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  1. M

    F1 chatter #49

    No Dutch national anthem this morning in Australia. Onwards to Japan we go!
  2. kubnikol

    F1 Wags #209 "Carlos loses his appendix, Logan loses his car, Max loses his cool ... 🔥"

    Spicy race in Australia . Appendix created chaos once again . Let’s see if this will give Carlos a seat😅 Cheers 🥂 Good morning to everyone who slept and didnt watch the race live 😅
  3. OOps2022

    F1 Chatter #48

    Safety car and a new thread! Dads are watching
  4. pastafasta

    Formula 1 Wags #208 Carlos' Appendix is gone. Now someone needs to go to.

    Just on time for the race! Here we go!
  5. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #207 He'd rather have a bowl of [his PA's] Coco Pops

    Just went with the last one so I wouldn't forget to include the poll
  6. Minttu

    F1 Chatter #47

    New thread, just in time for tomorrow's race! You lot better have fun, while I'm wearing my national costume and the very upright posture that goes with it for the entire day. (The fact that I will be entering a dog kennel with a bitch in heat next to a dog twice her size in it does not need...
  7. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #206 DTS Down To Start 2024

    With the end of testing it means only one thing It's Time to Race! Technically it IS race week since the race is on Saturday. Actual DTS premiered Friday and we are all catching up Anyway testing Max has everything he the car, so he decided to let checo get more practice/tome to prove...
  8. OOps2022

    F1 chatter #46

    We survived the winterbreak and the sunshines of all factories are back Pictures to follow
  9. kubnikol

    Formula 1 Wags #205 "Carbon Copies" 🖤

    4 cars left . Let’s see if they are black too 😅 2 weeks until testing ! Happy new thread 🖤
  10. kubnikol

    Formula 1 Wags #204 HamiltIFOSI

    Don't think i have to write something because everyone is glued to the internet but in case you were “dead” in last 12 hours Lewis to Ferrari in 2025 . Announcement around 7 pm British time . Happy new thread ❤️
  11. OOps2022

    F1 chatter #45

    Lewis said: hold my Almave, let's cause chaos! Ciao ragazzi e ragazze a Maranello! Questions: - who knew - who didn't know - what about Sharl - is this Lewis statement that only Sharl is worth to carry on his legacy - will it be a a moooolti year contract, how many your new...
  12. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #203 Papacito

    No real updates other than Magui shows up to Finland to break up the Norrix love fest We were blessed with a Kika and Pierre Break Flavy the latest eidols clone posting Carmen talking harvard classes online (that she paid for) Kelly representing mob boss wife fashion in switzerland Lewis in...
  13. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #202 Cuffing Season

    We may be looking at a full grid, all paired up for the off season, or at least January. Will Becky show up again? Will Lando and Martin venture out to meet new follows? Is Juliana really here long term? So many questions, so little precious free slagging time --- Epstein List out but a lit to...
  14. M

    F1 chatter #44

    Calling number 44 Mr Hamilton - stop with the quotes and give the people what they really want!
  15. ImaLady

    Formula 1 Wags #201 Walking in a Hinting Wonderland

    As per the suggestion of lovely @Louanne! Let the hinting games begin
  16. pastafasta

    Formula 1 Wags #200 We are on a (winter) break!

    The season is over - what now? Breaking up already started, but so far it's coaches "only". Oh yeah and Estie went IG official.
  17. OOps2022

    F1 Chatter #43

    Less than 20 laps until the end of the season and we had this:
  18. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #199 Down to F in Dubai..

    Last Race of the Season on the heals of Vegas last week Most of the Wags were out at the Vegas GP last weekend, other than Kelly, Lily Z, and Heidi. But it didnt stop the gossip accounts from assuming that means they must have broken up Flavy revealed her "Ocon" friendship bracelet in a post (i...
  19. LaBlonde

    F1 Chatter #42

    ready for whatever this absolute mess of a weekend is gonna be! also, good morning everyone. if you want to picture what i look like right now please see liam below:
  20. pastafasta

    Formula 1 Wags #198 Las Vegas GP - The Greatest Show on Earth?

    Here we go in Vegas. Who will get drunk and lost? Who will lose some money? Who will get married? Wags are already shaking. But first - golfing time today. Lando vs. Carlos - Alex vs. Pierre. Who will win this one? Does anyone ever care about racing there? Thank @Louanne for the thread name. 😘
  21. OOps2022

    F1 Chatter #41

    Sao Paolo Ferrari pain even before the race starts don't worry Sharl, your time will come
  22. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #197 Slag Paulo at Sunset

    Last race of a triple header and ay yay yay how much has happened since The Slag Shack is in effect for the 3rd (or maybe 4th) year running with Carlando golfing and protecting love with eyes closed We have reports of Lance being just as miserable around fans as he looks in real life Daniel...
  23. OOps2022

    F1 Chatter #40

    Number 40 for Mexico, featuring: more pics to come --- honourable mention it is confirmed that there will be 5 rookies for the FP1
  24. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #196 El Gran Premio de México! Quién es el padre del bastardo?

    Mexican Grand Prix!!!!!! while Carlos and Lando try to slip away for their 12 holes at sunset Rumors swirled of an under 30 driver being a baby daddy and ending a long term relationship which was amazing because the racing was getting contentious Lewis and Charles commiserate with getting...