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    • March 2020 - Ioan is filming Harrow in Australia. Alice demands publicly that he come back from filming as covid has hit.
    • July 2020 - Ioan returns to Australia to finish filming Harrow. In a series of Tweets discussing her marriage, Alice calls Ioan a "pussy", claiming he is too scared to use his platform to speak about politics.
    • August 2020 - Ioan returns to LA. He tells Alice he is unhappy in their relationship and he no longer loves her.
    • 1 Jan 2021 - Ioan rents an apartment on 1 January.
    • 25 Jan 2021 - Ioan moves out of the house. Alice tweets that Ioan is "leaving his family".
    • February 2021 - Ioan tries to have a collaborative divorce. Alice makes a video calling it a 'scam'.
    • 1 March 2021 - Ioan files for divorce. The collaborative divorce talks have been abandoned.
    • March 2021 - Alice claims she found out that Ioan was starting divorce proceedings by reading about it on the internet, and she apparently shows her younger daughter a Daily Mail article about the divorce, thereby upsetting her.
    • June 2021 - Ioan and Bianca Wallace enter into a relationship (as stated by Ioan in his sworn statement to the court regarding the DVRO application), after meeting on the set of ‘Harrow’ at the end of filming the last season in 2020.
    • Oct 2021 - Ioan invites Bianca to stay with him in France where he is filming "The Reunion". Alice finds out about Bianca after Tattlers worked out the link and she makes a comment on Bianca's instagram post of a photo she took in France. Alice then phoned Ioan from her daughter's phone and says Bianca's full name. Ioan and Bianca move to officially announce their relationship with a post on their respective Instagram accounts. Alice later lies in her Daily Mail interview about how she found out about Bianca, claiming the first thing she knew about it was seeing the couple's Instagram post.
    • Nov 2021 - Ioan finishes filming and he and Bianca fly to LA, where they set up home together.
    • 11 Nov 2021 - Alice appears on Lorraine, a UK morning TV show, where she cries without tears and speaks of her shock at Ioan leaving. It later emerges that straight after the broadcast, she emailed him saying "Want more?" (see Ioan's DVRO application below which includes a copy of the email).
    • 11 Nov 2021 - Alice appears on Inside Edition, a US TV show. Her marriage is described as "breaking up over Instagram". Alice cries without tears once more, and regarding Ioan's 'thank you for making me smile again' Instagram post, says "...and that killed my child, because my kids said 'don't I make him smile?'".
    • 10 Feb 2022 - Big E, the older daughter, hacks Ioan's public Instagram account. Alice also posts a screenshot of the hack with a suspicious comment, which makes Tattlers think she is involved.
    • 15 Feb 2022 - Ioan submits 113 page document including abusive text messages, emails and social media posts from Alice as he applies for a temporary restraining order (TRO) against her, which was issued against her that day. The court documents detail much of Alice's abuse against Ioan and Bianca, [see below].
    • June 2022 - Alice sets up a Gofundme, claiming she has run out of money. Tattlers strongly suspect she did this to humiliate Ioan ahead of his appearance at the Monte Carlo TV Festival. It doesn't raise much money.
    • 2 Aug 2022 - The court grants Ioan and Bianca a Domestic Violence Restraining Order (DVRO) against Alice for three years.
    • Nov 2022 - Police visit Alice at her house, and she calls it a "welfare check" and blames "internet trolls" for calling them to her home. It was later revealed that she had been arrested for breaching the DVRO.
    • Dec 2022 - Revealed by Alice via one of her sock accounts in spring 2023, she violated the DVRO by copying Ioan into an email to an auto insurer.
    • 10 Jan 2023 - Police pass the information re Alice's breaking of the DVRO in December 2022 to the DA.
    • 26 Jan 2023 - Alice fails to show up to court regarding two charges of violating the DVRO. LA Superior Court Commissioner James Cooper issues a referral for an arrest warrant for her.
    • 30 Jan 2023 - Alice finally shows up to court regarding two charges of violating the DVRO. The charges were later dropped, probably as it was a non-violent first offence.
    • March/April 2023 - The marital home is finally sold, with Ioan and Alice both receiving money from its sale.
    • 22 April 2023 - Bianca and Ioan appear on the cover of the Telegraph magazine, speaking about their love and Bianca's battle with MS.
    • 27 May 2023 - The two children have visitation with Ioan. When they go to his flat, an incident occurs and the children run away. This leads to a fake RO request from Ella. [See below]
    • 30 May 2023 - ongoing - Multiple Twitter accounts spring up, accusing Ioan and Bianca of abuse and throwing other insults and defamatory comments at them. Tattlers are in no doubt that it is really Alice behind the accounts as the accounts interact with "Tone" and know information only Alice would know. Alice's fourth lawyer, Marie, is also fired which doesn't seem to be a coincidence.
    • 31 May 2023 - Big E files for a temporary restraining order (TRO) against Ioan and Bianca, alleging she was assaulted by Bianca in an incident at Ioan's flat during visitation. The TRO is dismissed.
    • 2 June 2023 - Alice's friend Alison Boshoff writes a front page exclusive in the Daily Mail about the TRO sought by Big E.
    • 17 June 2023 - Alice and Big E appear in a story in the Daily Mail, in a pap walk clearly arranged by Alice.
    • 23 June 2023 - Ella's CHRO request against Bianca is dismissed. Bianca requested that her legal costs be reimbursed.
    • 27 June 2023 - Alice hires her fifth lawyer, Bernal.
    • 3 Aug 2023 - Alice misses the deadline to submit her financials. Ioan submits his and they show that he has been paying for Alice's lawyers all along.
    • 8 Aug 2023 - The joint statement of disputed/undisputed financial issues is filed. Ioan and his lawyers completed their part, but Alice and her lawyer didn't. The Prenup document showed that Ioan had a net worth 100x more than Alice when they married.


