Ioan Gruffudd and Alice Evans Truth Revealed

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  • Introduction

    IG - Ioan Gruffudd (born 1973) A Welsh / American actor. Welsh speaker. (Sometimes Instagram).
    BW - Bianca Wallace, (born 1992) Ioan’s girlfriend, an Australian aspiring actress, producer and screenwriter.
    AE - Alice Evans (born 1968) An English / American former actress. Very fond of social media, three sharp ones and the word ‘disingenuous’.
    Gloria - Nanny and emotional support worker for AE who claimed she was fired by IG as AE is now on a fixed monthly allowance from IG. This was the catalyst for a January 24 Instagram meltdown by AE. Later AE admitted Gloria was still employed by them.
    FMs - Alice’s band of aggressive "flying monkeys" who enable AE on social media. Their role is to provide dubious legal advice, keep her echo chamber free from differing opinions through harassment and insults, carry out inept "investigations", try to doxx Tattlers and destroy the reputation of others, especially IG and BW her family. Tattlers are not to give FMs a mention by name as they are nobodies looking for attention. The two FMs who ran two FB groups for the former couple said AE "dumped" them and they are no longer her internet friends. - Also known as IOL. This website was a fansite dedicated to IG started by a fan after seeing IG in Titanic. The site was very professional and popular and from 2004-06, IG was secretly funding it as his agent said it was good for his image. AE, after becoming IG's fiancee, complained that a Moderator on the site was maliciously editing her Wikipedia page. There was no evidence to suggest this is true and the Moderator denied this. As a result IG sent an email to fans* (which some people believe was written by Alice), and then withdrew his support for the site. It was closed in April 2006 due to this incident. IG also mentioned the debacle in an interview at the time where he claimed his fans were "vitriolic and evil" and suffering from "delusion".**
    SM - Social Media. AE has huge enthusiasm for Twitter and Instagram but due to legal difficulties has now deactivated her Twitter account but she can still be found on Instagram where she complains of being "gagged".
    The Official Ioan Gruffudd Group - a Facebook group which started out as a fan page for IG in 2014. It is run by FM1 & FM2 who still use 'Official' in the title despite IG writing to them to say he would no longer be requiring their promotional "services". It then turned into a hate page about IG and IG fans were frequently banned from the site. Now the FMs have been dumped by AE, it may return to being a regular fan page.
    EN - Ella Newton. A young actress (20) who fell foul of AE and the FMs by posting ❤ on the reveal photo of IG and BW. The punishment for this crime was AE complaining that EN didn't inform her of the affair she believes IG had with BW, who was an extra on Harrow at the time.
    Bathroom door - AE posted a picture of it. It is not known how it came off its hinges.
    2 E's - Alice and Ioan's children, Elsie (born 2013) and Ella (born 2009).
    Emma - The children's dog, a chihuahua cross breed who wears a GPS collar, though some thought it was a bark collar.
    Bear - Also known as Bubba Bear. BW's dog, a cavapoo brought to LA from Australia.
    Narcs - Shorthand for narcissists. Their behaviour has been described as, "An inability or unwillingness to recognize the needs and feelings of others. Envious of others and believe others envy them. Behave in an arrogant or haughty manner, coming across as conceited, boastful and pretentious."
    Smear campaign - Smear campaigns are a form of damage control used by narcissists when they become aware that they have been exposed. Smear campaigns are frequently used to depict their former victim as insane, bipolar, addicted, alcoholic, unstable, good diggers, cheaters or poor parents. The narc in question is usually projecting their own behaviour.
    Golden Child - Also known as the GC. The golden child is usually the offspring of one or two narcissistic parents. These parents use their children to show off their own perfection. Some people suspect Ella is AE's GC.
    PA - Parental alienation. This is when a child’s resistance or hostility towards one parent is not justified and is the result of psychological manipulation by the other parent. Many believe the two E's have been subjected to this by AE and to back this up AE admitted that IG wants Reunification therapy with the kids.
