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  1. Fopperholic #48 dressed in a nightie visiting Base, wtf has she done to her face?!

    New thread time thanks to @Em85C with 27 votes !!
  2. Fopperholic #47 no calories in, loads of lies out, filters her photos? We have no doubt!

    @Bluefox had the highest amount of likes 😍 as you were......
  3. Fopperholic #46 The boys are at Nannies cause Boris said so, she pushed them out the car go

    Less than a week and a new thread, what a foppibollocks week she is having 😂 @Hellosunshine9263 with over 70 likes, sorry I have had to shorten it to get it on. Full title should be - The boys are at nannies because Boris said so, she pushed then out the car shouting go, go, go. @admin can...
  4. Fopperholic #45 Quasimodo pose for before but not after, she’s the source of tattles laughter

    @RumNCoke thread suggestion with the most likes after page 48. @admin can you add “laughter” onto the end please, I have had to shorten it to get it on 🤣 quite ironic when Fiona appears to be making herself shorter!
  5. Fopperholic #44 Voldemort knees 7g of cheese, unappetising meals & Tesco heels!

    New thread time again ladies...... this got the most votes by @Noonoosanne 🥰 🥰
  6. Fopperholic #43 Staring up a goats crack, well worth it to so off my designer backpack

    @itsnotmyfaulthonest with over 70 likes 🥰
  7. Fopperholic #42 What colour's the grass & the wall? Who the fudge knows she filters it all

    New Thread thanks to @Frogfrogfrog had to crop it a bit as too long had over 58 votes !! Thread suggestion; What colour is the grass, what colour is the wall? Who the fudge knows she has filtered them all.
  8. Fopperholic #41 Followers dropping as quick as her face, Nikki you're a beggy disgrace!

    Thanks to our lovely @Ellsbells123 for this amazing thread title..... ! Over 50 plus likes !!
  9. Fopperholic #40 - Thread 40, just like her age, fuming she didn’t get a collab with Fage!

    New thread title thanks to @Jemi85 with over 50 votes !!
  10. Fopperholic #39 Please use my affiliate link, I can't afford to move my sink

    Another week another new thread for Fopps !! New thread courtesy of @ChubClubThug with well over 70 votes...... 👏 👏
  11. Fopperholic #38 It’s not a filter, it’s a preset! Quick swipe up and help pay our debt!

    @Pinkgin&slim with 65 likes! as you were 🥰
  12. Fopperholic #37 Oh God she’s moved to Tiktok, doesn’t she realise she looks like a cock!

    New Thread Day ...... Thanks to @Juniper for the suggestion with over 60 likes... I know we wanted mankles and pickle dick but this was the landslide winner !! Maybe next weekend as it's a weekly new thread 😂 😂 😂 If cock word isn't allowed could Admin put an ** please 🥰 ☺
  13. Fopperholic #36 Blocked our Heather & filters her boys, swipe up to buy unnecessary toys!

    New thread title thanks to @RumNCoke with 65 likes! (had to edit it to shorten to fit)
  14. Fopperholic #35 The Mussolini of Montessori

    Thanks to @Em85C for great suggestion with over 60 likes again ! #anotherweekanothernewthread 😂 😂 😂 Credit also goes to @SellYerMawForASubwaySalad who also called it a few pages before this last one..... 🥰 🥰
  15. Fopperholic #34 if she was syn free she'd eat herself

    Thanks to @lexiloo for this suggestion....... 60 plus likes !! 😂 😂 These threads are moving faster and faster !!
  16. Fopperholic #33 Sacked by Slimming World and Lilash too. Fopps give up your “hobby”

    Fopperholic #33: Sacked by Slimming World and Lilash too. Fopps give up your “hobby” - you don’t have a clue. @TheWitchIsBack with 44 votes, chose the first over the second suggestion. Couldn’t get it all to fit @admin can you edit please?
  17. Fopperholic #32 Repetitive vlogs,hobby or job? Does she know Chris has moobs & tiny kn*b

    Thanks to @Noonoosanne for new title - had to change it a bit to fit.... this was the original.... with a massive 50 votes Fopperholic #32 Groundhog Day vlogs, is it a hobby or a job? Does she realise Chris has moobs & a little [email protected]!
  18. Fopperholic #31 Selling gifted tat as she is skint, #bekind to me, I'm a narcissistic bint

    Had to tweak it to fit but thanks @HereForTheLols_ for the suggestion with the most likes
  19. Fopperholic #30 it's good tattlers know what to do, without them I wouldn't have a clue

    Thanks to @Bluefox for new title suggestion - over 35 likes... just had to shorten it slightly Flying through these threads at the moment ... This is a record 5 days ! Only thing I can never do is change the profile pic to Fopps ? 🤷‍♀️ 🤷‍♀️
  20. Fopperholic #29 Be kind this, be kind that, unless you call me out for being a twat!

    New thread title thanks to @RumNCoke sorry again had to edit it to make it fit!
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