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The following is a list of cast members who have appeared in the MTV reality series Ex on the Beach.

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  1. stargirl23

    Helen Briggs & Chet Sket #30 Helen remains unemployed Chet shags about but that is nil and void

    Congratulations to @watermelon sugar for the brilliant title suggestion 😂 previous thread https://tattle.life/threads/helen-briggs-chet-sket-29-ellun-we-thought-you-gave-cheat-the-boot-but-youve-got-baybeh-4-enroute.42189/
  2. stargirl23

    Helen Briggs & Chet Sket #29 Ellun we thought you gave Cheat the boot but you’ve got baybeh 4 enroute

    Congratulations to @jazzy22 for the brilliant thread suggestion. Had to edit to fit, original was - Ellun, we really thought you gave Cheat the boot but i guess we’ve got baybeh nomburrr fowerr on route previous thread...
  3. stargirl23

    Helen Briggs & Chet Sket #28 Have they split or still entangled? Chet’s only arsed about being cancelled

    Congratulations to @Jkop for the thread suggestion Previous thread https://tattle.life/threads/helen-briggs-and-chet-sket-27-the-relationship-finally-hit-the-skids-were-rooting-for-helen-the-kids.40508/
  4. stargirl23

    Helen Briggs and Chet Sket #27 The relationship finally hit the skids, we’re rooting for Helen & the kids

    Congratulations to @taurus_gal had to take out the all in the suggestion so it would fit previous thread: https://tattle.life/threads/helen-briggs-and-chet-sket-26-helens-at-home-doing-the-chores-while-chet-has-jem-lucy-down-on-all-fours.39130/
  5. Elmoo

    Helen Briggs and Chet Sket #26 Helen's at home doing the chores, while Chet has Jem Lucy down on all fours.

    Thanks to @Luckycorr13 for the title 👌🏽 I tried to post the beautiful soft play ad in here but couldn’t save it so someone please add it!! recap- um… on holiday. No 5* all inclusive for this lot. Slumming it in Teneweefs back streets He’s still a 🛎️ end. Kids still feral.
  6. Marmite.Crumpets

    Helen Briggs and Chet Sket #25 Behhbes Elvis Ocean and Peach can’t stop their dad going to Ocean Beach

    Congrats to @fiedwrdsx on the winning thread title with 35 reactions. Not sure there is much to recap. They are still beige & the kids are still feral.
  7. IamMyaJ

    Helen Briggs & Chet Sket #24 Chet got a cold the baby isnt bald Wheres the inhaler will the truth be told

    Many thanks to @Dollybird for the thread title. we had cheating allegations and the babies name finally revealed (but we already knew the name!) Helen has now posted a q & a box!! carry on here!! last thread here...
  8. IamMyaJ

    Helen Briggs & Chet Sket #23 Beluga whales & £250 Christmas trees, how will Ellun cope with 3 under 3’s?

    Thanks to @Jazzy for the epic thread title 🤣
  9. IamMyaJ

    Helen Briggs & Chet Sket #22 Girl no2 Chet was in Shacckk, which festival girl will be next on his caackk

    Thanks to @RuEvenReal foe the thread title. Previous thread here: https://tattle.life/threads/helen-briggs-chet-sket-21-ellun-is-getting-her-3-under-3-but-when-will-chet-get-down-on-1-knee.32334/liked
  10. S

    Helen Briggs & Chet Sket #21 Ellun is getting her 3 under 3 but when will chet get down on 1 knee?

    Thanks to @jazzy22 for the new thread title!
  11. IamMyaJ

    Helen Briggs & Chet Sket #20 Chets loving life on a shroomy sesh whilst milfy Ellun films anuvva “hellurr

    Thanks to @jazzy22 for the thread title it’s a corker 😂 sorry it didn’t all fit babe ❤ orginal thread title - Chets loving life on a shroomy sesh whilst milfy Ellun films anuvva “hellurr fresh” Anyone free to do a re-cap?
  12. D

    Helen Briggs & Chet Sket #19 Bath Bottle Baked Oats Bed

    Well done @watermelon sugar on the thread suggestion. Same old content from Helen 2 Angels 13 months apart M&S food fo life IDST Swimming every week Curly girl meffod No sheeeeeews on mi carpeeeeet Cheeeeet as you were
  13. nelly2317

    Helen Briggs & Chet Sket #18 Mac Donald’s Monday, gravy boat Sunday, piece of fruit? No way!

