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  1. Clickbait

    M&S Food #7 Food is delicious but decent offers is what we wish they'd give us!

    Thanks to @coconochanel for the thread title. Quick recap: • People were generally impressed by the dine in offers for Easter; • There seemed to be a shortage of Easter eggs in some stores with people unable to buy one before Easter and a lack of discounts post-Easter; • Hot cross buns became...
  2. Clickbait

    M&S Food #6 The crisps are like crack, but the Sparks app is crap!

    Congratulations to @ATV2021 for the winning thread title, a runaway success! Quick recap: The Sparks App and algorithms continue to confuse us. Some people have had weirdly specific discounts like @Lalalalaaaaaa85 on some heinous black loafers. The Valentine’s Dine In offers were broadly well...
  3. Clickbait

    M&S Food #5 The food is a hit but the Gary Barlow tickets were rubbish

    Congrats to @coconochanel for the title suggestion 🏆 Previous thread can be found here: https://tattle.life/threads/m-s-food-4-can-you-taste-the-gherkins.24411/ Quick recap: We were underwhelmed by the advent calendar offers; The sprout gratin was this year’s surprise hit; Everyone wants to...
  4. disneys

    M&S Food #4 can you taste the gherkins?

    New thread , title inspired by everyone on this thread who hates the devil food that are gherkins !
  5. M

    M&S Food #3

    This is mr first time attempting to post a new thread. I hope I’ve got it right? If I have, then welcome to more chat on the fabulous and not so fabulous items for sale at the wonderful M&S food halls that we all love to frequent. There is a reason these are frequently sold out by mid...
  6. Yel

    M&S Food #2

    New thread! I'm so glad for the last one and signing up for sparks! I've got a lolly and cookies on my card this week. It's totally working on me to make me go there more 😆
  7. Yel

    M&S Food

    How about a thread for the only thing good at marks and Spencer? Has anyone tried their best ever eclair? I'm waiting for a day that it feels needed. £5 for two and 500 cals The cake jars look pretty bad - £4 and lots of plastic for such a small portion.
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