    Baby Angel - Alice’s pet name for Ioan, as recounted in his interview with Craig Ferguson.
    Bogan - Slang meaning "Australian and New Zealand person whose speech, clothing, attitude and behaviour are considered unrefined or unsophisticated". This is one of Alice's favourite words for BW, along with 'ho', 'Instagram acrobat', 'She Devil' and 'horse teeth'.
    Socks - A pseudonym or persona typically online, usually for some sort of deception or for trolling purposes. Alice accuses many online of being sock accounts operated by IG or BW, or by people close to them. However, she was found to be using sock accounts on Reddit and other forums. She has claimed she doesn't know how to create these accounts.
    MS - Multiple sclerosis. This is a condition that can affect the brain and spinal cord, causing a wide range of potential symptoms, including problems with vision, arm or leg movement, sensation or balance. It's a lifelong condition that can sometimes cause serious disability. BW has disclosed that she has MS after FMs lurking Tattle outed her condition on Twitter. BW has now spoken out about the disease on her Instagram account and is trying to make a movie about it.
    Our Family Wizard app - Also known as the wizard. A high conflict divorce family sharing app which IG wants to use to discuss the kids with AE. She doesn't like to use it as it is a "Teacher's pet" app but then complains about how much lawyers letters cost.
    Ghosting - This is abruptly ending communication with someone without explanation. AE has claimed she has been 'ghosted' by IG falsely as they can communicate via the wizard app which is monitored and non-deletable.
    Tattle Turds - a term used by Alice Evans on Twitter to describe the people talking about her on here. She also uses the term Twattlers. Tattlers have been accused of bullying her and being jealous of Alice and imagining that they know IG.
    Cameo - This is a site where fans can pay to get a video message from the usually C - Z list celebrity in question. AE is now on Cameo for $50 a message but business is slow and she has started a GoFundMe.
    3 Sharp Ones - i.e. drunk. AE is fond of alcohol and had a New Year's resolution to drink more whiskey.
    The DM - The Daily Mail, also known as the Daily Fail. It produces many articles about celebrities, and lifts their social media posts to do so. Alice's sock account Fizzbop comments on her articles there. The DM have featured the IG/AE/BW story on many occasions but still denounced Tattle Life users, though many of them "are remarkably articulate." AE wrote an article for them in October 2021 about the breakup of her marriage -
    BIB - "Bit In Bold" When a Tattler is responding to a specific line or sentence that they have quoted, they bold the text they are referring to
    #TeamAlice - Alice wanted to start a movement on social media to allow wronged women to speak out about their pain and suffering. It is not clear how this will help people, and no sensible advice is given to anyone who shares anything apart from a reply from Alice’s about her own pain and suffering. If your house unfortunately fell into a sinkhole, Alice would respond ‘I’m in sinkhole of pain right now pushed in by the Bogan Acrobat’. She was keen for any # to include her name. So far she has bagged #teamalice with no mind to the unfortunate reference to Malice. The #IamAlice hashtag reads as #I Am A Lice. These hashtags failed to gain traction on Twitter.
    TDS - Trump Derangement Syndrome. This was a common theme on AE's Twitter account from 2015- 2020. Rhymes with 'tedious'. AE viewed herself as part of the #resistance but fell out with the more prominent @hoarsewhisperer and MITH.
    HW - Harvey Weinstein. AE claims to have been a victim of HW although her account cannot be corroborated. She claimed he asked to see her breasts but she didn't consent as she is "not that kind of girl". Also Hollywood and @hoarsewhisperer
    Abs - Common misspelling of "and" that makes a regular appearance in AE's posts.
    TRO - Temporary restraining order. IG and BW were granted this in February 2022 against AE. She has already broken the terms of the TRO.
    PRO - Permanent restraining order. This should be granted on August 2, 2022.
    GFM - Go Fund Me. In June 2022, Alice started this claiming the following:

    Hi there.

    I never in a million years thought I would be doing this. Until recently everything appeared to be going well in my life. I had a wonderful husband and two brilliant kids who had cost us the earth in IVF but were so worth it! However in August 2020, just as the pandemic was really kicking in, my entire world fell apart. Since that date I have been not only struggling as a single mother to my babies, but also trying to cover bills and food and legal fees (ha! don't even talk to me about legal fees) which dwarf any other expense in my life and have finally drained everything - savings, accounts, pension, the lot.

    Yesterday all my accounts ran out and I couldn't buy anything. On the same day, my husband's lawyer sent me a letter telling me I was due in court on August 2nd to argue 'my case' in the divorce. I currently have no lawyer and no funds to pay one. If I don't turn up at court I will be in contempt, and I have no idea what will happen to me or my kids at that point. I'm asking for help - something I've never done in my life and never expected to do. I have no parents or extended family to borrow from . Just me, my brother and his wife in the uK and my two kids here in Los Angeles. Yes, it's embarrassing. But here I am. Anything you can spare will help.

    Thank you so much

    *Dear all,

    It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter. I was utterly aghast and in a state of shock when I discovered the unpleasant and sometimes vitriolic comments that were being leveled at my fiancée Alice when I recently observed the community forum on `ioanonline'. I find it hard to believe that people who have supported me so ardently over the years would behave in such a despicable manner.

    I have never been happier since meeting and falling in love with Alice and I am overwhelmed with excitement about getting married to the woman of my dreams.

    I am aware that it is always a small minority that gives the majority a bad name.

    I wish to thank those of you who continually support everything I do in such a positive and passionate manner, and I implore the few of you that sullies the good name of the majority to put an end to this practice that has brought such heartache to me personally.




    **IG: "there was a fansite [Ioanonline] that, you know, people could access and I understand that it was something I was sponsoring. And I just had to put a stop to it. Why should I be paying for somebody to be so vitriolic and evil towards my fiancee? It's just a pity. It's a forum for people, I guess, to express whatever anger and sadness they have in their lives. But it's incredibly cowardly in one sense. It's a very schoolyard mentality, I think."

    Presumably a fan who posts disparaging comments about Gruffudd's fiancee or vandalises her Wikipedia entry is labouring under the illusion that she is a threat to that person's ability to meet and form a relationship with Gruffudd themselves.

    "That's the thing. That's the delusion of a lot of these people, I suppose. In fact, it's not even that. It's not really relevant that I exist, or Alice exists. It's relevant that the idea of us exists.""

    Story so far

    Alice Evans is a suspected narcissist, xenophobe and SM addict. The 53 year old stay at home mother lives in LA with her two children. She used to act and her most well known film is 102 Dalmatians, where she met IG. Alice is fond of a few sharp ones, Twitter, Instagram, Justeats and expensive meal subscription services. Alice started Alice Evans Designs, an Etsy shop, but seems to have lost interest in this endeavour. Here are some of her designs:



    When Alice met her soon to be ex husband in 1999, she was already in an 8 year relationship with another man, her fiance, Olivier Picasso. She cheated on him with Ioan or as she likes to say, they "overlapped". When questioned about the hypocrisy over her husband's alleged affair with BW compared to her very real and confirmed affair with IG, she has replied that it is both "private" and indicated that it is not really a valid example of cheating since she was not married to Olivier or had children with him. He later came out as gay.

    In 2006, she gave Ioan an ultimatum to marry her and he proposed on NYE. Ioan described the proposal on US TV as an anxious night of Alice giving him verbal abuse for being ‘boring’ and shouting that she hated him. She still accepted this proposal however.

    Here is the interview - Ioan Gruffudd re the proposal - YouTube

    Alice and Ioan moved to LA in 2003 and both live in West Hollywood. They got married in 2007 in Mexico and have 2 children. Ioan has struggled to do a convincing American accent and failed to find lasting success in Hollywood. He most often finds work on TV miniseries filmed overseas. His career high point were the first two Fantastic Four movies, which while aimed at children, were successful financially, if not critically. Alice claims to have saved Ioan’s failing career whilst sacrificing her own, in order to be a full time mother (with Nanny and Housekeeper). She did however have a few small roles after motherhood, most notably, in The Vampire Diaries.