    #TeamAlice - Alice tried to start a movement on social media to allow wronged women to speak out about their pain and suffering. No sensible advice was given to anyone apart from a reply from Alice about her own pain and suffering. The #IamAlice hashtag was also used but neither hashtags gained traction on Twitter.
    $26 - Alice claimed to be down to her last $26, hence why she launched her Gofundme, but she was still able to buy take-out food, the latest iPhones and her rent for her Beverly Hills place which is $6.5k a month.
    2 E's - Alice and Ioan's children, Ella (born 2009) and Elsie (born 2013). IG has requested 50/50 custody which AE has refused to allow and the kids are now alienated due to her behaviour.
    Abs - Misspelling of "and" that used to make a regular appearance in AE's posts.
    Alice Evans/AE - Alice Evans (born 1968) An English / American former actress. Social media addict who turned her run of the mill divorce into a shit show and regularly appears in the DM.
    Alun Gruffudd - IG's brother who is raising money for MS here ALUN GRUFFUDD is fundraising for Multiple Sclerosis Society (
    Andrea Burkhart - A lawyer who posts videos on YouTube. She has posted a series about Ioan & Alice. Andrea Burkhart video playlist
    Anne Kiley - Ioan's divorce lawyer for his custody issues.
    Baby Angel - Alice’s pet name for Ioan, as recounted in his interview with Craig Ferguson.
    Bathroom Door - AE posted a picture of it. It is not known how it came off its hinges but AE did write that IG locked himself in there with a bottle of whiskey.
    Bernal [Ojeda] - Alice's fifth attorney, hired June, 2023.
    Bianca/BW - Bianca Wallace (born 1992), Ioan’s girlfriend, an Australian aspiring actress, producer and screenwriter, as well as campaigner for awareness about MS, which she suffers from.
    BIB - "Bit In Bold" When a Tattler is responding to a specific line or sentence that they have bolded.
    Bifurcated Divorce - A divorce separated into two parts: marital status and other issues. The court terminates the marriage. Both spouses are single again. Other issues to be resolved later.
    Bin Squirrel - a squirrel that, according to Alice, jumped out of the bin and on her.
    BLOCKED IMMEDIATELY - Tony Evans' favorite response to Twitter accounts that criticize Alice.
    Bogan - Slang meaning "Australian and New Zealand person whose speech, clothing, attitude and behaviour are considered unrefined or unsophisticated". This was one of Alice's favourite words for BW, along with 'ho', 'Instagram acrobat', 'She Devil' and 'horse teeth'. Due to the DVRO, "Tone" now makes snide comments about BW without directly naming her. See 'Socks'.
    Bubba Bear - BW and IG's dog, a cavapoo brought to LA from Australia.
    Cameo - AE is now on the Cameo website for $50 a message but business is now non-existent. She frequently didn't send any Cameos or sent them late to customers.
    Cogs/Coglet/Coggers - Pet names which Alice and Ioan used to call each other. ‘Angel’ used to autocorrect to ‘cog’.
    Dump Smell - On 27 June 2023, Alice's brother Tony tweeted "I am not a sock. You have my photo and it has always been dump smell!". Dump Smell Twitter screenshot
    DVRO - Domestic Violence Restraining Order (see "PRO" below).
    Emma - The children's dog, a chihuahua cross breed who appears to be quite nervous and seldom walked. AE's bio says Emma hides in the closets.
    EN - Ella Newton. A young actress who fell foul of Alice and the FMs by posting a heart emoji on the reveal photo of Ioan and Bianca. Alice publicly complained on SM that EN didn't inform her of the "affair" she believes Ioan had with Bianca, who was an extra on Harrow at the time.
    FMs - Alice’s band of aggressive but dwindling "flying monkeys" who enable AE on social media. Their role is to provide dubious legal advice, keep her echo chamber free from differing opinions through harassment and insults, carry out inept "investigations", try to doxx Tattlers and destroy the reputation of others, especially IG and BW her family. They are nobodies looking for attention and Tattlers blank out their account details. There has been a steady stream of former FMs who have now distanced themselves from AE and "Tone" and some have openly apologised to IG and BW online for their smear campaigns, most notably Lin.
    Fucko - Tony's favorite insult.
    GFM/Gofundme - Alice started a Gofundme for $25k in June 2022, claiming poverty because the divorce proceedings had bankrupted her* (see below). She received around $5k but donors requested she hand back $490.
    Ghosting - This is abruptly ending communication with someone without explanation. AE has claimed she has been 'ghosted' by IG falsely as they can communicate via the Our Family Wizard app which is monitored and non-deletable. They also have lawyers and a mediator they can communicate through.
    Gloria - "Nanny" and paid friend for AE who claimed she was fired by IG due to AE not having access to IG's bank account anymore. This was the catalyst for an Instagram meltdown by AE on the 'firing'. Later AE admitted Gloria was still employed by Alice (who had pilfered from IG's account to pay her after promising she would clean toilets to pay her). Gloria may still be doing some work for unemployed Alice however as she is listed as one of AE's expenses.
    Golden Child - Also known as the GC. The golden child is usually the offspring of one or two narcissistic parents. Some people suspect Ella is AE's GC.
    Gray Rock is the strategy Ioan adopted to deal with Alice. It essentially involves responding to a person in bland, boring ways to attentions seekers and narcissists.
    HW - Harvey Weinstein. [See more below]. HW can also stand for "Hoarse Whisperer", a Twitter user Alice had a fight with in 2019 [see "Alice's social media addiction" section below].
    Ioan Gruffudd/IG - Ioan Gruffudd (born 1973) A Welsh / American actor. Welsh speaker. [Sometimes Instagram]. - Also known as IOL. This fansite dedicated to IG was started by a fan after seeing IG in Titanic. The site was very professional and popular and from 2004-06, IG was secretly funding it as his agent said it was good for his image. AE, after becoming IG's fiancee, complained that a Moderator on the site was maliciously editing her Wikipedia page. There was no evidence to suggest this is true and the Moderator denied this. As a result IG sent an email to fans** (see below) (which some people believe was written by Alice), and then withdrew his support for the site. It was closed in April 2006 due to this incident. IG also mentioned the debacle in an interview at the time where he claimed his fans were "vitriolic and evil" and suffering from "delusion".*** (see below)
    Leon - One of Alice's former divorce lawyers (number 3), fired in 2022.
    LOTF - Ladies Of The Forum. See Ioan Online.
    Marie – Another of Alice's divorce lawyers (number 4), fired in May 2023.
    MOO - My Opinion Only. An acronym used in Tattle posts that seemingly confused a lot of Tattle Turds, thinking it was a cow mooing.
    Mr. Fantastic's Alcoholic Ex-Wife - Description of Alice on Twitter by Craig, after Alice replied to an older comment he wrote on Twitter. The full quote is "Honestly just trying to eat my dinner when I find out Mr Fantastic's alcoholic ex-wife is trying to start shite with me from over a month ago. The absolute state of it."
    MS - Multiple sclerosis. This is a condition that can affect the brain and spinal cord, causing a wide range of potential symptoms, including problems with vision, arm or leg movement, sensation or balance. It's a lifelong condition that can sometimes cause serious disability. Bianca disclosed that she has MS after FMs lurking Tattle outed her condition on Twitter. Bianca has now spoken about the disease on her Instagram account and is trying to make a movie about it with Ioan.
    Narcs - Shorthand for narcissists. Their behaviour has been described as, "An inability or unwillingness to recognize the needs and feelings of others. Envious of others and believes others envy them. Behave in an arrogant or haughty manner, coming across as conceited, boastful and pretentious." Alice is convinced everyone she falls out with in her life is a narc - but she believes that she isn't one.
    Our Family Wizard app - Also known as the wizard or OFW. A high conflict divorce family sharing app which IG wants to use to discuss the kids with AE. She doesn't like to use it as it is a "Teacher's pet" app but then complains about how much lawyer’s letters cost, which she doesn't pay for anyway.
    PA - Parental alienation. This is when a child’s resistance or hostility towards one parent is not justified and is the result of psychological manipulation by the other parent. The two children display all the signs of being subjected to this by Alice and court documents show that Ioan is gravely concerned about their mental health and believes Alice is abusing them.
    Prius Rat- Alice said she had a rat in her Prius that ate parts of her car. The Prius was repaired, and Alice had a Tesla as a replacement car. Rumour has it that the rat has since been rehomed by our very own @M33L4.
    PRO - Permanent restraining order. This was granted on August 2, 2022. Also known as a DVRO as it relates to domestic violence, which includes abuse and harassment done online.
    Salad Cream- Alice fan from the UK sent her and the kids Christmas gifts, including salad cream. The package was lost for a while and there were endless messages by the fan tracking it and informing Alice about its whereabouts.
    Screen Shat - What Tony believes is the past tense of "screen shot" Screen shat post
    SHOW YOURSELF - Another favourite response from Tone to Twitter accounts that criticise Alice without revealing their identity.
    SM - Social Media. AE has a Twitter and Instagram addiction but has now deactivated her official Twitter account. She complains of being "gagged" by her restraining order. See “Socks”.
    Smear Campaign - Smear campaigns are frequently used to depict a narc's victim as insane, bipolar, addicted, alcoholic, unstable, gold diggers, cheaters or poor parents. The narc in question is usually projecting their own behaviour. AE engaged in a public smear campaign against IG and BW.
    Socks - A pseudonym or persona typically online, usually for some sort of deception or for trolling purposes. Alice accuses many online of being sock accounts operated by IG or BW, or by people close to them. However, she was found to be using sock accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, IMDB, the Daily Mail, Wikipedia and other forums. From May 2023 onwards (when she parted ways with her lawyer Marie), Alice launched a barrage of Twitter sock accounts.
    Special Arguing Coat - A beige and black frilly creation that Alice wore in the carpark altercation video, as well as to court when having to answer for her previous no-show in court.
    Tattle Turds/Twattlers - A term used by Alice Evans on Twitter to describe the people talking about her on here. Tattlers have been accused of bullying her and being jealous of Alice and imagining that they know IG and BW. AE also claims that IG and BW pay Tattlers to 'troll' her. AE claims to have visited Tattle 'twice' but her screenshots show she has an account on Tattle and her socks are obsessed with it .
    TDS - Trump Derangement Syndrome. This was a common theme on AE's Twitter account from 2015- 2020. Rhymes with 'tedious'. AE viewed herself as part of the #resistance but fell out with the more prominent @hoarsewhisperer and @MITH.
    The DM - The Daily Mail, also known as the Daily Fail. The DM have featured the IG/AE/BW story on many occasions but still denounced Tattle Life users, though they have said many of them "are remarkably articulate."
    The Official Ioan Gruffudd Group - a Facebook group which started out as a fan page for IG in 2014. It is run by a former FM. It turned into a hate page about IG in 2021 and IG fans were frequently banned from the site. It has returned to being a regular fan page but with a small reach. The former FMs emailed IG and BW and apologised for doing AE's dirty work and said that they had been forgiven for their online behaviour.
    Three Sharp Ones - Meaning 'drunk', and written by Alice in a tweet. Alice may be an alcoholic. She had a New Year's resolution to drink more whiskey. Tattlers frequently noticed many spelling and grammar errors in her posts. She used to post videos of herself drunk too but has ceased to do this now as Tattlers were capturing them.
    Tits Akimbo - Term invented by a Tattler to describe how Alice is frequently on the floor trying to take seductive selfies from that position with her boobs on display.
    Tone - Supposedly one of Alice's brothers (Anthony Evans), who she reconnected with a couple of years ago. They have public chats on Twitter instead of texting each other privately like normal people would. He sends veiled or overt threats and insults to IG, BW and Tattlers. Many Tattlers suspect Alice uses Tone's Twitter account to get around her DVRO.
    TRO - Temporary restraining order. IG and BW were granted this in February 2022 against AE. She quickly broke the terms of the TRO.
    Utter Utter Defamation - In July 2022, Ioan filed a petition for custody. In response, Alice posted a video to her Instagram saying Ioan's allegations were "utter utter defamation". Utter Defamation video
    Want More? - Immortal words written by Alice and emailed to Ioan immediately after she had given her Lorraine TV interview, smearing him and BW.
    Warring Wardrobe - Term coined by Tattlers because of Alice's propensity to wear bizarre items of clothing and accessories and her constant belligerent behaviour.


    In June 2022, Alice's GFM said this:

    Hi there.

    I never in a million years thought I would be doing this. Until recently everything appeared to be going well in my life. I had a wonderful husband and two brilliant kids who had cost us the earth in IVF but were so worth it! However in August 2020, just as the pandemic was really kicking in, my entire world fell apart. Since that date I have been not only struggling as a single mother to my babies, but also trying to cover bills and food and legal fees (ha! don't even talk to me about legal fees) which dwarf any other expense in my life and have finally drained everything - savings, accounts, pension, the lot.

