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  1. Meringue22

    Rebeccaloves__#53 Tyrannosaurus Bex, enjoying the dinosaur stage with her Jurassic Spouse

    Off we go again lads. I have adjusted the title slightly ❤ 🦖 Suggested by @Ajtw09 with Jurassic spouse courtesy of @carriebooboo Recap anyone?
  2. Meringue22

    Rebeccaloves__#52 watching TV seasonally

    Congratulations to @Clare It seemed an apt title seeing as we know how Grabs loves living seasonally. Carry on Tattling lads! Would anyone care to do a witty recap?
  3. Meringue22

    Rebeccaloves__#51 You do you, it depends what you value

    Many congratulations to @SmashAndDash for this title. A batch of smores are on the way to you 😉 I would do a recap but that’s not my forte. Depends what you value I guess 🤣 (sorry. My bad).
  4. Meringue22

    Rebeccaloves__#50 She’s blocked my dog!

    As you were lads --- Does anyone care to do a recap? Same old same old really innit?
  5. CausticYoda

    Rebeccaloves__#49 Slow start to Xmas in red lippy, stained camel coat, displaying her mouldy toboggan

    Thanks to @MissTeddy for the title! Carry on living life on repeat Grabby, how we've managed to fill forty eight threads is one of life's great mysteries. Would anyone like to recap?
  6. Meringue22

    Rebeccaloves__ #48 We’ve seen this holiday before, same old photos are such a bore

    Most liked thread title courtesy of @SmashAndDash Another gold star ⭐ for you! Would anyone care to do a recap?
  7. Meringue22

    Rebeccaloves_ #47 Grabby goes on holiday, packs the whole house, even takes the car mouse!

    This was the earliest suggestion so I’ve gone with this. Well done @SmashAndDash treat yourself to a glass of sludge. If anyone fancies doing a recap feel free
  8. Meringue22

    Rebeccaloves_ #46 Half Term time off they dart, B&B or à la carte Shart?

    Off we go again kiddos….. They went camping. I use that term loosely as they took an air fryer. The free rangers were dressed like extras from Little house on the prairie and as per didn’t wear shoes. Raffy had blisters. Benpecked still doesn’t appear to work…..As for Grabs? Well you know how...
  9. R

    Rebeccaloves_ #45 Grabeter and Paedough Pan, the smug twats of Never Never (NOT) Land.

    A joint effort on the thread title from @Sw4 @Katiewhy and @Skewbedu - never not working collaboratively ladies! Last thread - rebeccaloves_ #44 spends 10x more dong in Fanny’s than you lady | Page 51 | Tattle Life I will try and add a recap...
  10. R

    rebeccaloves_ #44 spends 10x more dong in Fanny’s than you lady

    New thread. Although the content will be much the same as the last 43 given that Becky likes to stay very much in her comfort zone. Healthy reminder that Rebecca was 13 when she got together with her 24 year old now husband but it doesn't matter because he is consiably richer than yow lady...
  11. ChrisInghamsBeanie

    rebeccaloves__ #43 soaked too much in, now RVK_Loves is in the Bin

    RVK_loves has rebranded as Rebeccaloves__ so she can get more gigs advertising tyres and hoovers, just like her idol Courtney Adamo. No nominations on most popular posts so I've made one up... link below to the wiki so potential advertisers can rosesandroll up and read all about it! Her...
  12. ChrisInghamsBeanie

    Rvk Loves #42 You Got this Oil Change Mama

    Congrats @Clare
  13. Meringue22

    RVK loves #41 Soho house to chef and brewer, insta career is in the sewer

    This thread title got the most likes. Make yourself a chia smoothie to celebrate @pandysbox We’ve moved on a bit from the pub lunch but Grabby is still providing plenty of tattle content….. Raffy is poorly. For a change Freya still looks like she does her own hair Benpecked is retired Grabby...
  14. Meringue22

    RVK loves #40 No shoes, running nose, free range kiddos in their Preloved clothes

    New thread kiddos. Congrats to @Skewbedu for the winning title 👏🏻 The title says it’s all……
  15. Meringue22

    RVK Loves #39 Pimp my {Rotting} Ride!

