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  1. littlewonder

    Zanna van Dijk #19 Is A&E an abbreviation for Attention & Engagement?

    new thread! thanks to @peekachu for the most liked post of the thread, I edited it slightly to make it more title-y the title references Zanna’s trip to A&E shortly before her 30th birthday due to a sudden mental health crisis. She’s shared a photo of Ant grinning by the A&E sign for the...
  2. Grippy

    Zanna van Dijk #18 Insufferable

    Thanks to @littlewonder for the thread title. The previous thread is here: She’s mostly been going on holiday and is now a rock climbing expert and a financial expert, with...
  3. D

    Zanna van Dijk #17 Critically low iron levels, critically short boyfriend, critically dim.

    New thread! Credit to LittleBluebird for the title! Anyone want to do a round up?
  4. stardust21

    Zanna van Dijk #16 Her teeth sure do glow, won’t mention the war unless her engagement is low

    Time stamp: 5:23am Hey guys! Zannnnnnna here again! It’s been a whole three months since I’ve updated here and as you’ve probably seen, a LOT has happened in the world. The most important thing is of course that me and my Dad finally got to go on our DREAM HoLIDaY✨✨ I know I go on holiday...
  5. stardust21

    Zanna van Dijk #15 Gives financial advice & says to invest, but doesn’t even own the #gifted ‘nest’ 🙃

    Hi guys! Just Zanny Zanna here checking in. I’ve been up since 5am working hard while you’ve been asleep. I’m just so super productive! Made sure to get my work out in this morning by driving to an expensive local gym, sometimes you’ve just got to mix it up ya’know and my home gym is quite small...
  6. peanutbuttercupp11

    Zanna van Dijk #14 producing 9000kg of carbon per year, botoxing her face from ear to ear

    Thread title courtesy of @Greencatfysh 🙌 I adjusted the kilograms slightly to be more accurate of our zannychops Not much to report on but here's a recap: Little miss eco warrior is still super sustainable, it doesn't matter that she goes on dozens of flights a year and ripped out perfectly...
  7. martaS

    Zanna van Dijk #13 new teeth, new face and her sustainability vanishing without a trace.

    Thanks to @Javman for the title suggestion 💕💕💕 Anyone cares to add a TLDR?
  8. martaS

    Zanna van Dijk #12 Can't use google and only decorate with my designer's approval

    Hello my beautiful nuggets. Welcome to a new Zambolina thread. Title by @CalatheaLater - thank you babes ♥ Not many things has changed since the last time but a few things worth noting are: - Zanna seems to have several designer bags, out of the sudden but hasn't done an unboxing vid for any...
  9. martaS

    Zanna van Dijk #11 Never-ending panelling fest. Vanity project at the Surrey nest

    Hello my beautiful nuggets :rolleyes: Welcome to Rosanna "Zambia Zamboni" van Dick thread number 11. She's worked hard to help us get here. Recap: - wakes up at 5am most days which makes most normal followers feel bad about themselves; - keeps cooking the living shit out of any veggies she can...
  10. C

    Zanna van Dijk #10 wicker baskets galore, the BlandNest ain't done yet ol JoJo's got more

    Thread 10, thank you to @peanutbuttercupp11 for the thread title (it was a bit too long so I had to edit it, sorry) Feel free to recap the previous thread below
  11. martaS

    Zanna van Dijk #9 GiftedNest snagging, won't stop bragging, content's really lagging

    Thread title courtesy of: peanutbuttercupp11 Original title as follows: Zambia van Dickhead #9: GiftedNest snagging, won't stop bragging, content's really lagging Apologies for the edit but I think you ought to have the person's real name plus "Dickhead" would have been censored
  12. martaS

    Zanna Van Dijk #8 Gifted Nest in Tier 4, no more travel for Zambia, she's shook to core

    Thanks @AlexandraHamilton for the title suggestion, sadly too long so I had to improvise. Original suggestion as follows: Zanna Van Dijk #8 Her Harvester mansion is in Tier 4, no more travel for Zambia, she's shook to her core
  13. D

    Zanna Van Dijk #7 jack of all trades, master of none, i'm 6ft 2 and treat Ant like my son

    Thanks to @Javman for this thread title. Anyone want to give a summary of the previous thread?
  14. martaS

    Zanna Van Dijk #6 deleting Instagram comments is what I do, haven't you heard I'm 6ft2

    Hello my beautiful nuggets. Welcome to another wholesome thread.
  15. HereWeGoAgain101

    Zanna Van Dijk #5 Fill my house with whatever I fancy, call me out you negative Nancy

    Congrats to @New-casettes for the new thread title, unfortunately a little long so had to slim it down. (Original suggestion: Zanna Van Dijk Part #5 I’ll fly where I like and fill my house with whatever I fancy; if you call me out you’re a negative Nancy.) Anyhoo, where to begin with the...
  16. Greencatfysh

    Zanna Van Dijk #3 Eco warrior flying a tonne, more free stuff please or I’ll block you hun

    New thread as requested - glad you guys appreciated my title!
  17. HereWeGoAgain101

    Zanna Van Dijk #2 Long Haul Flight Abuser

    With 7 votes I came out on top, Yahoo! (Had to take the swear word out of the title as per guidelines) Away we go ....... Earlier in her story she asked if people were enjoying today’s content with a YES/NO option. It’s gone. I’m guessing it was a NO 😂😂😂
  18. K

    Zanna Van Dijk

    What are your thoughts on Zanna? She started off as a fitness vlogger, still is but also is into green living, vegan, etc. she preaches about plastic usage, eating a plants based diet, saving the planet, slow fashion and has her own swimwear made out of resused plastic. All stuff I can get on...
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