    Yesterday all my accounts ran out and I couldn't buy anything. On the same day, my husband's lawyer sent me a letter telling me I was due in court on August 2nd to argue 'my case' in the divorce. I currently have no lawyer and no funds to pay one. If I don't turn up at court I will be in contempt, and I have no idea what will happen to me or my kids at that point. I'm asking for help - something I've never done in my life and never expected to do. I have no parents or extended family to borrow from . Just me, my brother and his wife in the uK and my two kids here in Los Angeles. Yes, it's embarrassing. But here I am. Anything you can spare will help.

    Thank you so much


    ** - email to fans (suspected to be written by Alice)

    Dear all,

    It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter. I was utterly aghast and in a state of shock when I discovered the unpleasant and sometimes vitriolic comments that were being leveled at my fiancée Alice when I recently observed the community forum on `ioanonline'. I find it hard to believe that people who have supported me so ardently over the years would behave in such a despicable manner.

    I have never been happier since meeting and falling in love with Alice and I am overwhelmed with excitement about getting married to the woman of my dreams.

    I am aware that it is always a small minority that gives the majority a bad name.

    I wish to thank those of you who continually support everything I do in such a positive and passionate manner, and I implore the few of you that sullies the good name of the majority to put an end to this practice that has brought such heartache to me personally.




    *** - Interview with Ioan regarding closure of site

    IG: "there was a fansite [Ioanonline] that, you know, people could access and I understand that it was something I was sponsoring. And I just had to put a stop to it. Why should I be paying for somebody to be so vitriolic and evil towards my fiancee? It's just a pity. It's a forum for people, I guess, to express whatever anger and sadness they have in their lives. But it's incredibly cowardly in one sense. It's a very schoolyard mentality, I think."

    Presumably a fan who posts disparaging comments about Gruffudd's fiancee or vandalises her Wikipedia entry is labouring under the illusion that she is a threat to that person's ability to meet and form a relationship with Gruffudd themselves.

    "That's the thing. That's the delusion of a lot of these people, I suppose. In fact, it's not even that. It's not really relevant that I exist, or Alice exists. It's relevant that the idea of us exists.""


    Ioan is a RADA-trained actor and he had a very promising career as an actor when he lived in the UK. He is very proud of his Welsh heritage (see this video about it - Coming Home: Ioan Gruffudd Discovers His Family History in Wales.)

    Alice Evans was a failed model and a minor actress, most well known for being with high profile men. In in 1999, on the set of 102 Dalmatians, she met Ioan. She was already in an eight-year relationship with her fiancé, Olivier Picasso, grandson of the artist. She cheated on him with Ioan, or as she liked to say, they "overlapped". When questioned about her hypocrisy over her husband's alleged affair with Bianca compared to her very real and confirmed affair with Ioan, she has replied that it is both "private" and said that it is not really cheating since she was not married to Olivier nor had children with him. He later came out as gay. (After Ioan left her, Alice wrote about both Olivier and Ioan's mother unflatteringly here.)

    Alice and Ioan moved to LA in 2003. Ioan was interviewed by the Sunday Times about their relationship. "Why were they together so long before getting married? "It was a bit like that feeling I had with the church, where I said I'm not feeling it yet and it's not that I don't love you, which of course meant f*** all to her. She'd say, 'When am I going to get a ring?'" Ioan Gruffudd: set to charm Hollywood | The Sunday Times ( In 2006, Alice gave Ioan an ultimatum to marry her and he proposed on NYE. Ioan described the proposal on US TV as an nerve-wracking night of a drunk Alice calling him ‘boring’ and shouting that she hated him. She still accepted his proposal however.

    Here is the interview - Ioan Gruffudd on Craig Ferguson 2007 about proposing to Alice Evans - full clip - YouTube

    In April 2007, Alice demanded that Ioan withdraw support for his semi-official fansite when a fan made a mild joke about her on there and the site closed when Ioan gave in to her. However, Alice had been using sock accounts on the IMDB celebrity forums to taunt his fans (a behaviour which would be echoed years later when she would do the same on Twitter, taunting and mocking Ioan and Bianca).

    One fan from that era, now on Tattle, writes:

    "I think something the old timers here know that some people newer to this weird little play don’t get is the only way Ioan could have avoided her going into a very public psychotic rage, doing everything in her power to turn his kids against him, and basically try to ruin his life was to stay with her for as long as she ordered him to, pay for everything, and let her do whatever she wanted all the time. This didn’t start when he left her, I don’t think it even started when she demanded he alienate most of his not-so-big fan base because people were talking about her ugly ass clothes, she already had him terrified by then or he would have laughed at her childish tantrum instead of making himself look like an asshole.

    This has fuck all to do with Bianca, if he stayed by himself for the rest of his life she still would have bullied those kids into hating him and publicly maligned him if he wouldn’t come back to her and grovel at her feet. She’s an evil poisonous self-centered monster completely devoid of empathy, and no one except those kids will ever really love her as long as she lives and she knows it. She’s burned the love out of everyone who ever did love her. She needed professional help for her personality disorders a long time ago, and now it’s too late. Pointing out all the shit Ioan might have done ‘wrong’ is a waste of time, nothing he did other than stay with her and let her abuse him would have stopped this garbage fire.

    Just MOO from one of MAlice’s fat, jealous, pie-eating old IMDB buddies."

    See here for more.

    Then Ioan became unemployed for over two years. He has talked about having lost his confidence and going into therapy during this period. Ioan has struggled to do a convincing American accent and failed to find lasting success in Hollywood. He talks about how competitive LA is with Piers Morgan here.

    The ill-fated couple got married in 2007 in Mexico and had two children by IVF, paid for by Ioan. Ioan most often finds work on TV miniseries filmed overseas. His career highpoint were the first two Fantastic Four movies, which were successful financially, if not critically. Alice claims to have saved Ioan’s failing career whilst sacrificing her own, in order to be a full-time mother (with Nanny and a Housekeeper when the children were younger) however, his career declined after he married her. She did however have a few small roles after motherhood, most notably, in The Vampire Diaries before they used another actress for her Esther role.

    Alice's adulterous affair on the set of The Vampire Diaries

    There was a Blind Gossip item in which Alice was outed as having had an affair on the set of the Vampire Diaries. This came out at the time of Alice's media smear campaign in November 2021, and most people guessed that this was about Alice having an affair.

    This rumour was corroborated by a Tattler:

    "I got feedback from TVD crew - she had a brief affair with Caspar [Zafer] but was also massively inappropriate with Joseph [Morgan] and all the crew believed there had been a hook up. She was all over the male talent and pissed off Nina and Caroline massively by being ultra condescending!"

    This was despite Alice being married with a child. This was circa 2011 and before the birth of Elsie. Tattlers believe Ioan alluded to the affair in the court documents, but had forgiven Alice.

    Alice: “I gave up my career, I helped him through everything. I did so many gen‐generous things to him. The fact that I made one mistake and he couldn’t give it up.”

    Ioan: “No, no, this, no we did draw a line under all that. We drew a line under it all.”

    Alice's Social Media addiction

    Alice took to Twitter and Instagram with a vengeance and was constantly tweeting about Trump when he was President. In February 2019, Alice seemingly blocked another Twitter user @HoarseWhisperer. He blocked her in return. Alice reacted to this in a very extreme manner which led to her followers and others being concerned for her wellbeing. She said she had taken alcohol and pills and made some alarming statements. Ioan was tagged on Twitter to help her even though he was working in Australia at the time. Afterwards, she apparently 'got help'. Welp's screenshots of the incident are below.

    Alice also posted private photos and videos of Ioan on Twitter and Instagram which he asked her not to post. Her social media usage was a contentious issue which helped to fuel the divorce as she frequently made 'jokes' at Ioan's expense on her social media from 2015 onwards. Her X/Twitter output is still both heavy and defamatory in 2023, but she is using sock accounts to do this, as her official account is still deactivated.

    Alice's Public Altercations

    Automobile altercation with Vlogger

    A video appeared on TMZ in February 2020, in which Alice could be seen ranting at another woman in a parking lot, and it seems that she hit two cars in an attempt to park her car. The other woman, a YouTube vlogger, also made a full video about Alice’s bizarre and threatening behaviour. Article and video available here via TMZ. Further media links on the incident:

    Alice had another car incident in 2021. She got out of the car barefoot and was unfortunately papped, but no ranting was observed this time. Article available here via Daily Mail

    Franklin Leonard and Leslie-Ann Brandt v Alice on Twitter

    [new section, info to be added]

    TSA workers v Alice at LAX

    [new section, info to be added]

    Alice jumps on the #MeToo Bandwagon

    In October 2017, Harvey Weinstein was exposed publicly as a sexual predator. Sooner afterwards, AE claims to have been a victim of Weinstein, although her account cannot be corroborated. She claimed he asked to see her breasts but she didn't consent as she is "not that kind of girl". While unpleasant, this encounter (if true) doesn't show that Weinstein behaved illegally. She generated a lot of publicity for herself due to her allegations and some Tattlers believe she was lying for publicity and therefore forced Ioan to back up her lies as he was questioned about the alleged incident.


    Alice called Ioan a ‘pussy’ on Twitter the day he left to go to Australia in July 2020. Ioan told Alice he did not love her in August 2020, upon his return to LA according to her Daily Mail interview. The couple continued living together until Ioan moved out in January 2021. Alice had been live tweeting marital arguments and insulting Ioan and his family online. Alice described how Ioan tried to stop her doing this, claiming that Ioan ‘mentally tortured’ her. She claimed Ioan locked her out of her Twitter account by changing her password, although this was denied by Ioan. Alice was still using her Instagram during this period.

