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  1. Dontmissmuch

    Fopperholic #97 Tattle is factual and her face isn't natural

    New thread title thanks to @pinkypurr ..... rapidly heading towards 100 threads ... she really is the gift that keeps on giving ! As you were ladies ;) x x
  2. Dontmissmuch

    Fopperholic #96 Quotes are stolen, lips are swollen all that protein ruining her colon!

    New Thread ladies and what a wonderful title thanks to @Wowwwwwwwww As you were :)
  3. N

    Fopperholic #95 Blazerholic referencing her 'size 8' bum, begging engagement & not just from her mum.

    Thanks to @Jemimah with the most likes and a special thanks to @Wowwwwwwwww for coming up with the cracking blazerholic! As you were tattle bitches let’s count how much shit she purchases this thread and will she ever reply to comments on her shit show coaching page! Link to previous thread...
  4. Dontmissmuch

    Fopperholic #94 Beige this, beige that, sets up another uhhmazing Insta page to spout any old tat!

    Another new thread.... great title from @Jemimah Just seen this on Insta... this is what all Nicola's 'victims' on her mind set page will be doing 😂 😂 😂 😂
  5. Dontmissmuch

    Fopperholic #93 Dresses like Kermit the Frog with her ankle grazer husband Pob!

    New Thread thanks to @Sparkle87 with the most votes.......
  6. Ellsbells123

    Fopperholic #92 part time mum, full time C U Next Tuesday!!

    @Dontmissmuch - only 1 suggestion 😂 but it may get banned 😂😂
  7. Dontmissmuch

    Fopperholic #91 Recycled pics & wrinkly eyelids, undeclared ads, your content is bad

    New thread thanks to @Em85C ...... as you were ladies !!
  8. Dontmissmuch

    Fopperholic #90 Get in the bin, you’ll never coach your followers thin!!

    New thread time ladies... thanks to @Wowwwwwwwww for a great title !!
  9. Dontmissmuch

    Fopperholic #89 Fake it in Paris..fake bag & face, fake broken foppertoe, fake marriage Fopp’s let it go!

    Time for a new thread ladies.... thanks to @Ellsbells123 for a great title xx
  10. Realslimshady

    Fopperholic #88 Fopperholic #88 put the genie back in the lamp we can see your tits and chav stamp

    Thanks to @ChubClubThug x As you were...
  11. Ellsbells123

    Fopperholic #87 dresses like a hooker, dresses like a Nan. All for like’s on the gram!

    @Dontmissmuch well done lovely. had to cut it to fit… you were
  12. N

    Fopperholic #86 couldn't wait to ditch the twins, she'll spend all weekend counting syns

    Thanks to @Bluefox with the most votes. she’s back doing twinset twats plan 🥱 Seemed to have lost 3 dress sizes from her holiday but gained another few new faces Chris escaped to Portugal Chris is apparently about to fly the nest leaving Fopps with a subscription to Plenty of fish 🎣 Mazza is...
  13. Blair-Waldorf

    Fopperholic #85 four accounts, not a penny to her name, all because her contents lame lame lame

    Thanks @Newmumontheblock for the title with a massive 74 likes!! 🤣🤣🤣I had to squeeze it down to fit.. continue here ladies 💋 xoxo
  14. N

    Fopperholic #84 Boy's birthday was kept low key because no one gave her stuff for free

    Thanks to @Bluefox with 36 votes!
  15. Dontmissmuch

    Fopperholic #83 Wasn't invited out by my twin mum friends, They figured out I'm a bell end

    Congrats to @15minutesoffame for a great title with over 35 likes !! Had to cut few words out for it to fit but we still get the idea !! As you were ladies
  16. Dontmissmuch

    Fopperholic #82 please gift my ‘boy’s some free bikes although I hide my pitiful likes

    Another new thread people....... Thanks to @Blair-Waldorf with over 35 likes....... whoop.... whoop..... as you were !!
  17. Ellsbells123

    Fopperholic #81 Favesons been to A&E not that I care when I’m on holiday for free!

    Fab thread title @Sweetbutpsycho 💕
  18. Dontmissmuch

    Fopperholic #80 Her life is the pits, on the beg for a new pair of tits!

    New Thread ladies......... thanks to @swipe_up with over 60 likes ! She's the gift that keeps on giving isn't she?!!
  19. Ellsbells123

    Fopperholic #79 uses an XL tampon because she is a massive C U next Tuesday!

    Joint effort … @Blair-Waldorf and @ChubClubThug as you were 🥰
  20. Ellsbells123

    Fopperholic #78 is the worst kind of mum, but desperate to be a instahun!

    @Newmumontheblock with 54 likes (I counted it because it was reposted 🤣) New week……shame old shite????
  21. Ellsbells123

    Fopperholic #77 mutton dressed as lamb, livin for the gram!

    @WalterMittyfan with 45 likes 👍 As you were......another week, another line drew sorry, thread!
  22. Ellsbells123

    Fopperholic #76 She’s drawn more lines than Danniella Westbrook!

    Great thread title @Blair-Waldorf with 55 likes 🤣
  23. reallyloveagoodgossip

    Fopperholic #75 Moans she is getting no sleep but only has her kids once a week.

    Time for yet another new thread for Nikki Ryan Fopperholic. Thanks to @Noonoosanne2 for a great and very truthful thread title with 40 votes.
  24. Dontmissmuch

    Fopperholic #74 naturally fake in every way, can't solo parent for more than a day

    New thread title courtesy of @Bluefox with almost 60 votes !!
  25. Ellsbells123

    Fopperholic #73 Is it the truth or just more lies? Depends what she needs to advertise.

    New thread, thank you @Bluefox with over 45 likes 💕. As you were.....
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