    Over the past few years, Ioan travelled to Australia to film ‘Harrow’. During the pandemic, Ioan returned from filming and told Alice he did not love her in August 2020. The couple continued living together until Ioan moved out in January 2021. Alice alleges that she found out Ioan was divorcing her via the media in March 2021 when it was reported he had filed for divorce. Alice showed the news article to her young child, little E, who ran away crying at this news. Alice is now claiming this never happened, despite many screenshots to the contrary. When challenged on it, she defended her parenting and her right to show her children the article as she didn't believe in lying to them and she did it "kindly".

    Alice decided to deal with the breakdown of her marriage by live tweeting marital arguments and insulting IG and his family online. Alice described how Ioan tried to stop her doing this, claiming that Ioan ‘mentally tortured’ her. Ioan decided to lock her out of her Twitter account by changing her password. AE was still using her Instagram during this period. When AE had her Twitter reinstated, she called Ioan’s mother a c**t in a tweet and blamed her for the failure of the marriage.

    Ioan Gruffudd in October 2021 posted to Instagram that he is in a new relationship by sharing a picture of himself and BW. BW was driven off social media for a period of time by Alice and her FMs due to unrelenting cyber abuse. Alice seems to believe that everyone who posts something she doesn’t like is BW or IG or related them or they are acting on their instructions. A FM added AE, BW and her entire family to an Instagram group chat to send abuse to them. IG and BW have now limited who comments on their SM to stop some of the harassment.

    AE has bad mouthed the father of her children directly and uses socks and proxies to do this now that she is in trouble legally due to her libellous use of SM. She told very personal details about her kids, nanny and estranged husband, including her version of private conversations IG has with his children. Alice was very fond of "tweet and delete" on Twitter but Tattlers are very fond of getting receipts. Alice often contradicts herself but has said that she "never lies".

    Alice was looking for evidence of a long standing affair to help her in her divorce, in 'No Fault' divorce California. AE has a prenup, which she claimed is not the one she signed, so the main battle is over custody. Alice has changed her lawyers as she wanted more 'aggressive' ones and has stated her previous ones were "idiots".

    Alice has a history of threatening to harm herself and has admitted to drinking too much and taking pills in 2019 (more below). Alice also posted private photos of Ioan on Instagram which he asked her not to post. She refused to and called him a ‘pussy’ on Twitter the day he left to go to Australia in July 2020. Ioan has made no comments or statements about Alice since the divorce began, other than to ask for privacy.

    AE has given interviews to the media regarding her pain over the divorce. Footage of her appearances on the UK show "Lorraine", the US show "Inside Edition" and the Australian radio show "Kyle & Jackie-O" are included in interviews section below. Additionally, AE wrote personally about her relationship breakdown in an article for the Daily Mail.

    AE says that IG will not speak to her directly, only via the app Family Wizard. Alice does not like using this app and calls it a "Teacher's pet" app as it monitors tone and content and communications on it cannot be deleted. AE also said that IG had been 'playing on it alone’ i.e. trying to communicate with her about the children. IG had to contact AE via the Wizard app because she ‘leaned in’ to a FaceTime call with little E to try to speak to him.

    AE has been posting comments that appear to suggest she is using her children to blackmail Ioan into contacting her by phone or coming to the house for visitation. Both children allegedly refuse to visit IG at his new apartment and only will see him at the family home. IG has blocked AE from his phone as she kept sending him ‘photos of the kids’ although the TRO proved that she was harassing him via text and calls. He has also blocked her from social media but it appears she uses socks and proxies to spy on his and BW's account. Here is IG’s private message that AE posted to Twitter that show he does have contact with her, via the wizard app:


    AE has made allegations that IG ‘screamed at the nanny’ and that Gloria will ‘testify against him’. This incident was tweeted by AE after AE sent the kids to the park with Gloria at the time of a scheduled call between the kids and IG.

