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YouTuber and part-time Tesco worker. Likes to think of herself as a weightloss guru while fleecing her subs into buying WL charts and calorie controlled plans ,she's stacking up the pounds both in weight and money while her subs are losing theirs (money)!
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  1. lexiloo

    Jane Gammons #44 From pukka pies to chubbercise

    New thread already guys! Title credit goes to @doctordoctor and I think we shall now all think of clubbercise as chubbercise šŸ˜‚ Thread suggestions can be used from p48 onwards and can't be too long or contain swear words......as you were tattle folk. Last thread moved quickly, let's see what...
  2. lexiloo

    Jane Gammons #43 muchloveJane the fake at the wake

    New thread time already! last one filled in just over two weeks!!! Thanks to @doctordoctor for the winning title suggestion Tattle on good folks.......
  3. lexiloo

    Jane Gammons #42 website on hold, too much sold, no wonder Charlie looks so bloomin old

    New thread time folks, thanks to @Sweatybetty for the title, I've had to alter Bloody to bloomin as i've had bloody removed from a title before so playing safe. Also shout out to @Motherofpigs for a suggestion that got the same amount of votes but can't be used because sadly fat prat (although...
  4. lexiloo

    Jane Gammons #41 Much love Jane, her mods are insane

    New thread time already! thanks to @Itsmethatlikesamoan for the title, plenty bloody fab suggestions folks but sadly most wouldn't be approved due to much swearing and filth....you're my people :ROFLMAO: Same old same old on repeat with special guest star Toni Anal for your viewing pleasure...
  5. lexiloo

    Jane Gammons #40 Jane’s deluded and staying secluded

    Thanks to @doctordoctor for the new thread title, wow we filled the last one quickly! If anyone would like to do a recap ahhh bless you ;) Tattle on.......
  6. lexiloo

    Jane Gammons #39 My head keeps growing but I’m wax melt hoeing

    New thread time already, title honour goes to @Sweatybetty for this gem :ROFLMAO: Nothing has changed really, she's getting bigger by the week, has given up Tesco which is not the wisest of moves considering they want to buy a house but she think's she's going to be the next wax superstar...
  7. lexiloo

    Jane Gammons #38 Wonky lips, chunky hips, lucky dips with side of chips

    New thread time folks, thank you to @Sweatybetty for the great title suggestion If someone could do a recap that would be grand Tattle on folks......
  8. lexiloo

    Jane Gammons #37 Boxing wax tat, still fat & in the manky flat, no mortgage to be seen for chins and bean

    New thread time folks, thanks to @Chuffoffohc for the title suggestion that got the most votes. Jane's content is as dried out as her cooking.....not that she does much of that these days as she's far too busy being a #girlboss and a wife therefore takeaways and drives out for food to eat up...
  9. Yel

    Jane Gammons #36

    Can't see a popular thread name suggestion, report if there's one. Let's stay in topic and not derail with arguments
  10. lexiloo

    Jane Gammons #35 desperate wannabe instahun with her bloke's clothes and a greasy bun

    New thread time folks, well done @sqaure_spoon for the winning suggestion If someone could do a summary that would be fab and I shall reward you with a posh ready meal and a fully loaded soap sponge, don't worry i'll even throw in the canesten you'll need when you use it ;) Tattle on......
  11. lexiloo

    Jane Gammons #34 she's more of a pukka pie than a super spy

    New thread time folks, wow that last thread moved quickly! Thanks to the hilarious @ChubClubThug for the title with the most likes. If someone could do a re cap that would be fab as im heading out the door Tattle on folks.......
  12. lexiloo

    Jane Gammons #33 Eats, squits, packs, repeats

    Wow that last thread seemed to fly by, welcome to thread 33 folks and thanks to @Winners_Song for the winning title and @Clovis for providing some inspo for it anyone want to do a recap? mine just sound the same every time :ROFLMAO: Tattle on....... Mod edit as per rules swear words aren't...
  13. lexiloo

    Jane Gammons #32 I can lose weight, I can

    Welcome to yet another new thread folks, my title got the most votes with 21, it was such a classic quote it needed to always be remembered ;) Not a lot has changed, she's still packing on the weight but apparently doesn't care, still fannying on with beef curtain sizzlers and wax mewts made...
  14. lexiloo