    Alice alleged that she found out Ioan was divorcing her via the media in March 2021 when he had filed for divorce. However, she complained about the collaborative divorce that Ioan was trying to do in February 2021. Alice claimed she showed a news article to little E, who ran away crying at the divorce news. Alice is now claiming this never happened, despite many screenshots to the contrary. When challenged on it, she defended her parenting and her right to show her children the article as she didn't believe in lying to them and she did it "kindly". This contradicts Ioan's court documents (see below).

    When Alice resumed using her Twitter, she called Ioan’s mother a c**t in a tweet and blamed her for the failure of the marriage. This was before she knew of Bianca's existence.

    In October 2021, Ioan posted to Instagram that he was in a new relationship by sharing a picture of himself and Bianca after Alice had found out about the relationship, and he didn't want her to break the news online. Bianca was driven off social media for a period of time by Alice and her FMs due to their unrelenting cyber abuse. Alice claims that everyone who posts something she doesn’t like is Bianca or Ioan, or related them, or they are acting on their instructions.

    In November 2021, a FM added Alice, Bianca and Bianca's family to an Instagram group chat to send abuse to them. Since both Ioan and BW got a restraining order against Alice, the abuse and number of FMs has dwindled considerably. Alice has also stopped posting drunken videos as these were also captured by Tattlers and, one of them, where she is 'Marjorie' was also mentioned in the court documents produced by Ioan and his legal team.

    Alice has bad-mouthed the father of her children publicly, and uses socks and proxies to do this now that she is in trouble legally due to her libellous and harassing use of social media. She has revealed very personal details about her kids, nanny and now-ex husband, including her version of private conversations Ioan has with his children. Alice was fond of "tweet and delete" on Twitter, but Tattlers are very fond of getting receipts.

    Alice was looking for evidence of a longstanding affair to supposedly help her in her divorce, in 'No Fault' California. Alice has a prenup (which she has claimed is not the one she signed), so the main battle is over custody with Ioan requesting 50/50. Alice has requested sole custody for no obvious reason other than that's what she wants. She has had five divorce lawyers and has stated she wanted more "aggressive" ones and her previous ones were "idiots". Ioan has made no comments or statements about Alice since the divorce began, other than to ask for privacy or to say it's "part and parcel" of being an actor in the public eye.

    Ioan will only communicate with Alice via the app Our Family Wizard (OFW). Alice does not like using this app and calls it a "Teacher's pet" app as it monitors tone and content and communications on it cannot be Deleted. Alice also said that Ioan had been "playing on it alone" i.e. trying to communicate with her about the children. Ioan contacted Alice via the OFW app because she "leaned in" to a FaceTime call with little E to try to speak to him. She then posted his very polite message on her Twitter account, in an attempt to ridicule him and paint him as an unreasonable person. Here is Ioan’s private message that Alice posted to Twitter that show he does have contact with her, via the OFW app:

    Alice is using their children to blackmail Ioan into contacting her by phone or coming to the house for visitation. The temporary restraining order (TRO) court documents proved that she was harassing him via text and calls from the children's phones. Ioan has also blocked her from social media, but she uses socks and proxies to tweet him and Bianca.

    Ioan originally left all of his belongings at their house when he left; Alice did not pack them and made several references to them being left untouched, in piles on the floor. Ioan then asked Gloria to gather his belongings, but she declined saying she was 'neutral'. In December 2021, Ioan returned to collect them after getting a key from Gloria to enter the house while Alice and the girls were away on a trip. Ioan apparently had an off duty cop with him for protection regardless.

    Alice claims that she doesn't understand why Ioan left her. Alice has said that the ‘fake’ reasons that he brought up in the early stages of mediation were her treatment of his mother and her problematic and abusive use of social media. Initially she blamed Ioan's mother, and then latterly, Bianca, for "stealing" her husband. Court documents have revealed a history of abuse by Alice toward Ioan both on and off the internet. However, Alice's Instagram reveals problems in the marriage, with little digs against Ioan being made frequently by her. She also posted videos that she thought would make him look bad regularly.



    On 7 Jan 2022, Alice posted the following tweet before promptly deactivating her Twitter account.

    This tweet came after a Twitter barrage, a day's long rant, about how awful Ioan and Bianca are, including a reference to a recurring "dream" in which Bianca harmed the children.

    Alice discovers Tattle in 2021

    Alice has repeatedly raged against Tattle and has asked her FMs to sign petitions to get Tattle closed down. Alice removed her tweet after the Tattle Twitter account replied, probably because she realised she was encouraging hacking, an illegal activity.



    The Bianca "Reveal"

    At the end of October 2021, when Alice found out about Bianca after Tattlers worked out her identity, she went on a social media rampage, and then onto an international media campaign in November 2021, lying and defaming Ioan and Bianca. On social media, Alice claimed Ioan was a cheater and had been cheating on her for the past 2-3 years. She named Bianca as the woman who had been having an affair with her estranged husband, despite no proof that Bianca and Ioan were together before he left Alice in January 2021. She branded Bianca a "home-wrecker". Ioan and Bianca posted a photo of themselves on Instagram, confirming the relationship to preempt Alice breaking the news publicly:

    Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 12.08.19 (1).png

    Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 12.09.19 (1).png

    Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 12.11.32 (1).png

    Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 12.13.31 (1).png

    Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 12.55.00 (1).png

    Alice made it very clear she was bringing this into the public sphere:

    Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 12.22.33 (1).png

    Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 12.18.52 (1).png

    Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 12.29.45 (1).png

    Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 12.19.07 (1).png

    Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 13.12.42.jpg

    Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 12.43.01.jpg

    Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 13.16.14.jpg

    Alice even went as far as publicly contacting Ioan's colleagues and friends:

    Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 12.14.39 (2).png

    Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 12.10.22 (1).png

    A Hollywood actress criticised Bianca, and this would have been particularly hard for her as she was trying to work in Hollywood as an actor, scriptwriter and producer:

    Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 12.32.27 (1).png

    Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 13.03.47 (1).png

    Alice then went on an international media campaign (TV in UK and US, an interview in the Daily Mail, Australian radio and a podcast appearance, as well as all her social media rantings making tabloid and entertainment news headlines) where she spoke about how Ioan had left her for Bianca, a woman over 19 years younger than him. Bianca was wrongly painted as an uncaring woman with loose morals who had been having an affair with a married man, and broke a family with two young girls up. See the next section, "Alice's interviews from late 2021" for full details of her smear campaign.

    Alice also lied and said that Ioan deliberately added her to Instagram with the intent of torturing her with the "thank you for making me smile again" post, that's how she found out about his new relationship. She has already found out about Bianca due to it being discussed on Tattle, and she then wrote on Bianca's Instagram posts, as well as phoning Ioan using Elsie's phone in order to say "Who is Bianca Wallace?". Alice even admits this in a court document. Alice had previously added Ioan to Instagram after he removed her, and when he made his profile public again for the post with Bianca, it automatically accepted Alice's follow request - which is why she got the notification about the post. See the section "Alice's List of Lies" to see further detail and proof that Alice was lying.

    Alice then upped the insults against Bianca, labelling her as someone who has "casual sex with whoever" and implied she had STDs. She accused Ioan and Bianca of breaking covid laws. She claimed Ioan didn't want to see his kids, and that was because of Bianca. She refers to Bianca as "it". The parental alienation was in evidence here too.

    Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 13.24.24.jpg

    Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 13.17.13.jpg

    Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 13.46.16 (1).png

    Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 13.25.45 (1).png

    Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 13.47.38 (1).png

    Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 13.54.01 (1).png

    In mid-November 2021, the insults and threats eventually became the ones we know Alice for today - calling Bianca a "bogan", claiming she had split up other marriages, calling her a "hooker", saying she has a "big nose".

    Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 13.59.55 (1).png

    Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 14.11.38 (1).png

    Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 14.12.37 (1).png

    Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 14.15.43 (1).png

    Alice's main Instagram minions also added Bianca, her sister and mother to an Instagram group with Alice and relentlessly trashed them. This caused Bianca to go off Instagram for a month, and her mother and sister making their profiles private.

    Read this post to see the screenshots of the harassment that Bianca and her family faced.

    Tamika, a friend of Bianca's after they met via the set of Harrow, had a run-in with Alice on Twitter after she starting defending Bianca there. Alice couldn't stand that someone was standing up to her and defending Bianca, so she then tried to bully Tamika:

    Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 14.02.40 (2).png

    Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 14.01.03 (2).png

    Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 14.06.49 (2).png

    Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 14.10.34 (1).png

    From March 2021, Tattle was the main place where Alice's lies and insane behaviour was being criticised, which was well before the Bianca reveal. Tamika joined Tattle in October 2021, but she was then asked to prove to the moderators that she knew Bianca, as she claimed. Tamika posted a screenshot of a message between Tamika and Bianca, on Twitter where they are talking about needing to show proof that she knows Bianca. Alice and Tone keep referring to this screenshot message as if it's a 'gotcha' that shows that Bianca and Tattle are working together and that Bianca is "bullying" Alice. Tattle moderators didn't think Tamika provided enough evidence that she knew Bianca so her account was closed.

    The court documents, the court transcripts, the domestic violence restraining order (DVRO) protecting Ioan and Bianca against her speaks to AE's abusive character. Alice has not once provided any sort of evidence to the court that Ioan has abused her, despite claiming on Twitter for two and a half years that she has evidence. Welp's PDFs of Alice's social media messages (both through her official account and her sock accounts) show her relentless harassment.

