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Phillip Schofield is an itv presenter with a golden handshake and presents many of their TV shows including this morning and dancing on Ice. He came out as gay in February 2020 but people are confused as to why now as he's said that he's not a relationship. Joan Collins asked this on good morning Britain and was cut off while piers Morgan appeared to bite his lip. Use the forum here to discuss Phillip Schofield gossip.
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  1. Orphan_Black

    Phillip Schofield #52 Keep that philthy man away

    Well done @Dotty Merton , you've got another thread title win in the bag! Phil is still mostly AWOL. He slithers into the Daily Mail's sidebar with the odd dinner out and apparently is supporting old Holly-W after she jacked in This Morning. Will the gruesome twosome make a joint comeback...
  2. Chita

    Phillip Schofield #51 Tower block Tracy, fake surprise facey?

    Thread title suggestion with the most votes was by @Dotty Merton Well done! Old thread here ...... Recap Amongst other stuff we discussed Simon Schofield's links to...
  3. M

    Phillip Schofield #50 Joan always thought Philth was gay and takes Holly's M&S wardrobe away!

    Thanks to @Dotty Merton for the thread title! Sadly I missed the select panel today but sure someone else can provide a recap of just who Tower Block Tracy is!
  4. Dotty Merton

    Phillip Schofield #49 Holly asks "Are you ok?", Phil cries "I'm gaaaaay I'm gaaaaaaay"

    @msmith2006 is the thread title winner with 122 votes - All hail 🙌 Big kudos also goes to @HollyGolightly for utterly stirling work in providing proof of Philths grooming pattern with 15/16/17 year old vulnerable gay male wannabee presenters and actors at ITV. How many have we got now? There's...
  5. Doc

    Phillip Schofield #48 This Morning as toxic as an aubergine

    Thanks to @ReadySteadyGrift for new thread title!
  6. M

    Phillip Schofield #47 I would have got away with it if it weren’t for those pesky Tattlers

    Thread title by @MsSelfridge as nominated by @InTheDollsHouse Tomorrow Holly will be back on This Morning. Bingo cards at the ready for the statement she will read out and whether there will be a cracking voice but no actual tears Newbies please read the wiki, (pink button at the top of the...
  7. Dotty Merton

    Phillip Schofield #46 The Gay R Kelly of Breakfast Telly

    All hail thread winner @sevcive Philthy boy GROOMER Phillip Schofield, ITV's batchelor golden boy, the man who put the Phil in Pe do phile, the fist in the puppet and a heap of lies into the tv sphere has been gobbing off again about being gobbed at. One presumes his pedalo brother has been...
  8. BanditHealer

    Phillip Schofield #45 Rule No.1 Don’t screw the crew

    Link to last thread here - 56 pages and I was feeling anxious! Title by @SweatyBettyT and nominated by @EggMayo
  9. M

    Phillip Schofield #44 Always knew Schofield was a vapist.

    Phil has come out swinging with two interviews - one for the BBC and one for The Sun. He’s daughters have saved him from suicide as he feels just like Caroline Flack did (not sure how he knows exactly how she felt) Holly didn’t know - even though he knew everything about him and he knows...
  10. A

    Phillip Schofield #43 Phillip says ‘I was just shagging a mate’, the skeletal groomer sits puffing a vape

    Thanks to @PourSomeSugarOnMe for the thread title! This is the first thread I've ever created so hope I don't screw it up. Recap: Phil has just given two interviews, one to The Sun and one to the BBC, which will be broadcast tomorrow (Friday 2 June)...
  11. Dotty Merton

    Phillip Schofield #42 “Read the Wiki!” Tattlers cry, as Holmes hangs Schofield out to dry

    @EvilJigglypuff You are formaly congratulated for your wit in writing thread titles. All hail the eviljiggly one 🙌 This article just dropped - onwards march! ITV are being revealed as bullies. Philth is on the way to London, ITX execs are on planes back from their hols, who is Jane Mulcahy...
  12. Dotty Merton

    Phillip Schofield #41 Phil Spreadeagled on the floor "Help Me Holmes I'm Straight no more"

    @AnderbeauAnderbeau Nope, it wasn't too long! You are the winner! A brief recap - Holly knew, Philth's boo hoo'd and Eamonn sighs, "Is that all?! I thought you'd killed a child!" We await statements from - The fake blonde who sniffs knickers who must of known or she is in fact a clone ITV...
  13. EvilJigglypuff

    Phillip Schofield #40 The grumours were all true.

    Here we go again 😂 carry on! Thread title courtesy of @Lucyxxxx 👏🏻
  14. Dotty Merton

    Phillip Schofield #39 "OK groomer"

    Title winner @FerreroRocher - Holly is impy wimpy, ITV are N o n c e y woncey and Eamonn is our new hero. Can someone else update please? Onwards!
  15. Jelly Bean

    Phillip Schofield #38 You can watch a thief, but you can't watch a liar

    Thanks to @SupermarketSweep for thread title. Inspired by Eamonn Holmes da. Thanks Mr Holmes Snr! (Would people like a poll about which Loose Woman we think likes Philth? I'll have to go and look them up 😂 ETA Eamonn lied! There are more than 10 Loose Women now, there are bloody hundreds of...
  16. Brian Butterfield

    Phillip Schofield #37 That little witch

    Cheers for the thread title, lovey. All hail Queen Kim (and @catlady29 for nominating 💗 ). Wooton, stop being a little bitch and get Eamonn on. Lurkers and newbies, check out the WIKI x
  17. Brian Butterfield

    Phillip Schofield #36 Toodle, Pip

    Thanks to @Larkingaboot for the winning thread title. Lurkers and newbies, worth checking out the Wiki and Limegoss article. Roll on 9 pm for Eamonn's interview with Dan Wooton. You can watch it on YouTube HERE.
  18. Dotty Merton

    Phillip Schofield #35 This Morning is broken, like Phil’s career!

    @PeachyGirl Wins winning thread Philths drunk and posting on insta... Onwards march!
  19. catlady29

    Phillip Schofield #34 "Schofe met lover at 15...recollections may vary".

    Winning title was my own one...cangrats me, excellent title 🤣 As u were....let's see what tonight brings.
  20. catlady29

    Phillip Schofield #33 I did not have sexual relations with that runner!

    Thread title by @Tangerine Cat ..Great title Just in time for the Sunday papers, carry on.
  21. Dotty Merton

    Phillip Schofield #32 It's all groom and doom.

    It's not the end.... Onwards march! Congrats to thread title winner @Lucyxxxx Anyone new please read this as it answers mods of the questions that keep popping up
  22. J

    Phillip Schofield #31 Unwise but not illegal

    Thanks to @Anniebee for the suggestion! Carry on 🤣
  23. Chita

    Phillip Schofield #30 Once renowned for Going Live, now more famous for his P45

    Old thread here.... The title for this new thead had the most likes/reactions [over 90] and was the brainchild of @Ultimate Insider Recap - was mainly discussing our glee that he has finally got his karma plus many...
  24. OH.FFS

    Phillip Schofield #29 Phil has done a runner

    Previous thread
  25. Orphan_Black

    Phillip Schofield #28 Any Teen Will Do

    The bastard has finally quit and Tattler's rejoice! Chaos continue-