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Catherine Charlotte de Gramont (1639 – 4 June 1678) was the Princess of Monaco by marriage to Louis I of Monaco. She is known to have been a mistress of Louis XIV of France in 1666.

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  1. Parry1988

    Missgreedyshome #31 Greedy and Harold go large, but are actually a small....🤭.

    Top suggestion by @Quizay 🤣 --- Just a quick recap Greedy and H have just got back off yet another holiday They spent the whole time making the kids film content and squeezing themselves into tiny swimwear ( we are not knocking any ones body shape with the title by the way, just the fact that...
  2. Parry1988

    Missgreedyshome #30 Loads of you have NOT been asking

    New thread title from @DeeSeni Noooo 👏👏👏 Basically she spent the whole of the last thread pimping out poor baby freebie, even stooping so low as to post a pic of her in the shower 😒 Apart from that the only content shes managed consisted of Ads, 'trolling' and the good old mental health card...
  3. Parry1988

    Missgreedyshome #29 Phoebe pronounced Freebie

    Fab new thread title by @GreatBritishFakeOff The longest pregnancy in instagrammer history ( yes longer even longer than fake bestie Stacey's ones 🤣) has finally come to an end!! Little baby content has arrived safely but she has already broken the instagram code for refusing to be born...
  4. Tootle Pip Wiz

    Missgreedyshome #28 Flashing her belly but incapable of life, H you are crazy making her your wife!

    Winning thread courtesy of @OleTed 🤗🤗 Not done one of these for a long time! Hopefully I've got all the relevant updates from the last thread. Not in any particular order: ◾Greedy has been pregnant for at least 84 years ◾We are being subjected to vom fest slushy love & bump posts on the daily...
  5. Parry1988

    Missgreedyshome #27 Digs at her family, H getting fatter. Here's a reminder - mother's matter!

    Congrats @OleTed On the new thread title, actually the most liked post from the whole of the last thread ( incase any newer members don't get the 'mothers matter ' reference please read the wiki to see how disgracefully greedy treated a charity that helps mothers) Not much to report just 6000...
  6. Parry1988

    Missgreedyshome #26 doesn't know her rainbow from her strongbow from her elbow

    Congratulations @influenzas for the new thread title greedys on the beg, nothing new there...this time for baby items for her cash cow Only comes on insta now to brag about freebies or holidays Or 20 pics a day of her 'bump' If someone wants to do a more detailed recap, feel free xx
  7. L

    Missgreedyshome #25 Greedy up the duff, Hagrid looks rough, family in a huff, what a load of guff

    Started a new thread as #24 was a few pages over. I can't believe there is only 25 threads on this grifter. See the wiki for a brief overview of her scams, lies and examples of her copying everyone else's content. Thank you to @BOGIES for the thread suggestion and most liked post from the...
  8. Parry1988

    Missgreedyshome #24 she’s Quit the Liquor H still dog poo picker, Free kitchen is crap crying over a Tap!

    Thanks to the @OGJessicaFletcher for the fab new thread title Quick recap The longest instagrammer scammer renovation ever is still going as greedy can't seem to get those freebies as quick as she could at the old house She's refusing to show the kitchen because her new freebie tap hasn't...
  9. Parry1988

    Missgreedyshome #23 Lost all her cred...making her bed...reno's dead...big shiny balloon head

    congratulations to @BOGIES on the new thread title, it was actually a tie between that and @ohcomeon99 but seeing as bogies had a full suggestion I went with that one. But can we just take a minute to take in that yes Charlotte actually put that quote of 'I'm a true lesbian ' on her post...
  10. Parry1988

    Missgreedyshome #22 Insta career is going down the pan, face slapped on the back of a dirty van

    No thread suggestions on the last thread guys 😕 so had to reference the van pic in there 🤣🤣 She's been mega boring lately, mental health break number 503678. Cringetastic 400,000 Bots followers milestone video We did have a right laugh when a tattler spotted her face on the back of a van driving...
  11. Parry1988

    Missgreedyshome #21 knock knock, who's there? Prince harry, prince harry who?....you do you!

