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20 year old studytuber, studying English lit at Exeter. Her brand is based on being “wholesome” and “productive.” She began her channel making Hermione-Granger themed videos, hence the pseudonym for her last name.
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  1. Griftwood

    Ruby Granger #45 "Um" -- Ruby Granger, 2023

    Thank you @Binx and random yt commenter for the title! Hilary Tahrm at Awksfud has wrapped up and Ruby is back in her childhood bedroom, cosplaying a primary school child. She went a month and a half without posting, saying she was suddenly anxious about filming and stressed out about essays...
  2. Griftwood

    Ruby Granger #44 To be or not to be pretentious, that is the subjective question.

    Joint credit for thread title goes to @Sibyl Vane and @DarthMiepies! Roobee is festering in her childhood bedroom over Christmas br... I mean vac, showing no signs of going back to Oxford though term starts next week. She has entertained us with a video on "how to be an intellectual", which...
  3. Griftwood

    Ruby Granger #43 Second most famous Granger in Oxford

    Thank you @Larancia for the apt title! Roobafer is in Oxford, and so is Emma Watson. No crossover yet, though we live in hope, and Emma has reportedly brought security. Ruby has been a bit quiet on the content front, leading to speculation that all may not be sunshine and daisies in the land of...
  4. Satisfying Click

    Ruby Granger #42 The Earnestness of Being Important

    Congratulations to @secretalphabets on a thread title as suggested by @Charlotte_Sometimes. You both win a Pret subscription and Oxford lanyard. Ruby is at Oxford! She appeared to wander around the town at a super early time, didn't realise there are certain library books that are not for loan...
  5. C

    Academic funding and general academia chat

    Thread for everyone (probably all…five of us, but who knows, we might collect a few more) from the Ruby Granger thread to continue our off-topic ramblings and polite arguments about the state of academic funding for arts and humanities in the UK. Also open for general academia off-topic chat if...
  6. pinkmug

    Ruby Granger #41 Poor Blakeney, being replaced by ChatGPT

    Thanks to @CatCafe234 for the new title. (I hope I didn't skip anything else with a higher vote.) Ruby is off to Oxford soon, without the aid of her favourite tutor friend Blakeney, but she's not entirely alone, as she's already sharpening her ChatGPT skills to carry her through a degree she...
  7. Griftwood

    Ruby Granger #40 Ruby the linguistic terrorist

    Thank you to @theMoth for the title! We are presently in the “throws of summer” but Little Miss Rootabaga kindly continues to provide whatever she thinks will pass for entertainment these days. Right now, she’s holidaying in Italy (her 4th Italy trip in the past year btw) with her BASST FRAND...
  8. Griftwood

    Ruby Granger #39 We don't name and remember our skin cells

    Thank you @bananapeel for the title, which is a direct quote from the Collected Writings of Renowned Awwthor Rubehilda Bones-Granger, published in 17 volumes as soon as her bestselling debut The Secret History of Alyssa Arvon’s Bruised Knuckles hits the shelves! Miss Rootabaga is currently...
  9. Griftwood

    Ruby Granger #38 Oh Jesus, Ruby's off to Jesus

    New thread, thanks to @LostGhosts for the title - the first in what we can safely anticipate to be a year-long string of brilliant Jesus-themed thread titles, because if you didn’t know, Little Miss Rootabaga finally got her lifelong wish and somehow wangled her way into a Master’s course in...
  10. StatusWoe

    Ruby Granger #37 You can still get one while you can

    Thanks to @Griftwood for the thread title. These are Ruby's own words, from an Instagram post where she's attempting to sell her unwanted stationery. Some things never change. Recap: Ruby appears to have ditched her part-time school job and is currently on a skiing holiday. She can't ski and...
  11. Griftwood

    Ruby Granger #36 Pumpkin Bread Activity

    Thanks to @CatCafe234 for the title!
  12. Griftwood

    Ruby Granger #35 Hello, it's Flu-bee!

