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  1. Sacconejolys #22 and the award for parent of the year goes to..the sacconejoly Nanny!!!

    New thread title with 49 likes by Chriss71
  2. SacconeJolys #21 Too busy on Tik Tok to watch out for the Toy Box

    @Margie had the top suggestion from page 49 onwards. Continue
  3. SacconeJolys #20 Anna can't cope, daddy's on a slippery slope, TikTok is their only hope

    Please continue here :) Thread title thanks to @Bon Qui Qui As there were three titles in your post I just picked one and had to adjust slightly to fit hope that's ok :) (First time creating a new thread so hope I've done this right!)
  4. SacconeJolys #19 The cult of Jonathan the Holy Shepherd and Anna of Grey Manor

    New thread, title by @DoseofReality Close call with @twinnytwintwin title "the dogs are finally getting a wash and Anna still thinks she's posh" Carry on all ye who hath seen the light and smelled the bullshit (or is it Anna's cooking? Or the stench of rotting birds?) 🤢
  5. SacconeJolys #18 Roly Poly Jonathan Joly had too much to drink, his wife is on the brink

    New thread, thanks to @DoseofReality for the title, sorry it had to be edited for length. Full title: Roly Poly Jonathan Joly had too much to drink, better sober up fast coz his wife is on the brink.
  6. SacconeJolys #17 The walls are grey, the kids are grey and their content has had its day.

    New thread title with most votes by @DoseofReality
  7. SacconeJolys #16 No Nespresso, the free stay in Orlando and a camel toe

    NEW THREAD: thanks to @Just-opinion for the title suggestion.
  8. SacconeJolys #15 Subs are declining around the clock and Jon’s obssessed with Tik Tok!

    Well done to @twinnytwintwin for the thread title with 36 votes. Continue the discussion! (Mod- please note top thread suggestions are from page 48.)
  9. SacconeJolys #13 Putting the fun in funeral for new material

    Thanks to @PurpleGorilla for the thread title. I didn't put ScumJolys as I didn't know if that was allowed but kept the one c in their name because that still makes me laugh. Carry on...
  10. SacconeJolys#12 The Real Housewitch of Surrey and the creepy hobbit got a nanny for their sanity!

    Title by the queen of the recraps @lemonandlime and @DoseofReality. View all the SJs threads Continue here lovelies ✨
  11. SaconeJolys #11 The Chronicles of Botoxia: the liar, the witch and the Wardo

    Title by me 🤭 older Threads
  12. Sacconejolys #10 Thrills, drills and contraceptive pills:the oh-so-hard life of a fake princess

    Title By @PurpleGorilla, @lemonandlime and @Fizmozoo Previous threads
  13. SacconeJolys #9 Almost as unstable as their children's car seats!

    Title by @PurpleGorilla Threads 1-8
  14. SacconeJolys #8 Dooley think it’s all over? It is now..

    Thread title by @b1tchplease As you were :) View all SJ threads -
  15. SaconeJolys #7 You didn’t need to C this so I edited it out

    Tittle by @lemonandlime Continue here View all SJ threads
  16. SacconeJolys #6 They’re constantly in hot water, unlike their poor daughter.

    Thread title be @Hatshepsut and @Oohthedrama I think Continue here View all SJ threads
  17. Sacconejolys #5 This thread may be removed in 24 hours 😉

    I doubt the SJ’s can bully tattle life into silence 😆😆😆 Continue here 🙂 Thread name suggests by @HereForTheBiscuits with thanks to @Fatima ☺️ Previous threads:
  18. SacconeJolys #4

    Continue here SacconeJolys Cold Shower Punishment Videos: All threads
  19. SacconeJolys #3 Cold shower punishments

    I think the thread took such a serious turn we didn’t have any title suggestions, So I’ve just left it as their name for now. Hope that’s ok with everyone. SacconeJolys Cold Shower Punishment Videos: If you want to read back on the old threads

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