    Jane Gammons #31 Live packing the tat to send to you, calorie count’s at a million and two

    New thread time folks, thanks to @[email protected] for the title, have to say you suggested some cracking ones and special mention goes to this one (below) that had more likes but was sadly too long and couldn't be changed to fit without losing too much of it (not much space after i've added her name...
  15. lexiloo

    Jane Gammons #30 Still peddling soaps and tat but too breathless to clean the manky flat

    New thread time again folks! Well done @monga for this cracking suggestion of a new title. Quick recap...... still dull still gaining weight at an alarming rate still festering in the manky flat despite claiming to "never sit still" still passing off bulk bought flange scorchers as her own...
  16. lexiloo

    Jane Gammons #29 It will burn your flaps but much love from Jane

    Thanks to @Sweatybetty for the winning title suggestion with 20 likes :) Feel free to do a recap guys as I won't get chance til later Tattle on good folks......
  17. Beggars belief

    Jane Gammons #28 Exercise bikes been gifted, how much weight will be shifted ?

    Thank you @kizzy Anyone want to do a recap?!
  18. lexiloo

    Jane Gammons #27 Jane and Charlie, bigger than ever, when will they diet? probably never

    Hey folks welcome to thread 27 and thanks to @kizzy for the title with a whopping 31 likes Not really much to recap, another diet plan fail, yet more excuses and still no cocomy try on for us to chuckle at! oh and the tight waffs charged their neighbours for water when they hosed their patio...
  19. lexiloo

    Jane Gammons #26 The MIL see's through her chat, from the wicked witch of Eastbournes flat

    welcome to thread 26 folks and thanks to @Dolphingal for the suggestion, had to amend slightly to fit as limited space but fab title! quick re cap from last thread.... still boring the tits off us all still claims to be on a plan that's not a plan seems to only eat jacket spuds and cashew...
  20. ChubClubThug

    Jane Gammons #25 Bizness woman sharing bathwater, heating is off, looks like a sloth

    Fab thread title by the marvellous @Sweatybetty with the most likes. Apologies if I've missed any! Had to edit it to fit. This is the original: Biz ness women of the year ! sharing bath water , heating off , property tycoon of the south shame she looks like a sloth .
  21. lexiloo

    Jane Gammons #24 Pies and lies she’s rolling in cash but still buying trash

    thanks to @Sweatybetty for a cracker of a thread title, sums her up very well ;) quick recap of the last thread.......still fat! but also..... After reducing her hours thinking she was the next lord sugar she is now asking Tesco for extra hours and will once again be on turkey duty ha! Looks...
  22. lexiloo

    Jane Gammons #23 Jane Scammons! finally lost a stone but only from her ring

    thanks to @Mari24 for the title suggestion, added a bit more to it as the whole losing of the stone had to be honoured for the laughs it gave us ;) recap from last thread.....same old same old for the dull duo but in a nutshell..... we're wondering if she will she rejoin SW seen as that's the...
  23. lexiloo

    Jane Gammons #22 Cats pee to Jackson Bay, Charlie's mum's sent away, all going Chins way

    Welcome to another thread folks and thanks to @FavouriteChild for the cracking title, had to change it slightly to get it to fit, hope its ok! update from last thread...... Jane has gone back to starting work at 6am instead of 3am as she was feeling tired all the time as she's so so busy...
  24. lexiloo

    Jane Gammons #21 Pukka pied and prejudice with coleslaw on her chin

    new thread already guys!!! I went for the "plain spinster sister" title as per her titanic face swap pictures, if you've not yet seen them check out the last thread and enjoy ;) also incorporated coleslaw chin from @Emperortooco at the suggestion of @wotdidijustwatch recap will be dull...
  25. lexiloo

    Jane Gammons #20 Waxin’ her tache & splashin’ the cash, over-eating and comment deleting

    Woah! thread 20 already guys, thanks to @Bumblebea123 for a great title, had to alter it slightly as it didn't fit, hope its ok little re cap on the last thread..... still being Estee fraudster making income claims to reel in the hunbots still ignoring the fact Charlies mum is in need of their...
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