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Anna Saccone and Johnathan Joly are Irish family vloggers who are known for sharing and monetizing their children since they were born. They live in Surrey with their four children and are signed to gleam futures to get brand advertisements and deals.
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  1. evoway13

    SacconeJolys #94 “Trans mum” and single gay dad, E2s identity is clearly a fad

    Thank you @theSJfox for the brilliant thread name. Could someone do a recap of this bonker's family?
  2. gloriouscheesecake

    SacconeJolys #93 Anna & Jono are greedy & vain, They exploit their kids & have no shame

    New thread here! Title by @November Girl Anna's stirring up controversy by labelling herself a trans mom and making es gender identity the focus of her reels/tiktoks. Jonathans using e2 more than ever. the other kids are just forgotten Previous thread...
  3. Hillary101

    SacconeJolys #92 E2 hasn't got a clue, he is being objectified for a view

    Thank you user Greentrees for the most voted thread title. Currently, the SJ’s are busy doing a lot of nothing- and have been this way for the past half of this year. The most action they had lately was back in the summer with Anna’s tummy tuck and boob lift, and Jon got hair plugs, again...
  4. J

    SacconeJolys #91 New tits, tummy & hairline, all paid for with the kids airtime

    Congratulations to JustSad123 for the winning thread suggestion, I'll get onto a recap in the next couple of hours, just got to recover from my day at work --- Recap: - Anna had vanity surgery. Tummy tuck, boob lift and liposuction moving the fat from her tummy to her boobs to fill em up again...
  5. pixiedust345

    Sacconejolys #90 The kids need to earn an extra buck to pay for mommy’s tummy tuck

    -Still boring as ever -Anna has recently gone in for surgery for a tummy tuck. She will be out of action for 6 weeks (which won’t make a difference) and this will mean Andrea will get a limited birthday. Welcome to the new thread! Let’s see what boredom they bring us! Thread Title by...
  6. J

    SacconeJolys #89 Fame & Fortune are gone, but Jon's still running the con

    Sorry it took me a bit of time, I couldn't remember where the thread suggestion was posted and had to go back through quite a bit of the thread 😂 Remember to post your suggestions from page 48 onwards! Congratulations to NovemberGirl! I won't be able to do a recap this time, so I'll let someone...
  7. J

    SacconeJolys #88 Anna is a snob, Jon is a knob & they're both too lazy to get a job

    Welcome all to another thread on exploiters Anna and Jonathan Saccone-Joly Congratulations to November Girl for a killer suggestion with 45+ reactions. Please vote on the poll above as suggested by Jujujulia95 (this is the first time I've done this so lord help me if I did it wrong haha)...
  8. J

    SacconeJolys #87 We lie & we grift, we only leave the house if it's a gift

    Congratulations to November Girl for winning the thread suggestion with the most reactions! Recap coming up shortly, it's just been E2's birthday so there's a bit to cover with that --- Recap: Since the last thread recap there have been two birthdays, "Messy Lessi" and "Queen Edie", so let's...
  9. J

    SacconeJolys #86 Lets exploit our kids to pay the rent, who cares if they consent

    Welcome to the new thread, congratulations to November Girl with the most reacted to suggestion for the title! Recap coming in shortly, gotta catch up on what's happened first! --- Recap: - Anna is an idiot, she only recently learnt not to flush her tampons and literally in the last 24 hours...
  10. J

    SacconeJolys #85 four-year-old wrecks the house and siblings, but it’s okay, he probably just had a bad day

    Welcome to the new thread, and well done to GlitterPoo for the most liked suggestion! I'll write a recap shortly --- Recap: - Anna is a "toxic boy mum", and says she and other boy mums need to be better - Anna excuses A2 "hitting his sister's, and punching them" due to him "maybe having a...
  11. H

    SacconeJolys #84 Vegetarian Jonny, eats meat every day, Anna dreams of rolling with Matt in the hay

    Thanks to leabytottle for the thread suggestion with the most likes, hopefully I’ve done this right! Recap: anal is getting absolutely annihilated on tiktok for admitting to being a toxic boy mum. Every comment on every video is her being trashed. Jono is in his lair encouraging the children...
  12. J

    SacconeJolys #83 Will the real Jonathan Joly please shut up?

