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  1. Tanya & Tasha #30

    Get the popcorn out ‘ladies’!! It’s show down!!! Title was too long :( @tarquin16 won with ‘Trash finally seen the light, bring on the insta fight, who will be queen of the tacky shite?!’ Recap: Both still a supermarkets marketing and sales wet dream purchasing every themed shite they release-...
  2. Tanya & Tasha #29 spreading germs, still buying tat. Cottage is cancelled, you’re both still fat.

    Thanks to JoJo81 for the winning title with a whopping 51 likes! Ah, it’s cut off the full thread title and can’t see how to edit. Should be Sreading germs, still buying tat. The cottage is cancelled and you're both still fat.
  3. Tanya & Tasha #28

    New thread, the brilliant suggestion is from @Minibean i had to shorten it slightly to fit but the original is below It’s Summer, Halloween and Christmas all in the same day but all we want to know is, is Taco ok? A little recap of the last thread, it won’t be as good as @Maggie28 but it’s...
  4. Tanya/Tasha#27 Hi Ralph the new insta prop, is that an earthquake or Tan throwing a strop?

    New thread for the Trashford Two.. @Khe91 you had the most votes, had to shorten slightly 😃
  5. Tanya & Tasha #26 Trash has cleaned her grout, Tan's got a dog she's forgotten about!

    Thanks to @tarquin16 for the thread suggestion which had the most votes. Let the convo continue! (Had to shorten slightly to fit in).
  6. Tanya & Tasha #25 Jealous Tan and Tashas wandering man

    Took it upon myself to create the next thread ‘ladies’- was worried we would run out of space on the last one thanks to this mornings offerings from Tan than enraged us all 🤣 @swimming won with most likes on the tread suggestion Recap: Trasha STILL works 2 hours a week. Tanya is STILL a...
  7. Tanya & Tasha #24 Hot tub dips these 2 drips now we have the battle of the Ivy trips

    Well done @JoJo81 for the most likes title. 👍🏻 Blimey we are knocking these threads out ladies. Recap over the last week. Tanya has a fake visit to a designer retail outlet. she got all her old carrier bags out and faked purchases. later this week we expect to see what she has ordered online...
  8. Tanya & Tasha #23 Pervy John Bitchy Tan H2B oh here’s Johns NaN!

    New thread girls I searched for the most likes this was the one. Continue Tattle sisters 😂 @Jumpindesia well done on the most liked thread title 👍🏻🥂
  9. Tanya & Tasha #22 sore necks hot tub decks these 2 morons are insta wrecks

    Hope this thread title is ok. Well done @Jumpindesia for the title. So many funny ones, but this one had the most likes in total. Hope this Ok. Continue.... No way would I let these two dirty soapy bastards in my inflatable hot tub. Not that I would waste my hard earned money on one.
  10. Tanya & Tasha #21 Crisps in dinners, social distancing sinners

    @tarquin16 had to leave out instawankers as no swearing allowed in title 😂
  11. Tanya/Tasha #20 Trasha is still an insta bore Tanya won the hot tub war

    The only thread I could remember. Well done @JoJo81 Slightly changed because no swearing allowed in a title. Enjoy 😉 Looks like after Trasha snapped back, today’s plans have been cancelled! Just incase anyone cares, I have put a wash on. I have had breakfast, which was a coffee and toast...
  12. Tanya/Tasha #19 The laughing stock of Tattle but who will win the Hot Tub

    Thanks to @NapQueen for the new title. With 59 likes. Had to shorten it to fit. Let the battle commence 🤣🤣 It’s nearly June and if you had a hot tub it would be out now!! Clearly they both read on here. Which I think is hilarious and really sad at the same time. How much more does she...
  13. Tasha/Tanya #18 ever expanding hips and lockdown slips #wedidntknow

    Don’t know if this is right but this one has the most likes I think? By @tarquin16
  14. Tanya Whitlock & Natasha Ashford #17

    Tanya Whitlock Natasha Ashford Mod edit the thread needs to start with the names. Tanya’s bragging about her bed Trasha’s Hot tub area under way Tan’s in dismay New thread. Had to squeeze it in. Well done to @Perfectlyimperfect That looks vile 🤮 To be fair I could eat that. Mind you I...
  15. Tanya/Tasha #15 The world is in crisis, people are dead! But we don't give a bleep, we're having breakfast in bed!

    Title suggested by @JoJo81 Anyone else feel this is a middle finger 🖕🏻 🤣🤣🤣🤣 No way did her wet husband to be make that! 🦧🤔
  16. Tanya/Tasha #14 World is reeling from Corona’s hit, Trash and Tan don’t give a tom tit!

    I hope this is ok. This is the only Thread suggestion I could I find? Obviously had to change shit to Tom tit 😂
  17. Tanya/Tasha #13 2 biggest jokes on the gram it’s an Ashford thing we wouldn’t understand

    Had to slightly adjust title. I feel this was a group effort. Already with the drama, who called it? I never knew Trasha had a tattoo! I wonder what it says? It’s matching with her friends? I know she has the tattoo on her wedding finger to match her hubby’s one! They did that after he...
  18. Tasha/Tanya #12 OranguTAN & Trasha 2 peas in a pod both toxic wasteful lazy sods

    Thanks to Lanavalentines for thread title. Hope everyone is happy. Let the comedy gold continue..... how much crap can one woman eat? @Lanavalentine well done on the thread title 👏🏻
  19. Tasha/Tanya #11 Tanya engaged for the gram, Trasha tries to impress her man!

    Tanya engaged for the gram, Tasha's trying to impress her man. Theme after theme it would appear it's not all as happy as it may seem! Couldnt get it all in. But here we are 'ladies' heeeeheeeeheeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  20. Tanya/Natasha #10 Trasha clean your grout if Tan doesn’t get a ring Del’s in for a clout

    @ joJo81 for the new thread title. had to change slightly to fit in. Welcome to a new thread. I hope the title is ok? let’s make it our mission for her to clean her grout. And let’s see if Tanya gets her ring! And let’s get those Eat letters in the bin. 🤮
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