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  1. londongirl2001

    Lily Pebbles #49 Covent Karen

    Hey everyone and welcome to the newest thread for the woman who invented the business of blogging and YouTubing, Lily Pebbles! :D Thread title credits go to @martaS and @Sibyl Vane (here), congrats! Highlights from the last thread include: - Lily's followers asked her for style inspirations...
  2. martaS

    Lily Pebbles #48 She's the Benjamin Button of density 🐌

    Welcome to the new Lily thread, with its cleverly creative title inspired by @Sibyl Vane's post 🙌 Lily started the year strong with a little reminder why she was the real deal in this ever-changing world of professional influencing... She went on a brand trip to Berlin with Uniqlo and...
  3. martaS

    Lily Pebbles #47 A slime trail of lame 🐌

    Thread title courtesy of our lovely @ANiceEgg - well done babes. Inspired by Lilian posting this picture, which definitely didn't depict snail trails 🤭 Previous thread here lads: If someone fancies adding a...
  4. under the ivy

    Lily Pebbles #46 Rich is her live-in au pair.

    Couldn't find a thread suggestion so went with the most liked post by @OrangeDuvet - apologies if I've missed anyone's suggestion! Lily is BACK from her social media 'break' even though she was caught lurking on M&S' account. Keep trying Lily. If anyone wants to re-cap, feel free 🙂
  5. londongirl2001

    Lily Pebbles #45 No brains, just teeth

    Hello and welcome to the newest thread for Lily, our creative creator! Title credits go to @friedeggontoast for the original phrase and post (here) and for the most liked title suggestion (here) <3 If anyone remembers enough to write a bit of a recap, go for it please :) But...
  6. Shutterbug99

    Lily Pebbles #44 This came up on my feed so I just copied it

    Thanks to @TravellingPants for the thread title! Recap: Lily went to South Africa on holiday. She barely mentioned this at all and I definitely don't know what she packed. She got cystitis the day after Valentine's Day but shared that this was most certainly not from having sex with #PoorRich...
  7. under the ivy

    Lily Pebbles #43 Unbearably entitled and a little bit stupid

    Time for a new thread on Moany Pebbles! New thread title suggested by @Foxyrin from @navybluewolf comment. Recap She sorted out her contacts and screenshot with those named with A - this was clearly a dig at the continuing silence between her and Anna. They were both invited to the Merit...
  8. londongirl2001

    Lily Pebbles #42 The pigeon lady in Home Alone 2

    Thanks to @jaymie for the title :) Welcome to another thread for Pebbles. Nothing much has changed since the beginning of the last thread: Lily and Anna's friendship is still over, but Lily did a name-drop in a recent video. Nothing from Anna though, not even on Lily's birthday. We still...
  9. Shutterbug99

    Lily Pebbles #41 Friendship toasted, style roasted, poobs too wobbly hasn’t posted

    Thanks to @oregano for the thread title! The feud continues! Lily and Anna are still avoiding each other at all costs. Anna has gone so far as to BAN all mention of Lily on her Youtube channel. Words on the ban list include: 'Lily,' 'Pebbles,' 'LP,' and even 'Podcast.' Yikes! When Anna...
  10. Shutterbug99

    Lily Pebbles #40 No joie de vivre for me, I'm not invited to Paree

    Thanks to @ANiceEgg for the thread title! Recap: The feud continues! Anna was in Paris this week for a Drunk Elephant event. Lily claims she was invited too, but bailed at the last minute because she was ill. Was she really ill though? Vote in the poll! In other news, Lily continues to take...
  11. Shutterbug99

    Lily Pebbles #39 Always shoot ready, content pillars unsteady, shares every mundane thought in her head-y

    Thanks to @ANiceEgg for the winning thread title! As Lily herself says, um, these things are complicated, and we actually had a three-way tie for the winning thread title. The runners up were: One man band, no time to research a brand - @ANiceEgg The London Moan Ranger - a collaboration...
  12. Starttheline

