated On You, Sarah

    Congratulations @nowest9 TLDR - The Inghams are back in the UK. They stayed overnight in a Toby Carvery car park in Kent before travelling to London for a night in a Premier Inn and to do the Stranger Things Experience. Possible freebie but unconfirmed. - Upon returning to the UK the Ingham...
  8. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #254 There's Norway Christmas is going to save your channel!

    Good morning everyone. New day, new thread. Congratulations @nowest9 TLDR - The Inghams are currently in Nuremburg. Chris attempted to speak German and Sarah was more interested in a cake. The thumbnail was inappropriate and they seemed to have no knowledge of the city's dark history. -...
  9. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #253 Comb over to my place Creepy, said no one ever šŸ˜‚

    Congratulations @Ruby2233 TLDR - Inghams will be home soon as they need to save Schengen time for later this year (possibly a trip to Lapland). They're currently in Greece on the vlogs. They're getting a ferry to Italy to cut off some time getting home. - The Inghams didn't like Corfu as...
  10. S

    The Ingham Family #252 Hello, you foo, I love you. C'mon join the Ifam

    Winning title from @Neck lace Recap - Lake - beach - lake - beach, rinse repeat on the content but no rinsing being done on the family.
  11. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #251 The most amazing trip you ever did see...scrolling through tattle in a sex AirBnb

    Congratulations @Sunshineandshadows TLDR - The Inghams are currently in Croatia on their European lake roadtrip. - Sarah, Queen of has paid tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II in order to stay relevant - The Inghams checked into some sort of weird brothel/sex hotel for Isabelle's 17th...
  12. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #250 Chris Ingham, Knob.

    Congratulations @GeordieGossipGirl TLDR - Someone called Chris a knob in the background of the vlog. - Jace was seen kicking pigeons and punching Mila. Mila has been seen with a pretty sore armpit. - Sarah criticised tourists who drop litter, leave bags of dog poo and graffiti in Venice. -...
  13. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #249 No exam results, no life vests, no shame and no flipping sense

    Congratulations @SooooAnyway TLDR - Inghams are currently in Switzerland on their tour of Europe's lakes. - They did the wrap slap challenge months after it was a trend and spent the entire time spitting water in each other's faces. Chris was very aggressive as well. - Sarah uploaded a reel to...
  14. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #248 Mama was there avengeance in the Medieval Victorian times?

    Congratulations @Itsnotmeitsyou TLDR - Sarah posted a confusing Instagram post about how Isabelle supposedly got a 9 in GCSE English. The whole post was confusing and she said Isabelle wouldn't have got a 9 if she had been at school. - Don't call Sarah mum. Mama or Mummy only. - Footage of...
  15. Saddlesoap

    The Ingham Family #247 Woahh what a feeling, when you're dancing on the celin

    Ingham's are on another *Epic* *Pow* *Wow* roadtrip in the DPD van of doom. Currently making The Magic Kingdom Disneyland Paris look shit. They may yet return to the Island of Portugal, but we expect them to visit Scandinavia. Lazy doesn't care' how Izzy does in her GCSEs. They stayed in a...
  16. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #246 Sarah, there’s nar whale you’re a 14/16

    Congratulations @curious cookie jar TLDR - Another road trip is underway. They left several hours late and Chris left all the lovely clothes Sarah got for him at home. Destination guesses from Tattlers include Scandinavia, Iceland (not the supermarket, Sarah wishes) and a return to the Island...
  17. DownBelow21

    The Ingham Family #245 HelloFresh are off the hook, they know that Sarah cannot cook

    Created new thread as desperately needed one! Thread title by @michanson with the most likes Please can someone do a recap.
  18. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #244 No one is judging your children. Everyone is judging you.

    Congratulations @JustHereForTheAgriculture for you comment and thank you @Asparagus123 for suggesting it as a title. TLDR - The new caravan was picked up and Chris and Sarah decided to splash out on new awning to show off their bank balance. - Another caravan holiday to Mablethorpe for the...
  19. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #243 Sarah Ingham on the beg for freebies? Google her husband Chris for the full story.

    Congratulations @Saddlesoap TLDR - Chris had a nose piercing. The piercer couldn't get too close due to the smell because he was holding the camera to film himself. Isabelle got a belly button piercing the same day because Sarah pressured her into doing so. - Chris ignored the advice of the...
  20. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #242 Urine complete denial lazy

    Congratulations @Joris Bobson TLDR - The next holiday destination is Alicante and Benidorm. They started the trip at the Robin Hood Hotel and have now moved to Magic Natura. It is gifted. - The Magic Robin Hood Hotel have been told the disgusting grooming messages Chris sent are a hoax. -...
  21. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #241 Suck It Up, Sausage Fingers

    Congratulations @Malcolm Conkers TLDR - The Inghams have invented a fake company called Fit LTD and are selling water bottles on Amazon via another fake company called Cosy Beau Co. They were caught because Chris used their company number for the Youtube channel side of the business. The...
  22. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #240 Imagine being 75 and an Ingham

    Congratulations @Choosday TLDR - Gazza's review has been removed from TripAdvisor - The Inghams have been on their holibobs in Mexico. The holiday has consisted of pools and moan, moan, moan from Sarah. - Sarah's baby ain't gonna stop her from doing anything. Her tits have been out in almost...
  23. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #239 Rough as... Avoid

    Congratulations @Impleo Huge thanks to Gazza for your contribution! TLDR - The huge SURPRISE reveal of the holiday to Mexico was ruined. After a tip off from a Tattle post I stumbled upon a photo on TripAdvisor of Sarah and the chuldren in the Bahia Principe Grand Coba hotel pool. It sounds a...
  24. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #238 SuperCallousfragilisticEsmeBragadotious

    Congratulations @bleachedblonde TLDR - Other influencers who went on the PR trip to Dubai have appeared on the Kayak website. The Inghams have been snubbed. Oh the irony after last year's Kayak Paul saga. - The Inghams pissed off parents at Esme and Isla's dance school when they said the...
  25. thegreencow

    The Ingham Family #237 Its official! The Inghams talk poop!

    Congratulations @Happyshopper1 Edited for the swear TLDR - Sarah called people weirdo stalkers after she made it easy to find Esme and Isla's dance school. This is the same woman who stalked people to find out their addresses so she could send a lawyer letter to them in order to protect her...
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