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  1. SunsOutHunsOut

    Melissa Mills #33 The Saloman of knowledge - artificial and no intelligence!

    Thread number 33 for our artificial airhead. Not much to update....no sign of Azhole, selling her old tat on Depop for pennies, being 'so honest' about her menopause journey, no sign of the sixth second born at the horse-riding for months. She's down to one 'unit' of booze per week 😜 and...
  2. S

    Melissa Mills #32 He may give Tigs the flutters but to the rest of us he gives the scutters

    Time to start a new thread for peri Melly. She's still a cunt. Showing her mother in hospital literally taking a turn. I'm crap at recaps. Carry on fuckers 🤪
  3. L

    Melissa Mills #31 WALLA! Peri-Melly off her rocker, caught up in Dunne's Chinese Chicken shocker

    New thread for Melly, used 2 most liked and added the infamous Walla 😂😂 courtesy of myself and @Ingognito.Queen --- Tried to include *%€& Dunnes but it was removed 😂😂😜
  4. SunsOutHunsOut

    Melissa Mills #30 Melly the snake finally admits to buying fake

    Thread number 30 for old Tidge-weasel.... I'm not even sure there's enough for a re-cap because it's the same old shit every day. Still boozing, still oiling herself up at midday and puffing out the cheeks with stress, still flogging the robes from 9 threads ago, now drawing on freckles...
  5. Balooba

    Tignam #29 Me and my Hana having special drinks while my insta boat sinks

    This title had the most votes for #29. Thanks to The Foz As you all were…
  6. missiemoomoo

    Tignam #28 I haven't a dime but I'll buy fake Prime haters will heckle cos I draw on fake freckles

    Took the most recent suggestion with the most likes, hope this is ok!
  7. N

    Tignam #27 MMB lotions and potions and oodles of notions, please buy my stockkkk so I can live in b'rock

    Well done @Lollyloulou for the most liked thread title in the last thread. To receap, Melly is still a pain, still a lush, still thinks the sun shines out of her arse (especially after her Clonic) and is about to jet off on a (golfing) holiday. As you were. First time setting up a thread so...
  8. M

    TIgnam #26 MMB No time for her poorly Mum but has time for Dundrum

    New thread as most liked by @Joannaem Tigs still being a pain in the hole. Still not married and trying to be a food blogger now (gaff coats have gone tits up) even though she cant cook and would burn water. Reaching a new low by ignoring her sick mother but using her illness as content...
  9. M

    Tignam #25 Facecream jars, financed cars, we can see her lumpy lips from Mars

    New thread. Thanks to @Joannaem for most liked suggestion. As ye were "Fuckers". Recap. Swigs is still slithering around on the couch like an oily fish, eye fucking herself on the daily using 140 filters and trying to flog the Chinese gaff coats. Still drinking her weight in booze and...
  10. Balooba

    Tignam #24 Tignam #24 Yes, I stole a married man, but we are not going to Pakistan.

    Congratulations to @Melmc for the highest number of votes for a thread title. As you were….. Apologies… winning thread goes to @Melmcs Brief summary of thread #23 Tigs has had the best summer ever according to herself. Non stop travelling following daddy on work trips. Main trip to Estepona...
  11. usefullyuseless

    Tignam #23 Hi, I’m not with my mum dad and brother

    Thread #23 about Melissa Mills Congratulations to @HiddenValley for the most liked thread title suggestion! Your prize is a polyester robe from the MMB collection. Hope you like sweating x Quick recap of #22 - Melissa, her boyfriend and their kids (her 1st and 2nd born, his 5th and 6th born)...
  12. H

    Tignam #22 Melissa and the leprechaun from Pakistan

    Most likes for thread title was my suggestion with 11 likes, the inspiration however came from @Kokanoseynoodle ! I hope I've done this right!
  13. usefullyuseless

    Tignam #21 Melissa Mills "Bari" Fur coat no knickers, let’s not forget the M&S yellow stickers

    Thread #21 open for business Congrats to @littlemisssunshine2.0 for the thread title with the most likes. Your prize is a totally genuine counterfeit CELINE pouch! Carry on f*ckers!
  14. usefullyuseless

    Tignam #20 Melissa Mills "Bari" Don't be fooled by the socks that I got, I'm still Tignam from the squat

    Thanks to ME for the most liked title nomination 😊 you goyys don't know how hard I worked on it. I'm such a boss babe, it's actually just ONE of my titles. 🍷 Anyone care to do a recap of thread 19?
  15. M

    Tignam #19 Melissa Mills "Bari" Tiny Tim and Tiggy Dim together make Mauritius look grim

    New thread for Tignam aka MMB aka Melissa Mills "Bari" aka .. whatever she is calling herself this week. Thanks to @The Foz for the most liked thread suggestion. If any of you clever Ladies would like to do a recap, feel free. (Bar the boring trip, she didn't do much. As usual.) Soooooo...
  16. M

    Tignam #18 Melissa Mills "Bari" The (con) artist formerly known as Tignam

    New thread for MMB who is trying to create a new identity. Thanks to @usefullyuseless for most liked thread suggestion.
  17. M

    Tignam #17 "Adare" you to show us your Wedding Album Tidge!

    New thread about our favourite Lush of a Mother. Thanks to Seratago for the title. As you were Ladies.
  18. M

    Tignam #16 On the twelfth day of Tidgemas, the Insta Police reported me

    Thanks to @Peonyrose for new thread title.
  19. Peonyrose

    Tignam #15 Tiggy Tiggy telling lies, wine at the weekend, such a big surprise

    Thanks to @The Foz for the thread title. Her ladyship is in Abu Dhabi on her super secret holiday. The beauticians was hit up before she left so her eyebrows are nearly at her chin and a lorryload of botox has been pumped into her face, but she has genetically good skin from her mother, as she...
  20. Malone

    Tignam #14 I got my skipping rope in XL as I wanted oversized

    Thanks to @Notgoingonlineagaintoday for the most liked on this thread suggestion 😀
  21. O

    Tignam #13 Swigs now looks like Danniella, still not married to her fella

    Thanks to @Melmcs for the fantastic title as ye were ☺️
  22. P

    Tignam #12 Tidge Bucket says sod it, I'm not getting a mortgage with Ronnie Corbett

    Thread twelve ladies. Have at it 😆 Come here to me tidge. You u should have left those sunglasses with YSL cos they're like something you'd buy in the euro shop. Tidge sells housecoats from Ali express for ridiculous money She did a midnight runner from her house we think cos they didn't pay...
  23. Malone

    Tignam #11 Don’t be fooled by robes I got I’m Tidge living in Ticknock in a squat

    Thanks to @Joannaem for Title suggestion . As you were 🙌🏻
  24. C

    Tignam #10 flat out flogging her "longe wear" but OMG, the state of her hair

    New thread ! Took the liberty of starting a new thread with a mix of my own suggestion and @Melmcs Hope that's okay 😊 mod edit; just to be fair, it appears @Buttercream queen won with 19 likes, Hit report if this isn’t that case.
  25. N

    Tignam #9 I’m an inkredible vertified chef, flat out opening fasts from sundown to sunset

    I'm afraid the old thread is going to get locked so here we go! If anyone wants to give an overview please do, I just don't have time at the moment :cool: https://tattle.life/threads/tignam-8-layering-and-robes-teeth-so-white-u-ok-first-born.17052/