    Congratulations to GotYourBigPlateAlan and Eileen_2019 for the thread suggestion (Thread Suggestion by Eileen_2019 but inspired by GotYourBigPlateAlan's suggestion of "Will the REAL Jonathan Joly please stand up?") Recap coming shortly Recap: Well what can I say, I don't feel like a huge...
  13. J

    SacconeJolys #82 All my verifications are invisible

    Congrats to pixiedust345 for the thread suggestion! Yes Jono lost his TikTok verification tick because he was repeatedly breaking the upload rules/guidelines so now his videos are less likely to trend (let me know if I have that last bit wrong I don't do TikTok haha) Recap coming up soon
  14. dylanzachary

    SacconeJolys #81 A new chapter added to Jono’s thriller, something’s got to pay for mommy’s filler

    Welcome to the new thread! Congrats @GlitterPoo for winning the title with over 43 reactions! Can someone recap the last thread? Thanks!
  15. J

    SacconeJolys #80 I love my body, positivity! Never mind, I'm getting plastic surgery!

    Welcome to the new thread! Congratulations to Nomatterwhat for the thread suggestion with 30+ reactions. Recap coming shortly Honestly not much happened over their summer holidays - The kids are back at school, in uniform that 1) doesn't fit, 2) has not been ironed since being pulled out of...
  16. J

    SacconeJolys #79 All My Children Must Have Labels

    Congratulations to November Girl for the thread suggestion with over 60 reactions! Recap coming soon, bear with Recap: - Firstly, they're still vlogging, and I'm beyond shocked, it's been over a month I'd never have expected this from their last returns - The vlogs are crap though; zero...
  17. evoway13

    SacconeJoly #78 Anna is thick, Jonathan’s a prick, someone get A2 a doctor quick!

    Thread name winner is SJFox with 35 votes!
  18. J

    SacconeJolys #77 England or Spain, it's always the same: the kids are a burden used for financial gain

    New Thread! Congrats to @Nomatterwhat for the thread suggestion with over 45 reactions. I had to cut one word out to make it fit, full suggestion "England or Spain, it's always the same: the kids are a burden but used for financial gain" Remember to use names and pronouns as you see fit...
  19. J

    SacconeJolys #76 Desperately trying to make some money, dropping Edie - here is mommy!

    A few reminders first and foremost: - Use pronouns/names etc how you see fit but do not comment on other people's use of them, it clogs up the thread with unnecessary bickering - If you report something on Instagram they remove it on your account only so Instagram doesn't get people reporting...
  20. J

    SacconeJolys #75 One, two, three, four, five, Jono can’t keep a single lie

    Welcome one and all! Thanks to pixiedust345 for the latest thread suggestion. Brief Recap: - Jono has abandoned the reacting to old videos as part of the new SJ brand, and has now decided to let the Es control the channel, starting with a house tour from E2 where they're just a brat. - E2...
  21. J

    SacconeJolys #74 All My Children’s Needs Are Invisible

    Welcome to the new thread! Congrats to bettycakes with over 130 reactions, and a special mention to bee84 for their suggestion of "Had some flack, vids are back, exploitations back on track!" which came in second! First things first, to keep this thread on topic of the Saccone-Jolys, please...
  22. S

    SacconeJolys #73 I never knew ADHD stood for A Dick Head Dad

    Link to old thread title was by @Fillyjonk with 105 likes but was suggested to be thread title by @Pinchme I’m sure someone will do a better recap than me but I’ll try in another post happy tattling & I hope...
  23. J

    SacconeJolys #72 Video killed the Jotato star

    Welcome all to a new thread, and a whopping congratulations to @Fillyjonk for the thread suggestion, nearly 150 reaction! I'm working on a recap, bear with me, there's a bit more than usual to fit in but it'll be on the first page soon Recap: What a couple of weeks! - First, big respect to...
  24. J

    SacconeJolys #71 Jonny Savile has a new neck tattoo, does it look phallic to you?

    Thanks to Justsad123 for the thread suggestion with 68 votes!! Recap: - Jono is all over TikTok being exposed for being a creep/pweirdo so that's finally some good news - Given up on YouTube again already - Anna went on a 60 Instagram story rant about someone saying they exploit E2s personal...
  25. S

    SacconeJolys #70 AMFAI All My Family Are Investments

    Winning thread title from @FJMAMA2 Recap... Jonathan is still exploiting E2's transition. Insists on calling them his 'trans daughter' because just 'daughter' won't bring in the clicks. E2 turned 8. Unlike Alessia, they had hundreds of stories, grid post and reels made of the birthday...