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Helen Joan Anderson (born 11 September 1955) is a New Zealand professional director, scientist and, previously, public servant. She currently serves as a director on a number of organisations' boards.

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  1. Helen Anderson #6 a vibrating boner dont make me a loner, btw I have a cold not the 'rona

    -------------------------------------------- Thread #1 | Thread # 2 | Thread #3 | Thread #4 | Thread #5 -------------------------------------------- WELCOME TO THREAD #6: A VIBRATING BONER DON'T MAKE ME A LONER, BY THE WAY I HAVE A COLD NOT THE 'RONA! 🤟 🤟 🤟 Big thank you to @BadassQueenMelon...
  2. Helen Anderson #5 Tattle obsessed and can't fit in her dress, what a mess

    Thank you to @souplessb1tch for the thread title! Helen Anderson #5: Tattle obsessed, can't fit in her dress, her life's become a big old mess (23 votes) (Trust me to mess up the title cos of character limits - hopefully a mod can fix! - EDIT: that was fast! Thank you Tattle mod <3 ) Did a...
  3. Helen Anderson #4 Drunk, Quirky, Looks Plain Dirty. Beefy Knees, Freebies Please!

    Old thread here: Helen Anderson #3 Noah fence, can you stop picking your nose? Previous thread recap: • THE HAIRDRESSER & THE COVID SPREADER: After her a rant about people selfishly getting their hair done and how she wasn’t bothered having hers done as she quite liked it... she got her own...
  4. Helen Anderson #3 Noah Fence, can you stop picking your nose?

    Thanks for the hilarious new thread title @Albert_Chris 😂
  5. Helen Anderson #2 always needs a MANderson, Eat and drinks as much as she CANderson

    With thanks to @Eljay for the new title!
  6. Helen Anderson

    Start the discussion regarding Helen's content here... I mostly like her content because she stands out, but I do worry about the amount of tat she gets through. She does seem to be happier these days compared to last Christmas.
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