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Phillip Schofield is an itv presenter with a golden handshake and presents many of their TV shows including this morning and dancing on Ice. He came out as gay in February 2020 but people are confused as to why now as he's said that he's not a relationship. Joan Collins asked this on good morning Britain and was cut off while piers Morgan appeared to bite his lip. Use the forum here to discuss Phillip Schofield gossip.
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  1. Doodlebug005

    Phillip Schofield #19 Dropped by We Buy Any Car, Holly rolling her eyes. Time to duck off philth

    Greetings posters time for new thread… apologies but the title is mine- didn’t know if it was bigheaded to start a new thread and be the title owner.. soz Quick recap… We buy any car 🚙🚘🚖 have seen sense and replaced the old Banger presenter… Those among us that watch TM ( not me) think that all...
  2. Carpediem69

    Phillip Schofield #18 Smug Philth couldn’t wait in a line, Even for The Queen he couldn’t spare the time

    Thanks to @Doodlebug005 for the new thread title Jumped the Q They are Journalists now - show us your NUJ cards No apology - a talked over slot by Hollyfilla face Petitions underway - keep signing Eamon keeping up the momentum ITV need to do the right thing Carry on Tattlers
  3. Doodlebug005

    Phillip Schofield #17 Stunning brave Phil? He makes me feel ill.

    New thread for the sly fox. Thanks to @LByrne74 for the most voted title Recap- well he is still on ITV, had a brief break from him when covid got him, Stephen Mulhern replaced him beautifully on DOI. Lorraine and ITV spent a nauseating morning kissing his ass.. 40 years on tv 🤮...guest...
  4. Doodlebug005

    Phillip Schofield #16 Knighthood no way! He can't even get an NTA

    New Thread! Congrats to @AlwightDallin for excellent title. Quick recap.... Philth as headline suggests wasn't even shortlisted for a best presenter award at NTA's, that must have hurt his ego ... What else has he been up to? Flogging gin and his book on Insta Hugging trees on TM Oh driving...
  5. Doodlebug005

    Phillip Schofield #15 Skating on very thin ice

    New Thread. Thanks to Rockin' Robin for the most popular thread title suggestion. A follow on from #14 where the latest development was the revealing of a 3 year snapchat interaction between Pip and a lad that was 17ish at the time. First time setting up thread hope it is done right!
  6. S

    Phillip Schofield #14

  7. S

    Phillip Schofield #13

  8. S

    Phillip Schofield #12

  9. coconochanel

    Phillip Schofield #11

    new thread to carry on the discussion. Mod edit adding thread number
  10. Rob123

    Phillip Schofield #10 Latest news, research & info

    New thread for Phillip Schofield
  11. B

    Phillip Schofield #9 Latest news

    New thread since people were asking.
  12. T

    Phillip Schofield #8 Latest news

    New thread, there wasn't any good suggestion with over 10 votes so I've made a title that matches what people are googling so more will find it. :) All the latest we know Many think this blind is about the dancing on Ice presenter ---- What...
  13. Be More Pacific

    Phillip Schofield #7 Drew back the curtain, to see for certain, that the injunction was still in place

    Thread title courtesy of @Delia Smith with 17 votes. Tweaked slightly to make it fit. Carry on your discussions here about the runner loving Schofe including a question that occurred to me whilst watching This Morning today. Is it right for a 57 year old man to be wearing super skinny jeans...
  14. Yel

    Phillip Schofield #6 and his Amazing Technicolour Super Injunction

    Thread title by @Be More Pacific View all Phillip Schofield threads
  15. Yel

    Phillip Schofield #5 We don't buy any of it .com

    I forget who suggested it and it's all under three letters so can't search for it, but has to be the best suggestion! View previous threads Round up from previous threads
  16. Yel

    Phillip Schofield #4 Will Phillip stay on itv, or will he do a runner?

    Thread title by @Carmen 6 As you were :) View all threads -
  17. Oohthedrama

    Phillip Schofield #3 Dancing on thin ice

    Continue here. title was a joint effort by @Carmen 6 @Peachy9 and reposted by @Yel 😝 to catch up from the TM feud until now......
  18. Be More Pacific

    Phillip Schofield #2 Alleged affair with This Morning runner

    Things are moving at such a fast pace that I didn't have time to trawl back through the posts so this title will have to do. Sorry x Let's carry on discussing the lying bastard - sorry, brave silver fox - that ITV want to protect to front all their shows 🐸☕
  19. R

    Phillip Schofield

    Oooh what do we think of this? I did think it was strange that Eamon and Ruth were absent from the Christmas Lunch!
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