    Alice's Smear Campaign - Interviews from late 2021

    Alice launched a media smear campaign against Ioan and Bianca after the Bianca 'reveal' in late 2021 and before the temporary restraining order (TRO) was granted in February 2022.

    Daily Mail

    1693762363946 (1).png

    'I am heartbroken. I feel dead': In her own words, Alice Evans reveals the rejection, betrayal, public humiliation and agony of a family destroyed after the toxic public breakdown of her marriage to Ioan Gruffudd

    Lorraine Interview

    In February 2022, it emerged that after this interview was broadcast, Alice emailed Ioan with the words "Want more?".

    Inside Edition

    The Inside Edition interview was cut by the studio from 90 minutes to under 2 minutes for legal reasons.

    Sarah Vine's Femail Half-Hour


    Sarah Vine's Femail Half-Hour EXCLUSIVE: ‘Why did it have to be a Millennial?’ Alice Evans talks divorce with Sarah Vine - Sarah Vine's Femail Half-Hour | Podcast on Spotify

    Kyle and Jackie-O

    Alice gave an interview to an Australian radio station on November 22nd 2021, in which the interviewers fell for her nonsense.

    1693762413625 (1).png

    Hacking of Ioan's Instagram in February 2022

    Ioan's Instagram was hacked and the hacker claimed that Ioan was cancelling Ella's elite private school (annual fee of $50,000) in order to finance a movie with Bianca called "A Ray of Sunshine" which they would both star in. The hacker also left a message saying that Ioan "always had a disliking for gay people". Alice posted a screenshot of Ioan's hacked Instagram very soon after the event, and then commented underneath her screenshot, despite being blocked on Ioan's Instagram. Two of Ella's online friends tagged themselves under the anti-gay comment. One of these friends later commented that they were "exposing him with my bsf, his daughter." Subsequent court documents suggest that Ella was responsible for this hack. Tattlers believe Alice also had a part to play.

    Ioan Gets a Restraining Order in February 2022 (DVRO)

    In February 2022, Ioan filed documents with the court alleging that Alice has been abusive to both him and Bianca, with 113 pages of evidence submitted. He also filed for a restraining order. On February 15, 2022, a temporary restraining order (TRO) was granted by the Los Angeles Superior Court, preventing Alice from harassing Ioan and Bianca and ordering Alice to keep 100 yards/300 feet away from Ioan, Bianca, and their place of residence. She is also barred from mentioning Ioan and Bianca on her social media. By early March, Alice had already breached the terms of the TRO on her Instagram account, although some of the offending posts were quickly Deleted. Alice continued to post on Instagram in breach of the TRO (more below), and she returned to Twitter in late May 2022, continuing to breach the TRO with abusive tweets.

    In June 2022, Alice fired her third lawyer, likely in a fit of rage because he was trying to inform her that her actions were not going to be viewed favourably at the hearing. On August 2nd 2022, Alice's 54th birthday, Ioan's request for a Domestic Violence Restraining Order (DVRO) was granted. The court ordered a permanent restraining order for three years, expiring on August 2, 2025. Alice did not attend the hearing and has since breached the DVRO by posting about IG directly and indirectly on Twitter and Instagram and using her socks and relatives to comment on them.

    Alice has claimed that she had no money to pay for food or legal representation and started a GoFundMe page to try and raise $25,000. This raised roughly $5,500. In a court filing by Alice in August 2023, she claimed she spent $3,000 a month on groceries. It was revealed that Ioan had been paying her legal bills all this time.

    In December 2022, Ioan filed documents with the court requesting that they order the family home be sold as he could no longer afford to pay the mortgage and expenses by himself. His statement indicated that Alice was dipping into their joint account up until April 2022 and that he was paying all her credit card expenses. He alleges that she has more money than he currently does and intends to investigate where over $100,000 of funds held by Alice were spent during the past year. This court filing can be downloaded here:

    Alice Breaks the DVRO

    Alice was reported to the police for breaches of the DVRO and court records indicate she was arrested in December 2022. She had a court hearing scheduled on January 26, 2023 in relation to two breaches of the restraining order; she didn't turn up initially and a bench warrant was issued to arrest her. She attended court on January 30, 2023 and pleaded not guilty. She was assigned a public defender and had a pretrial hearing on February 23, 2023, another one on March 9, 2023 and a readiness hearing on March 14, 2023. The charges were dropped on March 9, probably as it was an online violation and a first offence.

    Screenshot of portion of Sheriff's Department report

    Abuse Allegations and Court Proceedings, including Court Documents

    There have been many alarming signs of long-term domestic abuse and coercive control within Alice and Ioan’s relationship. Alice has denied wrongdoing and says that Ioan was abusive. Tattlers believe this is DARVO tactics. Alice has yet to produce any evidence of Ioan's 'abuse', despite her claiming she has a lot of proof. She claims she is saving it all for a 'tell-all' book, while Ioan has provided extensive proof which he has submitted to the court.


    TRO document
    Court Document Link
    GruffuddVsEvans.pdf | DocDroid
    Link to a copy of the Temporary Restraining Order, redacted to remove personal information:
    Temporary Restraining Order (redacted)
    Post with Alice's response

    On July 12, 2022, Ioan filed for 50/50 custody and an order for mediation and reunification therapy. Link to the court document is here: Custody Petition

    On July 25, 2022, Ioan filed a supplement to his request for a Domestic Violence Restraining Order with additional evidence that Alice has violated the TRO. Link to that court document is here:
    Supplement to Request for Domestic Violence Restraining Order

    The court's minute order can be read here:
    Minute Order

    The transcript of the hearing was kindly purchased by one of our esteemed members. For copyright reasons the transcript couldn't be published directly but the following summary was written:
    DVRO hearing transcript summary

    In December 2022 Ioan requested a court order to sell the family home. This detailed his current financial position, Alice's financial position and his intention to investigate where over $100,000 of funds held by Alice have been spent in the past year. Court filing available here:
    Request for order to sell home

    In January 2023, Alice filed a Responsive Declaration to Ioan's court order request.
    Alice's response to court order request

    On 19 January 2023, Ioan (and his lawyers) filed Petitioner's Reply Declaration.
    Ioan's Reply Declaration

    On 31 January 2023, Ioan (and his lawyers) filed a Responsive Declaration to Request for Order
    Ioan's responsive declaration

    On 27 June 2023, Alice filed note of a substitution of attorney, Bernal P. Ojeda.
    Substitution of Attorney

    On 28 June 2023, Alice filed a request to reschedule the bifurcation hearing:
    Request to Reschedule Hearing

    On 28 June 2023, Ioan filed a response to the rescheduling request, saying he did not consent.
    Responsive Declaration

    On 29 June 2023, the judge issued an Order Appointing Counsel For A Child
    Original Order
    Order with handwriting transcribed

    On 30 June 2023, the judge denied the request to reschedule the bifurcation hearing, saying that a new attorney was not good cause to continue the hearing.
    Order on Request to Reschedule Hearing

    On 3 July 2023, the judge granted Ioan's request to bifurcate and terminal marital status.
    Minute Order for Bifurcation

    On 3 July 2023, the Judge issued an order stating both parties stipulated to a European Beverage Waiver. This means that if a different Judge hears part of the proceedings or makes rulings, that will not be cause for a mistrial.
    Nunc Pro Tunc Order Hearing

    5 July 2023 Notice of Rescheduling Trial Dates

    On 13 July 2023, the judge issued a minute order regarding the RFO for custody and visitation. Topics covered included therapy, schooling, communication, and financial reports. The next court date is 10 August for a status hearing.
    Minute order

    On 31 July 2023, Ioan filed a Substitution of Attorney and Notice of Limited Scope Representation. It is understood that attorney Anne Kiley will continue to represent Ioan in matters of custody and visitation, and attorney Joseph Langlois will represent him in financial matters as he is cheaper than Kiley.
    Substitution of Attorney
    Limited Scope Representation

    On 3 August 2023, Ioan filed an Income and Expense Declaration, as requested by the Judge. Alice later filed but missed the court deadline.
    Proof of Service
    Ioan Gruffudd - Income and Expense Declaration
    Tattle analysis of declaration

    On 8 August 2023, Ioan filed a [Joint] Statement of Disputed/Undisputed Financial Issues. Ioan's attorney, Mr. Langlois, included a declaration stating that he was unable to obtain Alice's financial information from her attorney. The amended statement includes a copy of the premarital agreement (PMA or prenup) as Exhibit 2.
    Statement of Disputed/Undisputed Financial Issues
    Tattle analysis of statement
    Gruffudd - Amended Statement of Disputed/Undisputed Financial Issues
    Tattle analysis of pre-nup

    On 9 August 2023, Alice filed a (Joint) Statement of Disputed/Undisputed Financial Issues & a separate Income and Expense Declaration
    Evans - Statement of Disputed/Undisputed Financial Issues
    Tattle analysis of statement

    Evans - Income and Expense Declaration
    Tattle analysis of declaration

    On 10 August 2023, several issues regarding financial and custody were dealt with in a hearing.
    Hearing Transcript Summary
    Minute Order continuing Status Conference for financial issues
    Minute Order continuing RFO for custody/visitation
    Tattle analysis of Minute Orders

    Petitioner's Ex Parte application for hearing
    Minors Counsel response to Ex Parte application
    Minute Order regarding Petitioner's Ex Parte application
    Tattle analysis of Ex Parte application

    On 11 August 2023, Alice filed a responsive declaration to the RFO for a child custody evaluation
    Evans - Responsive Declaration to RFO

    On 14 August 2023, the Minor's Counsel/GAL filed a response recommending a child custody evaluation be done, and an evaluator be chosen by 24 August. If the parents are unable to agree on an evaluator, the GAL recommends the judge select one from a list provided by the parents.
    Responsive Declaration from the Minor's Counsel

    On 16 August 2023, Ioan filed a reply to Alice's responsive declaration dated 11 August.
    Petitioner's Reply Declaration

    On 17 August 2023, the judge issued two minute orders.
    Minute Order for Trial Setting RE: Custody
    Minute Order Appointing Custody Evaluator

    Order Appointing Child Custody Evaluator
    Tattle Analysis of Evaluator Appointment

    Custody battle for the children and Parental Alienation

    The two daughters currently reside with Alice full time. Alice has shown many instances of subjecting the children to parental alienation on her social media and in the court documents. Alice has said that the child evaluator (when they were doing a collaborative divorce) was biased towards Ioan. Alice also stated that big E "lasted 20 mins before running out in tears" in therapy and little E "is not ready for therapy yet". On July 12, 2022, Ioan filed for 50/50 custody of the children. Link to court petition is here.

