Saffron Barker #14 Hinting she’s going into the jungle, what a big deal, omg kangaroo penis is unreal

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What a tasteless caption on her new insta post, but then would we expect anything less from the queen of materialism
"Whoever said money can't buy happiness clearly didn't know where to shop" 😡 she just keeps proving to everyone what an entitled madam she is, if it was meant to be funny in these times then that's even worse!
Good hardworking People will see that knowing they are working their socks off while people like her get everything handed to them and even then it's not enough for her.if she had any kind of conscience she would take it down and apologise.


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Whatever she is working on is bound to be underwhelming, no matter how much she tries to make it sound exciting, with the various towie stars there it's probably not one of the bigger well known shows.
To put it nicely every show she has been on hasn't gone well for her.

What kind of physical TV shows are there at the moment? she keeps mentioning how much she aches and had her feet in an ice filled foot spa the other day.
I was thinking dancing on ice they start prepping months before but doubt they would be able to post anything
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She’s so unmotivated but I’m not surprised, especially with the amount she’s raised on her just giving page.
it must be embarrassing for her to have raised so little with her amount of followers and also contacts she’s made. I didn’t scroll far but where are her donations from all the in the style team, dancers from strictly or from collabs she’s done? She seems really bad at networking and maintaining connections and it shows in this. My husband is just a normal guy and managed to raise nearly £1000 this year for charity on a sponsored event. He barely goes on social media and definitely doesn’t have millions of followers but easily used his platform to engage people, update them on his progress and get them to donate. Also I think she could have led by example here and donated £1-2k of her own money. An amount she can easily afford but it’s about the optics of this. People have struggled this past year and a half with reduced incomes and then you have someone who thinks nothing of spending obscene amounts of money on designer tat asking them to donate their hard earned cash.
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