1. Yel

    Fopperholic #10 Her SW career has hit the skids, don't you dare suggest she has ginger kids!

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  2. Yel

    Fopperholic #9 She lies about pics because she’s a Twin Mum in a hurry, but is it chicken or salmon in that curry?

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  3. Yel

    Fopperholic #8 There’s spit on her lashes & the kids have been rejected but it’s okay Fopps lost 3 stone (2.5 corrected)

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  4. EnoughAlready

    Fopperholic #7 By throwing your teddy and rattle, you'll lose your fans to tattle.

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  5. E

    Fopperholic #6 Your comment is against the clock 3 2 1, Fopps will delete and block

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  6. F

    Fopperholic #5 boys are sick abroad, what a drag, at least she has that Gucci changing bag!

    Who on earth takes two double pushchairs on holiday 🙄 She is sooo fake!!
  7. S

    Fopperholic #4 Busy mum of 2, her life is a battle, yet she keeps up with tattle!

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  8. E

    Fopperholic #3 Fopperholic only cares about her weight, instead of getting those boys to sit up

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  9. L

    Fopperholic #2 Desperate to stay thin, put the mug cake in the bin

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  10. S

    Fopperholic - Nikki Ryan

    Does anyone watch this? She's a slimming world consultant who lost 3 stone in 3 months but she recently had twins via IVF. She comes across as superwoman with a perfect life; plenty of money, likes designer labels, super pretty with a handsome hubby. What do you guys think of her?