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They are a vlogging family who's were once riding high and having garden parties with Zoella (Zoe Sugg) until it was alleged that Chris Ingham was having illicit relationships with young fans.
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  1. Ingham Family #128 Lazy has cancer in her toe? The clickbait has reached an all time low

    Thanks go to @chnandlerbong for the new thread title with the most likes. We learned quite a lot in the last thread, which is more than can be said for the Ingham girls. Though Isabelle did proclaim herself to be the best accent-er 🤦🏻‍♀️ and according to his parents Jace is a virtual...
  2. Ingham Family #127 We don't need no educashun

    Congratulations @SoManyLiars TLDR - The Inghams are still travelling around Europe - They're currently stuck in Portugal because their car has broken down again. Creepy and Lazy got drunk before telling us this - Lazy diagnosed Esme with dyslexia, despite never having made an effort to...
  3. Ingham Family #126 Wherever I lay my tat, that's my home.

    Top voted title @mags Can’t wait for Lazy’s rant tonight about why two dumb twats have decided to Travel School across Europe during a global pandemic!
  4. Ingham Family #125 Free Willy - that doesn’t mean you, Chris!

    Thanks to @Impleo for the new thread title with the most likes. So the Minghams are still touring the covid hotspots of Europe and are currently chavving it up on a campsite in Portugal. Isabelle’s 15th birthday has come and gone, rather like the second car, which is languishing in a garage...
  5. Ingham Family #124 If we are here to diagnose Chris, I think he’s got crabs

    Thanks @Kat5998 for the thread title 😂 will do a TL;DR.
  6. Ingham Family #123 Phantom flat tyre, girls for hire, seats in the boot & diminishing loot

    Top voted title @Fiona82 with 65 votes Someone want to do a TLDR from last thread please.
  7. Ingham Family #122 Chris Delonge, money saving ***vert, acts a tit when he’s had a sherbert

    Lots of great title suggestions today but the winner was @LouisaB Title was shortened to fit but here is the full suggestion TLDR - The Inghams confirmed Chris left Spain to travel to the UK and collect his car, and as a result have not posted a vlog for the past three days - Chris rudely...
  8. Ingham Family #121 Vlogs reported left right & centre. Give up & get down the job centre

    Good morning everyone. Another day, another new Ingham thread. Title shortened to fit. Congratulations @Choco88 TLDR - The broken down car is a write off and the Inghams can't afford to pay £20k to fix it. - More inappropriate footage of the children has been included in the vlogs by Chris...
  9. Ingham family #120 Get a flipping grip it's only Frank on Sarah's lip enjoying the rants

    Wow, another thread already! These two suggestions seem to be tied so I combined the two. Hope that's ok @Wilma57 and @BorisBear TLDR -The Inghams murdered a butterfly using an ice cream - Big Frank has returned - Sarah caught up with Tattle and had a rant about Chris coming home to...
  10. The Ingham Family #119 Stranded in Spain on a disused helipad, car ducked and £20'000 to fix

    The title kinda gives the tldr. They're stuck somewhere between Valencia and Madrid living in their caravan outside a garage. But don't worry there's a shop where they're holidaying that sells Peppa pig biscuits. Who would have thought that traveling during a pandemic would be a bad idea? 🍿...
  11. The Ingham Family #118 Orlando Groom & Katy Belly

    Thank you @lemonelmo and @PamSlams for this title Summary of the last thread - The Ingham girls got a surprise of snorkel masks and potentially deadly electric scooters. Lazy got a paddle board from Creepy to keep her sweet. - The Inghams returned to Verdon Gorge to watch people tombstoning...
  12. The Ingham Family #117 see you tomorrow at 5pm

    There were a lot of good title suggestions for this thread but the Most Liked was this runaway entry by @ChrissyPoo ✨ Quick summary: - The Inghams are still fannying about in France in the caravan with zero planning or foresight. - The vlog on Tuesday contained a fully naked child in the...
  13. Ingham Family #116 Chasing dreams and doing as they please, but what about Izzy’s GCSE’s?

    Mod edit - top voted title after prompt pg 48. @kazizzle Quick summary: - The Inghams are on holiday in France in the 30k Chavavan insisting travelling is the best thing to do in a global pandemic 🙄 - They're insisting they're vegetarian now and not having dairy - They bought an inflatable...
  14. Ingham Family #115 Sweaty messes, ill-fitting dresses and un-brushed tresses

    Yo, wasssupppp Tattlefam. Welcome to your new thread. Congratulations @Abbykebabby Title edited slightly to fit #115 - The Ingham's Euro 2020: Sweaty messes, ill-fitting dresses and un-brushed tresses In the last thread: - Sarah's new range of blankets have still failed to sell out - Chris...
  15. The Ingham Family #114 Kicked out of York, wear your mask properly you dork!

    Too voted title @ChrissyPoo #114 Kicked out of York, no longer eating pork, wear your mask properly you dork. Edited to fit. Someone want to do a recap of the last thread...
  16. The Ingham Family #113 Quit 80 miles too soon, Not had a wash since the end of June

    Scotland's finally sending the Inghams homeward, hopefully straight into the shower 😂 Thanks for the title upvotes - didn't expect this much love 😅 Last Thread(s) TL;DR: - They're currently in Edinburgh, after 'finishing' the NC500 - except they skipped the last chunk of their route (just...
  17. The Ingham Family #112 Drone Go Breaking My Heart !

    Thanks go to @BD10Massive for the new thread title. A warm tattle welcome to our usual lurker Steve and a sad farewell to a much missed family member.
  18. Ingham Family #111 Sheeps, creeps and chavavan sleeps

    Top voted title @BD10Massive
  19. The Ingham Family #110 ‘off the grid’ and illegally sleeping in a car park for a quid

    I know we were just getting into all the new drama of a drama so please don't let me stop you 😜 Title came from @moimoi What we know so far: - The Inghams are invading Scotland in the campervan (not the £30k Chavavan 2.0) - They've been sleeping in car parks overnight, which is against bylaws...
  20. The Ingham Family #109 Caravan bragging and Sarah is still nagging

    Congratulations @Sunshineandshadows Let chapter one of the Chasing Dreams: Scotland RV tour shitshow begin. How many rants do you think there will be? Get your pot noodles ready, it will be a bumpy (and very wet, judging by the weather forecast) ride.
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