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  1. Thank(space)you

    Dan Wheeler #36 From narcissistic to altruistic, has he really changed? We're pessimistic!

    Most liked thread title suggestion by @Velvet Veil well done Previous thread here: https://tattle.life/threads/dan-wheeler-35-fan-boys-ren-wont-pick-on-men-hes-got-a-new-calling-yet-again.40897/page-52
  2. droese24

    Dan Wheeler #34 Has Kaz ditched the slob?! Finally time for him to get a real job!

    Last thread https://tattle.life/threads/dan-wheeler-33-dan-wheeler-who-still-desperate-to-be-famous.37729/ Wiki: https://tattle.life/wiki/dan-wheeler We broke through the 1000 post mark amid Kaz's departure. Over the years we've seen Dan burn through countless friends and associates. He is...
  3. IfTheCapFits

    Dan Wheeler #33 Dan Wheeler who?? Still desperate to be famous

    Most liked from last thread (with a bit of poetic licence, hope it's ok! @wermat-ryhnep-0Dusgo ) Last thread https://tattle.life/threads/dan-wheeler-32-thinks-hes-doing-well-letting-it-go-to-his-head-hes-just-a-big-dick-thats-what-she-said.35502/page-51 Finally, proof that he scammed money...
  4. DansBarmyArmy

    Dan Wheeler #32 Thinks he's doing well & letting it go to his head. He's just a big dick-that's what she said!

    It's been a little while since we have had a new thread; no doubt Captain Cockwomble thought we would all disappear... No chance! So, what's been happening? 🔹DWTV is going from strength to strength, apparently. Almost 10k subscribers on YT makes him a 'Digital Creator' and him and the nodding...
  5. Imnotsureyouknow

    Dan Wheeler #31 Dave, Dan, the inconsistent man! The ultracrepidarian with no attention span!

    New thread for TCHQ link to follow. Previous thread. https://tattle.life/threads/dan-wheeler-30-life-changing-news-buying-views-still-not-paying-his-dues-despite-crap-pub-reviews.31492/ TLDR in pictures
  6. DansBarmyArmy

    Dan Wheeler #30 Life changing news, buying views, still not paying his dues despite crap pub reviews.

    New thread gang! Thanks @GeordieMunchkin666 for the thread title 💞 30 threads in and he's still hanging on by the skin of his teeth... Just.
  7. IfTheCapFits

    Dan Wheeler #29 Dan's not sober 80/20s over, obsessed with DJ can he stoop lower?

    Title by @sofaz56 🤗 Previous https://tattle.life/threads/dan-wheeler-28-kaz-is-a-mug-steve-needs-a-hug-wheeler-is-now-a-healer-that-helps-you-get-off-drugs.30457/page-51
  8. IfTheCapFits

    Dan Wheeler #28 Kaz is a mug, Steve needs a Hug, Wheeler is now a healer that helps you get off drugs

    new thread title from @sofaz56 :geek: He's still a massive knobhead, no great surprise there, carry on...! :cool: previous thread https://tattle.life/threads/dan-wheeler-27-the-lies-keep-coming-sean-went-running-but-it-doesnt-matter-cuz-kaz-is-still-hunning.29746/page-51
  9. IfTheCapFits

    Dan Wheeler #27 The lies keep coming, Sean went running, but it doesn't matter cuz Kaz is still Hunning

    title from @sofaz56 :) previous thread https://tattle.life/threads/dan-wheeler-26-begging-for-viewers-codeine-pursuers-accusations-of-faking-cancerous-tumours.29060/page-51 he's still an annoying twat, carry on!
  10. IfTheCapFits

    Dan Wheeler #26 Begging for viewers, codeine pursuers, accusations of faking cancerous tumours

    previous thread https://tattle.life/threads/dan-wheeler-25-desperate-dan-cash-grabbing-man-still-scamming-people-any-way-he-can.28646/page-50 strictly speaking, 'most liked' was a comment from a @droese24 that @Velvet Veil picked up as a possible thread title, 2 fat people in a living room, too...
  11. JCMSadie

    Dan Wheeler #25 Desperate Dan, cash grabbing man, still scamming people any way he can!

    Congrats to @Velvet Veil for the title! Recap? David Whanker is still churning out his daily show for his audience of one...and charging people double for a WhatsApp group. Sorry guys, I'm so bored and sick of him that I can't be arsed to add more.
  12. IfTheCapFits

    Dan Wheeler #24 Dan, Dan the money grabbing Man, Kaz can't stop him but the Trolly runts can!

    winning thread title thanks to @sofaz56 :) Dan is still a Legendary Whanker, carry on! Previous thread https://tattle.life/threads/dan-wheeler-23-dan-digging-a-hole-like-no-other-man-can-whoop-whoop-is-that-the-sound-of-the-police.28030/
  13. Coconutclub

    Dan Wheeler #23 Dan, digging a hole like no other man can, Whoop Whoop is that the sound of the Police!