    Court documents show that Ioan's visitation with the children is being sabotaged by Alice. Ioan is supposed to have visitation every Saturday and three video calls a week with the children, by court order. No shows and walk-outs by the children were documented by him. Concerns for the welfare of the children have escalated due to Alice's hostility to them seeing their father and having therapy. The eldest child was home schooled by Alice and Ioan described Ella as 'isolated'. The daughters seem to have been weaponized against him by Alice.

    Custody was due to be determined in court in February 2023 but this has been delayed until 13 July 2023 as Alice requested a continuance in order to deal with her criminal trial for breaching the DVRO. This trial was dropped for unknown reasons but it probably relates to the capacity of the court to deal with such matters. The failed RO applications by Ella has again delayed things but the new hearing date is August 10.

    A UK Lawyer and Tattler had this to say about the PA:

    "In the UK, it is a basic family law principle that delay is prejudicial/harmful to children."

    "The PA will have done so much damage that even if Ioan gets a technical win, it is doomed to fail in practice. The Judge may even decide that there is no point in ordering him custody because it would cause more harm to the children and would fail. However I have also seen mothers sent to prison for breaching contact orders and custody being reversed."

    On June 29, 2023, the judge appointed a minor's counsel to represent both Ella and Elsie in the custody discussions. On July 13, 2023, the judge issued a minute order addressing both therapy and schooling for the children. As of August 10, 2023, Ioan was seeking to have a formal custody evaluation completed. Alice opposes this evaluation.

    On August 17, 2023, an order was filed appointing Dr. Suzanne Dupée to conduct the child custody evaluation. The evaluation process is tentatively scheduled to start in October, 2023.

    The next status conference is scheduled for 7 February, 2024, with a possible initial trial date scheduled for 29 February 2024.

    A Tattle member gave this explanation of the various roles: "I just wanted to clear up the "GAL versus therapists versus child custody evaluator" question. They all have different roles. The GAL evaluates the children and represents them in a legal capacity in court. The therapists evaluate the children in a personal capacity and work with them. The child custody evaluator evaluates the parents and whether they are fit to have custody, in conjunction with evaluating the children and the circumstances in which they would be living. As much as Alice doesn't want child therapists, she REALLY doesn't want to be evaluated by a child custody evaluator who can order psychiatric testing!"

    The restraining orders requested by Ella against Bianca and Ioan

    On 31 May 2023, Ioan and Alice's daughter Ella filed requests for restraining orders against her father and Bianca Wallace, following an incident at her father's apartment on 26 May 2023. The original filing contained photos of alleged injuries to Ella.
    Although Alice allowed these photos to be published and shared on the Internet, those photos have been removed from this link.
    Evans vs. Gruffudd Request for Domestic Violence Restraining Order

    Evans vs. Wallace Request for Civil Harassment Restraining Orders

    On 20 June 2023, the following documents were filed:

    All declarations re: RO request (redacted & with exhibits)

    Evans v. Wallace - Declaration of Ioan Gruffudd

    Evans v. Wallace - Declaration of Bianca Wallace

    Evans v. Wallace - Declaration of Dr. Gerald LeGagnoux

    Evans v. Wallace - Declaration of Iris Braydon

    On 23 June 2023, the judge issued a minute order dismissing the restraining order request against Bianca by Ella.

    Tattle members Hiraeth and ButterTart worked to obtain a copy of the court reporter's transcript. The following is a summary of that transcript:
    Court Transcript Summary - Evans v. Wallace & Evans v. Gruffudd

    The PRO hearing against Ioan by Ella never took place on 13 July 2023 as Ella failed to attend. The Judge issued a minute order dismissing the request for a DVRO against Ioan.

    Commentary on Alice

    Commentary on Alice's handling of the split

    Open letter from Ann Buscho

    In September 2023, in a post to her Instagram blaming Tattle, Alice claimed "My main worry is that these nasty comments are forever and my kids will see them in years to come. It terrifies me." Alice provided no examples of comments made against her children.

    However, Alice was the one who exposed the girls to this publicity in the first place.

    In March 2021, Ann Buscho, a clinical psychologist, wrote an open letter to Alice in Psychology Today.

    The text of the letter is below (bolding has been added for emphasis):

    Dear Alice,

    Your divorce is all over the news and social media this week.

    Your suffering, shock, and outrage are all over the news too.

    I wonder how your daughters feel about this publicity as they attempt to deal with the forthcoming changes in your family.
    If you are sharing a betrayal by their father, I wonder how the “truth” will affect them.

    There is no question that a divorce is a life crisis, and even worse when there has been a betrayal and you are blindsided with the announcement. I empathize with your pain.

    I have one important question for you: When your daughters, Ella and Elsie, are sitting in a bar with their friends 15 years from now, what story do you want them to tell their friends about their parents’ divorce?

    Will they share a story of acrimony and lengthy battles, or will they share a story of respect and resilience? Will they be able to say that their parents bore the burden of the divorce so that the children could go on being kids? I am asking you these questions because you, Ioan, and your girls are building that story now. It is already being formed. But you can shape this narrative, Alice. You shape it with your decisions, your actions, and your words.

    But I want you to know one thing. You will recover and heal. Yes, it will take time. But the healing starts when the divorce is over. Research has shown that kids recover and fare better in life when their parents end their conflict. It is the conflict that harms kids. Conflict tears the kids apart and puts them in the middle of a mess they didn’t create or choose.

    One more thing. The Collaborative Divorce process is not as you described. Collaborative Divorce is not a “phenomenal scam,” Alice. If you choose to divorce with Collaboratively trained professionals, your final outcome will allow you and your girls to heal, adjust and move on.

    Perhaps your attorneys have not been trained in this very specific model but say “Oh yes, I am collaborative.” Or maybe they haven’t fully explained how it works. So be sure you hire trained Collaborative Divorce professionals.

    Here is how Collaborative Divorce works:

    You and Ioan Gruffudd agree to stay out of court because litigation is destructive to kids and families. This gives you control over your decisions. In court, a judge—who doesn’t even know you or your family—makes all the decisions.

    Collaborative Divorce is a confidential process, unlike litigation when everything becomes part of the public record.

    You agree to transparency and negotiating in good faith because that helps your family heal.

    And your Marital Settlement Agreement is binding when your attorneys file it with the courts, exactly the same way litigated agreements are binding.

    Alice, I hope that you and Ioan can successfully navigate the turbulent waters of divorce. I hope, for the sake of your girls, you can complete your divorce through a true Collaborative Divorce.

    And, by the way, it isn’t about “dignity.” It is about shaping the story that your children will carry for the rest of their lives. Please, end the fighting and focus on your own healing.

    With care,


    Alice indirectly replied to Ann's letter through a post she made on her own Instagram profile (now deleted).
    She also referenced it in her interview with the Daily Mail in October 2021.

    Bolding has been added for emphasis:

    This is interesting.

    I’ve read it twice and I’m still not sure what she is trying to say.

    Two paragraphs worry me. Here is one:

    1) ‘I wonder how your daughters feel about this publicity….. ‘

    My kids are 11 and 7. Their obsessions are TikTok, Roblox and Mindcraft. Do you really think they are checking the Daily Mail website for info about their parents’ divorce?

    My eldest could barely cite a film I have been in and my youngest only knows her Dad is a “ Super-pero”.

    They have no idea what is in the press about their parents and probably never will. We are at best, minor celebrities and the ‘all over the news and social media’ you talk about is fish and chip paper within a couple of days. Moreover, given the amount of press that exists about their parents generated over their lifetimes I can seriously tell you they are so used to it – they just don’t give a damn. Imagine being born famous. Most of us can’t ( I certainly can’t!) but it’s a whole other world for those who are, and I’m trying my best to raise them to be happy, empathetic people whilst bearing in mind that from birth, their experience is undeniably different from mine, yours or pretty much anyone we know.

    You know what they ARE upset about though?

    That their Dad walked out and abandoned them out of the blue. Without explanation. Yes that’s what they cry about every day. Will their Dad ever come back and play in the pool or the yard with them? Will they ever have a family again?

    I choose to share the details of my divorce because a) I am lucky enough to posses the gene that enables me to not give a shit about what people think of me and b) I have realized that there are thousands, if not millions of women out there going through the same thing, who, during this endless pandemic, believe that they are completely alone. I want them to know they are not.