    Ioan originally left all of his belongings at their house when he left; AE did not pack them and made several references to them being left untouched, in piles on the floor. Ioan then asked Gloria to gather his belongings but she declined. In December 2021, Ioan returned to collect them after getting a key from Gloria to enter the house while AE and the girls were away on a trip. AE mentioned she paid two friends to let him in but he seemingly bypassed them by dealing with Gloria. AE insinuated that Bianca was at the scene but also said he was with an off duty cop.

    AE alleged on twitter that she has been accused by IG of parental alienation and that the child evaluator (when they were doing a collaborative divorce) was biased towards him. Alice also stated that big E "lasted 20 mins before running out in tears" and little E "is not ready for therapy yet".

    AE seems convinced that the only reason IG left her was because he was cheating on her and his new girlfriend forced him to leave AE. AE has said that the ‘fake’ reasons that he brought up in the early stages of mediation were her treatment of his mother and her problematic use of SM. These fit perfectly with all of her behaviours to date. She doesn't believe her own behaviour led to the demise of their marriage and instead blames IG's mother and more recently, BW, for stealing her man.




    On 7 Jan 2022, Alice posted the following tweet before promptly deactivating her Twitter account, leading Tattlers to believe the 💩 is hitting the fan.

    View attachment 972741

    This tweet came after a Twitter barrage, a day's long rant, about how awful IG and BW are, including a reference to a recurring "dream" in which BW harmed the children.

    Alice continued to post on Instagram in breach of a temporary restraining order (more below) and returned to Twitter in late May 2022 and continued to breach the TRO with abusive tweets. This culminated in Alice firing her lawyer and the restraining order hearing was postponed until August 2nd 2022. Alice has since doubled down on the TRO breaches by posting regularly on Twitter and Instagram, however as of June 2022 her Twitter account has been deactivated again.

    Alice has indicated that she has no money to pay for food or legal representation and has started a GoFundMe page to try and raise $25,000 which is off to a very tepid start and may be cancelled by GoFundMe following many reports of how inappropriate it is for her to try and raise funds.

    The restraining order hearing went ahead on August 2nd 2022 with IG and BW in attendance and a no-show from AE. A 3 year restraining order was granted.

    Tattlers would like to see Alice take a break from cyber harassment and get some professional help. Some Tattlers have coped with this distressing situation by using humour and memes. However, concerns for the welfare of the children, who have not seen their father since April 2021 (Ella) and July 2021 (Elsie) remain. IG seems to be working with his lawyers to gain the 50/50 custody that he requested when he filed for divorce. However, he may want 100% custody at this stage and AE has alluded to that because of her behaviour. The FMs continue to enable AE's behaviour but most commenters in the DM are now anti-Alice, despite being very favourable towards her at the time of her Lorraine interview.

    Abuse allegations and court proceedings

    There have been many alarming signs of long term domestic abuse and coercive control within AE and IG’s relationship. AE and her FMs deny any wrongdoing and say that AE herself has been the victim of an abusive and controlling husband. However when asked if she would take IG back, AE implied that she would.


    In February 2022, IG filed documents with the court alleging that AE has been abusive to both him and Bianca, with 113 pages of evidence submitted. He also filed for a restraining order. On February 15, 2022, a temporary restraining order was granted by the Los Angeles Superior Court, preventing AE from harassing IG and Bianca and ordering AE to keep 100 yards/300 feet away from IG, Bianca, and their place of residence. A hearing to make the temporary restraining order permanent was due to be held on March 11, 2022 but it has now been extended for 3 months. By early March, AE had already breached the terms of the TRO on her Instagram account, although some of the offending posts were quickly deleted.

    In June 2022, days before the restraining order hearing, Alice fired her lawyer, likely in a fit of rage because he was trying to inform her that her actions were not going to be viewed favourably at the hearing. A continuance was requested and the hearing was scheduled for August 2nd 2022, which happens to be Alice's 54th birthday. Alice did not appear at the hearing.

    Ioan's request for a Domestic Violence Restraining Order (DVRO) was granted. The court ordered a permanent restraining order for three (3) years, expiring on August 2, 2025.

