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  1. L

    Saffron Barker #9 - 5’4”, photoshop galore, Tyler just face it, Saff’s a bore

    New Thread. Title suggestion by @so_u_thinkimskinnyyy Roundup: -Saffron photoshops every photo of herself however the paparazzi manage to show the real truth and nothing but the truth! ;) -She has recently been caught breaking lockdown rules to see Tyler -Tyler has been going back and forth...
  2. L

    Saffron Barker #8 Lockdown rule breaker that will sell anything to be a money maker

    Saffron Barker #8 Lockdown rule breaker, prolific filter taker will sell anything to be a money maker New Thread! I contributed the thread title!! Woohoo! Go me lol :ROFLMAO: Summary: -Saffy B has been breaking lockdown rules with her BF -She filters the heck out of her photos on instagram...
  3. L

    Saffron Barker #7 Naturally blessed, minus the filler, nose & fake breasts

    New Thread. Follow on from last thread: -Saffy B has been called out on her lies as she has admitted getting a bood job, nose jobs and fillers when previously denied she hasn't had any work -She has been called out on her obsession with weight and unhealthy fitness regime which she had to...
  4. L

    Saffron Barker #6 Quarantining is pretend, did I tell you that I have a boyfriend?

    New Thread. Summary from last thread. - We have well and truly be introduced to Saffron's new boyfriend Tyler; after her swearing she would never have a public relationship again. - Her in the style collection has now been slashed in price on their website. -When doing a brand deal instagram...
  5. C

    Saffron Barker #5 okay, we get it Saffy B! you’re finally getting some D

    New thread Thank you - @lovethetea so what’s happening about their moving situation seeing as they weren’t meant to move last year andis saffron still moving out?? catchup: Saffron has a new boyfriend Tyler and has been on many holidays and not doing quarantine she was a new clothing range and...
  6. champagnepinkk

    Saffron Barker #4 This carrot is sooo unreal 👌🏽 Check out my new bf and my new wheels.

    Time for thread #4!! 🥳 Thread title by @Elle .. had to shorten it a little sorry babe!! let’s continue 🥂
  7. Oohthedrama

    Saffron Barker #3 has she or hasn’t she....who nose!

    There was no suggestions so I made one up 😂🤣 happy to change it if someone can suggest something better....... all I saw was a user saying it needed to mention the honker. continue here and let me know if there’s a better suggestion!
  8. Oohthedrama

    Saffron Barker #2 strictly annoying!

    New thread, Thanks to @thegreencow 🙂 God almighty this is embarrassing journalism 😂😂😂 It’s her fucking parents house anyway ffs
  9. N

    The Nasey Family (Casey Barker)

    moved from the Saffron Barker thread ……… Imagine Casey and Nicole name their baby boy “ Casey Junior ” and call him CJ for short 😂 I swear they said the baby name will be unisex and short and with an ego as big as Casey’s it wouldn’t even surprise me
  10. GossWhore

    Jasmine Clough

    I just CANNOT with this girl She reminds me of Charlotte from Geordie Shores and NOT in a good way Also, she always sounds like she woke up from a ruff hangover lol
  11. Oohthedrama

    Saffron Barker

    Just wanted to start a thread for “one of the UK’s most loved influencers” I can’t take that seriously. Singer, Author, YouTube star that seems to get worse and worse as the months go on. Maybe that’s just me but I find it painful to watch lately. However I’ll hate watch just so I can rant ...
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