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  1. L

    Tan & Tasha #56 Tashs ticking Venice off her bucket list while Tans cosying up with friends who don’t exist

    Thought I'd make a new thread. I am sorry if I've missed anyones thread titles not sure how to see them all! Congrats @tealover for your suggestion!
  2. B

    Tasha & Tanya #55 M&S treats and life on repeat

    Thanks to @Housewife34 for the thread title. They’re so boring I can’t think of anything to recap, it’s just rinse repeat 🥱
  3. M

    Tanya & Tasha #54 Tanzi’s too old for an invisible friend, whilst trashy tash is still spend, spend spend

    New thread for the gruesome twosome. It’s nearly Christmas Eve eve… Well done @JoJo81 most liked suggestion on previous thread. It’s like ground hog day, Tan still pretending to have friends. Trasha now gets a bonus, for working 2 minutes a week. She also hasn’t cleaned her grout or binned...
  4. B

    Tanya and Tasha #53 Uncultured tarts. Tasha's grout isn’t clean and Tan’s wedding is nowhere to be seen

    New thread thanks to @Maggie28 for the thread title, I had to cut it to fit. I’m going to have to refresh my memory to do a proper recap but we’ve had : Celebrating seasons ridiculously early as per A Hocus Pocus pissing contest Tan pretending to have friends Tasha’s grout is still minging...
  5. M

    Tanya & Tasha #52 It’s ships ahoy for onslow and tash Whilst Rockerfeller Tanzi still splashes the cash

    Congrats @JoJo81 It’s cruise day. Or as I like to call it chavfest22
  6. L

    Tanya & Tasha #51 Tasha's a racist and covers up the truth, Tanya's a firestarter with hair that's 90

    New thread Congrats @leighboo For the winning title. A little recap from the last thread Tasha was a racist. She's also spending lots of time with friends sparking speculation that her and dirty John are swinging. Tanzi is pretending she has friends. The jubilee was one big union Jack...
  7. B

    Tanya & Tasha #50 Tasha's a moron, her house is a wreck, Tanya’s just rotten that’s why God took her neck

    The 50th!!! thread for the grusome twosome that are Natascha Ashford and Tanya (Tanzi) Whitlock. Thanks to @Mitzymooface for the cracking title, I had to jig it a bit to fit I need to read through the last thread to do a proper recap as they are both so boring but it will no doubt include...
  8. M

    Tanya & Tasha #48 Tash is ready for spring while Tan is still waiting for a wedding ring.

    New thread for these two insta famous fools. Well done @Ladsladslads666 for your title with the most likes. Not much has changed. Tan still it married because she isn’t divorced. Tasha still hasn’t cleaned her grout or thrown away her EAT letters. Battle of the pots form M&S and Valentine’s...
  9. M

    Tanya & Tasha #47 who’s more sick of Christmas before it starts, us or Onslow’s & Del credit card

    Well done @Belleboo Tasha & Tanya #47 I don’t know who’s more sick of Christmas before it even starts, us or Onslow’s and Del’s credit cards? Had to adjust it to fit. This was the first thread title posted and with the most likes. As you were tattlers. Not much has changed. How Tan...
  10. M

    Tanya & Tasha #45 tans food is really sublime, trash has turned to a life of crime.

    Lovely new thread. Thank you @LuckyCharm For the new thread title. Just to clarify it’s August, which means it’s still summer. Yet these two are on full autumn cosy mode! Trasha can’t make her mind up what season it is. Yet she will openly admit to illegally streaming films. Her kids now...
  11. M

    Tanya & Tasha #44 Tan declares she is queen of themes while Trasha is disillusioned by the IG dream

    Well done to @Let me guess for a bespoke new thread title. As your were lads. Nothing has changed, Trasha works 3 hours every other week. Tanya still has no mates and is still a vile twat. She thinks her crappy old z3 is something we should all be jealous of. It’s not. Both boring and dull...
  12. L

    Tanya & Tasha #43 Tasha is on slimming shakes whilst Tanya is planning prison breaks.

    New thread you lovely lot. First time I've done this so hopefully it's correct. The full suggestion wouldn't fit Congrats on the thread tile @FakeAF
  13. LifeOnInsta

    Tanya & Tasha #42 Tandashion Whitlock #badbitch to the core, Trasha still such a emm bore

    First time making a new thread!
  14. M

    Tanya & Tasha #41 Cancelled Percy pig party? Taco better order another credit card

    New beautiful thread for Tanya & Trasha. Thank you @Toomuchtat for the title. 👏🏻 It was the first one I came across with the most likes. I’ve have messed up the title And missed off the T for Tanya. Could someone help me please? Little recap. Tanya had her F&M basket out for Easter., bless...
  15. B

    Tanya & Tasha #40 Talking to me, myself and I, how much more can I buy?

