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  1. Right on top of that rose

    RVK Loves #21 Grubby Grabby, your house is grim. Stop selling shoes that belong in the bin

    Winning thread title with 62 likes from @Ghosttalk4 👍🏻 Continue here, defo think hob knob needs to become a thing btw 😉
  2. M

    RVK Loves #20 Judith Chalmers has nothing on me; I’m off on a global Covid spree

    Everyone’s favourite tone-deaf traveller is back and her packet ham is ten times better than yours, lady!
  3. Right on top of that rose

    RVK_loves #19 Becky with the bad hair

    I’ve went ahead and made a new thread, seeing as the last one was going on as long as one of grabbys sentences... Happy for admin to change the title should there be any objections.
  4. Libbie

    RVK_Loves #18 smoke, mirrors & packet ham, braved covid19 for the holiday spam

    New thread created with the most liked suggestion... still waiting the latest packet ham pic!
  5. WhittlingIhopMonkey

    RVK_Loves #17 Princess & the pea(do): It's still packet ham, my angel, wherever it's from

    New thread for all things packet ham related or for mums who just know better than everyone
  6. W

    RVK_Loves #15 Let me have picnics, let me shop, let me endanger my daughter for a photo op

    With 22 likes thanks to @Sundance for the new thread title!
  7. WhittlingIhopMonkey

    RVK_Loves #14 Mersea Mersea Me...COVID19 Lockdown Doesnt Apply to Me

    New RVK Loves Thread for everyones favourite lockdown flouter x Congrats @Unbelievable for most votes
  8. Right on top of that rose

    RVK Loves #12 Alllllllll the gifted Joules, but not for you {working class} fools?

    So I’ve taken the last thread title suggestion I could see. Added the unnecessary question mark because, well, you know? 😂
  9. Right on top of that rose

    RVK Loves #11 Save your airmiles Rebecca, there’s a B&Q in Watford

    Title From @Clare with 32 likes. As you were...
  10. Right on top of that rose

    RVK Loves #10 Australia's burning. Grabby doesn't care as long as she's earning.

    Thanks to @Ghosttalk4 for the very current and appropriate title. i can’t even cope with this “lady” today 🤦🏻‍♀️
  11. J

    RVK Loves #9 Who cares that the baby is freezing, so long as it's aesthetically pleasing

    Thanks to @Ghosttalk4 for the thread title!
  12. Right on top of that rose

    RVK Loves #8 More Katie Hopkins than Cath Kidston

    As you were, allllllll the best ever tattlers? Thread name credit goes to @HashtagRealTalk 👏🏼
  13. Right on top of that rose

    RVKLoves #7 Freya’s cold, content’s getting old, how can someone so tight take so many flights?

    Thanks to @Getagripppppy for the thread title As you were
  14. Right on top of that rose

    RVK Loves #6 Baby Bee arrived, everyone's happy. Cue lots of freebies and giant adult nappies

    Thanks to @Skewbedu for the great thread title 😅 As you were...
  15. G

    RVK Loves #5 Grabby’s an expert, we have no clue, did you know she was gifted a bugaboo?

    Thanks to @Jerryberry for the thread title, this one had the most likes 👍🏼
  16. G

    RVKloves #4 Grabby and Grandad’s baby arrives, another moment commercialised

    I’ve gone ahead and started a new thread guys, hope no-one minds! This thread title had the most votes, thanks to @Ghosttalk4 for coming up with it! As you were.... 😂
  17. Ellabella

    RVK Loves #3 #grabalongwithRVKloves

    Thanks to @Bellaboo83 for thread title.
  18. S

    RVK Loves #2 Lady.. don't you know she's earned a second thread

    Thread #2 starts here. First thread here https://tattle.life/threads/rvk-loves.589/ Mod edit: Her old twitter with the "Lady..My husband earns more in one year than your husband probably has in the past ten"
  19. Ellabella

    RVK Loves

    Probably one of the biggest ad dodgers there is. She's been posting for years endless holidays (and I mean almost a holiday every 6 weeks) and until recently never declared ad, gift, aff etc. And what does she do all day, doesn't look like she's got a job? There's only so much artfully arranging...
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