    Thanks to @coffeehead for this title, commemorating The Great Consumption of 2022/23, which led to our productive queen being *gasp* unable to complete her Goodreads goal for 2022!
  13. StatusWoe

    Ruby Granger #34 Quoth the sparrow, "Waterstones"

    Thanks to @teflonpanda for the thread title. Your prize is the collected works of Emily Dickinson and a corvid of your choice. (y) In the previous thread, Ruby shocked us all by going on a solo trip to Boston. She spent almost a month wafting around the Emily Dickinson Museum. Rumour has it the...
  14. Satisfying Click

    Ruby Granger #33 Goes on a boat, dresses like Captain Birdseye

    Time for a new thread, me hearties Thread title by @CatCafe234 and nominated by @StatusWoe. You both get a 50g bag of Community Library Tea. Ruby launched her tea with Burden Bland, a Tattler kindly took one for the team confirming it's alright, but nothing like a candlelit library, as...
  15. Griftwood

    Ruby Granger #32 Butter Booty from Burden Blend

    Thank you @StatusWoe for the inspired title! 🙌 Roobee went to Scotland with mummy and came back, is planning a “solo” trip to America, and something v. exciting with Burden Blend (or is it Bard and Bland?) is in the works. It’s been autumn for several months in Roobeeland. Also she’s taken to...
  16. Griftwood

    Ruby Granger #31 At home again, a Victorian children's book

    Credit for title goes to @bananapeel - a perfect synopsis of Roobee’s life! Roobar is at home, hoarding furniture and vInTaGe letter-writing supplies in her room so she never has to leave it - now it’s just a matter of luring Mother Granger in there long enough that she can get back in the womb...
  17. Griftwood

    Ruby Granger #30 A warm milky mug of applestoodle tea

    Thanks @braginskayas for the thread title! Recap: Ruby graduated with a first from Exeter, putting her firmly in the top 50 % of students 🥳 She’s all set to spend the rest of her life this year regressing into childhood working on bEcOmInG a wROyTeR and getting a book deal. Grab a cup of Bard...
  18. StatusWoe

    Ruby Granger #29 Is it soon yet?

    Thank you to @heroesfeast for the wonderful title. In the last thread, Ruby finally received her degree results and was disappointed that she only got a measly first. Not to worry, though! Ruby then told us that grades aren't important (while also telling us that they are important and...
  19. Deeznutslol

    Ruby Granger #28 What a depacle!

    Thank you very much @Griftwood for the lovely new thread title, anyone want to recap? 🤪
  20. Griftwood

    Ruby Granger #27 Finished her studies, diss was a mess, now let her hide back in her room and regress

    Credit for thread title goes to @marcelprout, with an honorary mention to @rubella for asking the ever-relevant question ”Girl what is we doin??” Roodassbeech has finished and turned in 8,000 words of… something, and is now free of every care in the world as she waltzes on towards adulthood...
  21. Griftwood

    Ruby Granger #26 Ruby Granger is a bad writer

    Credit for title goes to @teflonpanda - deservedly by a landslide! We have a new video! First one in two weeks!
  22. 3calico3

    Ruby Granger #25 Leaving all the books unread, chasing sponsorships instead

    Thank you to @Griftwood for the thread title ;) Ruby is still 'wOrKiNg oN hEr DiSsErTaTiON' - aka. writing chapters on everything without any particular focus Barely mentioned the war in Ukraine until her management pushed all their influencers to raise money (directly through YouTube, so sadly...
  23. Griftwood

    Ruby Granger #24 You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means.

    Thread title courtesy of @lemonlime - a timeless truth for the ages! We are currently reading the poetry of Mother Granger and eagerly anticipating the continuation of the Disaster Dissertation Diaries.
  24. buflesse

    Ruby Granger #23 Her workload‘s pure spuddle, let’s all twirl in a puddle!

    New thread! Thanks to @CatCafe234 for the title. Does anyone want to recap? Here are some of my highlights... Ruby randomly declared that after a year, she's returned the Holocaust Memorial Day ad money. There is no proof that this happened. A couple of days later she revealed a tasteless...
  25. 3calico3

    Ruby Granger #22 I can’t relate to Sun Tzu, and neither should you.

    Thank you to @hart301 for the amazing thread title! Ruby's still at it with her sponsorships of products she 'always uses', questionable food content, and idolisation of Victorian era life. She spends 80% of her time at home even though she has a student house in Exeter which she shares with...