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Anna (stylized as ANИA) is a 2019 action thriller film written, produced and directed by Luc Besson. The film stars Sasha Luss as the eponymous assassin, alongside Luke Evans, Cillian Murphy, Helen Mirren, and Alexander Petrov.
The US-France production was theatrically released in the United States on 21 June 2019 by Summit Entertainment and on 10 July 2019 by Pathé Distribution in France. The film was the first and last film to be released by Summit Entertainment due to the company absorbing into Lionsgate's operation's. It received mixed reviews from critics and grossed $31 million worldwide.

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  1. martaS

    The Anna Edit #26 All dressed up to go to the kitchen

    Continue here friends ☺️ Excellent title thanks to @peacefulpigeon, well done babes 😍 To view amazing selection of outfits Anne picked to go to the kitchen pls click below...
  2. martaS

    The Anna Edit #25 Every post has an affiliate link, to pay for the Newtons' miniscule kitchen sink

    Thanks for the wonderful thread title go to @Joannabloggs 🙌 Old thread here: If someone fancies adding a recap, please do ❤
  3. martaS

    The Anna Edit #24 Her whole life edited into complete mediocrity

    Thread title is a joint effort by @fatandstripy and yours truly. Previous thread here: If some of your absolute babes could add a recap, I would be much obliged!
  4. londongirl2001

    The Anna Edit #23 Surprise surprise it's beige

    Hello everyone and welcome to Anna's life full of 50 Shades of Beige! I hope you're all ready for her latest adventures, including a pottery class, showing us the secrets of her beige kitchen and more beige outfits! Thread title credits and thanks to @martaS who suggested it based on a post...
  5. londongirl2001

    The Anna Edit #22 The Amish Edit

    Welcome to the Amish Edit, everyone, where we continue to watch in horror as Anne continues to have one horrid fashion moment after the other. Winning thread title credit goes to @Ivegotatheory <3 Nothing, absolutely nothing has happened, since Anna doesnt share anything from her life. Her...
  6. w8g

    The Anna Edit #21 An Entitled Life Posting 2022 Content in 2023

    Previous thread here: A recap, anyone? Thank you @PineappleQueen19 for the title suggestion 👏
  7. martaS

    The Anna Edit #20 Her face is very face

    Thanks to @LittleBluebird for the title💕 Who would like to do a TLDR?
  8. martaS

    The Anna Edit #19 The Jaundice Edit

    I haven't got the time for a recap - can someone kindly? But the number of pages of the old thread was getting ridiculous 🙃 the perfect title by @LittleBluebird - thank you love!
  9. Shutterbug99

    The Anna Edit #18 The Groundhog Edit

    Thanks to @MoniC for the thread title! Recap: Er, Mark grew some garlic. Honestly, I can't think of anything to add to the recap. Anna doesn't really do anything much, and if she does, then she doesn't share it with her audience. She went on a 'little holiday' with 'the boys' recently, but I...
  10. Shutterbug99

    The Anna Edit #17 When capshool becomes capshill

    Thanks to @martaS for the thread title! Since Anna is now nothing more than a walking, talking affiliate link, there's not much to recap, so instead I've decided to share some of her best fashion and beauty looks from the last thread. Be inspired! It should also be noted, that in a new low...
  11. LolitaBlah

    The Anna Edit #16 How do I affiliate link war?

    Title thread by @LittleBluebird oh my word! Fashion and beauty recap from the last thread...
  12. Shutterbug99

    The Anna Edit #15 It's not even her fence!

    Thanks to @I'veloveditforyears for the thread title! -Anna's threads are pretty difficult to recap these days since she doesn't really do anything much at all - and by that I mean she doesn't even leave the house most days, not unless it's to go pose by a fence that is not even her fence, so...
  13. Saint_clemmie

    The Anna Edit #14 Mrs Mark Newton continues to cosplay a beige upper middle class brand bore

    Thank you @martaS & @OrangeDuvet for the thread title. 1. Nanna is back, and now she's off again. 2. Had a playdate with Zoella. 3. Prefers yellow toned foundation for that jaundice-chic look. 4. Really outgoing herself with the scheduled content, giving us lots of Ideas for our Christmas...
  14. LolitaBlah