    Well done to @Clare for getting the most votes! I’m off for a lie down as I’ve exhausted myself sorting out this new thread…….
  16. W

    Rvkloves #38 Never not being a dick

    Thread 38, let's be having you (with no swears please, we're polite Herts village folk) Just when you thought the scabbiest thing she did was flog shit stained baby vests at a pound a pop, she creaked open her dusty wallet and vastly researched whether it was "worth it" to spend £12 on...
  17. W

    RVKLoves #37 Vitamin Sea You Next Tuesday

    {Congrats @Clare for what might be the most liked RVK title of all time?} Her spending is low, her sunglasses are high. Living like it's the past but constantly wishing it was the future, its thread 37 for the tightest tight arse in the UK. A pair of tatty preloved bloomers* for anyone...
  18. Duchesspink

    RVKloves #36 She's got 99 coats but her daughter's got none

    Thank you to @Claire for the thread title with the most likes (70) So Grabby has had another dreamy Christmas at the Kedgely barn. Brother George returned from distant travels (the woodstore most likely) and a great time was had by all. Grabby wowed us with her pearl earrings, velvet headband...
  19. W

    RVKLoves #35 RSV Loves #ihavethisthingwithspreadinggerms

    Congrats @Right on top of that rose Everyone's favourite scabby dick has been dragging a child with RSV here there an everywhere, unconcerned about letting breathing difficulties requiring hospitalisation stop her from getting 16 perfect squares for "Fall".
  20. Unbelievable

    RVK_Loves #34 Newborn on a boat, on the floor, on long car rides & sleeping in a corridor

    Had to edit the title as best I could but congratulations to...... IndominusRex with {the full title in all it's glory!!!}:- RVK_Loves #34 Newborn on a boat, newborn on the floor, newborn on long car rides, and sleeping in a corridor. Nothing to report really, as Grabby has had quite an...
  21. Meringue22

    RVK_Loves #33 not to worry my husband still earns 10 times more than you

    Well done to @Sundance who received the most votes. Grabs has birthed Prince Raffy Atlas. Everything will be dreamy. Freya is the BEST big sister. Changing his nappies and telling Mama G when he’s hungry…… Mod edit, thread needs to start with the name and the number and needs to be created in...
  22. Unbelievable

    RVK_Loves #32 Do you ever feel nostalgic for a time that hasn’t even passed yet?

    Congratulations to @Katiewhy with 37 likes for the new title thread, with @IndominusRex being a close 2nd with 30 likes for "No one puts baby in the corner! {But Grabby puts him in a cupboard} Let the countdown to Hammys birth commence... Background RVK_loves had built herself a steady...
  23. Sunshine&clouds

    RVK_Loves #31 Lactation balls, placenta pills, her fashion faux pas are giving us chills

    Congratulations to newbie TacoTaco with 39 votes for the new thread title. 🥂🎉🎈 I had to slightly adapt it to fit. You win a voucher for free limitless pizza for a year, a trip on a London bus and an afternoon of perineal massage for you and a plus one. It would be a great way to reconnect with...
  24. Sunshine&clouds

    RVK_Loves #30 Hammy Potter & the corridor of shart

    A HUGE round of applause to Wingingmotherhood for the brilliant new thread title with 30 votes. You win a bunny outfit from Alibaba, a Next affiliate link aaaaand some dreamy sunshine, right? ☀ 🌞 Lockdown has ended but holidays abroad are still banned, which means all is not well at RVK towers...
  25. Sunshine&clouds

    RVK_Loves #29 Her home's disgusting, attitude worse. Need a Locksmith to open empty purse

    Lots of 'We are not worthy' bows to Daily Chatter for a stunning thread title, that was a bit long, so I hope my edit is ok? You win an iron, an ironing board, some of those 'lovely' Joules boots, 4 bags of rubbish clothes, some courgette seeds, a selection of quality plywood products and some...