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  1. raspberryjuice

    Saffron Barker #19 House empty and big, still Darren in a wig

    Well done to @shrimpy91 for the thread title. We finally made it out of Thread 18 which started in July! 😱 I’d like to say Saffy has had an exciting few months but I’d be lying. To recap: She moved out She ate a lot of grilled chicken and broccoli She practiced the same callisthenics move...
  2. chlo_bby3

    Saffron Barker #18 After stealing a man she's single once more, her ex has moved on he's in Casa Amor.

    Thread suggestion by @Bobby Orange couldn’t see any others with likes
  3. Kat5998

    Saffron Barker #17 Desperate to meet anyone with a blue tick, everything she does gives us the ick

    New thread, title by @br0ws3r
  4. TTttttt

    Saffron Barker #16 I’ll only go on a date if you’ve been with my mate

    Title by @anon545 with 161 likes!❤️ Anyone able to do a recap?
  5. Oohthedrama

    Saffron Barker #15 bye bye Ty…

    The thread was well overdue so I’ve just thrown a title in which can be changed! I mean at least it doesn’t say penis 😐 continue here!
  6. S

    Saffron Barker #14 Hinting she’s going into the jungle, what a big deal, omg kangaroo penis is unreal

    I don’t know if I done this right but @Lauren-1996 had the most threats suggestions and we begin. I don’t know how to tag her old threads please send help x (had to amend to fit also)
  7. calmyourritas

    Saffron Barker #13 Facetune queen, begs to be lean, pretends she fits in size 8 jeans

    We were long overdue a new thread! Thread title by @Leeylax with 37 likes! 👏 Anyone care to do a recap?

    Saffron Barker #12 Bought a house before my 21st, can’t do anything without asking my mum first

    Thanks to @FDR97 for the brilliant new title! 🤣👏 adjusted slightly to fit, does anyone want to do a recap? If anyone did one that would be so unREAL 👌👌
  9. justheretolaugh

    Saffron Barker #11 Windy’s moved, what a bummer, who’s is the G wagon? The plumbers?

    Thanks @Lauren-1996 for the thread title, had to change it slightly so it would fit. I hope I made this right, but the other one was getting long. Anyone care to do a TLDR for the previous thread?
  10. S

    Saffron Barker #10 Forcing Tyler to move down south, she's twenty and bought a house

    New thread, title by @phx slightly edited for length. And it basically sums up the last thread pretty well.
  11. lizzolyn

    Saffron Barker #9 - 5’4”, photoshop galore, Tyler just face it, Saff’s a bore

    New Thread. Title suggestion by @so_u_thinkimskinnyyy Roundup: -Saffron photoshops every photo of herself however the paparazzi manage to show the real truth and nothing but the truth! ;) -She has recently been caught breaking lockdown rules to see Tyler -Tyler has been going back and forth...
  12. lizzolyn

    Saffron Barker #8 Lockdown rule breaker that will sell anything to be a money maker

    Saffron Barker #8 Lockdown rule breaker, prolific filter taker will sell anything to be a money maker New Thread! I contributed the thread title!! Woohoo! Go me lol :ROFLMAO: Summary: -Saffy B has been breaking lockdown rules with her BF -She filters the heck out of her photos on instagram...
  13. Porkiepies

    The Nasey Family #2

    I couldn't see any title suggestions so left it blank which pretty much sums up their content. They failed Vlogmas uploads blaming Tier 4. The children are still the main content with Nicole occasionally showing us something she's purchased because it's so good or cute. Casey still has an ego...
  14. lizzolyn

    Saffron Barker #7 Naturally blessed, minus the filler, nose & fake breasts

    New Thread. Follow on from last thread: -Saffy B has been called out on her lies as she has admitted getting a bood job, nose jobs and fillers when previously denied she hasn't had any work -She has been called out on her obsession with weight and unhealthy fitness regime which she had to...
  15. lizzolyn

    Saffron Barker #6 Quarantining is pretend, did I tell you that I have a boyfriend?

    New Thread. Summary from last thread. - We have well and truly be introduced to Saffron's new boyfriend Tyler; after her swearing she would never have a public relationship again. - Her in the style collection has now been slashed in price on their website. -When doing a brand deal instagram...
  16. C

    Saffron Barker #5 okay, we get it Saffy B! you’re finally getting some D

    New thread Thank you - @lovethetea so what’s happening about their moving situation seeing as they weren’t meant to move last year andis saffron still moving out?? catchup: Saffron has a new boyfriend Tyler and has been on many holidays and not doing quarantine she was a new clothing range and...
  17. C

    Saffron Barker #4 This carrot is sooo unreal 👌🏽 Check out my new bf and my new wheels.

    Time for thread #4!! 🥳 Thread title by @Elle .. had to shorten it a little sorry babe!! let’s continue 🥂
  18. Oohthedrama

    Saffron Barker #3 has she or hasn’t she....who nose!

    There was no suggestions so I made one up 😂🤣 happy to change it if someone can suggest something better....... all I saw was a user saying it needed to mention the honker. continue here and let me know if there’s a better suggestion!
  19. Oohthedrama

    Saffron Barker #2 strictly annoying!

    New thread, Thanks to @thegreencow 🙂 God almighty this is embarrassing journalism 😂😂😂 It’s her fucking parents house anyway ffs
  20. N

    The Nasey Family (Casey Barker)

    moved from the Saffron Barker thread ……… Imagine Casey and Nicole name their baby boy “ Casey Junior ” and call him CJ for short 😂 I swear they said the baby name will be unisex and short and with an ego as big as Casey’s it wouldn’t even surprise me
  21. GossWhore

    Jasmine Clough

    I just CANNOT with this girl She reminds me of Charlotte from Geordie Shores and NOT in a good way Also, she always sounds like she woke up from a ruff hangover lol
  22. Oohthedrama

    Saffron Barker

    Just wanted to start a thread for “one of the UK’s most loved influencers” I can’t take that seriously. Singer, Author, YouTube star that seems to get worse and worse as the months go on. Maybe that’s just me but I find it painful to watch lately. However I’ll hate watch just so I can rant ...
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