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Rachaele Hambleton is a social media influencer that claims to home a huge percentage of all the women in refuges. She rose to fame on tattle from shady go fund me schemes and making up downright lies that people were wishing harm to her unborn baby.

Gained a following and sold calendars of her family, then asked her 500k FB followers to pay monthly to her PayPal to help her fight domestic abuse, giving nonsensical and ridiculous stories of what she was doing. A year later, she's pregnant and on maternity leave and "will be setting up her DA charity". 18 months later in summer 2020 we are still waiting.
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  1. DipsyDoodle

    PTWM #76 Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the wee donkey, braces are off but her teeth are wonky

    New thread title thanks to @Lucyinthesky88 🎉🎉🎉 Recap of last thread: Rachaele is, as always, a cunt. E did a "hilarious" video of break up tips for 7 year olds. Seb has been generally being a legend, trolling Rachaele in real life. Betsy has been mostly MIA, bar a text about taking Wilbert...
  2. DipsyDoodle

    PTWM #75 Can’t handle her kids, married to a bore, All because her mum left when she was 4

    New thread title thanks to @Lucyinthesky88 Recap of last thread: Rachaele is (still) a cunt She announced the women's centre, so the huns are once again frothing at the gash over how amazing she is. She videoed Josh singing while eating his dinner, he appeared to be pissed. Poor Seb lost his...
  3. DipsyDoodle

    PTWM #74 Stop making a t1t of yourself and pee off.

    Thanks to @Hereforthehottea for the thread title, edited for swears. Recap: Rachaele is (still) a cunt. Silly, ditsy Rachaele ordered a mirror that she didn't check the measurements of, haha what a surprise, it doesn't fit up the hobbit stairs 🙄 R and J had a nice, child free lunch round...
  4. L

    PTWM #73 About to launch a bogus CIC, PTWM has ramped up the “woe-is-me”

    Well done to @Lucyinthesky88 for winning thread suggestion with 39 likes 👏 Previous thread: Please submit thread suggestions from page 40 onwards, makes it easier to find and less...
  5. DipsyDoodle

    PTWM #72 Forgot to buy Easter eggs, turning food to mush, toilet is a prison cell

    Thanks to @Cheerios78 for the thread title, I've edited it to fit. The full version was "Forgetting to buy Easter eggs and turning food to mush, the toilet is a prison cell and Rach will soon have thrush" Last thread recap: All time high advert tally was hit for March, with a grand total of...
  6. MrsOgre

    PTWM #71 Josh predicts a riot, Rachel’s gone quiet and Wilby’s on a sugar diet.

    Thanks to @Lucyinthesky88 Full title as it didn't all fit. Josh predicts a riot, Rachel’s gone quiet, Wilby’s on an almost exclusively sugar-filled diet. Where's the paypal money Rachel?
  7. MrsOgre

    PTWM #70 The truth about her life is grotesque. Read the wiki and prepare for distress

    Thanks to @FridaK for thread suggestion. The wiki has disappeared! Recap of last thread. Rach had professional decorators in and 3 kids so far have got brand new bedrooms and beds and wallpaper for £80 a strip. Seb is getting a cupboard off the kitchen as his bedroom. She's still writing her...
  8. N

    PTWM #69 fighting for woman’s issue isn’t for me, not unless I get something for free.

    Thank you @Womenbehavingbadly for the suggestion with 47 likes 👏🏼
  9. DipsyDoodle

    PTWM #68 The house is like a hamster cage, all paid for by her PayPal "wage"

    Thread title thanks to @GrumpySloth , edited for length - full version was The house is starting to look like a hamster cage, all paid for by her PayPal "wage. Please read the wiki if you haven't already, I worked very hard on it! Last thread recap: The loft room was finally revealed - tiny...
  10. N

    PTWM #67 Google “The Patchwork House CIC, Paignton”

    Thank you @Lucyinthesky88 for the title *******READ THE WIKI******** (the pink button at the top of the page)
  11. onlysunshine

    PTWM #66 No kids allowed unless buying her weed, lock hobbit door while they do the deed!

