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  1. F

    Rachel Gorry #22 Wit me pen I can write in blue & green, I’m d smartest entrepreneur youz have ever seen

    congratulations to @mrscoco for the thread title-had to shorten it slightly to fit👌🏼anyone want to do a recap lads, youze’ll have us in stitches.
  2. T

    Rachel Gorry #20 Gorry has a jockey, he's from rathgar. every weekend she gets rode like shergar

    And we’re off!!! Congrats to @Shanto
  3. Turmeric123

    Rachel Gorry #19 Rachel Grabby Gorry, Will take the freebies in by the lorry

    Can someone do a recap please
  4. Boogaloo Shrimp

    Rachel Gorry #18 Freebies, cheap holidays as I'm too tight, Here's my boobs, Phil left, Grant right

    Recap Posting (inappropriate) pics of daughter. Arse on show. Boobs on show. Relying on "ladz" to help. Family holiday with girls (& ladz & friends & phone in hand).
  5. Boogaloo Shrimp

    Rachel Gorry #18 Freebies, cheap holidays cause I'm too tight, Here's my new boobs, Phil on the left and

    Quick recap 1. Scared to spend time alone with kids. 🤷‍♂️ 2. Relies on "ladz" to help. 🤦‍♂️ 3. New boobs on show. 🤢 4. Arse on view 🤮 5. Posting (inappropriate) pics of daughter. 🤬
  6. Boogaloo Shrimp

    Rachel Gorry #17 The weepy widow to keep it sweet, Beg, cry, sell and then repeat.

    New thread title thanks to @Turmeric123 @Missycoco @KaciD (& myself). Quick recap: Weeping 😭😭 (what's new) Gorry Airport Runway 🛫 Prison Gates 🚓 Kids performing seal tricks 🦦
  7. Boogaloo Shrimp

    Rachel Gorry #16 Amish style dresses be loading, What do you think of my new "Cloden"?

    Thanks to @KaciD NEW THREAD , LET'S RECAP: Amish "Cloden" 🤣 Gurry Prison Walls 🙄 New man 🤔 Tarring 🤦‍♂️ Rays of light 🤬 Thank you @KaciD for the new thread title. 👍
  8. Boogaloo Shrimp

    Rachel Gorry #15 Boobjobs and Hairdos as well as new braces, send me money for botox to fix my two faces

    Thanks to @whoever Recap and continue: Gossies, Boobjobs and braces
  9. T

    Rachel Gorry #14 Crying in the wardrobe has had its day, tits done, you may as well pay’

    Crying in the wardrobe has had its day, tits done, you may as well pay Recap & let’s go!
  10. D

    Rachel Gorry #13 look at me I'm only gorgeous, here's my haul it's plastic storage!

    New thread for Rachel Gorry
  11. D

    Rachel Gorry #12 now I’m cleanin’ on da telly, hashtag ad, I’m only deadly.

    New thread for Irelands answer to the hinch, credit to @The Foz for the thread
  12. D

    Rachel Gorry #11 Follow me and watch me cry, here's my haul now swipe up and buy

    New thread for Rachel Gorry
  13. Pocahontas

    Rachel Gorry #10

    Locked previous thread as it was descending into petty arguments and derailing. New start with this thread please. Report any further derailing posts.
  14. D

    Rachel Gorry #9 Rachel got a gossie thanks to her possie!

    New Thread for Rachel Gorry
  15. D

    Rachel Gorry #8 No content but tears and ads!

    Rachel Gorry
  16. D

    Rachel Gorry #7

    New thread for Rachel Gorry
  17. J

    Rachel Gorry #6

    Recap from previous thread: Ad Ad Ad Ad Ad Q&A Ad Ad Ad Ad Cry Ad Ad Ad The End
  18. calmyourritas

    Rachel Gorry #5

    Thread title by @Pix_ with 68 likes! Edited slightly to fit I luv yis all, yis have me in stitches, now just buy whatever I'm flogging bitches! As you were...
  19. S

    Rachel Gorry #4 Thinks she’s funny but really just a dummy

    Rachel Gorry back for the lols after Belfastgate, crying imaginary trolls for the sympathy vote and thinks her followers are as thick as herself to fall for it.
  20. T

    Rachel Gorry #3 is not one bit sorry

    New thread title thanks to @Tealistener This was actually the 2nd most favourite, I couldn't get @Boomboomboom90 to fit and it was losing the effect by shortening it 😪 " Me coffee is milky, Yiz have me in stitches. I won't drop BPerfect cos I'd miss all my riches" Can someone please do a last...
  21. calmyourritas

    Rachel Gorry #2 Swipe up, cry, not shy, Belfast in a blink of an eye

    As you were! Thanks to @Wheres reality for the thread title. Had to change slightly to fit, original is Swipe up and cry , not that shy , up to Belfast in a blink of an eye. Please could someone do a round up of the last thread? Thanks
  22. R1208u1

    Rachel Gorry

    Hope I'm doing this right but I think a thread is needed for Rachel to share our opinions!
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