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  1. Boobiloobs

    Geordie Princess #25 Different address same drama

    New thread for our special geordie princess. Please someone recap I’ve not followed much she bores me lately 😂 --- From what I remember - She’s got a new house - again! Found herself an old sugar daddy and has missed a court date so we’re waiting on the fall out from that 🤦🏼‍♀️ When will she...
  2. Boobiloobs

    Geordie Princess #24 milkshake on her face the big disgrace taking her H all over the place.

    Massive thank you to @Imhereapparently28 for the amazing thread title. Your amazing prize is a night on the Newcastle streets with our very own doorway princess. Wrap up warm for a no expenses spared experience. She doesn’t share her blanket with Ralphie mind so take your own! Well done, I’m...
  3. Boobiloobs

    Geordie Princess #23 Mouth full of sugar puffs and a dirty stinking muff

    Most liked goes to myself 🤣 so well done me. I won’t award myself the prize we’ll have a double roll over for the next winning thread title - some dental floss and a toothbrush used by our very own sugar puff teeth Julie. I’m nice like that see girllsssss I’ll forfeit my prize double it give it...
  4. Boobiloobs

    Geordie Princess #22 She’s a supergrass with no class won’t be long till she's on her ass!

    Thanks to @Winzmum. for the thread title … I did tweak it slightly, your amazing prize for this is a cooking lesson with the one and only Julie! Well done! You’ll be cooking up a storm in no time, I hope your tastebuds can handle it though. If anyone cares to do a recap you know what to do, if...
  5. Boobiloobs

    Geordie Princess #21 #fat tits on tour, the constant porkies are such a bore.

    Thanks to @wthamidoinghere you win a pint of Julie’s bath water… when she eventually gets a bath that is! Lucky you!!! 😍 I went to most liked got to page 16 and hadn’t found a thread title so just went backwards until I found this one. Hope this is ok. I’m recovering from flu be easy on me 🤣
  6. Boobiloobs

    Geordie Julie #20 Sex, drugs and on the dole. She'll take your cash then call you a troll!

    Thanks to @donehadherses for the thread title you win a pair of Julie’s crusty thongs!
  7. Imhereapparently28

    Geordie Princess #19 droopy boob Julie the biggest drain on society

    New thread for the delight that is Julie. Name suggestion by @Boobiloobs. Recap: Julie is still staying in hotels courtesy of her enablers. She was recently staying in a “mates” flat but got kicked out by the friend. Currently in a hotel with a man she met in the street sniffing lines and...
  8. Boobiloobs

    Geordie Princess #18 Hotel stays, teeth are gray, don't believe a word she says!

    Thanks to @donehadherses for the title it’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth lol Please could some add a quick recap I’m making tea 😂
  9. Boobiloobs

    Geordie Princess #17 The adventures of Jizzy Julie and hotel NHS

    Hope the title will do for you 😂
  10. Boobiloobs

    Geordie Princess Julie #16 plastic gangster who’s faked having cancer

    New thread for Geordie Princess aka Junkie Jules.
  11. perkyT1T5

    Geordie Julie #15 Geordie Princess fake cancer drama, the only thing Julie needs a dose of is karma.

    Geordie Julie #15 Geordie Princess fake cancer drama, the only thing Julie needs a dose of is karma.
  12. perkyT1T5

    Geordie Julie #14 Jungle bells Julie smells John should run away. oh what fun it is to ride in a taxi everyday

    Jingle bells Julie smells John should run away. oh what fun it is to ride in a taxi everyday fuck sake it’s put Jungle bells instead of Jingle !! Arghh
  13. perkyT1T5

    Geordie Princess #13 Parcels and evictions were a sham, watch out for Junkie's next scam!

    I’ve never created a thread before so first attempt - I have used the suggestion with most votes - Thank you for this suggestion
  14. beetrootjuice

    Geordie Princess Julie #12 Liar liar compulsive liar, your hair is greasier than a deep fat frier

    New thread for Junkie Princess thanks for the new title @LilBoPeep …. Let’s continue below
  15. beetrootjuice

    Geordie Julie #11 Eviction and back to jail, karma’s got you Jules hope your girls pay your bail

    New thread.... just in time to tonight’s carnage
  16. PowerIsPower

    Geordie Julie #10 flirting with all the men, missed the post office yet again

    Congratulations to @beetrootjuice on a hattrick! Third thread title in a row :) A recap for newbies would be appreciated and happy tattling guys ❤
  17. PowerIsPower

    Geordie Julie #9 random shags, needs money for fags, john's on the brink so lets pile him with drink

    Congratulations to @beetrootjuice on another thread title ❤ Happy tattling! If anyone wants to do a recap, that would be great :)
  18. B

    Geordie julie #8 Spent her rent on loads of scoops, obsessed with everything being dupes

    Congratulations to @beetrootjuice for the thread title ❤ I’ve made a new thread Incase no one is around when the last is full
  19. N

    Geordie Julie #7 Crying but no tear, John full of gear, he ran off with ya dosh, will only shag you if you wash

    Can someone do a recap ☺ CREDIT TO @Beetlejuice FOR THE TITLE ❤️
  20. B

    Geordie Julie#6 2 weeks without a wash, rinsing followers for all their dosh

    Geordie Julie… Both titles had the same amount of votes so I went with the first that showed in most liked. Anyone care to recap on this total mess?
  21. B

    GeordieJulie #5 full time influencer, still on the dole. Had a big op but still fine to wrestle John and a cop

    Well done to @nebbynoraisherehaha for the most liked title! (Had to shorten it a little to be accepted) would anyone care to recap?
  22. W

    GeordieJulie #4 can’t handle the drink, losing mates fast.This girl must stink, how long can this charade last?

    New thread well done Bella most liked title anyone want to recap??
  23. snoopysnoopsnoop2

    Geordie Julie #3 Neglecting her dogs whilst her house is stinking, where’s my next hit? That’s all Julie is thinking

    Someone care to recap ? Why must she shout into the damn camera man! Even with the volume on minimal I can still bloody hear her !
  24. C

    Geordie princess aka Julie

    shocked there's not a thread on her, what are peoples opinions ! personally I think she's so problematic loves drama, shouts out about her followers on tiktok when she's out and about, argues with her partner every 5 minutes calls the police on him then he's back 5 minutes later, calls police on...