    Peace and love

    Alice. Xxx

    [new section, info on Supernanny to be added]

    Open letter from Jo Frost, aka Supernanny

    [info to be added]

    Legal commentary on Alice

    Andrea Burkhart is a lawyer who posts videos on YouTube as a "legal color commentator". Her playlist of videos related to Ioan & Alice can be found here: Andrea Burkhart video playlist

    Also a Tattler posted this apropos post:

    Since I'm a law professor with 20+ yrs in practice, I'm gonna wade in [...] after mediating a ton of divorces and custody cases, I feel like flexing.

    Bianca is not: a felon convicted of multiple violent offenses, a currently-using addict of any sort, an contagious TB patient, or an active Nazi. So, no, the judge won't give two shits about the lover-- or when the relationship started, either. That's no fault divorce. If the lover poses a substantial, imminent threat to the children, then maybe there's some adjustment to visitation like lover not left alone with children for significant periods or not allowed to drive them (active addiction). The lover and the dad have been in a relationship for two years which in family law is a long time. Often the agreement is to wait for the new relationship to last six months before introducing the kids to the lover. There's no revolving door here. And who gives a shit when the lover and husband got together? Really? He didn't pass on HIV he picked up from a random bang. Fucking around on a spouse isn't against the law. Which Alice should be happy about.

    And do you think Alice gives a fuck about the sanctity of marriage and family when she isolates and warps her daughters. "They're either with me or they can fuck off?" What the actual fuck? Parenting, family is not a zero-sum game. Except to Alice. What about teaching her daughters that their dad is a lesser creature whose wants, needs, and essential humanity mean nothing? That his only intent is to hurt them. That he is nothing but an ATM, an emotional punching bag, a scapegoat.

    Courts understand that the children of a marriage will be upset, angry, sad is; this is not a reason to keep a divorcing couple in a holding pattern for years and years. There's value in the family members collaborating in both the end of the marriage and then moving into the next phase of their lives. Dealing with pain, anger, and sadness is way better than festering online or staying in a shit-tastic marriage. Maybe seeing their dad in a healthy adult relationship will help the girls down the line.

    Alice's List of Lies

    Alice is a shameless and prolific liar who says she never lies (another lie). Some of her lies are relatively minor; others are ridiculous; while several are highly defamatory and could be deeply damaging if they were to be believed.

    Below is an incomplete list of her lies and proof to show she is lying.

    1693762292759 (1).png

    Alice's lies about Tattle
    1. Alice claims Tattle is linked to Bianca and her friend Tamika (and her Twitter socks like to post this screenshot as evidence). This is a lie. Tamika did join for a few weeks in October/November 2021 in order to defend Bianca from Alice's abuse and falsehoods about her and her relationship with Ioan, but the moderators asked her to leave as she couldn't provide evidence that she knew Bianca. Some other Tattlers were uncomfortable with having someone so close to the events being in the thread.
      See this post for more information, including details of the abuse Alice waged against Bianca.
      See also this post which shows that in November 2021, Alice's supporters created a group on Instagram, added Bianca, her mother and other family members, and sent them abuse.
    2. "Tattlers" are not one big homogenous group. The site has threads dedicated to various people and topics. Alice has issues with the Tattlers on the "Ioan Gruffudd and Alice Evans" thread. There is nothing to stop Alice fans from starting a rave thread for Alice on Tattle - even Meghan Markle has one.
      And the Tattlers on the "Ioan Gruffudd and Alice Evans" thread have differing views about how Ioan has handled his split, divorce and new relationship. One thing the vast majority of people on this thread agree with, however, is that Alice is abusive, her behaviour is unreasonable, and her actions are deeply damaging her daughters.
    Alice's lies about herself
    1. Alice says she never lies.
    2. Alice claims she has never had a social media sock account in her life.
    3. Alice claimed she doesn't use anonymous accounts, which contradicts a claim she made herself where she said she did have an anonymous account.
    4. Alice claimed, in a Reddit post under an anonymous name, that she flew over from the US to the UK to attend her stepsister's funeral when she was seven months pregnant with Little E. However, the funeral was in March 2013, which means she was three months pregnant, as Little E was born in September 2013. Furthermore, she was not invited to the funeral, but she went nevertheless.
    5. Alice lied about her age for years, shaving 3 years off the real figure, but her Wikipedia now reflects her true age.
    6. Alice says never cheated. However, she cheated on Olivier Picasso with Ioan (click here to see a photo of her kissing Ioan while Olivier is in the background), and on Ioan with with Caspar Zafer.
    7. Alice said she has been paid upfront for a book about Matthew Rhys' family feud against Ioan Gruffudd's family.
    8. Alice claimed she had never been away from her children for more than two days. However, she and Ioan went on holiday to Russia in 2017, a fact which she recognises here.
    9. Alice claims she doesn't have parents. Her mother died in 1999 but her estranged father is still alive.
    10. Alice claimed the girls don't have grandparents. This is untrue, as their maternal grandfather is alive but estranged from Alice. Their paternal grandparents are alive - Alice is just trying to diminish that relationship.
    11. Alice claimed that after she had an altercation in a carpark with a Youtuber, that the Youtuber reached out and apologised. This was denied by the Youtuber. Big E also ostensibly wrote a comment on the Youtuber's video, asking the Youtuber to apologise, and criticising her for selling the video of the altercation to TMZ, but the wording sounds very much like it was written by Alice.
    12. Alice claims to have various illnesses including fibromyalgia, but has never been diagnosed by a doctor. She has tweeted contradictory information, several times saying all her lab results are normal, other times that they are always abnormal, like her white blood cell count.
    13. Alice claimed she doesn't take opioids, and only ever took them once, but then shortly after contradicted herself and said she takes Tramadol at night, and has been taking it for years:
    Alice's lies about Ioan
    1. Alice said Ioan was an undiagnosed narcissist, then a few days later said he was a diagnosed narcissist.
    2. Alice called Ioan a "pathological liar" who "lies to everybody".
    3. Alice claimed Ioan used a Twitter sock account to spy on her.
    4. Alice claimed she found out about Ioan's relationship with Bianca due to his posting a photo of the two of them with the caption "Thank you for making me smile" to his Instagram. She also implied Ioan wanted to deliberately hurt her by making her find out this way, and that he added her on back on Instagram just before he posted the photo,
      However, Alice actually found out about Bianca by reading Tattle, and then phoned Ioan from his daughter's phone and said "Bianca Wallace" to him. Ioan and Bianca were then forced to reveal their relationship on Instagram before Alice did.
      Ioan didn't add Alice back on Instagram so that she would find out this way. He had removed Alice from his Instagram account, but Alice later added Ioan on Instagram when his profile was set to private. When he made his profile public again for the post with Bianca, it automatically accepted Alice's follow request - which is why she got the notification about the post.
      Here is a screenshot from Ioan's restraining order application, which shows that Alice found out about Bianca before Ioan posted the photo of him and Bianca to his Instagram profile.
      Here is Alice's statement to the court where she admits she called Ioan and said Bianca's name, which occurred before Ioan posted his photo to Instagram.
      Here is Welp's post showing proof that Alice was lying.
    5. Alice now claims that Ioan was abusive to her, but previously she said (including in a court document) they had the perfect marriage and he made her very happy.
    6. Alice claimed that Ioan has never spent more than two consecutive nights with both girls, despite her filming TVD and The Originals in Atlanta, and despite Ioan not working for long periods of time.
    Alice's lies about the divorce
    1. Alice said she was blindsided in January 2021 at Ioan leaving her, when he had been discussing separation after he returned from Australia in August 2020 (see court documents, and the description she wrote for her Gofundme where she wrote "in August 2020, just as the pandemic was really kicking in, my entire world fell apart").
    2. In March 2021, Alice claimed she found out that Ioan was starting divorce proceedings by reading about it on a gossip website, and she claimed she showed her younger daughter a Daily Mail article about the divorce, thereby upsetting her. This is despite the fact that Ioan had already started collaborative divorce proceedings. Alice then backtracked on her claim that she had shown her daughter the DM article, and one of her FMs also said it didn't happen and called her a "woman of integrity".
    3. Alice says that Ioan hasn't paid a single penny of child support or spousal support. This is a lie, for several reasons.
      1. Ioan submitted his financial filings to the court, which amongst other things shows he was paying for Alice's lawyers, as well as for the mortgage and utilities for the familial home, and health insurance for Alice and the girls.
      2. If Ioan hadn't been paying child and spousal support or equivalent, the judge would not have granted the divorce bifurcation in July 2023.
      3. Alice has had five divorce lawyers so far; if none of them had been able to get her any child or spousal support (or equivalent), then none of them were doing their job.
      4. If Ioan has not been providing financial support, what exactly has Alice been living off since January 2021, when he moved out?
      5. Alice has slipped up several times and admitted Ioan is paying for some things.
    4. Alice set up a Gofundme in June 2022, claiming she had run out of money (although she continued to buy makeup and clothes from eBay). In 2023 when Ioan submitted his financials, it emerged that Alice had a bank account with c. £30k in it, as well as the fact that Ioan had been paying for many things, including for Alice's lawyers. Tattlers strongly suspect the real reason behind the Gofundme was to humiliate Ioan ahead of his appearance at the Monte Carlo TV Festival.
    5. Alice said she and Ioan agreed she should give up work and be a full-time mother/homemaker, which is contradicted by IG's court documents, a tweet Alice herself made (here and here), and the fact that she continued to attend auditions and get acting jobs after the birth of their children.
    6. Alice claimed that Ioan didn't actually want a divorce, and was just doing it to "destroy her happiness and shut out her light".
    7. Alice claimed in spring 2022 that she and the girls found out they were going to be "homeless", and then in another later post she contradicted herself and said she still didn't know when she was going to tell the girls they would have to move.
    8. Alice claimed (more than once) that the mortgage had almost been paid off on the familial home, which is untrue, as Ioan's financial filings showed.
    Alice's lies regarding the DVRO
    1. Alice said in a sworn statement to the court that she had never abused or harassed Ioan. The court documents submitted by Ioan, containing abusive text messages, emails and transcripts of voice messages prove otherwise.
    2. Alice claims she doesn't use sock accounts to commit abuse by proxy, however she has been using her brother's Twitter account since November 2021, and since May 2023 she has used multiple sock accounts to abuse Ioan and Bianca.
    3. Alice said in January 2022 that she knew where Ioan and Bianca lived, but then in her court submission in February 2022 (under pain of perjury), she claimed she didn't know where they lived.
    4. Alice claims the DVRO was granted against her because of mere "texts of despair", or because she "spoke back" to Ioan, however the evidence Ioan submitted to the court shows it was due to a campaign of harassment made by Alice including text messages, emails and voicemails to Ioan and his mother, as well as defamatory statements made in media interviews about Ioan and Bianca.
    5. Alice violated the DVRO in December 2022 by copying Ioan and Bianca into an email to an auto insurer, claiming she had no money to pay the bill (despite her having a bank account with £30k in it). The email was then leaked by an Alice Twitter sock in May 2023.
    Alice's lies about Ella's restraining order applications
    1. Alice (via a sock), claims that Tattle is lying about the judge saying Ella wasn't being truthful about the incident at the apartment. The transcript from the hearing, which Tattle member Hiraeth purchased, shows that Alice is lying, and the judge was patient with Ella.
    Alice's lies about Bianca
    1. Alice claims Bianca was already living in LA by the time Ioan left Alice in January 2021. However, this is a lie as Bianca would have had to stay in Australia due to covid rules.
    2. Alice has accused Bianca of breaking up three marriages.
    3. Alice has called Bianca a “meth head”.
    4. Alice has accused Bianca of faking or exaggerating her MS.
    5. Alice has repeatedly accused Bianca of making sock accounts on Twitter to attack her (often from behind a sock of her own).