    Thanks to @Dinnerbag for the thread title - had to shorten it to fit! First time I've made a thread so 🤞🏻 it works Find all threads here For those new to Part Time Working Mummy, @DipsyDoodle has done a fantastic wiki which you can read here I've been over on the Jack Monroe threads...
  12. PrettyGreeneyes76

    PTWM #65 Stealing from the poor to make herself rich, robbing Rachel is a selfish witch

    I hope I’ve done it right. 🙊 @Lucyinthesky88 well done 👏 I think I’ve made a boo boo, I did try 😭 link to wiki all about the lovely Racheallleeee if anyone has any screen shots from Ava’s post that would be fab, as I can’t find them.
  13. N

    PTWM #64 All the lying makes us feel sicky...Everyone read the wiki

    Couldn’t see any suggestions on the last thread If you want to catch up on what’s gone on over the weekend read the previous 2 threads especially posts from one of hers stepdaughters Ava and charity
  14. N

    PTWM #63 We’re not even sure that Josh is a Mr, Rach is only after his sister

    Thread suggestion from @Lucyinthesky88 no time for a recap yet read the last thread and the wiki 🤯 ETA @Ava-Rose Apicella-Wells we are all sending lots of love to you, your mum and your sisters and we are so glad your mum has seen sense and distanced herself from the cic
  15. DipsyDoodle

    PTWM #62 More bubbles than Aero, finds writing tricky, to find out more check the wiki

    New thread title from @Lucyinthesky88 edited to fit - full version was More bubbles than Aero, She finds writing tricky, If you wanna know more just check out the Wiki Quick recap of last thread: More #ads Emily is still bubbling (illegally) Rach and Emily swapped houses so that Rach had peace...
  16. DipsyDoodle

    PTWM #61 Flush your bog then watch your sprog

    where’s the money you stinky hog? Thanks to @FlameIce for the thread title! Quick catch up: More rambling More ads More pratting around with Emily Rachaele revealed the ladder and hatch for the new loft bedroom - looks like a hobbit hole. More videos of Josh pretending he's doing all the...
  17. Mufasa

    PTWM #60 Josh feeds me so I grow up big & strong, don't ask where the PayPal money’s gone

    New thread. Excellent title from @Kamwa with 64 likes! Full version: Josh force-feeds me so I grow up big and strong, please don't ask where the PayPal money's gone. Can someone please do a recap because I’m too fucked off about this free sofa bullshit and will make a lot of rage mistakes from...
  18. Mufasa

    PTWM #59 Erratic behaviour over barking dogs, I'll still not show you the PayPal logs.

    New thread title thanks to @BettyCat20 Rachel spend the majority of last week exposing her daughter T, sharing with the Huns that she’s dropped a set in school, was upset about lockdown, took pictures of this and plastered it all over her various pages. She then sent a passive aggressive reply...
  19. N

    PTWM #58 The Diary of Rachel Hambleton, age 36 and 3/4: PayPal scams, Instagram and Me

    Thanks @Lucyinthesky88 PTWM #58:The Diary of Rachel Hambleton, age 36 and 3/4: PayPal scams, Instagram and Me Discovered in the last thread that Rachel received almost £30k in gofundme accounts 😱
  20. L

    PTWM #57 Raising the Covid infection rate, one "support bubble" at a time

    Thanks to @Lucyinthesky88 for the winning thread suggestion Single-handedly raising the southwest Covid infection rate, one “support bubble” at a time Had to shorten it to fit Previous thread...
  21. N

    PTWM #56 Hoping the PayPal scam goes away, opening a CIC ready for pay day

    Thanks to @Dinnerbag for the thread suggestion Still no announcement of her new CIC 👀 Turns out Nina at eatthatfrog isn’t the saint doing it all out the goodness of her heart that Rachel made her out to be, she is employed there as well as many others. Details of accounts from companies house...
  22. They See Me Trolling...

    PTWM #55 on the 1st day of Christmas Rachaele gave to me, fake tales of helping with DV

    Well done @Mufasa Slight summary (I’m not very good at these) Ok so STILL no idea where the PayPal money went - R if you’re reading, we won’t drop it. Average of 19 adverts per months. The Shambletons have bought the house and started a reno instantly. R is “helping” a “warrior” Emily and...
  23. N

    PTWM #54 Rach and Josh sitting in a tree, S-T-E-A-L-I-N-G

    Well done @Lucyinthesky88 Rachet and Joyce have finally bought the house they were renting and she’s started up a home account which is basically just ptwm content under a new account with added in begging for freebies for renovations. Wilby is still glued to the tv even during meal times. We...
  24. They See Me Trolling...

    PTWM #53 huns can’t see I’m a two faced witch, it’s all good because I’m PayPal rich!

    Well done @zojljb85 foe the winning title, edited for use I’m afraid :-)
  25. Mufasa

    PTWM #52 battered & hungry I’ll defend for a fee, as long as the stories are all about me

    New thread title from @ShaWei 👏🏼 Last thread recap: Suddenly the charity ‘work’ has ramped up. Lots of Eat the frog chat and making lots of boxes of gifted items up for various refuges but somehow still making out she’s patron saint of giving. Hot ☕️ from @FridaK detective work regarding an...
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