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  1. Tanya/Tasha #15 The world is in crisis, people are dead! But we don't give a bleep, we're having breakfast in bed!

    Title suggested by @JoJo81 Anyone else feel this is a middle finger 🖕🏻 🤣🤣🤣🤣 No way did her wet husband to be make that! 🦧🤔
  2. Tanya/Tasha #14 World is reeling from Corona’s hit, Trash and Tan don’t give a tom tit!

    I hope this is ok. This is the only Thread suggestion I could I find? Obviously had to change shit to Tom tit 😂
  3. Tanya/Tasha #13 2 biggest jokes on the gram it’s an Ashford thing we wouldn’t understand

    Had to slightly adjust title. I feel this was a group effort. Already with the drama, who called it? I never knew Trasha had a tattoo! I wonder what it says? It’s matching with her friends? I know she has the tattoo on her wedding finger to match her hubby’s one! They did that after he...
  4. Tasha/Tanya #12 OranguTAN & Trasha 2 peas in a pod both toxic wasteful lazy sods

    Thanks to Lanavalentines for thread title. Hope everyone is happy. Let the comedy gold continue..... how much crap can one woman eat? @Lanavalentine well done on the thread title 👏🏻
  5. Tasha/Tanya #11 Tanya engaged for the gram, Trasha tries to impress her man!

    Tanya engaged for the gram, Tasha's trying to impress her man. Theme after theme it would appear it's not all as happy as it may seem! Couldnt get it all in. But here we are 'ladies' heeeeheeeeheeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  6. Tanya/Natasha #10 Trasha clean your grout if Tan doesn’t get a ring Del’s in for a clout

    @ joJo81 for the new thread title. had to change slightly to fit in. Welcome to a new thread. I hope the title is ok? let’s make it our mission for her to clean her grout. And let’s see if Tanya gets her ring! And let’s get those Eat letters in the bin. 🤮
  7. Tanya/Natasha #9 Trasha thinks it’s spring while Tanya still waits for a ring.

    Hope is this ok. Thank you to Khe91 for the suggestion.
  8. Tasha/Tanya #8 Ginger’s getting fat, Tasha’s grout’s still filthy and her husband’s still a rat

    New thread! Thread name courtesy of @joannahouseman, (unfortunately I had to shorten it as the suggestion was over the word/character limit) Anyways, back to our fave psycho sis in laws:p
  9. Tasha/Tanya #7 Cosy nights, Christmas is magic! It’s all for the gram, my real life is tragic

    New thread! Title courtesy of @NapQueen 😹
  10. Tasha / Tanya #6 Tan's Spooky Pie was a right looker. Tash's Jack Skellington just ain't Pukka

    Hope this is okay. Thread title courtesy of @Be More Pacific