Saffron Barker #8 Lockdown rule breaker that will sell anything to be a money maker

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Saffron Barker #8 Lockdown rule breaker, prolific filter taker will sell anything to be a money maker

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I contributed the thread title!! Woohoo! Go me lol :ROFLMAO:


-Saffy B has been breaking lockdown rules with her BF
-She filters the heck out of her photos on instagram
-She sells skincare that does not work and is known to do more harm than good.
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Yh like I don’t see them moving in together or building a life. She hasn’t had a bf in a while and now that he’s known there’s bound to be an ex or new girl that can easily get him back. But he also seems like he just does what she says


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If her and tyler aren't living together, then she needs to be reported.

Also can someone put up a link of this 1 million house she may have or may not have bought (she might have changed her mind and bought another one )
Here’s the house she originally bought, but it looks like it’s back on the market

He disappeared for days then remerged in time for the footie? Give over
I’m not saying it’s not suspicious and I don’t think he’s living with her either, but he was on her story watching the football with Darren. I’m sure he would have been in her video with her family if he was actually living with her and not just going back and forth from his house to hers. I never said it wasn’t suspicious i’m just saying what I saw LOL
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