    TRO document
    Court Document Link
    GruffuddVsEvans.pdf | DocDroid
    Link to a copy of the Temporary Restraining Order, redacted to remove personal information:
    Temporary Restraining Order (redacted)
    Post with Alice's response

    On July 12, 2022, Ioan filed for 50/50 custody and an order for mediation and reunification therapy. Link to the court document is here: Custody Petition

    On July 25, 2022, Ioan filed a supplement to his request for a Domestic Violence Restraining Order with additional evidence that Alice has violated the TRO. Link to that court document is here:
    Supplement to Request for Domestic Violence Restraining Order

    On August 2, 2022, Ioan's request for a Domestic Violence Restraining Order (DVRO) was granted after a hearing. The court ordered a permanent restraining order for three (3) years, expiring on August 2, 2025.
    The court's minute order can be read here:
    Minute Order

    Hacking of IG's Instagram in February 2022

    IG's instagram has been hacked and and the hacker claimed that IG was cancelling Ella's elite private school (annual fee of $50,000) in order to finance a movie with BW called "A Ray of Sunshine" which they would both star in. The hacker also left a message saying that IG always had a disliking for gay people. AE posted a screenshot of IG's hacked Instagram very soon after the event and then commented underneath her screenshot, despite being blocked on IG's Instagram. Two of Ella's friends tagged themselves under the anti-gay comment. One of these friends later commented that they were "exposing him with my bsf, his daughter." Subsequent court documents suggest that Ella was responsible for this hack.



    Inside Edition

    The Inside Edition interview was cut by the studio from 90 minutes to under 2 minutes for legal reasons.

    Sarah Vine's Femail Half-Hour

    Sarah Vine's Femail Half-Hour EXCLUSIVE: ‘Why did it have to be a Millennial?’ Alice Evans talks divorce with Sarah Vine - Sarah Vine's Femail Half-Hour | Podcast on Spotify

    Kyle and Jackie-O

    Alice gave an interview to an Australian radio station on November 22nd (approx. 8am local time in Sydney).

    2019 Twitter incident

    In February 2019, Alice seemingly blocked another Twitter user @HoarseWhisperer for unknown reasons. She has suggested it was by mistake. He blocked her in return. Alice reacted to this in a very extreme manner and said she was suicidal over this which led to her followers and others being concerned for her wellbeing. IG was tagged on Twitter even though he was working in Australia at the time. Afterwards, she apparently 'got help'.

    Offering cash to identify Tattlers

    This tweet was deleted after Tattle replied, probably because it could easily be seen as encouraging an illegal activity like hacking.



    Driving incidents

    Parking lot meltdown

    A video surfaced online in February 2020 in which Alice could be seen ranting at another woman in a parking lot and it seems that she hit two other cars in an attempt to park her car. The other woman, a YouTube vlogger, also made a full video about AE’s bizarre behaviour. Article and video available here via TMZ

    YouTuber response:

    Fender Bender

    Not long after, AE had another car prang. She got out of the car barefoot and was unfortunately papped but no ranting was observed this time. Article available here via Daily Mail

    Custody battle for the children

    The two daughters currently reside with Alice all the time. She has shown many instances of the children displaying Parental Alienation on her SM. AE refuses to let IG see his children unless she is present with them at their home. AE has a DVTRO against her, as the Judge believed that she is guilty of domestic abuse against IG. IG seems to be trying via his lawyers to see his daughters who seem to have been weaponized against him. He currently has no contact arrangements with the children. IG has employed a Litigator so it looks like the issue with be decided in court.
    On July 12, 2022, Ioan filed for 50/50 custody of the children. Link to court petition is here.

    Domestic Abuse Support

    DV/DA and narcissistic abuse includes but is not limited to mental, emotional and psychological abuse as well as physical, sexual and financial abuse

    For anyone (male or female) who would like to reach out for support there are some links below.
    Narcissistic Abuse: What It Looks like and What to Do - MedCircle


    Based on suggestions from members, Tattler @kingseven put together the below playlists. Relax and enjoy!


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