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  1. Tignam #4 Swigs, all fur coat and inkkkredible knickers

    Thread number 4 for Tignam, shiller of nylon housecoats and someone else's home wares. Previous thread: https://tattle.life/threads/tignam-3-tiggy-tiggy-tiggy-cant-you-see-your-robes-are-much-cheaper-on-wish-and-ali.8137/
  2. Tignam #3 Tiggy Tiggy Tiggy can’t you see, your robes are much cheaper on Wish and Ali

    Thread number 3 for Tignam “Melissa Mills Bari” of Insta & housecoat fame. Thanks to @Idontevengohere for the thread suggestion with the most likes 🤩
  3. Tignam #2 swig, swig, swig, Tiggy’s itching to throw a dig

    Thanks @storminagcup for the new title
  4. Tignam

    Melissa Mills Bari Irish fashion/lifestyle influencer/instagrammer. Founder of MMB luxe robes and pjs.
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