    New thread time! Quick re-cap: Dan's prepared a meticulous take down of Dan Jones - he planned it for days with the help of Chief Inspector Rowland Rat he had all the evidence to go and planned on dragging this out all week. In a move that came as a surprise to absolutely no one, his well...
  14. IfTheCapFits

    Dan Wheeler #22 Putin fanboy and groomer, Wheelie Bin Laden's downfall couldn't come sooner

    Thanks to @JCMSadie for the winning thread title Hope I've done this correctly! 🤞 #stressed 🥴 He's got a cold 🤧 boo hoo! Usual Whanker behaviour currently suspended due to him being a huge drama queen, I'm sure the respite won't last long! Carry on! 😉
  15. droese24

    Dan Wheeler #21 Wheelie Bin & the Temple of Turnips

    Thanks to @Velvet Veil for the title. This is my first attempt at a new thread. His new 4 hour show (now 3 hours, soon non-existent) is a total car crash. Supposed to be about nutrition, mindset and movement, the first episode mostly focused on his own perversions and bizarre fantasies...
  16. DansBarmyArmy

    Dan Wheeler #20 Dans desperate to go viral, but he’s in a downward spiral

    Thank you to @Gladitsnotjustme for the brilliant title. 20 threads in gang, who'd a thunk it? I dont even know where to start with a recap - I am gonna let one of you lovelies enlighten us on recent goings on in Wheelers World. All I know is that he needs a shovel for the huge hole he is...
  17. Thank(space)you

    Dan Wheeler #19 8020 tanks, wheeler's off for a w*nk

    Previous thread here : https://tattle.life/threads/dan-wheeler-18-new-year-new-dan-no-jan-rush-for-scam-fake-tears-more-lies-go-back-to-washing-drives.26260/page-52 Winning title by @Imnotsureyouknow
  18. JCMSadie

    Dan Wheeler #18 New year, "new" Dan. No Jan rush for scam. Fake tears, more lies, go back to washing drives

    Congrats @TheGreatOne for your winning title thread. Edited to fit, full title in all its glory - Dan Wheeler #18 New Year, “New Dan” No January uptake for his scam. Fake tears, more lies, do yourself a favour.. go back to washing drives You win the chance to post on this thread, £25 per month...
  19. Thank(space)you

    Dan Wheeler #17 Half a mil turnover, but doesn't have a pound, boo hoo DW... what goes around, comes around!

    Previous thread here: https://tattle.life/threads/dan-wheeler-16-twas-the-night-before-xmas-tea-has-been-spilled-dw-debates-with-lh-and-proves-hes-unskilled.25622/page-51 Well done @DiamondPink for the winning suggestion. Please can someone do a recap 🙏🏽
  20. DansBarmyArmy

    Dan Wheeler #16 Twas the night before Xmas,tea has been spilled.DW ‘debates’ with LH and proves he's unskilled

    New thread title brilliance from @RachRN86 , but had to be shortened - was originally this: Dan Wheeler #16 Twas the night before Xmas, the tea has been spilled. Dan "debates" with LH and proves he's unskilled. Rowland and Kaz are still up his arse - tattle have proved 80/20 is a farce Well...
  21. Coconutclub

    Dan Wheeler #15 Jingle bells wheeler smells fatdan got away con man is gona sht his pants when Carla has her say

    We thought this was over a few weeks ago - but its all kicking off now!!! 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿 I won't recap - by the time I've done it, it will be old news - some thing is happening every hour at the moment - get your popcorn kids... Title by @ashdlol slightly changed to fit!
  22. DansBarmyArmy

    Dan Wheeler #14 Twas the scam before Xmas and here Santa comes with criminal convictions & disappointed Huns.

    Thanks to @Equine-Time-To-Shine for the epic title. Was far too long so had to use some artistic licence! Original brilliance was this: Twas the scam before Christmas, and here Santa comes, bringing criminal convictions and disappointed Huns. His business is over, the reindeer have fled, let’s...
  23. Alfie1234

    Dan Wheeler 8020 #13 Academy members leaving, all getting chunky. DW's trying to work out "who is Funky"?

    Hopefully done this right. Winning thread title from the lovely https://tattle.life/members/diamondpink.288203/ Had to amend slightly to fit. Thread thirteen on a Friday, unlucky for some Danny boy? Will he answer the petrol question or will he delete it?
  24. JCMSadie

    Dan Wheeler 8020 #12 Jet washing drives, ruining lives, while TCHQ thrives; all in a days work for DW & spies

    Same, I lost privileges a while back and I assume once you've lost them it's permanent? I have written a recap though, if whoever creates the new thread wants to use it in the opening post? R E C A P Hopefully I cover all the big stuff, as I know we've had a lot of new members and I think...