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  1. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #158 Let the post season games/slagging begin

    It's the off season and the slagging has begun. Carlando spotted coming in hot unlike landos attempt at facial hair. So far off season drama is just hamster trying to stand his ground and be free of Lando after getting dropped at Brazilian grand prix So he went back to the uk and immediately...
  2. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #157 He's Coming Home!

    Season's over.... Fernando and Pierre could not wait to move on Oscar, Logan, and Hulk immediately ready for next year but most importantly.... One small bout of depression avoided for a large majority of our posters He's coming home kids... but will Heidi follow him?
  3. Princess of Scots

    F1 Chatter #10

    As the season draws to a close, we say farewell to Seb and Nicky and see you later to Mick and Daniel . It's been great having our little community here. Here's to a post season break full of tasty content.
  4. kubnikol

    Formula 1 Wags #156 Danke Seb 💚

    Here we go . Last quali and race 😭 We are saying goodbye to Seb and Nicholas . And hopefully see you soon to Daniel and Mick🥺🤞🏻 Danke Seb 💚
  5. LaBlonde

    F1 Chatter #9

    well ladies and stephen, here we are on the final weekend. the absolute final weekend for a few of our favourites 😭😭 scroll, get never forget on your speakers, hit play, enjoy the good times 💙 and also nick, i’m sorry williams are trying to force sargeant on us before you’ve even left...
  6. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #155 All roads lead to Monaco

    continued.... About 24 hours ago And now
  7. Minttu

    F1 chatter #8

    New thread, just in time for the race 💃
  8. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #154 Lando shoulda kept it out of his mouth

    Slag shack Sao Paulo in effect Lando with food poisoning And potentially nyck devries driving his 4th team of the year Here hoping we don't have to see Nelson Piquet Or Emerson Fittipaldi
  9. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #153 Bringing it to Brazil

    Its the weekend off before race week we have Max house shopping/moving in with Kelly and P Carlos off at a 'White Lotus' resort playing golf Lando back at the MTC and on the rocks with Hamster Daniel and full crew in New York for the Bills vs Jets game Lewis, George, Checo and Alex off to tease...
  10. Minttu

    F1 Chatter #7

    The last thread was full of thirst! And I love it! Keep up the good work! Once again, posting this beauty of EstieBestie in honor of me making my first thread, and because its the first picture I saved from Tattle because it made me FERAL! 🥵
  11. kubnikol

    Formula 1 Wags #152 Who will break the piñata? 🏆

    Happy new thread . Post your top 3 . My brain isn't working so no funny name😂 Guess who will end up with Martin Garrix after the race 😂
  12. aidil

    F1 Chatter #6

    Hola chicas! Es el gran premio de mexico! VAMOS!
  13. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #151 Hi from Heidi

    She's there. Beaming Thanks mods for fixing my crappy numbers
  14. LaBlonde

    F1 Chatter #5

    i’ve never started a new f1 thread before guys i don’t know, is there new RB drama? here’s a photo of charles: ladies and stephen! let’s get back to what we do best! love you all 😘 also:
  15. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #150 Arriving in Austin

    Welcoming F1 Back to America to kick off the last few races Max may be champion Pierre may have been sold to Alpine for 10 million cash and this may sadly, be the last time we get to see Daniel in Austin but let's do this last bit right! Here to some great racing for points me sorta embarrassed...
  16. Rubythefirebat

    F1 Chatter #4

    Max you are the champion... Or not.... Some are still counting. Pure chaos as usual by FIA. We were absolutely robbed from happy sweaty hugs, not even Kelly had time to perform for the cameras. Hopes are high for an USA party.
  17. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #149 Alpine 2023: Battle of the Baguetts

    Also I found this and it seemed appropriate because well we are in Japan...
  18. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #148 Singapore Safety Car break

  19. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #147 Single and Sweating in Singapore

    We are Back to Race Week in Singapore after 2 weeks off Multiple Wags and Drivers at Milan Fashion Week Pierre and Kika have been launched, although people took a while to accept how kika looks at various angles Max V and Kelly went all out with Lando and crew in Monaco Lando decided DJing was a...
  20. HaloGirl

    Formula 1 #9

    Off we go again. Singapore GP this weekend. Max is virtually F1 2022 Champion. We are wondering what Ferrari’s forthcoming strategies will be - don’t make Charles scream again! Has anyone checked if Esteban is ok now it seems Pierre is joining Alpine aka team France? And I know we all want a...
  21. OOps2022

    Formula 1 Wags #146 Stay Nosey Stay Nice: new DJ in town but we are waiting for the French Ab-Off

    In the world of FastFood Dates we need to stick together
  22. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #145 Boff Bad Boys

    Enjoying a bit if a 2 week break after the European triple header and Before we head to Asia. Still awaiting the fate of Danny and Mick And what Haas ans Williams can contribute to silly season. Here's to Ferrari wags who stick together through Ferrari hell (Thanks for changing the number for...
  23. Adoregoss

    Formula 2

    Any and all Formula 2 and 3 related gossip! Lily Morris, Olli Caldwell’s ex seems to have been at an after party with a lot of the f2 and some f3 guys 👀 seems keen on Marcus too
  24. Pole er bear

    Formula 1 Wags #144 The King has Risen

    100+ Lewis = King Stuff (Max fans just go with it) Monza.... on the heels of the Queen's death here's hoping for a British Podium with a Charles win but it could be anyone with this starting grid. but its cool we got a new thread in time so lets goooooooooooooooooooo! last race of triple...
  25. suzananneboyle

    Formula 1 Wags #143 Minions and Mommies in Monza

    Right, raceweekend in Monza is starting and we're onto a new thread leaving all the mommy talk behind us! We're in for a chaotic weekend... I also felt the need to create a little rhyme because i'm procrastinating so here goes nothing. Pierre isn't feeling too well, Lando is out here inviting...
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