    Lily Pebbles #38 I tried, lol

    New thread! Sorry if this wasn't the winning title but it seemed fitting, and I couldn't order the posts for some reason. Our busy London mum is away on holibobs and has promised us an honest review. So far, there's a beach that isn't a beach, cereal on tap and very bright sun that hurts...
  13. Shutterbug99

    Lily Pebbles #37 Stopped getting things for free? Time to update the CV

    Thanks to @roarke for the thread title! Recap: Lily was gifted a hotel stay, but this wasn't enough for her; she decided to beg for a freebie spa day while she was there. She is currently enrolled in a beginners tennis class, even though she's been playing tennis since she was a kid. This...
  14. under the ivy

    Lily Pebbles #36 Lily Pebbles and the Sad Kidnapper's Cupboard

    Apologies, I can't see who suggested this as the thread title but it had the most likes for a suggestion! Recap Lily took her, him and Poor Rich on holiday. She didn't mention it much. She made Grey a den in her office loft which looks like a hybrid between a kidnapper's hide and a place a dog...
  15. under the ivy

    Lily Pebbles #35 Nobody told her you can’t wear pyjamas to the BAFTAs

    Thread title by moi (more French than Lily knows) with the most likes through the thread. Previous thread here - RECAP - Went on holiday to the South of France where’s she’s being going since she was a kid. Doesn’t know...
  16. LolitaBlah

    Lily Pebbles #34 The Loft Ness Moanster

    Original title by @Ugholhere with an aded flavor by @Jaybtee (93 votes!! <3 ) Other honorable mentions: - Lily Pebbles #34 Loft Laugh Love by @w8g - Beg, complain, beg, complain - all aboard Lily's misery train by @Gemcat24 And those titles recap pretty much all what happened in the last thread 😂
  17. under the ivy

    Lily Pebbles #33 beige * london * baggy * beggy * london

    New thread Name/thread suggested by @PotholesInMyLawn & @Starttheline Old thread here: Anyone want to recap?
  18. Dwightschrute

    Lily Pebbles #32 London foodie? More like beige and moody.

    Thread title by @under the ivy with 89 likes ♥ Anyone want to recap?
  19. Dwightschrute

    Lily Pebbles #31 You’re so boring we’re back to talking about Anna’s crotch shots

    Thread name by @LittleBluebird with 61 likes Previous thread: Anyone want to recap?
  20. under the ivy

    Lily Pebbles #30 I’m not sure what my contribution is

    Welcome to Lily’s big 3 0 thread 🎉 We’re not sure what her contribution to the party will be. Previous thread here Recap • HER loft update is almost done for HER office • She is 9 months pregnant and is due to give birth to Baby Boy Beige in the next few weeks. • #PoorRich is still whipped •...
  21. Shutterbug99

    Lily Pebbles #29 Climbing the stairway to beggin’

    Thanks to @under the ivy for the thread title! Recap: Lily's loft conversion saga continues - as does the begging. So far Lily has managed to snag a free sofa bed. She's also been on the hunt for free tiles and flooring. Lily was #gifted a stay in a hotel. She complained about the food and lack...
  22. under the ivy

    Lily Pebbles #28 As dim as her loft extension

    New thread title suggested by @wagner1985 Continue talking about what nobody told Lily…
  23. dee_mc

    Lily Pebbles #27 The unfluencer

    A new thread for our beloved Lily Pebbles, the influencer who turns us off products and brands... "The Unfluencer" was my suggestion, neck and neck with Little Bluebird's "So boring no one wants to think of a thread title" (both suggestions got 43 likes) Anyone want to attempt a recap of thread #26?
  24. B

    Lily Pebbles #26 Peddles anything except her Peloton

    Thanks to @perky715 and @MoniC! Would some else mind recapping, I haven't the least bit of strength to do that!
  25. Shutterbug99

    Lily Pebbles #25 idk the pandemic was weird, Rich, come pluck my beard

    Thanks to @MoniC for the thread title! Recap: -As we know Lily is pregnant with baby #2. She's made it pretty obvious that she wishes she was having another girl. She even went so far as to say that the last thing her family needs is another boy. Nice! -Rich, who is still 'getting his head...