    Alice also often contradicts herself. Below is an incomplete list of her contradictions

    1. Alice claims everyone who criticises her on Twitter is Bianca, Ioan or Tamika. However, Alice claims that supporters of Alice on social media are definitely not Alice herself.
    2. Alice’s socks keep saying everyone should forget about her abusing her own daughter on her birthday because it was one conversation two years ago. However, Alice's socks and her FMs say everyone should read that one exchange from two years ago between Bianca and Tamika which they always like to bring out.
    3. Alice says Ioan was awful for releasing private messages for the DVRO application, but in fact, it was Alice who first released private messages from Ioan to her and the girls to her social media. Alice also turned down collaborative divorce proceedings which Ioan wanted, which would have meant that all the legal documents relating to the case would have remained sealed. Alice was also the one who brought this divorce into the public sphere in the first place.
    4. Alice said Ella has an Instagram account, and that she saw Ioan’s post announcing his relationship with Bianca. However, that must mean Ella also follows Alice, and would have seen all her vitriolic posts attacking Ioan.
    5. Alice claims she’s 50-80% bed bound, but then she doesn’t want Ioan to have any custody of the girls, which would give her time away from the girls to rest and recuperate.
    6. Alice claims people from Twitter and Tattle are saying horrible things about her children, however, she made this Instagram post where she made an unkind remark about her own daughter's appearance.

    Compilation of Alice’s Social Media Posts 2020-2022

    Put together by @welp, this is a record of Alice's SM abuse. It shows the narrative she has put out publicly, and with all her lies and contradictions.
    Part 2, link to download file

    Suspected Alice Sock accounts on Twitter from May 2023

    In May 2023, many suspect Twitter sock accounts were deployed around the time of the elder daughter's filing for a temporary restraining order (TRO) was announced. It seems Alice's lawyer Marie was able to mostly stop Alice engaging in social media abuse of Ioan and Bianca until she was fired. Sock accounts seem to be Alice's way of evading the DVRO, even though she is still breaking it as it's abuse by proxy.

    Suspect socks that are currently deleted/deactivated/suspended -

    1. @janellek31941
    2. @dontminors5978
    3. @AbusesBian54734 (deleted)
    4. @documents_78378
    5. @apocalypse15587 (suspended)
    6. @mitzicooee89363 (deactivated)
    7. @tameeekimoo (deactivated)
    8. @IHateGossip2009
    9. @2001_juven17
    10. @doodledreeeeeam
    11. @fooledagai31458
    12. @biancaschin3425
    13. @Lady962335Dog (inactive)
    14. @aliceevansgruf3 (suspended)
    15. @JudgeMerc14932 [deleted on 4 Sep 2023]
    16. @Whisper1508848 [suspended on 6 Sep 2023]

    @new_lips [created 6 Sep 2023]

    Many believe that Tone is an Alice sock too - @TonyEva92385840

    Compilation of tweets from suspected Alice socks

    It's recommend that you download these files rather than use the online reader. The documents are also OCR-ed (as far as possible) to be able to search through it. The socks are grouped by chronological order of first appearance. These screenshots were put together by @Welp

    Don't Abuse Minors twitter screenshots
    Socking Hell

    Memes, Short Stories & Other Media - For some light relief

    Alice wearing scarf
    Alice bingo card
    Time magazine cover
    Alice's second GoFundMe
    Bifurcation Music Festival Day One
    Bifurcation Music Festival Day Two
    Bifurcation Music Festival Day Three
    Alice's letter to Will Smith
    Alice's letter to Selma Blair
    Alice and Her Editor: A Story of Doom
    Always and Forever Con: A Story of Doom
    The Unfresh Princess of Beverly Hills
    Alice the Jailbird
    Alice the Jailbird behind bars
    Alice in handcuffs
    Roblox Alice
    Alice - tits akimbo
    Yo, Me and Dupee - the Netflix series
    Yo, Me and Dupee - A Tits Akimbo Production (full end credits)
    Tits Akimbo production logo
    Evaluation with Dr Dupee
    Everyone I Don't Like Is Bianca
    'Twas the Night Before Transcripts

    The Tale of Llywdcoed Village
    Chapter 1 - The Best Marrow in Show
    Chapter 2 - A Musical Duel
    Chapter 3 - A Twist in the Tea Leaves
    Chapter 4 - Secrets and Safe Havens
    Chapter 5 - A Race Against Time
    Chapter 6 - A Desperate Move

    The Warring Wardrobe
    Special Arguing Coat
    Everyday Arguing Gilet
    Special Arguing Coat in action
    Who wore it better? Alice Evans or the Old Soakster?
    The Flak Vest of Anonymity

    Alice in her own words
    Alice is not intoxicated 1
    Alice is not intoxicated 2
    Alice only abuses people who deserve it
    Alice has never been unkind to a person unprovoked

    Alice Evans Designs

    After her acting career ended and her agent dropped her, Alice started Alice Evans Designs, an Etsy shop, but seems to have lost interest in this endeavour. Here are some of her appalling "designs":

    AE at PRO meme.png

    AE BW cartoon-min.png
    AE 7 inches gruff.png

    Ioan and Bianca

    Ioan and Bianca have been in a relationship since June 2021, according to court documents, after meeting while Ioan was working on Harrow in August 2020.They live together in LA with their dog Bubba Bear. In April 2023, Bianca wrote about her MS diagnosis and her abusive marriage - Bianca Wallace Telegraph article on her Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. Bianca travelled with Ioan to Wales in August 2023 where he worked at the ComicCon - Ioan Gruffudd Interview at ComicCon Wales. Despite Alice's attempt to split up the couple through constant abuse, they seem very united and happy, and Bianca has been warmly welcomes by Ioan's family and friends.

    Domestic Abuse Support

    Tattler's own RTP has some choice words for Alice's minimisation of her abuse of Ioan, Bianca and others.

    “Desperate, heartbroken, and angry” text messages can also be astoundingly abusive—I’m so sick of them diminishing ACTUAL VERBAL & EMOTIONAL ABUSE to just a couple of frustrated correspondences. That’s not what that was. She was berating him, threatening him, gaslighting him, harassing him, insulting him, attempting to goad him, the list goes on and fuckin on.

    I think what upsets me most is the possibility that folks in here (including lurkers) are reading this GROSS minimization of abuse time and again and might finally start to doubt the legitimacy of their OWN traumas. When FMs call Alice’s cruelty just “desperate and heartbroken,” it can be so easy for victims of abuse to think that, hey, maybe THEIR former loved ones weren’t really being abusive but were just “upset” and “sad,” and that they don’t have a right to be traumatized or that their pain isn’t valid. I probs sound dumb but like, it can make you question or even SYMPATHIZE with your aggressors.

    If anyone needs to hear it, or has ever needed to hear it: Your trauma is valid. NO amount of rhetorical gymnastics can redesign the behavior of the people who’ve hurt you."

    For anyone (male or female) who would like to get support there are some links below.
    Narcissistic Abuse: What It Looks like and What to Do - MedCircle


    Based on suggestions from members, Tattler @kingseven put together the following Alice-inspired playlists. Enjoy!



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