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  1. EddieBeds

    Father of Daughters #62 Just a sad little Simple Simon and his bicycle

    Thread title winner: @Bizziebody as nominated by @Tell.A.Tale Quite apt given his latest stories. Though this was a worthy second place: In no particular order: We discussed a NYT article on parents pimping out their daughters and the parallels to Fodney. See post...
  2. R

    Father of Daughters #61 A simple life for simple Simon

    New thread, amazing tittle from @Bizziebody Anyone can do a recap ?
  3. R

    Father of daughters #60 Come on FOD dont be a dick, we know you're holding a selfie stick.

    Thanks to @PamDoove for the wonderful tittle 🤣 Recap: shit has hit the fan, he fucked up a 15k tax payer money ad by breaking the law driving holding a selfie stick. The ad was about road safety 🤣 and thanks to our wonderful tattler community he made it to the daily mail. What's next ? Which...
  4. R

    Father of daughters #59 The brightest, most intelligent, strongest boy there has ever been.

    Tittle suggestion winner by @Axatogrind (And FOD's mama bear Judith💖) This is my favorite ever 🤣 Has anyone got a good recap of the last thread ? All I can remember without the details is that he's still exploiting his children, he's still a grey 60 looking frail cycling manchild, still hates...
  5. BanditHealer

    Father of Daughters #58 Just delete Instagram and focus on real life you daft twithead.

    I didn't know if dickhead was allowed so have amended the title slightly. Thanks to @SHIV ROY'S TURTLENECK for the title, nominated by @Emmadale. Last thread here: https://tattle.life/threads/father-of-daughters-57-hes-become-an-attention-seeking-elderly-recluse.37095/ An update: the twins...
  6. EddieBeds

    Father of Daughters #57 He’s become an attention seeking elderly recluse

    Hello and welcome! Thread title suggested by @Lalalala1212 - sorry I messed up at the end of the last thread when posting the second place thread title by @TheSilverFox (Brag, brag, brag, moan, moan, moan, me, me, me). Recap of last thread below (not in any order): Hot tea via @unidentified...
  7. EddieBeds

    Father of Daughters #56 When you love Google Lens, but it doesn't love you back!

    Thread title by our Queen @Axatogrind - there were lots of good suggestions towards the end of the thread to! Unordered recap, please add the stuff I’ve missed below: We had a brief view of the #painroom :sick: - insert <homerbleach.gif> There were woe is me posts from FOD which were...
  8. EddieBeds

    Father of Daughters #55 His luggage is smarter than he is

    Winning thread title by @BlairWaldorf86! Brief, unordered recap - please add anything I've missed! Having four children is hard work, especially after you've saved for two years for a 'real' holiday so lets bung em all in holiday club 24/7. Sorry FOD it was only around 9hrs per day wasn't it...
  9. EddieBeds

    Father of Daughters #54 Delivering bargain basement content both literally and figuratively

    Thread title origin from our Queen @Axatogrind, suggested tweak from @Blair-Waldorf as nominated by @Hatchet_job! You all win a bargain linen bed set from Fod's ad! Recap from last thread in no particular order: Their bathroom was featured by Ca'Pietra on insta - really didn't show the...
  10. EddieBeds

    Father of Daughters #53 DIY is easy when you're a right tool

    Thread title curtesy of our Queen @Axatogrind Brief summary of the last thread (in no particular order): FOD did his charity cycle but was caught telling fibs about his race time - you have to include breaks Slymon. Glen made several reappearances, including supporting her man during his...
  11. EddieBeds

    Father of Daughters #52 Is ruining this house now his full time job?

    Happy International Women's Day Trolls!!! Thread title by @Bizziebody, nomination by @Emmadale. As discussed at the end of the last thread can future thread titles be suggested/nominated in the latter part of the thread - say page 40 onwards? There is a wiki for any newbies - not sure how we...
  12. E

    Father of Daughters #51 Stop trying to make Clemmie happen

    Thread title goes to @Notaninstamumeither which was seconded by @Brian Butterfield. First time I’ve done one of these for fodders so hope it works! It felt like the last thread went quickly…helped by him dangerously hiding in a fridge for content and then passively aggressively attacking...
  13. EddieBeds

    Father of Daughters #50 Come on in, don’t be a pavlova!