    The Anna Edit #13 The lying liar who lies

    HELLO! How are we all? The winning thread title by number of likes is by @roarke 👏 The Edited Recap time: Anna went on maternity leave. Anna had a baby. Anna came back from the maternity leave. Lilly is on her fifth trimester. Mark is the best dad ever... There is literally nothing else to...
  15. LolitaBlah

    The Anna Edit #12 Growing a human is tiring, for the sloppy crotch shot Mark needs firing

    Thank you @Shutterbug99 for the title :love: 🎉🥳 Slightly shorter than the original because you know tattle doesn't like long titles.. So sorry guys but this time I’m not up to date with her to do a recap. She is insufferable and I just can’t, can't can't, even hate-watch her anymore.. If...
  16. LolitaBlah

    The Anna Edit #11 Dusty, musty, fusty and content very rusty

    Title by Sounimpressed and Foxyrin 👌 I find it so hard to make a recap... of what? their empty life? the daily edit june vlog whatever they call it Oh my word giigle giggle videos..... Old thread link Here is the last nauseating vomit inducing moment from the last thread: Happy tattling...
  17. LolitaBlah

    The Anna Edit #10 swipe up to feed Prince Newton giggle giggle ad break over

    New thread BREAK: Praise be! New thread in preparation for the giggle giggle daily videos in June! Mark planting tomatoes and Anna giggle giggle transforming into Jesus himself... Here you go ladies... Title by @wagner1985 Last thread link Your worst nightmare: NEW THREAD BREAK OVER
  18. Shutterbug99

    The Anna Edit #9 Praise be! Mark has planted his seed!

    I don't really know if it's the done thing to make a new thread when your own thread title has the most likes, but the last thread is at 54 pages, and I have some time, so here we are! Thanks to everyone who voted for my thread title, and sorry to those who were sickened by it, and now have to...
  19. Yel

    The Anna Edit #8 The Ofmark Edit: Blessed be the crotch shot

    Thread title by @dutchover Let's leave the vegan debate on the last thread, if people want to continue it then create a thread in offtopic!
  20. Magee

    The Anna Edit #7 Rotten windows and floors, we’re bored to tears of the “girl next door”

    Edited to fit slightly, original; The Anna Edit #7 Rotten windows and draughty floors, we’re bored to tears of the “girl next door” Thread re-cap - Rotten windows are finally being replaced, hopefully this stops her moaning about how cold she is every day in her million pound house - Tour of...
  21. Shutterbug99

    The Anna Edit #6 The slugs in her kitchen are faster than Appointed shipping

    Thanks to @Magee for the great thread title! Recap We have a slug situation! The grim house of damp and gloom has been overrun by slugs. Not to worry, though, project manager Mark is on the case and has sorted out those pesky slugs! At one point, the slug situation got so bad that the slugs...
  22. Shutterbug99

    The Anna Edit #5 Anna and the thermostat prison guard.

    Thanks to @Mjaumjau for the thread-title inspiration. @jeezlouise was a close runner-up with 'We have a Mark situation.' - Indeed we do have a Mark situation. Anna is still desperately trying to make her slightly-creepy-looking husband happen to the point where he now features in approximately...
  23. Shutterbug99

    The Anna Edit #4 a moment like this moment moment.

    Thanks to @thegirlscout for the thread title. Recap: - Anna and Mark have finally moved out of the Airbnb of Mum & Dad and moved into their new house. Now they can sit back, relax, and watch the #gifted roll in. - Anna continues to annoy with her 'moments,' which now include a 'meadow moment,'...
  24. Freebies_come2me

    The Anna Edit #3 We’re having a moment, a moving situation, oh my word.

    Hello, how are we all? :cool: This thread has taken YONK to be created, and here we are! Thanks to everyone for your joint effort - is an awesome thread name! Recap The only exciting thing that happened in the past 5 years: they sold their flat and now moved back to Airbnb of Mum and Dad The...
  25. Magee

    The Anna Edit #2 The nanna edit

    Tattle’s slowest moving thread finally reached 1000 posts after one month short of two years! (Old thread started 28 Aug 2018!) Recap on last thread - Nothing, nada