Saffron Barker #7 Naturally blessed, minus the filler, nose & fake breasts

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New Thread.

Follow on from last thread:

-Saffy B has been called out on her lies as she has admitted getting a bood job, nose jobs and fillers when previously denied she hasn't had any work
-She has been called out on her obsession with weight and unhealthy fitness regime which she had to address in a vlog saying she wasn't trying to 'trigger' anyone
-She has made a documentary along with Youtube about her time when she had hard of hearing as a child which is obviously a ploy to get views, attention and sympathy
-She has made a podcast with her mum; a load of rubbish if you have nothing better to do for half an hour
-She will more than likely be breaking lockdown rules to see Tyler her boyfriend


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Tyler’s really milking the ads on his insta story 🤣
I honestly can't say I blame him. Saffron doesn't offer much apart from being a way to get a bit of a platform for a quick quid.

I can't imagine they have interesting conversations. Only leaves them sex to fill the time. He might as well do a few ads.

She must've known that this was going to happen when she got together with him.


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This is an AD. Mess up your words? Refilm it. The most overrated, unprofessional YouTuber out there.
Lazy twat. Also so watched her vlog and she showed her and her mum filming for the shit podcast, Wendy says about how she really wanted some boots for Christmas and was disappointed when Darren got her an expensive ring instead, fuck off how ungrateful can you be? She got the boots after but obviously Daren wanted to surprise her with something she didn’t ask for, no wonder saffron is a bitch if Wendy Is like that😳 wonder what Wendy’s mum is really like? Gotta be a massive bitch to raise a daughter like that.


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He’ll have to be getting the extra ££ in for Christmas to live up to Saffy B’s expectations, she won’t have anything that’s not expensive
This makes me laugh, but low-key I feel sorry for him
Imagine being that rude and entitled to expect £1000 + gifts every time

Poor Tyler better start a YouTube channel as well if he wants to keep up with Miss Saffy’s lifestyle


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Remember her birthday, I can’t remember what he got her but it wasn’t cheap. Had they even been together that long?! I reckon she told him what to get as she can’t put cheap tat in a vid for YT
If I remember it right, he got her the Comme Des Garcons (which she pronounced comme des garKons) converse and the Off White suitcase and maybe something else, so he definitely spent more than 1000£


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I think the whole Wendy dressing like Saffron is a bit over the top. Ever since Saffron has started getting big on YouTube im pretty sure her mum just wants to be identical to her, i mean imo its kinda weird because she's a 20 year old women and her mum seems to make every single decision she makes including what saffron wears, if wendy doesn't like it then saffy can't wear it. I also think the whole christmas thing with wendy was so cruel and disrespectful on darrens behalf. He put in that much effort to get her a ring and she can't even wait 5 more minutes without moaning about not getting what she wants. She could of at least waited to show her 'feelings' after all the presents the rude cow.These podcasts are really making wendy sound a lot more controlling and rude than we ever have seen on youtube. Having wendy as a mum im not surprised saffron is a stuck up bitch.
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