    @Axatogrind’s brilliant FOD #50 Come on in, don’t be a dick! was the winner by a point but we’re not allowed swears so I went for the next suggestion. Please feel free to change if ‘dick’ isn’t considered a Tattle swear. Thanks for the thread title @Exhaustednurse. Nomination by @LuBiLu. In...
  14. EddieBeds

    Father of Daughters #49 Consumerism doesn’t equal happiness. Go count your kitchens.

    Welcome to thread 49. Thread title - nomination and retweaking of words by @LuBiLu and words, um by me @EddieBeds. My thread title cherry has been popped 🍒. Recap of last thread in no particular order: Unveiling of the outdoor kitchen - aka the Santorini kitchen. Build quality, um look...
  15. Dogmuck

    Father of Daughters #48 Selling kids and now credit, no longer a human family chronicle

    Congratulations to our very own @Emmadale for the title win, with 31 reactions.
  16. EddieBeds

    Father of Daughters #47 Clemente, come back, the world has mostly forgotten.

    Thanks to @sassmaster3000 for the thread title! After 84 years we’ve made it to a new thread! Recap as follows: Bot buying galore - see Clemente as an example @rainbowlemon and @Tattlingpineapple decided to do some penance for unknown crimes and read the Booker Prize winner circa 2018 aka...
  17. EddieBeds

    Father of Daughters #46 Richard_of_the_ranaissance

    Thanks to @OneLineResponse for the thread title - slight change as per @Hatchet_job suggestion to eliminate the swear. In its full glory it should read Dick_of_the_ranaissance. @Rosieee was second with ‘He got an AD guys, he got an AD!’ which is a nice segue into a recap of the last thread...
  18. Pocahontas

    Father of Daughters #45 There are simply no words

    Congratulations to @Axatogrind for the thread title! 🎉 Your prize: a set of squeezey stress balls and a ring made out of breast milk (you can decide whose). Sorry, I’m fairly out the loop so not qualified to to do a recap!
  19. Dogmuck

    Father of Daughters #44 My vagina slams itself shut every time I see his stories.

    Thread title courtesy of @allybongo but nominated by @Emmadale with a whopping 44 votes. Your prize trolls is a special framed piece of paper with words on that state the bleeding obvious. Please add recaps at your leisure on this first page.
  20. EddieBeds

    Father of Daughters #43 Father of Daughters Content, Phallic and Unappetising

    Thread title courtesy of @Titfer with the most likes - thank you! Brief recap (please add anything I’ve forgotten): They got a new puppy. Further evidence they think of their children second to themselves with no bathroom on the same floor as the girls bedrooms. Moaned about the twins not...
  21. houseofhoop

    Father of Daughters #42 He is dull. He has nothing to sell. They ruined it all in French.

    Well done to @Hatchet_job (27 votes) and @Dogmuck for our hybrid thread title! As we simply couldn’t miss out that bit! Who wants to recap?
  22. Pocahontas

    Father of Daughters #41 Is it Glen, or is it Sly? You can’t fool us, no matter how hard you try

    Congratulations to @Emmadale for the thread title! 🎉 I’ll leave it for the ever capable @Dogmuck to write the recap as I’m not all that up to date!
  23. Dogmuck

    Father of Daughters #40 they’ve gone completely rogue

    Congratulations to @Rosieee on popping your thread cherry with a not too shoddy 28 votes Whoop whoop we are rolling now Trolls - special thanks to ST who’s great (non) swimming adventures and luxury gifts allowed us to motor through the last thread in just 14 days! Also Congratulations to all...
  24. Dogmuck

    Father of Daughters #39 I spy with my little eye, MODified sausages exposing more lies

    Congratulations to @Cliqueypedia who’s on a sausage roll with her second successive title win with 34 reactions. Special mention to @OhMyWord who suggested Sly should write a book called “Outnumbered...by kitchens: A Cautionary Tale.” Whilst this was a high up on the most reactions it wasn’t...
  25. Dogmuck

    Father of Daughters #38 140 days and looks like he’s not slept a wink for 138 of them!

    Congratulations to @Cliqueypedia (as recommended by @Titfer . Before I go on big shout out to the actual title with most reactions a massive 67 @ForeverMakingJibesWicked - sadly your wicked jibes are just too wicked but here it is for prosperity (you can still put it on your CV and LinkedIn...