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  1. kev1974

    M&S Food #17 12 Days of Disappointment

    Carrying on from here Thread title by @DollyPlops / @unwanted.opinions here Who's ready for some Gary? Creepy Gary pic by @duckdinner / AI!
  2. Clickbait

    M&S Food #16 According to the serving suggestion I am a family of four

    Thanks to @Meg78 for the title suggestion and @BoogleC for the nomination. Last thread had the usual noise about Sparks being a crap rewards scheme, with nonsensical or non-existent offers. Hallow munch came into the shops and was a hit but sadly has disappeared. Merry munch refills are a...
  3. coconochanel

    M&S Food #15 Fangs for nothing!

    New thread thanks to @Ravenstown for the winning thread title 😊
  4. Clickbait

    M&S Food #14 Who needs £5 of onions?!

    Thread title courtesy of @ohdoris in response to post by @HEC1993 whose Mum got 75p off a £5 spend on onions.
  5. dee_mc

    M&S Food #13 Who needs a Summer bod anyway?

    As you were! Credit to @Hastaggifted for thread title!
  6. Clickbait

    M&S Food #12 You can stick your hiking and the gym, it’s always freebies for the win!

    Thread title courtesy of me. Carry on snacking! Previous thread: https://tattle.life/threads/m-s-food-11-moley-please-were-a-simple-bunch-we-just-want-free-merry-munch.35850/
  7. coconochanel

    M&S Food #11 Moley please we're a simple bunch, we just want free Merry Munch!

    New thread thanks to @SugarLump for the winning title suggestion(y). So M&S launched their Christmas 12 days advent and what a disappointment it has been! apart from free tins of tea bags and a few people getting a free bottle of gin the rest of the offers have been frankly shite. SORT IT OUT M&S!
  8. coconochanel

    M&S Food #10 Christmas treats are coming, don't set the bar low with Gary!

    New thread thanks to @I_Like_Tractors for the winning thread title. (y) recap for newbies..... We still want better Sparks offers We all want the chocolate bar a day advent calender Someone came in and said M&S people read the threads so now we think there is a mole amongst us👋 and we don't...
  9. coconochanel

    M&S Food #9 Christmas is coming and the prices are getting fat, plz put some good offers in the sparks app!

    New thread. Update for anyone who missed anything.... The cheesy fangs are back!🥳🥳🥳🥳 unfortunately no pumpkin spiced loaf cake this year😭 They are putting out the Christmas stock🎅🎄 We are all still obsessed with the Merry Berry much. 😋 😋
  10. Clickbait

    M&S Food #8 The offers are rinse and repeat, just give us a free treat!

    Thread title courtesy of @coconochanel - three wins in four threads so bravo 👏 Quick recap: • Mixed feelings towards the Jubilee offerings including the ham and egg sandwich featuring a whole hard boiled egg… • Pops corn (chocolate covered popcorn) brought out for Father’s Day was a winner...
  11. Clickbait

    M&S Food #7 Food is delicious but decent offers is what we wish they'd give us!

    Thanks to @coconochanel for the thread title. Quick recap: • People were generally impressed by the dine in offers for Easter; • There seemed to be a shortage of Easter eggs in some stores with people unable to buy one before Easter and a lack of discounts post-Easter; • Hot cross buns became...
  12. Clickbait

    M&S Food #6 The crisps are like crack, but the Sparks app is crap!

    Congratulations to @ATV2021 for the winning thread title, a runaway success! Quick recap: The Sparks App and algorithms continue to confuse us. Some people have had weirdly specific discounts like @Lalalalaaaaaa85 on some heinous black loafers. The Valentine’s Dine In offers were broadly well...
  13. Clickbait

    M&S Food #5 The food is a hit but the Gary Barlow tickets were rubbish

    Congrats to @coconochanel for the title suggestion 🏆 Previous thread can be found here: https://tattle.life/threads/m-s-food-4-can-you-taste-the-gherkins.24411/ Quick recap: We were underwhelmed by the advent calendar offers; The sprout gratin was this year’s surprise hit; Everyone wants to...
  14. disneys

    M&S Food #4 can you taste the gherkins?

    New thread , title inspired by everyone on this thread who hates the devil food that are gherkins !
  15. Missmopps

    M&S Food #3

    This is mr first time attempting to post a new thread. I hope I’ve got it right? If I have, then welcome to more chat on the fabulous and not so fabulous items for sale at the wonderful M&S food halls that we all love to frequent. There is a reason these are frequently sold out by mid...
  16. Yel

    M&S Food #2

    New thread! I'm so glad for the last one and signing up for sparks! I've got a lolly and cookies on my card this week. It's totally working on me to make me go there more 😆
  17. Yel

    M&S Food

    How about a thread for the only thing good at marks and Spencer? Has anyone tried their best ever eclair? I'm waiting for a day that it feels needed. £5 for two and 500 cals The cake jars look pretty bad - £4 and lots of plastic for such a small portion.