    I’ve had a go at a new thread, first attempt so I hope it’s ok. Thanks to @tarquin16 for our lovely thread title. Erm, trying to think of erm highlights from the last thread: Both knocked out ridiculous themes Tanya has a burner account that she uses to compliment herself Tasha works 3 hours a...
  16. Khe91

    Tanya & Tasha #39 Tasha says ‘ermm buy my pillow I beg’, while Tan won’t cook ham chips & egg

    Thread title by @Vjeff, shortened to fit Recap: -Tash had to advertise a pillow, and errrm it went well for her first errrm vid - Tan keeps putting ham, egg, and chips on her menu planner but always has a takeaway instead! - Tan apparently chooses to be kind 🧐 our print screens say otherwise...
  17. M

    Tanya & Tasha #38 Percy Pig and matching socks, who'll tell Trash and Tan they're a pair of..

    Well done @So Spooky Hun. Two to choose from, the second one didn’t fit. And we can’t swear in thread titles. So I hope this is ok. I am currently stuffed on the sofa from 3 pancakes. Let’s see what these two twats produce tonight. Just so we all know, she is making pancakes in the filthy pan!
  18. M

    Tanya & Tasha #37 tash, tan & the twins, in the battle of Instagram nobody wins.

    Well done to @JoJo81 for thread title. It’s birthday week of Taco and Onlsow aka Hubby and H2B aka oh my god I can’t remember their names. 😂 The gruesome twosome. Tanya and Tasha are ready for battle, it’s the birthday of these two “men” Who they seem to try and out do each other with. It’s...
  19. M

    Tanya & Tasha #36 ready meal faking, debt making, Covid pee taking.

    Well done to @tarquin16 on the thread title. Jesus, just when you think these two couldn’t get any worse we have frozen meal week because Tan has spent all her money on EB. Tan thinks her and Taco are so cool and fun, and those that know her know how extra she is. Do you mean all your fake...
  20. M

    Tanya & Tasha #35 Tier 4 they should be stopping but T &T are still shop hopping.

    New thread to welcome in the new year. Well done @So Spooky Hun. Had shorten it to fit. So the end of what has been for pretty much the whole world, the worst year ever. Yet these two are still they same arseholes they were this time last year. Tanya think she is rockafella. She is still...
  21. S

    Tanya & Tasha #34 T can’t stop stuffing her face, the other is travelling, covid disgrace.

    These pair are a disgrace in times of Covid running about to shop all over the place. Tans booking festive activities and meals out, and too tired to cook, so it’s take out again as h2b insists! Trash can laze and watch 15 Christmas movies a day, as she can do an hours work a week and still...
  22. M

    Tanya & Tasha #33

    (Tanya Tasha #33 jingle bells Trash smells Tanya is spending everyday Elf day is on the way' Title removed as it made no sense) So..... we think Tan tried to disguise herself as a Tattler, but she gave herself away... Tanya phones up the Christmas tree place and demands a freebie... The...
  23. M

    Tanya & Tasha #32 Tasha won the Halloween battle now which Covid witch will reign supreme

    Well done @Belleboo on the most likes. Had to adjust slightly to fit. Hope the new title is ok. My internet is playing up. This is unbelievable that we have 32 threads on these morons. I am so busy doing home learning packs but taken a break and seeing what these two idiots are up too...
  24. M

    Tanya & Tasha #31 Greedy and wasteful Tash, meanwhile Tan’s still splashing the cash

    @LittleBoWhite well done for the thread title. Had to shorten to make it fit. Christmas is off, the battle of the mini breaks is about to commence. Looks like Trasha will be eating her Christmas dinner in her hot tub. Tanya is still spending like she is rockerfella. Trasha isn’t following...
  25. R

    Tanya & Tasha #30

    Get the popcorn out ‘ladies’!! It’s show down!!! Title was too long :( @tarquin16 won with ‘Trash finally seen the light, bring on the insta fight, who will be queen of the tacky shite?!’ Recap: Both still a supermarkets marketing and sales wet dream purchasing every themed shite they release-...