    Thanks to @bubbity09 for the new title 🥺 Have some guylian chocolates on us 💅 Quick recap..... Well well brand new thread starting on the eve of the biggest book release of the year....oh well erm maybe not, but the illiterate morons book is out in less than 12 hours and from the 'sneak peak'...
  12. Parry1988

    Missgreedyshome #20 Finally dropped by In the style, just as well as her clothes were vile

    Thanks to @Influenzasfor the new thread title ✨️ well well where to begin 😳 So the last thread moved slowly, with basically chats about the obscene amount of crap she was buying and gifted for Christmas. With most influencers giving away their gifted items to followers, good old charl has...
  13. Parry1988

    Missgreedyshome #19 'work' home or away, the booze and ads are here to stay!

    Thanks to @DaimIt for the latest thread title 🤌 Recap We started the last thread with the cringe fest that was Stacey solomons wedding pictures and have ended the thread with greedys sisters wedding pics.H even treated us to the same pair of shoes 🤣 and outfit although to give her credit this...
  14. Parry1988

    MissGreedysHome #18 Charlotte Greedy ; Read my book on how to be a crook

    Hope I've don't this right guys.... So charlotte hasn't been up to much, just the usual alcohol, food out and holidays. She recently went on holiday on her sisters hen do and proceeded to have a drunken rant as to why H wasn't there and tried to make a joke about how she is just the...
  15. N

    MissGreedysHome #17 Reno’s stopped, engagement party flopped, time for the next granny clothes flop!

    Thread number 17 Had to cut the thread title down a little to fit! Well done (as always!) to @Parry1988 for the winning thread title Please may someone do a recap?? Thank you kindly! Ahhhhh Jesus Christ I fucked up the title!!!! Obviously meant to say “granny clothes drop!” - apologies...
  16. N

    MissGreedysHome #16 Paris engagement for the Instagram engagement

    Thread 16 for MissGreedysHome Thread title courtesy of @thenoodle Pleeeease may someone do a recap??
  17. Shazblag

    MissGreedysHome #15 Big red face, such a disgrace, H driving hungover all over the place!

    Most liked Title suggestion by @Forthecraic. can someone do a recap please. Big red face, such a disgrace, H driving hungover all over the place. Last thread. https://tattle.life/threads/missgreedyshome-14-greedy-and-harriet-again-drink-driving-are-her-brand-deals-nose-diving.29336/liked
  18. N

    MissGreedysHome #14 Greedy and Harriet again drink driving! Are her brand deals nose diving?

    Newww threeeaad timeeeee Congrats once more to @Parry1988 for the winning thread title. Please may someone do a recap?
  19. N

    Missgreedyshome #13 This month's breakdown done and dusted, garden furniture mystery....busted

    Neeeeew thread time! We’re getting through these quicker! Thanks to @Parry1988 for the thread title I don’t have kids but surely putting curtains up in their bedrooms would be one of the very first things you do when you move in?
  20. They See Me Trolling...

    Missgreedyshome #12 H’s FM has messed up, soon be time for Kobe and Minnie’s “accidental” pups!

    Well done @Parry1988 had to edit to fit and to conform to rules (no profanity).
  21. M

    Harriet Waite aka harryfemme #1 Harriet will take your money but make you "Waite" forever for your order

    A new thread for ‘harryfemme’ Harriet Waite, joined FM World selling dope perfumes, has since said she’s not selling it anymore yet has peoples money and not sending orders, conveniently her insta messages aren’t working for people that are owed products but conveniently works for people asking...
  22. N

    Missgreedyshome #11 She only drinks alcohol on days ending in y!

    New thread time! (My first time making one, let me know if I’ve done anything wrong!!) Thread title winner courtesy of @Forthecraic 🥳 Let’s hope we get to see some actual renovation work instead of countless meals out!!
  23. Oohthedrama

    Missgreedyshome #10

    Not exactly sure what’s happening in her personal life right now but please remember to keep comments respectful and call on staff if necessary. continue here
  24. L

    Missgreedyshome #9 Greedy's a liar, content is dire, swipe ups, ads and hair lines getting higher

    Winning title goes to @Parry1988 🥳 Celebrate with a bottle of reservaespecillallaerocabrisan 🍷🤌🏻 Recap: As per the thread title Greedy has been doing nothing except being Greedy with ads, ads, swipe ups and more ads. The girl does more ads per day than she has teeth in her mouth and that's...
  25. L

    Missgreedyshome #8 Addressed the past, faked a split - nothing’s changed, still a tit

    Started a new thread as the other one had over the 1000 posts. Winning thread title was from little old me: (had to shorten it to fit) I feel so honoured - I now need to pick a fancy dress costume, pick a song, do a big countdown and do a cringey lip sync and dance to celebrate 🥳💃 Special...