    Thread suggestion by - @ poppadom with 23 likes From previous thread - ELLUN flew to turkey for 7 days to have her veneers and nose “fixed” for the 3rd time but NEVUUUR wants to leave her babies again!!! But has since went on handfuls of nights out Chet continues to expose ELLUN - her...
  14. D

    Helen Briggs & Chet Sket #17 Chet’s in trouble, be afraid. He revealed Helen has a maid!

    Well done to @To cat lady on the thread title! With a total of 51 likes! Catchup: ELLUN was missing in appearance for over a week. She so far hasn’t told us why or where she went. Take your vote above where you think she may have been! Chet revealed they have cleaners too.
  15. WilmaHun

    Helen Briggs & Chet Sket #16 #Justice4Elvis

    @Justwannaseescreenshots - winning thread title. Anyone wanna do a recap? Old one here https://tattle.life/threads/helen-briggs-chet-sket-15-who-needs-a-400-hoover-when-you-have-chets-nose.24452/
  16. WilmaHun

    Helen Briggs & Chet Sket #15 Who needs a £400 hoover when you have Chets nose?

    Winning thread title to @Doratheexplorer Old thread here https://tattle.life/threads/helen-briggs-chet-sket-14-chets-on-the-pills-while-helens-sending-the-bills.23008/
  17. T

    Helen Briggs & Chet Sket #14 Chet’s on the pills while Helen’s sending the bills

    Winning thread title to @Heyitsjustme
  18. watermelon sugar

    Helen Briggs & Chet Sket #13 Helen's going nutty cos Chets going the footie

    Old thread https://tattle.life/threads/helen-briggs-chet-sket-12-this-isnt-mumsnet.17600/ Thread title by me!! - 'Helen's going nutty cos Chet's going the footie ⚽ ' Recap: The thread is still a sort of Mumsnet thread 🤣 Mums on the Loose Helen has been out a couple times. 'This is Ellluuun...
  19. RedTiger

    Helen Briggs & Chet Sket

    Since we keep raving about them at the moment I felt like this would be a good place! I respect Helen so much for posting her mum bod and love how much Chet bigs her up ❤️
  20. D

    Helen Briggs & Chet Sket #12 This isn’t mumsnet!

    Thanks to @RedTiger for the thread name. First time doing a thread, hope it’s right! Not much to report on these two at the moment other than Chets company, Faded, has just generously donated £10,000- for Ashley Cains daughter.
  21. yeahyouhun

    Helen Briggs & Chet Sket #11 Elvis has left the pelvis

    Thread 11! I went back few pages on the most liked and couldn’t see a thread suggestion. Saw someone say this should be a thread title so I’m going with this (hope it’s ok) Credit to @Dollybird who said it originally!
  22. G

    Helen Briggs and Chet Sket #10

    Sorry I couldn’t get the winning thread name suggestion from @thewintersoldier to fit, but it was “Ocean destroying the Xmas tree she's such a pain, now just waiting for our little boy Wain” So I think baby has probably been born now - hope Helen is ok.
  23. Eyeofthetiger

    Helen Briggs & Chet Sket #9 No jab for Bleu, no mask in shops But Ocean’s had coco pops

    New thread for these delightful parents who still can’t stay in during a pandemic
  24. MrsP90

    Helen Briggs & Chet Sket #8 Bleu’s due a boy, she wants a Rox double SHOCK Chet’s got a wi

    Most like thread suggestion @ImoC, as we were ladies 😉
  25. R

    Helen Briggs & Chet Sket #7 Bleus up the duff, no sesh for Chet, his dreams of boozing in Ibiza won’t be met.

    New thread, thanks to @Em150 for the most liked suggestion... had to edit to fit original was “Bleugh’s up the duff, no seshing for Chet...he dreams of Ibiza, sluts, booze & ket” First time I’ve started a thread so hope I’ve done it right 😂 edited by mod; let’s keep thread names PC. please...