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  1. Lily Pebbles #12 Mood Hoover, public pooer, less screen time would really improve her

    Hold on to your potato sacks, folks! Another chapter begins 🥔 Could someone kindly recap the last thread?
  2. Lily Pebbles #11 Teeth appear, gifted vAneers! Shame they won’t rescue your dying career

    I joined Tattle 5 months ago to see if other people were just as fed up with Shilly Pebbles as I was. It feels full circle for me to get my first ever title with Lily! Title slightly amended from; New teeth have appeared, gifted vAneers! Shame they won’t rescue your dying career Highly...
  3. Lily Pebbles #10 Shilly beggles and the revent Items

    New thread title thanks to @Libertine1975 with 30 likes! Long live the Revent Items! Recap: I honestly don't know how someone with so little content can be such a talking point, yet here we all are! Highlights include a tour of her fridge, not so sly berating of her husband (opinion is...
  4. Lily Pebbles #9 Lily has a no-nonsense attitude, what she needs is a bit of gratitude

    Original title; Lily thinks she has a no-nonsense attitude, what she needs is a bit of gratitude. Thanks icryincoffee 👌🏽 Recap of last thread - No relevant work worth noting, except her weekly mother’s meeting podcast with Anna, which is consistent. Consistently shit. -Went glamping in a zoo...
  5. Lily Pebbles #8 A day not moaned is a day not lived.

    Thanks to Eileen 2019 for the suggestion! Recap on the last thread; - Continuation of copying other influencers for content ideas (superzoom for mascara demonstration, styling the shelves) - Utter drivel of her daily activities on her insta stories. Who knew plants moved their leaves during the...
  6. Lily Pebbles #7 Mole Crusader, Hygiene Evader, MUA Traitor, Ghost Impersonator

    New thread! Thanks to @TheBabeWithThePower for creating the final title, although many were involved (myself included, a thank you). Honourable mention to @HereForHaters with the addition of What's in lily's trainer, but I couldn't fit it in the title. Brief recap: After the Black Lives...
  7. Lily Pebbles #6 the Tattle thread works harder than Lily!

    Continuing on... Title of thread is thanks to @Mjaumjau
  8. Lily Pebbles #5 Baby Greige turns one in age; but don't be silly, it's all about Lily!

    NEW THREAD: Thanks to @Booklover for the title suggestion.
  9. Lily Pebbles #4 whingy, moany, what a brat. Fried hair, new teeth... can I expense that?

    NEW THREAD: Thanks to @TheBabeWithThePower for the title suggestion.
  10. Lily Pebbles #3 It’s a hard knock life for me, I just want stuff for free

    So I went ahead and made a new thread ☺️
  11. Lily Pebbles #2 The “working Mum” spends days ‘gramming cheap tat and getting her nails done

    Thread title by @HashtagRealTalk View all threads Continue here The nhs baby wing rant
  12. Lily Pebbles

    Thought I'd start a thread about Lily Pebbles. I know there was one on the other site.. Currently doing up her new house, which is probably the most interesting content she's had for a while. However, it looks like she's taken some interior design inspiration from that bastion of good taste...
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